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  1. Tough choice which sub-forum this goes. Technically the eggs have coins inside, so this one seems good. White's has expanded its Easter Egg Hunt this year to cover more ground. Top prize is an MX Sport. Rules and map here - contest is USA only! https://www.whiteselectronics.com/whites-easter-egg-hunt-2017/
  2. Well I know what I'm doing this weekend... So much for fishing.
  3. Got back from DIV and found my first ever Civil War relics with the MX Sport and a modified TDI SL! I will try to answer some of these questions, you didn't ask me what kind of ice-cream I like or what size shoe I wear so it's not too personal. I do a lot more than media at White's. I am not sure there is a title that would cover everything. But I am involved with product development, marketing, advertising, sales, and customer service. Do a little bit of everything. I've been here at the company for just over a year but am trying to make the absolute biggest impact I can every day. I try hard and take risks, and also make mistakes. But I do a little bit better every day. I have been detecting seriously for about 2-3 years. I enjoy hunting ghost towns in NV, gold prospecting (still yet to find a nice nugget though), and relic hunting. I started out coin hunting in parks but that is pretty boring now. Maybe that will change when I find a nice 24k ring... There are many issues that face all manufacturers. The decline of the U.S. hobby market is interesting... I would posit that it is due to stagnation in technology as much as rising regulations and a smartphone-oriented culture. Today's machines go a tiny bit deeper than the old ones but it is till just rehashing. Moving around options and calling it a new detector. All manufacturers are guilty of this! *Note - Sometimes I will post opinions or thoughts that may not reflect the official company policy of White's, but that is because I am an individual and enjoy discussion. It also helps me do my job better since I can figure out what machine you guys would like to see next. I will not profess to be smarter than anyone else in this world - I have a lifetime of learning ahead of me. But I try to make up for that with hard work and lots of listening. I do get a lot of heat from people for my lack of experience, but it's kind of like buying a used car - "it's the miles, not the years." What I have learned in the past year would have taken me 15 years if I did not work for White's Electronics. This board has helped too!
  4. The big knock on the V3i is that it has a big learning curve. Some people just want to turn on the machine and find stuff. It's possible to have an extreme performing detector without requiring an engineering degree to know how to run it. Just my 2c. FWIW I run a V3i when I am at the beach, all other times it's the MXS or machines that aren't on the market.
  5. Thanks Chuck, I will shoot you straight when we have a new product. For now there are a lot of options on the market to choose from. They all do about the same things so the choice can be hard to make.
  6. Can't talk about current projects, but I will say that the company's focus should make members of this forum happy.
  7. Thank you guys for all of the feedback. I always feel bad digging a big ole plug in parks. I will try and work on my screwdriver skills.
  8. I think it's a matter of finances for most companies. As volume in sales drops, they have to lower the price to keep the bottom line looking good. This happens when companies don't bring new products to market or constantly release "rehashes" of old tech. The great thing about this is that as newer companies advance technology, the dinosaur brands will have to keep up. Or they will die. Just dropping the price isn't going to be enough to keep things afloat - you gotta play ball and offer something the world hasn't seen before. It's a good thing for everyone - the aging workhorse machines become cheaper for entry-level users, and the power users get new technology to play with.
  9. I am trying to focus on ring hunting in some of the parks around here, and I'm curious what recovery methods you all use. One of the older guys I hunt with only uses a screwdriver, another an old knife... I usually bring a hand digger and cut 3-sided plugs. Probes don't seem to be too popular, but when detecting nicely manicured parks what method do you use? Probe and pop? Cut a plug? I'm hoping to some across some other technique that might not be as common, but is equally effective and doesn't mess up the grass too much.
  10. That is really cool!
  11. That is basically a TDI with some of the controls removed.
  12. LOL @Digger Bob making the most out of a big dam problem --- http://www.krcrtv.com/news/local/butte/paradise-prospector-a-golden-opportunity-at-the-damaged-spillway/370298858
  13. You guys will love the next issue... It'll have a VERY SPECIAL guest article....
  14. I have been instructed by the engineers to shut my trap. So instead I would suggest finding a copy of the "Advanced User Manual" written by some very smart people. A quick google search should help you find it.