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  1. White"s TDI SL Coils ????

    Miner John or Coiltek are the way to go. My favorite is the 8 x 12 folded mono - http://razorbackcoils.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/6277945
  2. Expect to see flat bottomed coils in this housing this year... For current and future products.
  3. I would be one of the first to buy this product. I think there are some interesting patents on non-motion VLF discrimination.
  4. Hey Chuck. We had a lot of people take time off for the holidays. Look for the new coil by early spring.
  5. Whites V3i For Prospecting ???

  6. G. B. TDI SL

    No problem. You can also use the Conductivity switch with the GB to get a form of discrimination. Not many pulse detectors can do that!
  7. G. B. TDI SL

    El GB responde de manera diferente al sal y mineralizacion. En la playa, hay sal, y es posible detectar sin GB. En el campo, donde el suelo tiene mineralizacion, GB es necesario. El Pulse Delay tambien afecta el GB...
  8. Potato Gold

  9. MX7 On Relic Roundup

    We have a calibrated scale in engineering. With batteries it weighs in at 3.56 lbs. Slight amount of dirt on the coil, so your mileage may vary.
  10. MX 7 And Halloween Tomorrow

    That and free stuff with every detector -
  11. MX 7 And Halloween Tomorrow

    One of the benefits of being vague... Pumpkins make for great jack-o-lanterns as well as great pumpkin pie! MX7 Specifications & Details Here
  12. White's MX7 Details & Specifications

    Thank you Steve for suggesting it. Luckily this had not been patented by Minelab.