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  1. Comparing Some Detectors In Trash & Hot Rocks

    Thanks for posting that photo Steve, I feel a lot better now. I spot a SD2000, SD2100 and a Sovereign with the rare 11" Coinsearch coil! I'd sell the rest Oh maybe keep the Tejon too
  2. Comparing Some Detectors In Trash & Hot Rocks

    Steve, what did you do regards ground balance? Did you ground balance off to one side of your target pad then run in fixed? Did you try tracking on any of the units to compare with the monster? On seeing your targets laid out like that, the first thing that crossed my mind would be to cover it with some particle board, and then put other users to the test where they can mark on the board what they think is a good target vs bad target. That would be a very good way of learning ones detector of choice.
  3. A modern day Sovereign, that would survive a freak wave or me toppling over is what I'd love. A bit more sensitive to small gold wouldn't go astray but now I'm just dreaming.
  4. New ( Old ) Video GPZ & The 19

    Thanks Strick! I've pulled over half an ounce from that spot. Here is what most of it looks like when it comes out of the ground. And the other image is what is looks like after an acid bath. I'm finding the GPX really struggles to see a lot of this gold at any depth, and the SDC just doesn't have the punch on a lot of it.
  5. Hi all, Got a new video up recently, but I say (old) as the footage was taken just before Christmas!
  6. Good stuff mate! Big coil = big gold, simple formula. Good to hear those Gogs are working for you. You using an older or re-issue 4500?
  7. Minelab GM 1000 & Makro Gold Racer

    Hi Steve, D&P-OR and all, I have used both and they are both good, but different. The GM being a silent search has both its advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is to guys like me who have had a lot of experience with VLF gold machines over the years and all of them have had a threshold! Take that familiar hum away and I just get an uneasy feeling. The advantage of the silent threshold is that you can generally run the machine a little hotter than you normally would, due to low/marginal chatter occurring below the audible level. Also, when you hear a beep, and it repeats, you dig - there is no trying to decipher what to dig among threshold clatter. The fact that the Monster also has auto sensitivity means that a new user can switch on and start detecting with minimum fuss and minimum learning curve. The main thing to learn is where to swing the thing, but watch Chris Ralph's videos and that is covered pretty well! Ground handling of hot ground, and general performance really comes down to your Sensitivity setting. You can pretty much run both units as smooth or erratic as you want, and your sensitivity setting will dictate performance. The difference here is that the Gold Racer has 100 steps of adjustment, whereas the Monster has 10 steps. So the GM is a little more immediate, e.g. if you are using Sens 7 and the monster is playing up a little, you can drop it to Sens 6 and the noise will be gone. In this same scenario on the GR, you may need to drop the Sensitivity by 5 or 6 numbers, and possibly reset your iSat setting as well. So the GR isn't as immediate, but allows for finer tuning. So it really all comes down to the individual, their needs, and their expectations. I sell both, so I'm not biased in any way. When I get an inquiry about what detector they should buy, I probably go back to the customer with more questions than they asked me, to get a better idea of where and how they intend to use it, their experience level, experience with other detectors etc. Their answers will tell me which of the two units would be the better option, and perhaps another machine like a 705, Impact, or AU Gold Finder may be more suitable. But back to the GM Vs GR topic, here are a few differences that may be of interest: Speaker placement - GM wins here. It is on the back of the display and is nice and loud. GR is on the bottom box under the armrest, so okay if coin/relic hunting on grass, but in the goldfield you really want to have the neoprene cover on. Wireless - GR has wireless capability built in so wins here. For the GM, you can buy a Deteknix WireFree system with 3.5mm plug. Balance - Again GR wins here as it has the batteries under the armrest, but the GM with the supplied lithium pack is very light, and balance is better than you'd expect - even better if you use a GPX upper shaft and standard Minelab lower stem. Coil options - at this point the GR wins hands down in coil options. 5" round, 7.5x4" elliptical, 10x5" elliptical DD and Concentric, and 15.5x13" semi-elliptical. The GM only has the supplied two coils. Sensitivity - this is a tough one, but in hot changeable soils the Auto Sensitivity on the GM should be seen as an advantage, especially to inexperienced users. If using the GM in Auto I like to pump the coil up and down and sweep the coil side to side just to give it a change to set itself correctly. Not sure if this is necessary or not, but is a bit of a ritual for me whenever using any units with Auto functions, as you don't know what the last state of the unit was when you switch on. Build/robustness - this is a win for the GM. Both units have waterproof coils, but the GM control box is a little more rugged, and rated as being rain proof. Discrimination - the GM discrimination is really a ferrous/non-ferrous probability scale, and the only adjustment you have is to audibly ignore high iron probability targets. The Gold Racer has two discrimination modes (Fast & Boost), with the discrimination adjustable, and with a Target ID makes the GR the easy winner in this category. Audio - I like the audio in both the all-metal modes, and it would come down to personal preference. The GR does have an option of low or high tone whereas the GM tone is fixed, but is a nice choice that should suit most users, (same as the Nokta AU Finder). Hope that helps. Cheers
  8. Mrs. Sourdough's Gold Monster 1000

    Perfect for sweeping out all those little crevices in the bedrock
  9. Detech Coils For Minelab Sd, Gp, And GPX

    Thanks mate!
  10. Detech Coils For Minelab Sd, Gp, And GPX

    And can't recall if I've posted this one up previously or not??
  11. Detech Coils For Minelab Sd, Gp, And GPX

    New video on the 11" Ultra
  12. Question On Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Accessories

    You can also get the 3.5mm transmitter with the full size Pro headphones.
  13. Question On Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Accessories

    Look forward to your results Alex. Love seeing gold from different areas. Re headphones, the Deteknix wireless with 3.5mm plug on the transmitter are a perfect fit for the GM1000.
  14. New 9.5"x5" DD Coil For Nokta & Makro

    Thanks Steve, Just a couple of points worth noting. The "26" series solid coil is listed as 10.5" long, so the new "24" series at 9.5" long is a little more semi-elliptical. The 10.5x5" solid coils for the Gold Racer and Fors Gold+ remain unchanged, as solid coils are generally preferred for goldfield use. Actually the RC26 solid is a excellent match up with the Racer 2 for prospecting duties, or for generally working rocky terrain, so any Racer users should snap up a coil before they are all gone. Cheers
  15. What Can You Hear?

    That's awesome! The Binaural test freaked me out, I thought someone was banging on my window!