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  1. orgone500

    Some Equinox Videos Done By Purchasers

    Nail bed test revisited. Also a sneak peak of the 6" coil.
  2. orgone500

    Auto Tracking - Why Only In Gold Mode?

    Thanks everyone for the detailed explanation. Greatly appreciate the time and effort taken.
  3. Hi All, I Have a query as to why auto tracking is only on by default for the gold modes. Is there a reason not to use auto tracking when detecting parks and beaches? I would have thought on beaches where the ground balance can change between different levels of wet sand, wouldn't auto tracking be beneficial? Cheers Scott
  4. orgone500

    Equinox & Salt Water

    New facebook video showing the response on a buried coin on the beach. Very impressive...
  5. orgone500

    Pinpoint Sensitivity Adjustments

    I remember seeing the same video Dan. Took a bit of digging around on youtube but I found it. Its at the 6:35 mark.
  6. orgone500

    Unprecedented Anticipation?

    I've never owned a Minelab coin detector. I've wanted to give one a spin for some time but the weight and cost of the 3030 has always put me off. With the Equinox all my excuses go away. I like the idea of usb charging so a mobile phone battery bank can charge even when I'm hours away from a power point. I love the new weight, and with the small coil this thing will be as light as a feather. I'm keen to see the beach/wet sand performance of the multi-IQ compared to my AT-Pro which has struggled with wet sand depth in the past. I have an sdc 2300 for gold detecting but love the idea of having a backup detector and one that has the ability to hit those trashy areas that drive you mad with a pulse induction detector. I'm keen to see how the super fast recovery speed handles those super trashy sites that are chock full of ferrous. I was considering pulling the trigger on the AT-Max, but Minelabs early "dangling of the carrot" well and truly worked on me. I really think this detector is going to give the AT-Max and the Deus some serious competition. Being a nervous nellie, I've considered sitting on the fence and waiting for the early adopter reports on in the field tests, but I can't think of one Minelab detector that was a lemon, and if there is a software glitch at release date it can be easily fixed with a firmware update. As soon as a release date is locked in I'm pulling the trigger. Call me a new Minelab fanboi.
  7. orgone500

    How Do You Backup Your Data?

    +1 for Google drive backups. Install the windows app on your pc and you get a google drive folder. Move your important data files to the google drive folder and edit them from there. Any changes you make are automatically saved/backed up to the cloud. Google drive also has the ability to restore previous versions so if you get a nasty crypto virus on your pc that locks all your files, you can restore from a previous "clean" version easily. Install the google drive app on your smartphone and you can access or change the same files on any device and you always have the latest version.
  8. orgone500

    Late Afternoon Early Evening Detect

    Wow! That's some tasty corn flakes right there. from what I've read online the falcon MD20 would be the perfect tool for double checking for smaller gold in the crevices. Well done again and thank you for Sharing your photos.
  9. orgone500

    Late Afternoon Early Evening Detect

    Well done JW, some fantastic bits of gold there. Have you ever tried panning the dirt you are digging out of the schist crevices to see if there's small gold in there with the nuggets?
  10. orgone500

    Wireless Headphones Question

    From what I've seen on ebay the docs speaker is just a speaker. You would still need to use the booster to set the required volume. I currently have a LH-380 amp as well and have been trying to work out the best way to mount it. The plastic clip is very flimsy and I'd read online where others have broken it with little effort climbing through bush. It would have been nice if Minelab put a speaker on both sides of the SDC for left or right handed people. (along with that volume control).
  11. orgone500

    Wireless Headphones Question

    I'd be keen to hear how you go Goldgetter.
  12. orgone500

    Wireless Headphones Question

    Hey AussieMatt. Thanks for sharing the info on the Avantree Saturn Pros. Have you ever tried pairing it with a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker from only one tx Avantree? I have an SDC and prefer an external speaker (and no wires) but I'm doubtful the volume control on a speaker would work as it's meant to control a smartphones volume. I'm thinking of something like the speaker below. Minelab have made things tricky with no (true) volume control on the SDC. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/like/Bluetooth-Speaker-Mini-SUPER-BASS-Portable-For-Smartphone-Tablet-PC-Black/291464055545
  13. orgone500

    Getting The Best From The SDC2300

    +1 on the tip about putting a paper shim (don't jam it in or they will get stuck) just around the top battery compartment from the Gold Gem And Treasure article. It's a much better idea than taping all the batteries or stretching the springs. I measured the thickness of the supplied rechargables against normal disposable batteries and they are exactly the same so it's no fault of the supplied batteries (except the positive "bump" is a bit small on the rechargables). Love your article too Nenad. I've just bought a 2300 and have only had it out once but it was very noisy. The day was very hot (37 degrees) and windy so hoping that was the only reason. I had also put tape on the top of the coil to try and reduce scratches. I've now removed it to see if it could have been causing a bit of noise. I'll try your tips on the next trip to see if I can get it to run a bit quieter. Do any of the salt settings offer any better stability compared to sensitivity 1 on bad emi days?