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  1. I don't remember what the default gain setting is, but don't think it's the max (4). So new out-of-the-box it's not max and if you leave the batteries out for an extended period of time (it will 'remember' if you're just changing batteries) it will revert to factory default, I think. I wish White's had included this kind of detailed instructions with the unit but mine didn't have them -- don't know why. I always run it maxed out, and it works great in that mode, IMO.
  2. Did you change the gain? There's a YouTube video which shows how to do this. Here it is. (I'll also post in the White's sub-forum.) Unfortunately the meager operating instructions that came with my Bullseye TRX (that's the official name ) didn't tell me how to do that. It's not as easy as changing the gain on the ProPointer A/T (aka 'Garrett Carrot'). IMO, the front tip of the TRX is more sensitive than the Carrot when both are at max gain. (The Carrot has more sensitivity along its side than at its front tip, as most know.) I also like the way the pulsed audio signal increases in frequency all they way up until you actually touch the target. I can get a good idea how much deeper I have to dig as long as I'm close enough (2 1/2 to 3 inches) to get a signal. @Nuggetbuddy -- the TRX comes in multiple colors, including orange. Both are excellent pointers, IMO, and it really comes down to personal preference. Further, if I didn't already have both I'd be strongly considering the new Fisher/Teknetics pulse induction units. For now I'm sticking with what I have and any extra $ will be going to coils....
  3. Which weekend? Many of us are still in winter (or early Spring). Near me they're predicting over 2 inches of rain for Saturday alone. (Sunday looks decent but I don't know if the ground will have recovered -- I'll for sure give it a try.) I think part of the reason many here are suffering the Equinox Angst Virus is because it's piled on top of cabin fever! (Just kidding around..., well, kinda...) Back to your beautiful finds. I sure hope that gouge on the 1849-O half wasn't caused by a recovery tool. It's still a great looking coin but that damage pains me. It looks like About Uncirculated (AU) condition otherwise. I've yet to even find a clad half let alone a seated beauty like yours. (All that's gonna change with the Eqx!) Thanks for your inspiring post.
  4. Gold Jewelry TID

    Excellent video, Mark. Thanks! I like the fact that you showed some common trash items (ring tab missing the tail, square tab, beaver tail) in with the desirable targets. In my experience, small pieces of aluminum foil, especially thin foil such as pieces of gum wrappers, pieces of cigarette pack wrappers, and some candy wrappers, for example Hershey's Kiss wrappers indicate TID's between the top of the iron range and the US 5 cent nickel. Has that been your experience so far with the Eqx?
  5. Good advice (something Steve has recommened in the past), and actually I don't literally throw zincolns in the trash; I put them in my trash pouch and then separate the real trash (like bottle caps and canslaw) from the possible reclaimable items after each hunt. Right now I have a jar of zincolns awaiting future consideration. I keep any copper items (tubing and wire are examples) and even have a bucket for 'interesting' iron objects. Lead is definitely a metal which can be salvaged and we all (?) get that if we're out where either fishing or hunting is common. I don't save aluminum unless it is otherwise interesting. Can you cash in clean aluminum?
  6. Or just dig them all and toss the zincolns in the trash. I found three Indiana Heads in 2016 and (from memory) they were ~4 inches deep. I"ve found Stinkin Zincolns at that depth or deeper in the same locations (that is, same parks, but not necessarily in the exact same part of those parks). Were those IH's left there for me by a previous detectorist who had too strict of a dig/no-dig criterion? I guess it all depends upon your threshhold/breakpoint for digging trash. Everyone has his/her own limit.
  7. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    Wondered about that kind of thing myself. These Cabellas orders are supposedly to be shipped out of Minelab-USA headquarters in Naperville, IL. I think I heard a shout coming from that direction (over 200 miles from me) about an hour ago: "Cabellas did WHAT??!!"
  8. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    Ditto, 4-7 days to arrival. I think Cabellas ought to give Thegoldenone a rebate for all the sales he's generating. My confirmation e-mail says: This item ships directly from the manufacturer.
  9. Equinox 800 Gold Ring Buried 12in In Mineralized Soil

