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  1. Nice hunt and great report. More confirmation on the ability of the Equinox to handle these kinds of tough conditions. Thanks for the post. Tom
  2. Beautiful old silvers George. I can only dream of finding a reale or bust coin up here.1859 is my oldest half but not quite the condition of yours.
  3. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    I can't get a good answer from Cabela's re this. When I called the gal I talked tp more or less gave a canned response regarding drop shipments from vendors. If it doesn't show next week I will cancel the order and just wait it out.
  4. Gold Jewelry TID

    Mark I hunt fresh water and like machines that can give that rough or flutter in the audio on tiny foil bits. Foil bits float away when sweeping, if the signal stays put I dig as those can quite often be the small gold chains. Tom
  5. About All Metal Mode

    Tout le métal fonctionnera avec les paramètres que vous avez définis pour chaque mode simplement, il fonctionne sans aucune discrimination
  6. I'm signed off on this thread better that I do this.
  7. 1835 $5 Gold Coin!

    Wow, missed this post somehow. A big congrats to you Ron!
  8. Auto Ground Balance Numbers

    So when I get mine I'll post the GB numbers at a couple sites around here that read 2 bar and low 80's on the Fisher Tek machines which is a low reading magnetite ground.
  9. Auto Ground Balance Numbers

    Thanks Steve, I thought that was what you meant but wasn't sure and wanted to clarify.
  10. Hey George did you ever do an in depth report on the Impact?
  11. Auto Ground Balance Numbers

    So even if you switch from park 1 to park 2?
  12. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    Well I hope they didn't jump the gun by showing them in stock when in fact the vendor did not have them, only that they were en-route. we all know the law "if it can go wrong it will". LOL
  13. Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    I was wondering that too. I'm in Michigan so if it does ship from Naperville should have it today or tomorrow unless things are different from the first batch of Cabela's shipments. I'll give a shout when it shows up Well Goldenone posted the same time I did so who knows when they will ship from Naperville.
  14. They are out there just have to be persistent and dig everything.
  15. Todays Finds Of Interest

    Sweet finds George. Wish we had a better variety of buttons up here in the Northern Lower Peninsula. Lotsa green IH's tho. Will dig those 19's for sure.