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  1. I'm pretty sure I can match that performance with a glass eye in a duck's anus. Just my opinion mind you, I wouldn't want to impugn the integrity of a fortune 500 company with a boatload of peer reviewed test results. Awhile back I was in a local prospecting shop and some "flatlander greenhorns" were discussing the various technologies available for gold prospecting. One turned to me announced that the $39.00 divining rods were the way to go, that the clerk of the store had found lots of gold with them. I simply asked why she was working here if it were that simple. All I heard were crickets, somewhere way out there in the distance. Might have been AZ mole crickets, ugly scoundrels they are, nevertheless with all the available information not only here, but the entire web, how does anyone not know this stuff. No offense intended for all owners of "magnetic bracelets", "Long Range Locators" and "Skin so Soft" insect repellent. No sh**t, that stuff works.
  2. Jasong, When I can get a good VDI, they range from mid 40 to mid 50's at 54KHZ. The tiny nuggets produce a good clear tone, but they will hardly register a VDI. I didn't show the backsides of a couple nuggets. Clearly specimen type nuggets.
  3. I got back out with the Deus HF today. I pushed into an area I have strenuously avoided with non-discriminating detectors because it is littered with 1940's vintage rusted out cans and ferrous junk. I ran the Deus with the same settings as on my 2nd go. I picked up the 2 biggest nuggets right next to an old pile of cans. The GPZ would have been howling with just proximity to that much junk. I wondered how hot the 9" round HF coil would be on small stuff. I got my answer, the smallest was .07 gram wedged in a tiny bedrock crack. The signal was unmistakable, although I was doubting it until I busted out the crack. The biggest surprise was a ring down in a bedrock pocket. I dismissed it as a piece of plumbing copper expansion collar until I looked closely and saw engraved initials and a stamp indicating 14k. Perhaps it was originally plated with 14k gold, but after a quick soak in CLR, it sure looks like copper to me. I'm really liking the Deus for this kind of detecting. Shallow bedrock, littered with old junk. The discrimination is spot on. I dug a number of targets just to check. Iffy targets like modern nails will bust through the discrimination if you don't tickle the edges and let the software do it's stuff. I still dug a lot of non-ferrous junk like copper wire and lead bullet fragments, but tolerable at these depths. Deus = good times in trashy ground
  4. Hey Fred, I wheeled and dealed using some of my gold to find a replacement 7000. I had actually found almost 9 oz of gold with the original 7000, so it in essence paid for itself. Now I'm starting over, sad face, but glad face that I'm back in the saddle. I'll looking to head up North when the heat runs me out of Yuma. Rob is spot on, in a trashy area the Deus will excel on shallow gold. Jasong, This is my 2nd time out with the Deus and I purposely left the 7000 behind so that I would stick to the Deus and give it a decent workout. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the Deus. I sold my GB II, my GBPro and now have a buyer for my 2300, the Deus is filling the niche as a backup to my 7000 and go to for shallow bedrock. It's feather light, collapses down for packing and wireless to boot. I would really like to give it a go in the old hydraulic pits up north. It's not going to help on bullets and lead fragments, but on square nails it should really give me an advantage. I just don't have the fortitude to dig the trash that Steve H and others are willing to endure.
