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  1. Hey Steve, Do you think the EQX can be made to fit the Golden Mask collapsible rod assembly?
  2. Short Trip To Baja

    The tire options are even better now. Great radial tires out there really help the side hilling goat trail riding. I'll be out to SawTooth this summer exploring the "ghost roads" up in those hills.
  3. Scams Out There

    I had a similar one on Treasure Classifieds. I kept stringing it along to see the cashiers check and turn it over to the Postal Inspection Service. I think he smelled it out and quit emailing.
  4. Short Trip To Baja

    Frankly, I don't advocate anyone taking the kinds risks I take, whether riding a Rokon in rough ground or prospecting in Baja. Certainly there are enough assholes on both sides of the border to make prospecting a dangerous hobby. Several years ago two hunters from here in Yuma were killed in N. AZ by a fellow they befriended on their hunt. Is it more likely in Baja, possibly. Paul and I had our GPZ's stolen from my driveway in Yuma. Would you flash your Rolex after dark in Detroit? Did the Argonauts of all the various gold rushes stay home because there were wild animals, dangerous serpents, bandits or wild Injuns? It is all a personal choice and everyone gets to decide how much risk is acceptable. When I start encountering shoeclerks from Payless in Baja, then I'll know it's time to move on. I've been traveling in Baja for over 50 years, with very few problems. That may all change tomorrow, but until it does I'll take my adventures where I find them.
  5. Short Trip To Baja

    It's great to have a mechanic in the family. I did put the pick inside my pack and it punctured my camelback bladder. I had to cut that day short after running out of water. So I went back to camp and drank beer.
  6. Short Trip To Baja

    You're right about that Fred. I've done some upgrades, to that little Honda 160cc engine. They need to breath a little more so I added bored out racing carb, exhaust header, high flow air filter then jiggered the governor to squeeze out every bit of rpms. So much torque it will jump out from under you, and now more top end speed than I will ever need. I also added the aftermarket new front fork with shock absorber. A sweet machine and will no doubt result in another Dr. visit or two.
  7. My prospecting partner from San Diego and I made a quick trip down to Baja for some prospecting. The area is an old placer site about 190 miles south of the border. He's been detecting the area for over 20 years, from Gold Bug through Minelab 2200 and now with the GPZ. All the patches have been hit pretty hard but we managed to scrape up a few nice pieces. We had 3 good days of detecting, I spent one day on the old patches and the rest of the time exploring for new spots. My nugget total was half of his since he opted to stay on the old patches. We drove as far as we could up an old wash then traveled another 2 to 3 miles by motorbike, then hiked another mile or so up some steep canyons. He uses a Yamaha Big Wheel trail bike, I used my newest prospecting steed the Rokon 2 wheel drive mototractor. The Rokon is a terrain traveling son of a gun, if you can hang on. I managed to dump it a couple times, invariably in bowling ball sized rocks or on steep boulder strewn hills. I'm still nursing a bruised ankle after that 200 lb machine came down on top of me pinning my leg and ankle underneath. It's definitely not for the faint of heart or those that are 2 wheel vehicle balance challenged (like me). All my falls occurred from momentary indecision and hesitation. The solution seems to be pick a line, then hit the gas or stay at home. My nuggets all came from a single wash where recent rains had blown out some of the overburden leaving bedrock within detector depth. My partner pulled almost an oz swinging low and slow over the old hillside placer diggings. This was really our tune up trip, preparing for an extended trip another 300 miles south after Christmas.
  8. New Wireless Headphones By Minelab

    Can't say I'm surprised, a quality reviewer with a fair and balanced approach. Bravo Zulu
  9. New Wireless Headphones By Minelab

    Wait a minute! Did Steve just admit he's testing the NOX?
  10. Hi Condor, I sold my 5000 when I bought my GPZ, but I now wish I would have keep it for the creeks. Do you still have your 5000 for sale? Thanks Brian. 

