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  1. Equinox 600 No Respect???

    These are only wild guesses so take it for what it's worth... very little actually. LOL
  2. Equinox 600 No Respect???

    I can't speak from direct knowledge on this, but will offer one possibility on how it could be set up. 600 setting vs 800 1 or the slowest setting would be the same 2 on the 600 equal to a setting of 3 on the 800 3 equal to 6 on the 800. That leaves the faster settings 7 and 8 of the 800 for the advanced users more likely to purchase it. On the other hand why hamper the 600 by not allowing it the same fast reactivity speed as the 800.
  3. Equinox 600 No Respect???

    Since I only hunt freshwater the beach mode is of no real use to me. I would use Relic in its place for that. The only quibble I have against the 800 is that the 20 kHz freq should have been a disc mode. That in my mind would have made a more "all around" machine. If budget is a concern, the lower price of the 600 would defray the cost of buying the waterproof headphones. So that is a consideration. I didn't pre-order and facing 4 months of winter have time to decide which would suit me best.
  4. Brian Congratulations on your first gold coin. That it is a rare one makes it that more exciting for you I am sure.
  5. Notching Question

    In the getting started guide it states that accept/reject has 50 segment resolution So it should be just like the X-Terra where a single number or any combination of numbers can be notched. https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/321956/4901-0248-1 GSG, EQUINOX 600 800 EN_WEB.pdf Perhaps Steve can advise on how ML has set up the default profile 1 in park mode. Possibly ML has made it US specific for general coin hunting? Tom
  6. New Minelab Equinox Parts & Accessories Page

    Steve Since they gave it a dedicated prospecting mode they just HAVE to make a 10" elliptical available!
  7. Mercury Dime Teaser

    Steve can you tell us a bit about the ground tracking? Can it be left on in high iron sites as with the X-Terra 705 and sweep width dependent will it not track out non-ferrous at depth? Thanks Tom
  8. Mercury Dime Teaser

    As usual great info Steve. Was hoping for you that 16 Merc was a D! It seems you have found the sweet spot on sensitivity and reactivity settings for that site. I have mild soil here so am actually a bit jealous of what appears to be a site unlocker for you guys out west. 2 bar 81-85 is the worst I have to deal with and NO reports anywhere on the net of the Equinox in mild ground. That something about the target ID you mentioned, would it have to do with it staying stable/accurate even at high reactivity settings? Audio as in human intelligibility? The short time I had the Impact I found it to be a great audio machine but lacked in TID especially in co-locate situations. Tom
  9. A Little 18k Eye Candy

    Very nice Mike. 18K is hard to come by so small or not makes it a great find!
  10. Beer Caps

    One thing I appreciate about the 705 is its ability to tell most nickels from beaver tails and pieces by the audio and TID stability. At 18.75 kHz and equipped with elliptical coils in the 6x10" size range it's fast enough to give a varied response on aluminum shapes while nickels are more solid. Here's hoping the fast response of the Equinox will also let one profile Beaver tails in the same manner. Which brings up the question. Steve are you lobbying ML for for a 10" elliptical? I hope so. Tom
  11. Why Is The Equinox Sent Out For Testing Now?

    It's winter where I am so I'm not antsy to get one in my hands. So they can keep on tweaking and make it the best it can be whether in mild ground, Culpeper soil, black sand beaches or alkali ground. What would be cool is if they discover that tweaking for peak performance in one ground type has a negative effect in other soils, then have a download to suit your local conditions. If you travel to another area simply download the appropriate program.
  12. Wet Sand Beach Performance

    Great video! Minelab IMO was wise to go with lower frequencies of 5 and 10 kHz on the Equinox vs the 3 and 7.5 kHz of the X-Terra. I never saw the need or advantage of 3 kHz for general coin hunting and why wisely, most manufacturers stay in the 6 to 7 kHz region for their single freq machines. 3 kHz may have an advantage in some circumstances but feel that would rare and for very specific applications as pointed out in the video. Tom
  13. Beer Caps

    Thanks for that on the bottle caps Steve. However, the main question on my mind is how the Equinox handles iron for old site hunting. Not sure if you can answer for me as your coin site is vastly different mineral wise from my mild ground, but how is it handling rusty nails etc for you? Tom
  14. Equinox 600 Versus Equinox 800

    Interesting question. The Multi-IQ method of handling mineralization needs further explanation for sure. Tom
  15. 8" Coil For Equinox

    Steve I believe I mentioned this before, but worth bringing up again, at least to me. Could you inquire about whether concentric coils will work on the Equinox? The 9" concentric on the 705 swings thru the water soo easy it's hard not to love. LOL Tom