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  1. Sweet ring. Going to brave it tomorrow at a local beach where the ice is out. Tom
  2. IMO 630 Hz audio freq is just plain dumb. Us old guys need 750 Hz minimum. Listened to the audio on one of the vids and would not like it at all. Tom
  3. I have to go with Steve on this. While a nice top end machine that is capable of many types of hunting, it really isn't doing anything much different from what is already out there. I feel I have it covered with what I currently have and enjoy using all of them too. Tom
  4. Going along with the lower frequency idea I got out the "new" Id Edge and put the 6" coil on it for some testing. First thing I noticed was the thing was responding to my hand at several inches????? So, I taped my (pt) .1 gram test nugget on a ruler and the dang thing hit it with low positive numbers and clear audio out to 1 1/2". Had to recheck the manual... 6.25Khz. crazy. Now that I think about it, the smallest gold chain I have found fresh waster wading was with the ID Edge. One thing about this detector, it has a narrow field which helps in iron but you really have to use a lot of overlap. Also, having used a lot of so fast response iron hunters I can say that the ID Edge gives the most accurate target ID I have ever seen on severly co-located coins in nails and not just your typical nails, large rusty spike sized nails. Tom
  5. Funny thing about how alloys effect the conductivity. In actuality when alloyed together two high conductors read lower. Take the ring I posted, although it has good mass, the fact that it is 20K or 83% pure gold helped push it up into the zinc range. I have found many large 14K mens bands and none of them read much higher than tabs. Tom
  6. Mike I agree on the lower frequencies being better discriminators. Detectors such as the Fisher 1270 with an expanded disc range in the right area and a volume control that acts more like a threshold control can eliminate small foil bits easily by the audio response. No screen needed. Tom
  7. If I remember correctly it was in the 13 to 15 gram range. Thanks for the replies everyone. Tom
  8. That's one of them. He has several videos on his channel using the multi-freq coils.. What was amazing is how close the 6x10 was to the 10x13 in depth. Tom
  9. Steve I actually found that wading with a detector you did not care much for. The ID Edge. LOL There was a "closet queen" advertised on ebay and just had to have it. So now I am a proud owner of one again! Tom
  10. The multi-freq coils seem to work well on the 705. detectingMo has some vids on the 6x10 Mars sniper. Multi freq Mars coils
  11. This was a nice zincer. 1897 20Kt wedding band
  12. Platinum and Gold 49Grams!!!! Jeez I'd have a heart attack Beach and Water Forum
  13. Glad to meet you Grandpa Shorty is quite the guy. Never have seen him go much over waist deep while hunting. I spotted a small pothole lake out in the middle of nowhere on google earth one time that looked like it had sandy beaches. Drove 2 miles down a 2 track to get there and who do I see? Yup, Shorty! Years ago I ran into a couple guys from Kalkaska and they asked me if I ever hunted Shanty Creek beach. I didn't say. They told me someone hammered that place. Really! LOL Tom
  14. Tom Thanks for your quick reply. The MXS performance in iron is also also important to me for working the shallows in fresh water lakes. The lakes near me very considerably in bottom makeup. From deep sand, to marl or clay bottoms to exposed gravel cobbles. It's those cobble areas that can be a problem for some detectors. Place a nickel or gold ring under a fist sized cold rock and many machine won't see it. Have only seen a couple VLF's using concentric that can do this usually a DD will handle them. For example, the Tek Omega with a concentric coil fails but, put on the 11" DD coil and it passes the test. White's must have some cold rocks for testing laying around?? The kind that null when passing over the center giving that boing sound response. Tom