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  1. First detector used was a GT16000, then FT16000, then XT17000. First detector I owned was an XT18000 - I have bought and sold about 4 since then :-) Over the years, I've owned SD2100, GPextreme, GP3500, GPX4000, GPX4500, GPX5000, Gold Striker, Sovereign, Sovereign XS, Sovereign XS2aPro, Sovereign GT, CTX3030, Whites V/Sat, Fors CoRe, Fors Gold+, Bandido II umax, Vaquero, Racer 2, Gold Racer, SDC2300, GPZ7000. Working for Minelab and being a tester & trainer, and now being a retailer definitely has its perks :-)
  2. Haha wow, that would be weird and kind of cool at the same time
  3. Does the G2 or Gold Bug Pro have any kind of stability control for the threshold? If not, does it have a fast, slow or medium retune? I.e. is it smooth or jittery? When the first Africa gold rush was on, there were reports that the F75 was a hot seller over there so I quickly got hold of a unit to try. I did some air tests on various nuggets and it seemed capable enough, actually I was mildly impressed. I took it out to the goldfields but very quickly realised it just wouldn't cut it. The threshold was all over the place and the same nuggets I tested at home couldn't be picked at 1/3 of the distance once buried in the ground. My old Minelab goldstriker which I still had at the time ate the F75 for breakfast in the field.
  4. Yep, you've nailed it. For someone with zero experience, and wanting to try prospecting for not too much money, the GM1000 ticks all the boxes.
  5. Hi all, While up in the goldfields earlier this week I tried the Impact on a trashy spot. I used the stock 11x7" coil in the All-metal Gen mode and 20 kHz. I was very impressed at how well it ran. I was in "warmish" mineralisation. Mild sandy wash, but with various sized hot rocks. It was where a forest track cuts across a creek/gully. This particular junction has quite a bit of trash, so I just detected along ignoring any very low numbers. Most targets dug were non-ferrous. I got fooled on one large bit of wire that was sitting upright. I dug about 4 hot rocks that were a very faint but good sounding signal, but not strong enough to register any ID on the screen. The most impressive dig was a nice clear hit ID of 35, and I dug down and it was a small round seal off a juice bottle, which was sitting on it's edge. No gold, but Zed's have cleaned up all the fainter signals in this spot so no surprises there. My settings were Sens 66-72 and iSat on 6. I wasn't using Tracking, so was re-ground balancing using the trigger. I've done some tests using the smaller 7.5" elliptical in 20 kHz, against the Fors Gold+ (19 kHz) with the 5" coil, and there really isn't much in it. The Gold+ has a little bit more aggressive sound to it, but the Impact is smoother, sounds pretty much like an older wiser Gold Racer The threshold and tone adjustments steps in the Impact are spot on - two features I rate very highly for a unit to be taken seriously as a gold machine. It's really looking to be an excellent all-rounder.
  6. Did the guy fall in that hole at 0:11 secs?
  7. A positive mindset can make a massive difference. I call it the gold mode switch. You need to clear your head of daily stresses: what's happening at work, the bill you got charged twice for, that lawn mower that keeps breaking down, that oil spill you promised to clean up a month know what I'm talking about. All of that needs to get dumped for a moment, and then flick the brain to Gold Mode.
  8. Good luck Lanny, the Gold Racer is great.
  9. For all-round awesomeness, shape, weight, sensitivity, EMI immunity etc etc. I'm going to say the 12" Evo. This coil rarely misses whenever I strap it on, and I often wonder why I don't use it more regularly. For performance, and target digs that just shouldn't happen, the Z14 is a wonder. It'll pick prickly/reefy gold that only the best fine tuned high freq VLF will see, but the Zed will see it a lot deeper and in much more mineralised soils. Then it'll get lumpy slugs at depths where you'd need an 18" mono on a GPX to match. If the SDC is called the hoover, then the GPZ14 should be called the Trawler!
  10. Some info on VLX modes. Basically, they are a less aggressive mode, which will be ideal for users who are not used to Fast Recovery machines to ease themselves into the Impact. I can also see them useful when chasing modern shallow coins in fresh sites, so chances of the coins being masked are quite low. In my opinion, VLX1 still goes plenty deep. I used it recently and was getting clear hits that was deeper than I was prepared to dig in the particular park I was in. Dilek posted this over on Findmall: VLX1 3-tone discrimination mode designed for users who prefer a lower noise level while detecting. Ideal for coin hunting on changing grounds and different levels of mineralization. It will provide weaker responses for fringe depth targets as well as ground and environmental noises. Therefore, it is suitable for use with Disc. set to 0 and at higher gain levels. If needed, a more stable operation can be obtained by increasing the Disc. but Disc. will create a greater loss in depth in this mode compared to others. VLX2 Resembles the VLX1 in terms of characteristics. However, it is a deeper mode utilizing 4-tones and it is ideal for both coin and relic hunting in changing ground conditions and all levels of mineralization.
  11. I would think that the 5 kHz option on the Impact would be a much better choice over the Relic at 19 kHz. Also the Impact 15" coil is slightly wider. The other thing that will give you more depth on the Impact is the awesome all-metal mode. Not going to go as deep as a 2-box job, but depends on the size of the target you are seeking.
  12. My biggest sellers of late have been the 14x9" Evo, 15" Evo and 11" Detech. Don't know why but the 4500 owners (particularly the older 4500s) seem to be favouring the 11" Detech, but the 5000 guys like the 14x9" Evo. To sort of answer the original post, the 14x9" Evo was released first, so a lot of people pounced on that and had one when the Coiltek came out. So that may be why info is thin on the ground. I'm sure it's a good coil.
  13. Great info Steve. My records show the Eureka Gold was released December 2002. It was well after the Gold Hawk as when I started at Minelab the Hawk was out, and I started testing the replacement for the XT18000, and we used the Hawk as a bit of a bench mark to test against.
  14. The beauty of the GPX's is that you have timing options. In an air test a 14x9" Evo vs a 12" NFA on a 3000, testing sub gram nuggets, the Evo would prove superior. But, add some mineralised soil into the mix and it's anyone's guess what could happen. As mineralisation levels increase, you'd eventually reach a point where the 12" Advantage would be the better choice, as you don't have any "smooth" timings on the 3000.
  15. Hey Johnny, welcome to this US forum from OZ