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  1. So you might not be beach PI'ing for two years potentially No consideration for the Tesoro Sand Shark or Whites Surfmaster PI, or do you strictly need GB? The SDC is an excellent beach PI, especially if you wish to work narrow gutters slowly, rather than gobble up big swabs of ground, as the SDC needs a very slow sweep. I think most seem to forget that the SDC is waterproof, and has 3 x Salt settings. The main drawback for me and why I don't use it more often is that on 70% of my local beaches the EMI can be pretty severe. There is no Cancel switch or DD coil option or other options to tame it. GPX5000 in Salt-Gold timing is a beast, but you have to be really careful with the water, and obviously can't hose it down after a hunt I do like the sound of the Manta - it sort of reminds me of the SD series. If FT can put it in a good package it will be a winner.
  2. New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    I have no issue with S-rods as long as the handle angle isn't way off. I nearly always change my hand grips as my hands are quite large, but if grips are too hard to remove I normally just wrap padded tennis racquet grip over the existing handle. I did that with my Gold Racer and felt just right for me. The Kruzer external battery slides into the armrest assembly, so this would be easy to adapt to other shafts. You'd just need to drill out and tap the right size hole as the armrest is held in by a screw. But the bracket that holds the control box on, that I'm not sure about.
  3. New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    Yes, indeed. Also would help if the water has good clarity, so you can see the target ID. ID and Vibration would be all you need, but be interesting to see what underwater headphones Makro come up with.
  4. New 61 Khz Makro Gold Kruzer

    I was looking at the photo a bit screwie eyed and then realised you took the Multi Kruzer and put a Racer coil on it haha, nice job anyway. Yes I did a similar thing to you Steve, realised I had way too many detectors, so the Impact replaced the Racer 2 and Gold+, and the AU Gold Finder replaced the Gold Racer. But instead of getting rid of everything as a retailer I still need demo units, and my son is rapidly growing up Knobs and switches of the Gold Finder is what won me over the Gold Racer, so not sure if the Gold Kruzer will pip first place, but that Micro mode has me intrigued...
  5. I sell both and have used both. Here's a few points of difference. 705 can be run on different frequencies (with different coils), the Fors Gold+ is locked on 19kHz FG+ has an adjustable iSat, the 705 doesn't FG+ has a search/night light, the 705 doesn't All the FG+ coils are waterproof. The 705 10x5" elliptical and 10.5" round are not, but the others are. Both run on 4 x AA's and have great run time 705 is a little lighter, but the FG+ is better balanced, particularly with bigger coils 705 has target notching ability, FG+ doesn't 705 has a Iron Mask circuit in all-metal mode, whereas the FG+ has an active target ID in its all-metal mode Both have very good volume, auto tracking, auto GB/reset/grab, adjustable Audio Tone, Freq shift Where they differ more is in the Disc modes. The 705 has a single style disc mode, but you can save 4 different "patterns" or levels of discrimination. The Disc mode is a beep mode, and does have various tone options, 4-tone, multi etc. This is what most coin hunters want. The FG+ has two different Disc modes Fast & Boost, but both of them are VCO or modulated audio. Both are two-tone modes, i.e. low tone for ferrous, and high tone for non-ferrous, but targets get higher in pitch the bigger/closer they are. This is generally the type of Disc mode preferred by Relic hunters, but I love the modulated audio for searching for shallow modern coins in certain areas, as I can ignore the deeper mellower responses. So basically, the 705 gives you more versatility to hunt for coins, especially with 7.5 kHz coil options, and notching. The Fors Gold+ is more a gold/relic hunter, and for those who like to hunt more so by audio.
  6. GPZ 7000 In Noisy Ground

    Difficult, General, Patch Locate should handle most mineralised/salty ground with ease. Before the addition of Patch in the latest software update, I only ever encountered 3 spots of extreme mineralisation where I had to use Extra Deep & Difficult, and still found gold. You do lose a fair amount of sensitivity in Extra Deep, but I like to think that the reason I got gold there was that previous machines really struggled in that soil.
  7. Steelphase Hits The USA

    Hi all, Merry Christmas! Here's a couple links over on Prospecting Australia where you can read some comments / feedback: https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=23766 https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=24170 Cheers, Nenad
  8. Detech Coil For Makro Racers

    I tried the Ultimate on the Sovereign and it was an improvement on the stock coil no doubt and very light, but then I tried the 14x10 and it is even better!
  9. Detech Coil For Makro Racers

    Good news! Now hopefully they'll expand to other coil styles, and maybe do a 14x10 excelerator for the Impact!
  10. Share away no probs. The big difference is that the GPZ in Normal with a slightly lower sensitivity could easily be run in that ground. The GPX would need the Sensitivity dropped to minimum, and you'd need to have good tolerance to noise. If I had a time machine, I would love to go back and try a big DD on the GPX.
  11. Having Faith In Your Detector

    "I will have faith in my gear" This should be no. 2 on the list of 10 Commandments for Electronic Prospectors. No. 1 is - I will love doing this even on days when I find no gold Well done, the next bits will come a lot easier I think.
  12. Jin, it can be a bit of a combination of factors which vary between spots. The 4500 is well up to the task to find big deep lumps, it's just that people don't really set them up to target big gold. In milder/medium mineralisation I'd be using the biggest DD you can get your hands on and Sharp timing. In hotter soils I'd be using Enhance and a big mono, 19" Evo or 20" NFA or 22" Gold Stalker.
  13. White's Goldmaster V-SAT ?

    Yeah the old concentric coil on the GM's were prone to becoming very touch sensitive. I rebuilt mine and it ran a lot better. Anyone buying a really old one would probably want a new coil for it. For me personally, out of the Whites I'd go a V/sat or a GM3 over a GMT.
  14. Make sure the cable connection inside the shaft is nice and snug. Mine lost audio, then I noticed Check Coil message on the screen. Tighten up the connection and all good.