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  1. Gold Detecting A Hundred Years From Now

    Gold detecting a hundred years from now?
  2. Jen, You have some pretty sweet ground just north of where you live. I'd focus on what's close instead of driving all the way to Rich Hill. DP
  3. Awesome Dos Cabezas gold! That's one of those can't get there from here places.
  4. Video - Equinox 800 Depth Test

    Neat an underground air test.
  5. Claim Validity Question

    Good luck, its not as easy as just staking your claim on a paperwork error. Do your homework before proceeding. DP
  6. Titan Ger 400 ???

    Tami I bought minelab sdc2300 unit was even higher specification and more accurate. He too found targets but they were gold.
  7. Do Many People Go After Copper Nuggets?

    Very nice Steve looks similar to what I've seen in the Bisbee AZ area.
  8. Do Many People Go After Copper Nuggets?

    Here are a few from southern Arizona.
  9. Do Many People Go After Copper Nuggets?

    I've found copper nuggets in southern AZ while looking for gold and native silver. Las Guijas and Sieritta mountains area south of Tucson is a good place to find some.
  10. Google Earth Transfer

    For great detection take off every zed.
  11. Metal Detecting For Native Silver

    I too have a goal to detect some native silver this year as well. I have a few areas that I'm planning to hunt south of Tucson. I've seen nice stuff come out of Tombstone as well but it's though to find open ground to detect.
  12. GPZ In Pahrump / Johnnie Nv Today

    Very cool Dave! Last time I detected the Jonnie area I found a wagon brake handle, pick, and some boots. Cool to see some gold from there. DP
  13. Where Can I Detect For Gold In Arizona?

    Greaterville has some open ground plus GPAA and Desert Gold Diggers claims. Do your research and you can find some good areas. DP
  14. Colorado Claim Maps

    To research an area I start with the claim maps on mylandmatters.org then go to the county recorders office to get copies of the location notices to get the claim maps. That's the easiest way I have found to research an area. Also some recorders offices let you research claim notices online so you might be lucky where you live.