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  1. What a wonderful hunt! Thanks for sharing, and congrats on some nice gold!
  2. Finally

    Holy S*** Lunk, that is amazing! Congratulations big-time! 👍😃⛏
  3. Pinpoint Volume

    Road Dog, my 600 does the same thing. I was practicing in a nearby park, no headphones on, and every time I used pinpoint I attracted unwanted attention, "what's that?whatcha looking for?find any Treasure?" lol! I just got some wireless headphones from amazon last night, and hope it doesn't bust my eardrums!
  4. My First Equinox Silver!

    What an amazing first hunt! Congrats :-)
  5. Nice Day With The Zed

    What a great day!
  6. No Shipwreck Coins Yet.....

    Steve- yes, Kip's book "Pieces of Eight" is one of the first books I read about the 1715 Fleet. I'm volunteering at the McLarty Treasure Museum this season...it sits on the site where the survivors and the initial salvagers camped on the beach. So I'm surrounded by artifacts and treasures, keeping me all enthused!!! Yep, you need to give it a go down here...I'll introduce you to some guys who know the beaches and have found some good stuff! 😊
  7. My New Treasure Talk Blog - Equinox 600 Vs 800

    Great article Steve. It cured any lingering "buyers remorse" I might have had over ordering a 600! :-)
  8. First Run With My Equinox

    Great report....thanks! Can't wait to get my 600 on Friday 😊
  9. A Cool Find

    Very cool finds indeed!
  10. .......but I've been having fun getting out for a bit detecting while wintering here on the Treasure Coast of FL. Here's my booty so far lol! The small piece of jewelry with the stone may be very old?....looks handmade. The piece of metal on the key is extremely lightweight and I've found a few odd pieces of it....locals tell me it's stuff off the rocket launches that take place nearby. The other cool find I found on the beach while detecting is this: A really good fossilized ghost crab! He died in his burrow maybe 100,000 years ago, and was replaced by coquina and limestone etc. He's a beauty! I've been using my Sovereign GT and the Xterra 705 down here, but I'll be getting my Equinox 600 on Friday from Gerry! He's even taking my 705 as a partial trade. Now that I'm retired, I am on a budget :-) So the next time we get a big surf or any good erosion, THIS is what I hope to find: Exciting silver Pieces of Eight, found by my new friend/mentor Terry Shannon, a local legend who I ran into on the beach....he swings the Sovereign as well, and has found some amazing stuff. The greenish 2nd piece from the top is a recent find after the January erosion up by the dunes, in its natural state as he found it. Over 300 years old.... 11 Spanish ships went down during a hurricane off our shores in 1715. So wish me luck folks! 😊
  11. Point With Nugget

    Wow, that's a beauty!
  12. Last Gold Of 2017

    That's a beauty!
  13. My Last Three Weeks Activities

    What a great day detecting! I need to live vicariously through posts on the forum while I'm wintering in Florida....thanks for sharing! :-)
  14. Busted A Fatty Today!

    Wow that's incredible! Congrats to you! 👍