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  1. Lets Talk Dive Gear!

    HAHA.. think I've tried everything possible to keep my regulator from freezing over the years. Even tried running hot water down the line from a hot water heater, never worked.
  2. I had this problem when I used to lease my claims to the GPAA.. people felt that they could "claim" an area and leave their equipment, trash, tarps and junk there the whole summer and sometimes over the winter. This lead to me almost getting a massive fine.. LONG story short, the way I see it is that you are paying only for the right to use claims owned by someone else. If you want your own "claim" then buy one. It's no fun to have to pay to rent a 580L backhoe (out of your own pocket) to re-contour the sides of the river, fill in holes, dig out garbage and tarps that people decided to bury instead of pack back out, having claims now that are destroyed now for metal detecting because somebody who hated metal detectorist's decided to throw 50lbs if buckshot everywhere and as the claim owner I was responsible for everything that happened on them. Please don't take this the wrong way.. I thank you for bringing up the subject. Just a few facts (from a long story) behind my opinion.
  3. Many years ago after I (like an idiot) sold my 6" with Promack pumps I tried to get Keene to do the threaded intake on their pumps but they refused. Thanks for the reminder.. I just emailed Mark/Pat about it to see if they can do it yet. Armadillo mining?? Really Steve? lol
  4. Bryce, Don't have any reflective stickers but if you want to pm me your address, I'll throw a couple in the mail for you. Brian
  5. Alaska Mining & Diving Supply, Inc. (AMDS) has placed an extremely large initial order for new Minelab Equinox detectors. These detectors will be shipping to dealers by late January and customers right after that. It is expected supplies will be very tight after the initial order and so those wanting to be near the front of the line can do so now by pre-ordering one of the detectors we have ordered. Remember, these will not be shipping to customer until late January or early February. Minelab Equinox 800 Order Page Minelab Equinox 600 Order Page We also now have our eBay Store back up and running for mining and metal detecting items, especially clearance items. http://stores.ebay.com/Alaska-Mining-and-Diving-Supply And we also now have a Used Mining Equipment Link.. https://shop.akmining.com/productlist.htm?browse=-122097&shopBy=-40425&catalogId=-16775 The store is currently under construction and will be adding items as they come available. Thanks for looking, and please contact me if you have any questions! Brian Berkhahn, Mining Manager Alaska Mining & Diving Supply, Inc. 3222 Commercial Drive Anchorage, AK 99501 907-277-1741 brian@akmining.com www.akmining.com
  6. Black Friday / Holiday Sales

    Everything is always on sale here at Alaska Mining & Diving Supply in Anchorage Alaska. Atleast 10% off all mining gear in stock, special on Whites Goldmaster GMT.. MSRP 799.00 but we have them on sale for 650.00 with a free Digtool, hat and backpack. Plus at time of purchase get a 6" Micro Tireur for 75.00.. regular 149.95. BARE drysuits regular 1299.00.. on sale for 999.00 USIA drysuit regular 799.00, on sale for 599.00 (limited to items in stock only) Brian Wholesale Gold Pan Pricelist.doc
  7. It's that time of year again to get our big pre-season order in for our Keene Engineering's supply.. If you get me your order before Dec. 31st not only will you get free shipping to Alaska but I'll give you an extra 5% off your order.. whatever it is. Must pay in full... no down payments. Brian Berkhahn 3222 Commercial Dr. Anchorage, Alaska 99509 907-277-1741
  8. Keene Gw25 Spiral Wheel

    True.. I was just referring to final clean up of cons. Unless it's like the huge tow behind centrifuge that was bought for my trommel that used a 6" hose coming off my fines sluice to supply it but was never able to use it cause my mining partner passed away. http://www.oro-industries.com/products/centrifuge/centrifuge_oro-industries.html
  9. Keene Gw25 Spiral Wheel

    If that's what I had I'd be looking at a Knudson bowl or some other kind of centrifuge.
  10. Keene Gw25 Spiral Wheel

    End of season is coming up.. make someone a deal.
  11. Keene Gw25 Spiral Wheel

    I actually have 1 GW25 left.. my display model. Normally 499.00, I'll let it go for 450.00 In store pickup only.
  12. Keene Gw25 Spiral Wheel

    Unfortunately the quality of the GW25 is still the same as it was before.. built like some bad kids toy, however with it having a lot of pickups, rubber ribs and being 25" its the best (non commercial) goldwheel out there. Honestly I hate goldwheels but with all the heavies we have up in Chicken I bought one to try it out and loved it.
  13. Couple Rocks

    That ammonite is really cool.. Thanks Bob!
  14. Thanks Bear.. this time of year is really slim pickings but I'm glad that we had what you needed. Brian
  15. Hey Bryce, See me when you come in and I'll get you a sticker! Brian