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  1. Gold Found With QED

    Now this is a brilliant thread which I've enjoyed immensely. Proof positive of a well run forum that encourages respect and tolerance from its impassioned readership. JP
  2. Wow finally a new Minelab machine where I've managed to not get caught up or even mentioned in the inevitable blow ups. I have a customer here in Clermont who insisted on buying one because that's all he could afford at the time, within days he was wanting to sell it and describing it just as lustily as some of the recently banned brethren, although he did keep it clean and only attack the detector not anyone weilding one or anyone talking positively about one. I encoraged him to persist rather than sell but did offer to buy back or sell on his behalf for free if he got desperate. I also went into the field and showed him how I operate a VLF (his first experience with one which didn't help). Long story short he slowly started to get his head around it and on last count was well over 250 nuggets and counting. He has since loaned my Macro Gold Racer and can now truly appreciate the Monster and the advantages of such a simple to use VLF, something I think the banned brotherhood have failed to notice in their headlong rush to pin negativity on Minelab. These are my 4 all time VLF favourites, the Minelab XT 17000, the Whites Gold Master VSAT, the Fisher GBII and lastly the Minelab GM1000. If no PI was available I would be using the GM 1000 as my everyday detector in combination with the XT 17000 for the deeper ground and larger coil use. I would probably retire the whites but would keep the GBII for the tiny stuff in bedrock cracks and specimen gold, after watching Steve with one in WA I still think they hold the crown for micro gold. Its a shame things had to get personal because one of the banned is an extremely knowledgable VLF user with amazing insights into VLF. JP
  3. Hi Johathan 

    just wondering if you have a YouTube channel?.

    Cheers Mate

  4. Nurse Paul In Oz

    That's really good news Paul and a much better option than the guaranteed by-back solution we were having to look at. When you send it back to them make sure you actually pack the unit into the parcel before putting said parcel in the post. JP
  5. Minelab GPZ 19 First Gold Plus Gold Monster Tidbits

    For me the Auto GB is a must for our conditions, going back to the GBII was a pain because I was on the dials all the time or if I got lazy I had to deal with a less than optimal machine. At the end of the day the GM is just a decent VLF with features that make it nice to use. The key for me is getting the Ground Balance right and then getting the Auto Sensitivity to then come into alignment, when that happened I was very happy with the way it handled our ground. At the end of the day the GM 1000 is a VLF detector and as such behaves just like every other High Freq VLF I've used over the years in my locations, as such it requires a VLF approach and mindset. JP
  6. Wrote a reply and supplied a link to the blog I have up on Treasure Talk. Had two people out with the Monster yesterday for training, broke my record and pinged a piece of gold in 10 seconds. One buyer will be selling, he's just not a VLF fan and has no intention of trying to learn even though I told him all this prior to making the purchase (he came into the game on PI's, so has no real concept of hot rocks and ground noise. Hes not angry at me or bagging Minelab, he's just decided VLF'ing is NOT for him), the other guy is having a blast and enjoying his experience. For people reading this thread who have never used a VLF before especially in Australia, they take effort and patience, that's the nature of VLF's even in quiet ground.......BUT they can be a lot of fun so long as your realistic. If your not prepared to put some effort in I suggest you opt for an SDC instead. I would love it if Minelab made an SDC with MPF in a Monster housing!!! Imagine that? JP
  7. Forum Member John Wilson (kiwijw) Joins Treasure Talk

    I'm really looking forward to Kiwjiw's stories from the land of the "Long White Cloud". One day he'll have to hop on over to the "Wide Brown Land" to thaw out a bit. JP
  8. Jonathan Porter On Mastering The Minelab Gold Monster 1000!

    For me a properly set up Auto GB is a must on a VLF especially a high frequency VLF, no matter how quiet the ground is the ground will always vary as you move about. I tested the GM 1000 alongside the GBII as well as a Macro Racer, the GM and GBII were very quickly short listed to top spot (I've also used the White GMT in my test area so know how they behave). The big winners on the Monster for me were the silent threshold (surprisingly because I'm generally not a fan of this type of thing so approached the Monster with a sense of trepidation), Auto GB ( A must in my areas) and top of the tree the Auto+ Sensitivity control. I would love to see the GBII brought into the modern world, its amazing to think its been out for so long without any major changes. Going back to the GBII took effort because I was constantly on the controls adjusting the GB and could only do away with hot rocks by using the Iron Grunt. Interchanges in the ground also gave me trouble whereas the Monster just happily tracked these obstacles out and a simple press off a button to disc mode handled the more positive hot rocks. Simply from an ease of use situation the Monster won the day, even though the GBII has the edge for sensitivity a lot of that advantage was lost due to ground signals constantly getting in the way. Put it this way, if Steve and I were both using GBII's in my areas, he would thrash me in the gold take because he is a far more savvy VLF operator that I am (He truly is a wizz with the GBII, absolutely blew my mind what he could do with one, even in the nasty ground). If Steve had the GBII and I had the Monster I honestly feel I could hold my own and maybe even pip him at the post. Obviously this is in areas I work because I've never worked a VLF in the States before. BTW the areas I have been testing in are considered very mild by Australian standards, I used to use my Whites GoldMaster II in these locations with a concentric coil for a living 20 years ago, in some places I could even Max out the Gain. JP
  9. Minelab And Customer Communications