    I watched the video but am still unsure: you found this buried or your set up a test with an existing ring and a hole you dug? I appreciate your videos but, IMO, you need to make a clear and explicit distinction, since the two situations I describe are not the same. Sorry if I'm a bit dense here.
  10. Question On Whites TDI

    I know what you're saying. When buying/selling/negotiating it's not often that the perfectly fair price can be found. One side or the other is going to get a deal, but maybe it's only a slight misalignment. Still, even that can damage friendships. I'm preparing (next few months) to get rid of my Chevy Cruze (been a great car but it won't meet my near future offroading needs ) and get a Jeep. My sister-in-law said her sister would be interested in my Cruze. In that conversation she said "don't forget, she's family." My reply was "I'm family, too." I'm probably better off just selling to a stranger.
  11. Thanks a ton for that link, V/M Pro. I assume this 'reg' is Reg Sniff who is well known as an aftermarket 'hacker' (the good kind) of the TDI. Pretty enlightening what he says about the (lack of) differences. Glad I didn't run out and buy a Pro after already owning the SPP, especially because I'm a (light)weight zealot. Need to warm up my soldering iron....
  12. An acquaintance has asked if I'd help him find some shotguns he buried several years ago. They are wrapped in oilcloths, sealed in PVC pipes (~3 in = 7.5 cm diameter) and buried about 20 inches (half meter) deep according to him. He says he can show me the approximate location within about 10 m. If all this is accurate it seems like an easy task.... Then again, he also said someone in his family (without him being present) tried to find them with a detector and couldn't. That could be due to a lot of reasons as I'm sure you are already thinking, but my concern is that they may be buried more deeply than he remembers. Which of the following would be your first choice? 1) TDI/SPP with 12 in round mono and 16 V battery pack. 2) X-Terra 705 w/15 in Coiltek 3kHz. 3) Gold Bug Pro (19 kHz) w/15 in Nel Attack. 4) F75 black (13 kHz) w/11x7 in^2 coil operating in cache process. Assuming he has the time and patience I'm going to have all four with me to do a comparison, but I'd like to start with the one that gives me the best chance. Your advice is appreciated.
  13. Kudos on the garage mod, LukeJ. I did similarly when I added a second, smaller external pack to take a total of 12 AA's (~17 V max), but obviously yours is a lot lighter than mine. (I like lightweight!) A bit off topic, but while swinging my SPP last week in Arizona I noticed the power cutting out. It happened a couple times and I had to open and close the battery door to get the detector to start working again. Anyone else experience that problem? (I was only using the standard 8-pack with NiMH AA's so I don't think this has anything to do with something I've done.) Speaking of TDI/SL batteries, I recently bought an rnb-inovations 29 mAh pack but didn't want to take it on the plane flight.... Surprisingly it only puts out a max of a bit over 12 V. I think this unit is marketed for more than just the TDI (works in MXT, I think) so maybe they didn't want to take advantage of the full 14.4 V and risk damaging other models. One more reason to prefer your mod.
  14. What Is The #1 Want To Find Item With The Equinox

    I'll start off modest -- Buffalo nickel with a readable date. Given the (admittedly small) number of Mercury dimes I've found, this one should be a reasonable goal, obtainable in the first month after getting an Eqx. And, yes, I'll be going to the same sites that yielded those Mercs. Wonder if my current nail apron is too small to hold an afternoon's finds....
  15. When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    I was 20 minutes from a Cabellas yesterday and didn't even think about making that jaunt until I was well down the road (and tired, having just gotten off a plane from a whirlwind 2 day business trip, where I never sleep well...). As I was finishing my drive home I asked myself "What are the chances they even had one?" 10%? 1%? Now I read some store had 6 in stock (and sold all to the same person)! You guys are making my stomach tie up in knots. Can I sue Steve for maintaining a place of common nuisance?