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  1. Early Minelab - Original Eldorado

    They're the exact 4 controls I'd want on a v2 SDC2300 ....and maybe tone as well. I think the Eldorado's were about 8 kHz, same as the Goldseekers. You can still download the Goldseekers manual here: http://www.minelab.com/__files/f/4108/Inst Manual Goldseeker 15000 Website.pdf
  2. Steve's Guide To Nugget Detectors Updated

    Always interested to read your opinions on this Steve, so thanks for keeping it updated. As far as I know the GPX4800 has been discontinued. http://www.minelab.com/customer-care/product-notices/discontinued-products/gpx-4800 Also, any reason why the Au Gold Finder isn't on the list? It's about as dedicated prospecting machine as they come. It's like a modern day hybrid of the Gold Bug 2 and Gold Racer.
  3. Coil Cable Neatness Tip

    Yep, with me, if a coil isn't on it's own lower rod, there is about zero chance it is getting a run.
  4. Minelab Equinox Unveiled!

    RRP in oz $1299
  5. Thanks Steve, have you seen the weights of these coils anywhere? Not sure why they'd do the sniper, it is virtually identical to the Nokta 9x5". I wish someone would do a 9" round in a solid version for rocky terrains, but seems spoked coils are all the rage these days.
  6. Gpz 7000 Starting Out Video

    I do use pin-pointers when it is a deep target, particularly in hard ground, where you really don't want to open it up too much. Saves a tonne of time! Pin-pointers simply don't have the sensitivity to small targets like a gold detector does, so trying to find a tiny target with a pin-pointer is pretty tricky. Much quicker using a scoop.
  7. Minelab In The News

    I would think they are talking about the SDC2300, i.e. it's an old article that is being recycled, as it says Minelab are at Torrensville, which they haven't been now for some years.
  8. Detech's largest flat/spiral wound mono is a 14". There is an 18" round and 18" elliptical in the product line-up but these are both a traditional wound coil. I haven't used both side by side, but I'd say the 18' Elite would have more sensitivity to small gold, but the Detech would likely run quieter in high mineralisation (due to less near-coil sensitivity). Detech have a new 15" round coming out which will be interesting to see how it compares to the current 14" Ultra, as well as the 15" Evo which is a brilliant coil.
  9. Gold Found With Anything But A Minelab?

    Here's some Gold Racer gold:
  10. Just curious, have you ever scraped out all those little crevices into a bucket, and then run it through a sluice?
  11. SDC 2300 Limits

    I've found the deeper targets are barely a pull in the threshold, and some of the responses are quite wide, so you need to do a slow wide sweep of the coil in order to hear the full rise and fall (or the opposite) of the signal. With a short narrow sweep, the target can be invisible.
  12. SDC 2300 Limits

    I've dug several bits of larger lead at about 10-11 inches. On the beach in Salt 2 I've dug aussie $1 coins at 12 inches. This bigger bit went 3.57g and was about 10 inches.
  13. Here's what I previously had to say about the Impact: I'll hopefully get some more field time on it soon - I haven't been out much (freezing cold and raining here lately).
  14. A modern day Sovereign, that would survive a freak wave or me toppling over is what I'd love. A bit more sensitive to small gold wouldn't go astray but now I'm just dreaming.
  15. New ( Old ) Video GPZ & The 19

    Thanks Strick! I've pulled over half an ounce from that spot. Here is what most of it looks like when it comes out of the ground. And the other image is what is looks like after an acid bath. I'm finding the GPX really struggles to see a lot of this gold at any depth, and the SDC just doesn't have the punch on a lot of it.