    My business is built around service and advice and TRAINING, all of this is based around my spending my whole adult life living and breathing what I do and it is all provided in a small town with only 2000 residents right on the goldfields. Every winter we are inundated by people who've purchased their detectors from dealers in the cities where the main populations reside, desperately seeking information about how to use their metal detectors. I can assure you I make far less per detector sale than a "Box shifter" dealer because I invest time into the customer to make sure they at least have a good grounding on how to use their new purchase. Lastly if there were no dealers do you honestly think the price would drop by the dealer margin? Metal detector manufacturers need people like us to sell the story. Our incentive is the margin, a lot of which we then invest back into the customer, assuming there is any left because of all the discounting done by the larger dealers in the population centers away from the goldfields!! JP
  10. That's the good thing about you Steve, consistent remarks that are cemented in real world experience that stand the test of time. You're your own worst critic so the nameless brigade have nothing compared to your own personal code of ethics on what you say and how you conduct yourself. And then for good measure you draw a very solid "Trump's Mexican Wall" like line in the sand that even blind Freddy would find hard to miss! I have to say though, a lot of this would not be happening if product was made available on the advertised release date. I'm sure there are a lot of very frustrated sales people at Minelab right now. JP
  11. Problem With Detector

    I LOVED my GMII, it was my first manual GB machine and it tortured me to death in WA, but I still loved it. I learned so much from it especially about ground balance. I only ever found one spot where I could run the Sensitivity flat out, got 90 nuggets for half an ounce off that spot in 4 days. JP
  12. My First Impression Of The Minelab Gold Monster 1000

    Every time I think I might add something to this discussion Steve posts up information in a succinct and extremely informative way. Brilliant thread Steve and very detailed information about the new Monster Beasty, especially considering you have had so little opportunity to spend any decent amount of time with it during your winter months. There is a method of operation (more of an understanding and workflow really), which I found amazing here in Australia that requires observation and input from the operator, it helps make the Monster surprisingly useful in variable ground (shallow gold only, its not an SDC beater). I'm working on a TT blog as we speak so will hold off till I've trimmed it up and made it presentable. And yeah as is always the case with a new release announcement we have yet again a hold up on supply, guess who spent the whole day yesterday trying to explain this to customers ringing in for their Monsters? I have mine on display in the shop for readers in our area who want to take a look at one in the flesh. JP
  13. Advice On Gold Bug 2 Replacement

    Hi Steve very good advice. For me the new Minelab GM 1000 with 2 coil sizes as standard is the pick of the bunch, the Auto Sensitivity and Auto GB take that unit to a whole new level especially in variable ground. JP
  14. GPZ 19 False Signals

    Bumping the coil hard is what causes the falsing, General is the worst culprit and will do it on the GPZ14" too if you knock it about in the same fashion. The weight of the GPZ19 is what is causing people to struggle if their harness is not set up properly to support the weight. I personally use a hipstick and remove the J struts and Snaffle bit. I also wrap the bungee around the handle just below the Quick Trak button and zip tie in place with the bungee wrap attachment point slightly above the balance point so the detector is weight biased toward the coil. The GPZ19 coil requires careful coil control to get maximum performance, if your knocking the coil to the point falsing is competing with target signals you need to try and improve your coil control. JP
  15. GPZ 19 False Signals

    I do not recommend new users of the GPZ 7000 to use the 19" coil until they are proficient in the 14" and the detector in general. The falsing will be exacerbated by running too much Sensitivity and too high Target Volume, so settings do have a lot to do with it. General is the worst particularly if you roll the center of the coil over rocks, the 14" coil will do the same if treated the same way but is more manageable thanks to less weight and having a solid skid plate. I only use my GPZ19 coil with the solid NF skid plate for this very reason, I also place a 3 inch piece of soft foam each side of center of the coil to act as a buffer between the skid and coils base.