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  1. High Mineral And Equinox Tip

    It's great to see others at the exact same stage of testing this machine--and reaching the same conclusions. For sure A/M is the way to go--in Park 2, 50 tones has a nice fluid transition that tells you a lot--more than disc actually in that you already have the (A/M) bad news (corrosion, no symmetry, doesn't stand out against the background) right there. Very nice way to run the Eq. Really alerts to the deep low conductors well that way--gotta experiment with the speed and "gap" next. Hope to hell it does that in salt although those modes with the low weighting seem kind of muted by comparison to P2. Anything with rust is much more obvious this way. cjc
  2. Visiting With Jim Straight

    A legend and an inspiration to us all who swing a detector. cjc
  3. True All Metal Mode?

    This is a concern of mine too in that all of the wide / narrow / size / shape info that all-metal provides seems to be harder to come by with the Eq. PP does the funny muting thing when you get in to close, and a/m via the horseshoe is just a blank version of the current search. Maybe a toned down Gold mode User set-up is the way to go. With no all metal mode my skill set is crippled. cjc
  4. ..compared to 1989 it is. the "stick beeper" days...its the spikes that would have read then... We're in a digital world of wonders here... cjc
  5. Iron Bias - What It Is

    Do you think it is similar to Deus Silencer? A silencer control is aimed at muting the high fq iron responses that are from large targets overwhelming the disc c--circuitry--actual wraparounds. To some extent it also smooths out the crackle of small iron in the ground that a high gain circuit amplifies. Iron Bias is more of a filter that raises the level of what the detector assigns as consistent versus inconsistent. I've worked places in the Caribbean where there were so many rusted coin that you could dig them all day--especially where there is a strip-out-- so this feature is a welcome addition. cjc
  6. Why Only 50 Points Of Vdi?

    I would say you hit the nail on the head--50 scale = stability--but not much definition. Lot of stacking too. There's a saying in the software industry: "that's not a bug--its a feature"--meaning that there's a lot of information to be had from a "wild" VDI screen, but many just aren't ready for it. Can't beat the good old XLT scale but with the Eq's high gain it would be a jumble. cjc
  7. Great rundown, Steve. cjc
  8. Multi Kruzer & Impact Depth

    Bloodhound I've gotten great results with both although Im just getting started with the Kruzer. The platform is very similar but the Kruzer has some nice upgrades including a high mineral ground boost EID mode. Seems smoother as well. Great wireless phones too nice sound. Nice overall value--Andy said it well--"bang for your buck". cjc
  9. Bottle Caps And The Mighty Equinox

    My initial tests showed a wider overall response on a rusted test cap. Hope this is true across the board they are kind of a scourge of multi fq and high gain detectors--channelling into some prime ID territory. cjc
  10. "The Minelab CTX 3030 Gold Hunter's Guide" Clive James Clynick is the author of some 19 previous metal detecting “how-to” books, numerous articles and product reviews. In this advanced, information-packed guide he shares tips and secrets of his many years of successful gold-hunting with the Minelab CTX 3030. Topics include: • Understanding the CTX’s Gold-Hunting Strengths and Weaknesses. • Open “Audio” and Closed Screen “Gold Box” Methods. • Interference and Stability. • Coil Control, Discriminate and Target Acquisition. • The “Signal Balancing” Approach to Getting More Depth. • “Graduated” Tuning and Selectivity. • Getting More Depth with Manual Sensitivity. • When to Use Automatic Sensitivity. • 17” Coil Gold-Hunting. • The CTX in Black Sand. • CTX 3030 “Gold Skills.” • Beach, Park and Shallow Water Gold Methods. …and much more… 97 pgs. (8.5 x 5.5 softbound) $16.97 Ordering: http://clivesgoldpage.com/
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  12. Thanks for the post, Auminesweeper. I was really impressed with this machine's performance around iron, gold sensitivity and high gain punch. Kind of reminds me of when I got my first Sovereign X2. For sure it had tons of potential, but there was just no information around on how to improve my accuracy with it. I'm hoping that the basic theory and practical methods contained in the book will be of good value to Racer users at all levels. Thanks for your interest in this project. Regards, clive http://clivesgoldpage.com/