  11. Greetings from sunny Yuma. The temps have just started to drop, still reaching high 80's by 11 AM, but the mornings are cool enough for a bit of detecting. I've been out for about 12 hrs total over the past week. We had just enough rain last month from a MicroBurst storm over parts of the placer areas here close to town. I found a couple washes where the big rocks had moved around a little giving me a chance to put the GPZ coil over some ground that might not have received good coil coverage last year. It paid off handsomely so far. I'm running my GPZ with HY, Normal, Sens 17, no threshold and using my old Etymotic in-ear monitors (earbuds). I'm looking forward to cooler temps and longer detecting days. Hey Beatup, you and Eric better hurry down here before I get all the gold. I don't know how we'll manage without NursePaul for comic relief.
  12. The SDC2300 is sold, as well as the Detech Coil, but I still have the GPX5000 new in the box. It's still hasn't been unpacked. I'll make somebody a good deal. Give me a shout.
  13. It's a mere 114 degrees here in the Desert Southwest and I've got another bunged up knee. No stitches this time, just a bruise on the critical moving parts, but it gave me an opportunity to futz with my Deus conversion to the collapsible Golden Mask rod. The problem with the Deus HF coils is that the battery is stored in the rod tube, so you have a critical wire lead from the battery to the coil. Deus solved it by making the rod connection to the coil ears a hollow split design so that the battery wire runs straight up the rod with a curly wire section that acts like a spring to keep the wire under tension. The Golden Mask rod has a solid tip at the connection to the coil ears with no place to run the battery wire of the new Deus design. So, I got out the saw and the Dremel and started making some modifications. The first thing I had to do was cut off the Golden Mask solid connection tip that bolts to the coil ears. The tip is solid HD plastic that inserts into the carbon fiber hollow tube about 2 inches. So, I cut the carbon fiber above the insert so that I could reuse the insert. I then used the Dremel to cut a slotted path for the coil battery wire to run from the bottom of the coil ear connection insert with sufficient clearance for the wire to slide smoothly. The portion of the coil ear connection that inserts into the carbon fiber tube is more or less hollow, so I continued my wire path through the outer wall into the hollow section. That way, I could run the coil wire through the groove, then slide the wire inside the tip connection and when I re-inserted the tip section the whole mess is captured inside the tube, very close to the Deus type design. The battery pack fits squarely inside the 2nd segment of the Golden Mask collapsible tube with just enough tension to keep the wire sliding freely. I then put some black electrical tape around my grooved section to keep the wire firmly inside the groove. The only other thing was a rubber washer 5/16 X 3/4 from Lowe's hardware to shim up the coil ear connections for a tighter fit. What I end up with is a detector that weights less than 2 lbs, collapses to 24 inches and extends to a maximum of 51 inches. My goal has always been to make the Deus into a discriminating pinpointer to augment the Minelab 7000. Some of my Baja prospecting excursions have resulted in way too many deep holes to recover ferrous trash that falls off the turn of the century type drywashers the oldtimers used down there. At my age, it's all about conservation of energy. You can only dig so many 2 ft holes in 85 degree temps before your day is used up. If my new discriminating pinpointer can cut my digging time in half, I'll be thrilled. By way, I had the opportunity to compare the Deus side by side with the Gold Monster on undug targets in N. NV. I was certainly impressed with the GM target audio responses and its ability to quickly adjust to changing conditions. If I were starting out gold prospecting and could only afford VLF, I'd certainly make it the GM. I like my Deus as a supplement to my Z7000, but it is not a turn on and go machine. I think at the end of the day, GM users would cover more ground simply because it's so simple and target responses are unmistakable.
  14. Nurse Paul In Oz

    He's going to need isolation and decontamination when he returns. I hope he can stay with Scott this winter.
  15. Nurse Paul In Oz

    Hey Paul, I don't see a check for a WA woman. Maybe your preferences have been modified, you never know