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  1. I have been instructed by the engineers to shut my trap. So instead I would suggest finding a copy of the "Advanced User Manual" written by some very smart people. A quick google search should help you find it.
  2. Just to second what Steve says, DO NOT TOUCH CALIBRATION MODE. You will only gain your detector a trip to the factory! There are other secret menus on the V3i, but this one is the most useful for people who have gone off in the weeds with their parameter tweaking.
  3. Thanks guys, I got a lot of folks contacting me so I will edit my OG post. RIP inbox.
  4. Said a prayer for him. Got to meet him at Rye Patch once, wish him a speedy recovery.
  5. Wow, that's a nice smooshed booger in the pan! I hear ya on fishing - it's a nice balance to feverishly walking the wastes with a detector.
  6. I'm a serpentine man myself, but can go for a basalt sandwich from time to time.
  7. Got more than enough submissions, thank you!
  8. The MX Sport does this. The rejected range of VDI's can be audible by enabling REJECT VOLUME at a user-specified setting. So you get the lower tone at a lower volume.
  9. Thanks for that. I appreciate constructive criticism and all companies stand to benefit from that kind of discussion, especially from customers (new and old). Complaining about a previous employer online is what I was referring to. This board is such a resource and I don't think this is the right place for it. But that's just my opinion. I will admit I can be quick to bristle since I genuinely believe in the company I work for. So I will get back to work!
  10. I'm all for bashing White's, but I think this post is in bad taste. Comes across as very bitter, which I think Carl is above. Hope to see some interesting stuff from Bounty Hunter/FTP in the next few years, and White's wishes Carl all the best. Steve, with the new forum can we have a section devoted hating on White's? I think there is enough material on DP for a dedicated sub-forum... : )
  11. Hey Gramps, There is something called a gore vent on the back of the detector that can release air from inside the pod during pressurization under water. It is a one-way valve that equalizes the pressure inside the machine but keeps water contaminants out. Kinda neat to me! There can also be air trapped around the perimeter of the pod when submerged. If you look closely on the back there are slots to let the air escape - this is also by design. Finally, the battery compartment has a similar setup with vents on the bottom to allow water to flow in to replace the air. The space there helps provide extra protection to the batteries in case of bumps/drops. You should be good to go. To my knowledge we have not received a single faulty unit from our final design updates, so swing in the water with confidence. Too cold for me right now, but maybe in a few months I will jump back in...
  12. The MXT is a beast and we will continue making them because they are so reliable. A VX3 would be an option for the wife - it has the power of a V3i with the ease of use of much simpler machines... and the wireless headphones work with it as well. But I wouldn't blame you for going with the Z-Link, it looks like a solid product.
  13. Species - not sure, haven't seen this type of fish before! Currently on the line but we will land em. Learned a good lesson last time - if you reel the fish in too fast you can break the line. Better to play them out and net em when they are DONE.
  14. They are a brand new distributor - we have only shipped them the latest units. The thing about forums is that people go to them when they have a problem. Then, when the problem is fixed, they are too busy enjoying the product to bother posting anything but finds... Generally speaking "no news is good news" if people are buying your product and not returning it. But it is good to see solid reports from the field every once in a while. I keep my eye on the big MD forums, and the MX Sport is racking up a lot of kudos and finds. A quick search on findmall or other spots will show what I mean...
  15. We have talked about it but currently have bigger fish to fry . If you get the Z-Link you'll get a pass from the factory in Sweet Home ... though your MXT might buck and whinny when you strap that bad boy on!