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    Mining Dept. Manager at Alaska Mining and Diving Supply , Owner/Operator at Cold Gold Mining Co,, AMA member, AMA Board of Director, Member of the 40 Mile mining district
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    8" Keene Suction dredge, Goldfield 30 Trommel, 311B Cat Excavator, 450 Case Dozer.

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  1. Yup.. talked with Mark a couple weeks ago and he said the same thing a few other vendors did.. with this tariff thing going on all steel prices are going up 40%. Now that doesn't mean merchandise is going up that much but all mining equipment is going up atleast 10%. I'm getting the mining dept. here packed full of equipment like nobody has seen in years, so get in here and get your stuff ordered before prices go up!!
  2. What Are They?

    If anyone gets through Tok Alaska there's a rock shop there that has a nice display of it.
  3. What Are They?

    I know of a pretty big outcropping of it up here in Alaska.. I've heard it called Root Beer Quartz, pretty cool stuff.
  4. Those are great videos.. thanks Steve!
  5. Check This Out - Return Of The Willys Jeep!

    Actually I'll be bringing one down to the claims to shoot some video this spring.
  6. Check out this newly available off road only version of the old WW2 Jeep we just started selling at AMDS! If you want to rip and tear then a side by side would be great but if your looking to haul and pull this looks like this would be the ticket. Just what every gold prospector needs! Mahindra ROXOR Jeep Spec Sheet The Mahindra Roxor Is A Reincarnated Willys Jeep ATV.com Review Autoweek.com Review Some Close Up Mechanical Details “With the recently opened 400,000 sq ft facility spanning three buildings, the MANA headquarters and manufacturing center in Auburn Hill, MI is a serious investment in the North American market. Mahindra has already invested over $230 million and created 300 new jobs in Southeast Michigan, with an additional $600 million investment and 400 more jobs anticipated by 2020”
  7. Golden Nuggets Of A Different Kind

    WOW.. incredible find! Congrats!!!
  8. Try these coordinates for the 40 mile.. 64 15.9211'N 141 44.0835'W. With so much of Alaska being touchable only by airboat or plane this would be a very smart concept to introduce to people.
  9. It's highly unlikely I'll ever get to NZ but that would be awesome! I know a couple people that are looking at this closer now to run up on the 40 Mile here in Alaska.. think you started something! lol
  10. We normally do, we don't have any in stock right now but our container should be shipping next week. If you want to pre-order one let me know. 1-907-277-1753
  11. Awesome video.. want to see more about that dredge/boat of yours!
  12. Garrett Gravity pan for me.. I am kinda anxious to try the new oblong pan that they came out with, I understand they quit making the regular Garrett Gravity pan.
  13. The Return Of Dr. Tones!

    That was a really great Top 9 things.. still wondering what number 7 was?