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  1. It's that time of year again to get our big pre-season order in for our Keene Engineering's supply.. If you get me your order before Dec. 31st not only will you get free shipping to Alaska but I'll give you an extra 5% off your order.. whatever it is. Must pay in full... no down payments. Brian Berkhahn 3222 Commercial Dr. Anchorage, Alaska 99509 907-277-1741
  2. Keene Gw25 Spiral Wheel

    True.. I was just referring to final clean up of cons. Unless it's like the huge tow behind centrifuge that was bought for my trommel that used a 6" hose coming off my fines sluice to supply it but was never able to use it cause my mining partner passed away. http://www.oro-industries.com/products/centrifuge/centrifuge_oro-industries.html
  3. Keene Gw25 Spiral Wheel

    If that's what I had I'd be looking at a Knudson bowl or some other kind of centrifuge.
  4. Keene Gw25 Spiral Wheel

    End of season is coming up.. make someone a deal.
  5. Keene Gw25 Spiral Wheel

    I actually have 1 GW25 left.. my display model. Normally 499.00, I'll let it go for 450.00 In store pickup only.
  6. Keene Gw25 Spiral Wheel

    Unfortunately the quality of the GW25 is still the same as it was before.. built like some bad kids toy, however with it having a lot of pickups, rubber ribs and being 25" its the best (non commercial) goldwheel out there. Honestly I hate goldwheels but with all the heavies we have up in Chicken I bought one to try it out and loved it.
  7. Couple Rocks

    That ammonite is really cool.. Thanks Bob!
  8. Thanks Bear.. this time of year is really slim pickings but I'm glad that we had what you needed. Brian
  9. Hey Bryce, See me when you come in and I'll get you a sticker! Brian
  10. Gold Detecting A Hundred Years From Now

    (speaking from 100 years in the future) Those old timers sure had it rough.. actually had to dig in the dirt to see what their target was and how big it was! Couldn't imagin actually getting my hands dirty. (ok.. now I sound like a snowflake.. lol!)
  11. Lets Talk Dive Gear!

    We have them here on the shelf at AMDS
  12. Saturday Dredging

    Boy.. isn't that the truth!! That was me this year up in Chicken, although my 4 wheeler and truck was broke down most of the season the river being high and muddy didn't help either when I was able to get back in there. I always said, when/if dredging ever becomes not fun anymore I will get a day job again..
  13. Saturday Dredging

    I am.. slowly selling off everything except the claims and small rec stuff. I'm back at AMDS permanently, you should stop by and say hi.
  14. Thanks Steve.. looking forward to it. Would be really great if you were here but I wouldn't want to leave Reno in winter either.. I have a new Condo in Laughlin, perhaps we'll have to go metal detecting sometime when I get down there.
  15. Saturday Dredging

    I'm glad your doing so good.. the previous owner of those claims couldn't find gold to save his life and he had a 6" dredge! hahaha