  5. I took the XP Deus, with new HF round coil, out for another go. I had detected this bedrock desert wash a few years ago with the Gold Bug II and did pretty well. Last year I went over it with the SDC 2300, but it was overkill. The ground is not hot enough, nor deep enough, to justify "pulse induction" and there was a lot of iron trash. To reach this wash takes a pretty good hike over rough terrain. Carrying the Deus strapped to my pack was a breeze and I deliberately left my 7000 at home. The temps reached a little over 100 here in Sunny Yuma, so pack weight starts to matter. As you can see in the photo this is old conglomerate type false bedrock wash. There are sections of deeper gravels, but the amount of old iron trash really makes it unattractive for the Z 7000. I started out in the Deus standard V4 Gold Program. It worked fine, but I really needed some discrimination to handle the nails and fragments of old rusted out cans. I switched to the V4 standard "Fast" program only because I had used it to hunt a few parks. With the "Fast", I took the discrimination down to 4, and lowered to Reactivity to 2, Sens to 85, running in the 54 KHZ mode. The machine ran like a dream. Iron trash basically grunted and clicked in the discrimination. Larger iron trash busted through the discrimination, but was still recognizable with decent coil control. The little pickers I found barely registered on the "horseshoe" screen and never gave a VID signature. They were however, unmistakable audio target signals. I should have tried the XY screen, but forgot all about it. None of these nuggets was any deeper than a couple inches, so in essence any competent prospecting detector would have found them. I did check one target in the 22 KHZ mode and while recognizable, it was nowhere near as definite as the 54 KHZ. The 9" round coil at 54KHZ is plenty hot enough for small gold, my smallest was .12 gram. In retrospect I should have waited for the elliptical to make pinpointing and recovery a little less cumbersome. I detected for about 2 hrs before the heat became unbearable. I have a couple short videos on my smartphone, but I'm too computer illiterate to edit and post. I'll try to get my son to fix them and put them up. I am very happy with the XP Deus, shout out thanks to Rob's Detectors. As the other Steve has observed, the Deus in theory replaces 2 detectors with just one. For me, it is now a very competent shallow gold prospecting detector in addition to its superb coin and relic hunting origin. It more than meets my expectations and certainly has a place in my detecting arsenal.
  6. I took the Deus out for a test run with the brand new 9" round HF coil. I've been a dedicated GPZ user so naturally anything less is bound to seem anemic. I ran the Deus over some fairly mild ground here in Sunny Yuma for about 3 hrs this morning. I started with the standard V4 Goldfield program in the 58 khz and the unit ran really smooth. I went over some ground where the Z had found some shallow tiny bits of gold a few months ago. No Joy, but I can't rule out operator error. I took along a .3 gram test nugget that tested well in air tests at home. Of course we all know how reliable air testing can be. My limited testing left me slightly underwhelmed. At 1.5 inches in the ground, the coil will not pick up the test piece on either lateral edges of the coil. That was not unexpected with the Double D coil, but a little disappointing. The coil will pick up the test piece as soon as it crosses the center line of the coil windings, with the loudest signal practically dead center. The front edge of the coil didn't give a noticeable tone until about 1" into the centerline. I detected all manner of typical goldfield trash and it accurately ID'd most of it. Naturally, lead bullet shards were indistinguishable from gold. Just for grins I switched to the V4 "Hot" program in the same ground at 58 khz. I actually preferred the "Hot" program for a little better tone ID. I moved the Discrimination levels around and tried the -6.4 that's available in the V4. The machine got pretty noisy in the negative Discrim. I played around with the Reactivity levels, but didn't find anything earthshaking. My only real experience with VLF machines was the Gold Bug II which I ran maxed out. The Bug just seemed to have more tone "punch" over tiny gold, but that is just my recollection without any current means to compare. I should have waited for the elliptical coil with the higher frequency like the Bug II. I have one good place with shallow bedrock and a lot of trash that I mean to try next. That should be a better trial for this machine. I really want to like this machine for use in trashy areas that make the Z tiresome. As I was working along a rut in a washed out road I put the coil right over a young rattlesnake apparently out for a little sun. He never buzzed until he got safely under a bush. Just a reminder that springtime is snake season.
  7. Hey Steve, I can't remember whether the new HF coils are Double D or Concentric. Now might be a good time to refresh our knowledge base on the relative strengths and weaknesses of DD vs Concentric as they pertain to VLF detectors. As I recall there has been some discussion of this topic scattered in various posts from the past. Can you give us a quick refresher?
  8. I'm hoping to do the same thing with the XP Deus once we get the V4 coils. That thing will weigh almost nothing with no control box to add weight and bulk.
  9. I have a brand new GPX 5000 that hasn't even been unpacked yet. It's still in the shipping carton. It's a long story on how I came to own this while waiting to get a new 7000, nevertheless, I'll make someone a screaming good deal. If you're interested I also have a brand new Detech Ultra Sensing Mono coil, 14" round. Also still in the box. I also still have the SDC 2300 with about 10 hrs run time, make me an offer one or more of these items. Too many detectors!
