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  1. Ice is starting to go out on the lakes here so I went down to the local swimming hole with the ID Edge & 6" coil for a go. At first I had trouble with iron falsing on the large rusty spikes from the old Ice House that stood on this spot before the lake level was raised by a power dam. With the Edge a proper GB is necessary and it took a few tries to find a spot to balance where it would settle down on the nails. Picked up 8 quarters a few dimes and nickels some corroded pennies and a kids Mood ring. After moving out a bit where the current was sweeping over a shallow bar I got a high coin hit and dug this. A Brunswick Balke Collender Co. Pool Table Check Token, Good for 5 Cents, French & Hastings. It's aluminum and has quite a bit of wear and some corrosion. These are quite popular and some command high prices. Did a search and could not find any attributed to "French & Hastings" so it appears to be an unlisted type. Like I said not the greatest condition and I'm terrible at posting pics. The Token is the same size as a quarter Tom
  2. Believe me, all my local swimming spots will be given a going over again now that I have the Nox. I started hunting them in the early 2000's and made many old ring finds along with the fresh drops. Most are small beaches and they were gridded thoroughly! LOL
  3. Jackpine

    First 2 Hour Hunt With The Nox 800

    I'll be taking the 800 out to a similar type site today, albeit not as old as yours, where non-ferrous finds of any kind have all but dried up. When I first read about the Nox this was the first place I thought of taking it to see if it truly is a game changer. Good or bad, results to follow.
  4. Jackpine

    Minelab Equinox Accessory Pricing

    Agreed, it would be a disservice to their customers by not producing a good range of coils. As good as the 11" is in iron I can only dream about what an 8' or 9" coil would do.
  5. I don't know what some consider hard hit but that is a huge amount of non-ferrous targets left to be found . The previous hunters must have been cherry picking. Good job!
  6. First two pics are from previous hunts at a fresh water beach with the ID Edge. Found an area where the sand moved out a bit and made some older finds. The 2 large rings had been in the water quite a while the small one is a newer drop probably from last year all marked 925. and today's very first finds with the Nox. Small Sterling Silver bracelet and the usual stuff. The melted car looks a bit like a Delorean that perhaps did too many time travels and the large metal ball.. I have no idea what that's from. Perhaps a weight from a fishing net?
  7. I tried my friends for a couple hours Friday and didn't have any issues with lag.
  8. More than likely I'll be using the WM 08 module along with my Koss QZ99's for land hunting. Could even tuck the module inside waders for shallow water hunting. I'm gun shy on using the ML wireless phones in the water for fear of them slipping off.
  9. Jackpine

    Ordered An Nox 800

    In the house and charging. Apparently the battery was below the cutoff level as it would not turn on as received. Will give it the 4 hours or until the lights stop blinking. I plan on trying it with my Koss phones connected to the WM08 for the first run.
  10. Jackpine

    Ordered An Nox 800

    Congrats on the Nox. Getting mine today as well. 2 months and 3 weeks... a long wait but better than some. Getting to use my buddies did help take some of the pain out of the waiting.
  11. Hopefully in a month or so there will be plenty available to buy as I'm not ready to go deep yet in our 48 deg F water!
  12. Jackpine

    I've Seen A Picture

    Well done on the find, that is an amazing piece of history. I know the buzz that a find of that age gives as I once found an awl from the Great Lakes copper culture period.
  13. Jackpine

    Yes! My Machine Is On The Way!

    Amen to that. LOL
  14. Jackpine

    My 800 Is Here!

    That's awesome that your 800 has arrived. Get out early and beat the heat! With any luck I'll have mine by the 18th. Cal enjoy that new baby when it arrives. Detecting comes second to the joy of a new one in the household. Tom Z
  15. Jackpine

    I Am On Cloud 9... 1909...

    Killer finds and shows that nothing is ever truly hunted out.. especially when swinging a Nox!
  16. How many small dealers are actually asking full MAP price on the Nox? I have never paid MAP for a new machine and even though I don't have mine yet I am getting close and the price was considerably below MAP but not 15%.
  17. The Tiger coil's low drag makes it a pleasure to swing in the water. If I had the MMK you can bet it would have one attached for most beach and sand bar work.
  18. Jackpine

    Handle And Water

    The only way I can see to solve the problem would be to add a weep hole in the lower clamp case to let some of the water escape. It would also help if you want to flush it out after salt water hunting.
  19. Jackpine

    6"x10" Coil For Minelab Equinox

    My thoughts exactly as I had said the same to Steve recently. ML would be shooting themselves in the foot by not making a good range of accessory coils. Tom
  20. Jackpine

    6"x10" Coil For Minelab Equinox

    A 9" round open coil would be my preference for water use. Lacking that, a 6x10 elliptical gets my vote over the HUGE 11" stock coil that has to be holding it back from its true potential in unmasking.
  21. But the wrong kind Had to hunt the beach for a while before the sun and wind broke up 1/4 inch of skim ice next to the shore. As expected very few signals of any kind but did manage a small kids size 925 silver bracelet wgt 3.5 grams I really enjoy using the Fisher ID Edge for working the near shore iron and pulling out the small low conductors.
  22. Still waiting. Not really complaining as I got a deal on my trade in. 10 to 12 ahead of me and they are dribbling in to my dealer.