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  1. That's awesome! The Binaural test freaked me out, I thought someone was banging on my window!
  2. Sorry about the title, I couldn't help myself with all the monster talk . This video is a bit of detector vs big coil comparison on a decent sized bit of trash (unfortunately).
  3. Hi Ricardo, I have used the Impact in the goldfields and it is well up to the task. The all-metal mode is really nice, and has everything you'd expect a good nugget shooter to have, but it has even more: A true motion all-metal mode A very fine adjustable threshold Volume control 100 step tone adjustment! iSat control Very good target definition, even on faint signals Target ID readout in all-metal (use it if you want, ignore it if you don't trust it) Auto GB (grab), manual GB and tracking - run it how you want Lots of coil options I have tested it with the IM19 7" elliptical coil, vs the Gold Racer with it's 7" elliptical, and the Impact is no slouch and is only a whisker behind the Gold Racer. Even with the stock coil, it picks up my American Certified Bullion One Grain 24K Gold at 3 inches. And as an added bonus, the Impact (together with the Racer 2) is one of the best VLFs I've used on beaches. The 705 is also quite capable with the right setting tweaks and 10.5" round HF coil. Hope that helps. Cheers
  4. Awesome find. Nice reward for getting out of the swag nice and early
  5. I always balance using the ferrite. During a training session where I buried a nugget for the trainee to test on, I was demonstrating the two methods of ground balance. We did a ferrite assisted ground balance on my machine and the signal on the test target was clear and consistent. We then did a walk and swing ground balance on the trainees unit and approached the target, and the signal was barely there and on repeated swings would easily be dismissed as a ground noise. We then did a Ferrite assisted ground balance on the trainees 7000 and the signal was nice and clear. Regardless of what has been written on the topic, that demonstration was enough proof to my trainee and also to myself, to always use the Ferrite.
  6. Haven't put them side-by-side yet.
  7. Frequency is just one aspect. Ground balance, and more importantly Audio and threshold stability are what propels or sinks any potential gold machine. Can't speak of the G2 or F19 as I haven't used either, but the Impact has excellent audio, and the iSat adjustment is very effective. It also has a very adjustable audio tone in the all-metal mode.
  8. Great thread and couldn't agree more Steve. If anyone can do it, it is Minelab. Why? They already have the technology to place themselves anywhere on your number list. They also have a big Engineering team. Pretty much throw the Gold monster and the SDC into a pot, stir it around and pull out some sort of hybrid. Yes agree with your comment about the TDI, in mild ground any decent VLF will ping small gold better, and will even keep up with it depth wise when bigger coils and lower frequencies are used. That is the beauty of the GPX series in particular, optional timings and various adjustments like Rx Gain, Audio Type and optional Timings means that they can be optimised regardless of ground type. With a small mono coil they are so sensitive they will pick up smaller gold then a lot of VLF's except for dedicated very high freq machines. You forgot to add the Gold Racer into your Very Light section It is also the best balanced machine due to having the battery compartment under the armrest.
  9. Really comes down to a few factors: 1. What size relics are you after? 2. What depth are you hoping to achieve? 3. How thick is the junk? The 15" DD Detech has very good depth, and sensitivity equal to an 11" DD. For this reason it will also reject iron to a greater depth. However, for very large targets, the 18" DD will punch a touch deeper. The 18" DD will pick up more EMI if that is a problem. Weight wise they are about the same.
  10. Steve, do you ever sleep? Really don't know where you find the time to write such detailed posts on a regular basis. Using the Impact at the beach, I was easily able to identify rusty bottle caps in Gen D mode, just going by the sound. Very cool hunting this way, like gold prospecting on white sand Some of the deeper and smaller targets would only produce the faintest of threshold changes, so would definitely recommend headphones.
  11. If you want great sound, comfort and wireless, check out the Deteknix W6 Pro Heaphones.
  12. First detector used was a GT16000, then FT16000, then XT17000. First detector I owned was an XT18000 - I have bought and sold about 4 since then :-) Over the years, I've owned SD2100, GPextreme, GP3500, GPX4000, GPX4500, GPX5000, Gold Striker, Sovereign, Sovereign XS, Sovereign XS2aPro, Sovereign GT, CTX3030, Whites V/Sat, Fors CoRe, Fors Gold+, Bandido II umax, Vaquero, Racer 2, Gold Racer, SDC2300, GPZ7000. Working for Minelab and being a tester & trainer, and now being a retailer definitely has its perks :-)
  13. Haha wow, that would be weird and kind of cool at the same time
  14. Does the G2 or Gold Bug Pro have any kind of stability control for the threshold? If not, does it have a fast, slow or medium retune? I.e. is it smooth or jittery? When the first Africa gold rush was on, there were reports that the F75 was a hot seller over there so I quickly got hold of a unit to try. I did some air tests on various nuggets and it seemed capable enough, actually I was mildly impressed. I took it out to the goldfields but very quickly realised it just wouldn't cut it. The threshold was all over the place and the same nuggets I tested at home couldn't be picked at 1/3 of the distance once buried in the ground. My old Minelab goldstriker which I still had at the time ate the F75 for breakfast in the field.
  15. Yep, you've nailed it. For someone with zero experience, and wanting to try prospecting for not too much money, the GM1000 ticks all the boxes.