  10. Paul checked out that ad and ended up buying the detector. It was all very legitimate.
  11. I still haven't replaced my stolen Z7000, so I'm going to sell my 2300 to help offset the cost. This is a new replacement unit that has about 3 hrs run time on it. The headphones have not even come out of the wrapping. I'll include the PhaseTech headphone adapter and two sets of batteries. The only thing missing is the original battery charger, it somehow got misplaced. I'll include an aftermarket version. Theoretically, the warranty expires this coming August. That's when I bought the original detector, but had it replaced when the headphone jack started acting up. $2700 or best offer
  12. For those not following VaNursePaul's Facebook page we had a major theft at my house this morning. Paul had his travel trailer parked in my driveway and our detectors in his Toyota Sequoia parked next to the trailer. Sometime in the wee hours someone stole the Toyota parked right next to the trailer where Paul was sleeping. While we were making a police report they found the Toyota a mile away abandoned, no detectors. The homeowners policy only covers property stolen from my vehicle, not a visitor's vehicle. Paul is checking his renters policy, we're not too confident that the insurance company will make good. You know how it is with insurance, they like those premiums but hate to pay claims. The cops have the serial numbers and we'll be checking craigslist etc.. Anybody hearing of a really good deal on used GPZ let me know.
  13. The fact is "Big Red" has been one of the most reliable pieces of equipment I've owned and I'm hard on equipment. My son is the mechanic of the family and he keeps up on the maintenance, me I just drive the crap out of em. I'll go back out later this week and finish my exploration as well as explore the side gullys and hillsides where these nuggets came from. They obviously haven't traveled far from the source, but in this part of AZ alluvial movement is scarce. These nuggets were scattered over nearly 1/2 mile of shallow overburden gully, most of them tucked into the side banks where they haven't moved in many years. I sure wish I had found this before the oldtimers and the VLF detector had gone over them.
  14. I took my well worn Polaris 500 out for some exploration in an area that produced gold last year. It had been giving some fuel problems so my son replaced the carburetor and all the fuel and vacuum hoses. It ran fine at home, so I thought it was good to go. I got out to gold country and about 3 miles out from camp it crapped out from a want of fuel. I could get it started and running only if choked. I had no tools with me and decided to walk back to camp and futz with it tomorrow. This morning I packed basic tools and plotted a walking course that would at least take me past some spots that had produced gold last year. After numerous hills and gullys I crossed a gully that had some exposed bedrock so I detoured and noticed signs of digging in a portion of shallow overburden. Sure enough someone had scrapped a signal and given up thinking it was just hot bedrock. I pulled 2 tiny bits of gold out of the same hole and noticed that this particular gully ran NW in the direction I needed to go anyway. As I got further up the gully I could see that the oldtimers had handstacked portions of the gully and someone in the near recent past had detected it, marking target spots with a few stacked rocks. I can only assume they detected it with a VLF because I started finding gold with the Zed in the deeper sections and in the banks under handstacked rocks. After 3 decent nuggets I was stoked and forgot all about that crapped out quad. As always good things come to an end. I got to the end of the gully finding all the gold pictured below. I climbed a high spot to get my bearings and found that the quad was only 1/2 mile away. I got down there and futzed with the quad and found that I could get it going with minimal throttle and choke locked. I poked along until it died again with no sign of restarting. After futzing with the fuel lines a while longer I found the newly installed hose had pulled the fuel return cock fitting out of the carb. I jammed it back in, she started right up and ran like a scalded dog. So, if my quad had not crapped out and forced me to walk over some new ground, I probably would have come home with a few crumbs. Although, I still have high hopes for the area I intended to explore, you just never know. Bye the way I was running the Zed WFO, HY Normal, Sens 20, Volume maxed, Threshold at 1(only because there is no 0). Very quiet ground to work in, minimal trash. The lack of threshold is making some tiny nuggets pop through, maybe its just me, but I'm really liking these settings. Until next time, keep er low and slow.
  15. Hey Fred and Brett, Give me a call or text when you are ready to meet up. As far as the lions, a couple years ago I found the carcass of a full grown mountain sheep ram the lion had killed and drug the remains up and into the low branches of a Palo Verde tree. Based on the decomposition and gnaw marks, he had visited the carcass a number of times over a couple weeks. A friend of mine shot one in an archery hunt but lost the trail at twilight. When he resumed the search next morning he found that it had not only died, but another lion was already eating it. I see a fair number of bobcats, but they are really shy and don't weigh more than 20 lbs. I'm a tough old bird, only two things scare me. Women and the Police. One might take all your money, the other take your freedom. It pays to be wary of varmints of all sorts particularly them two legged varieties.