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  1. Potato Gold

  2. MX7 On Relic Roundup

    We have a calibrated scale in engineering. With batteries it weighs in at 3.56 lbs. Slight amount of dirt on the coil, so your mileage may vary.
  3. MX 7 And Halloween Tomorrow

    That and free stuff with every detector -
  4. MX 7 And Halloween Tomorrow

    One of the benefits of being vague... Pumpkins make for great jack-o-lanterns as well as great pumpkin pie! MX7 Specifications & Details Here
  5. White's MX7 Details & Specifications

    Thank you Steve for suggesting it. Luckily this had not been patented by Minelab.
  6. White’s MX7 Ring Test Video

    Hey Chuck, all of the Sport coils are compatible with this model. Thanks for the kind words and for being so patient with White's, we are lucky to have you as a customer!
  7. MX Sport Problem

    Can you contact the factory directly? https://www.whiteselectronics.com/contact-us/?lang=us
  8. White's New MX 7 Detector For 599.95

    Updated the website.
  9. Tom Boykins Nevada Adventure

    Haven't had the time but I found gold up in the Sierras with my GMT on a business trip. It was me, an SDC, and a GM1k. GMT kept up with both of em. Still have the mystery slugs on my desk. When work slows down I will take them to coin shop. Until then they will remain shiny lumps of some kind of alloy to me. At last I can say YES - I can find gold with a metal detector... Took long enough!
  10. One of our dealers sent me this email today. NO I don't know the guy's name and YES if I find out who it is you can be damn sure I will try and get permission to go detecting with him next time: "My customer, (who would like to remain anonymous) a Southern Oregon Gold Dredger that loves to be out in our mountains all year round. He spends his summer weekends in the water with his dredge. A few years ago, he decided to try his hand at Metal Detecting the ground his has been traipsing over for 25 or 30 years. We discuss his options. He has had an MXT for years, but for Placer Gold it just wasn’t going to avoid the hot rocks and cover the tuff ground that he wants to look in. I sent him out with my demo GMT and my personal TDI SL. Clearly the TDI SL was the right choice for his highly mineralized ground. So the machine was decided. He also wanted the right coil for HIS ground. He works a lot of shallow bedrock, also right on the edge of the creek and up the bank often following bedrock. He decided on the SMALLEST folded mono coil we could find with the elliptical shape. His terrain is tuff, rocks and trees in all the right places / wrong places, depending on if something is found. Fast Forward 2 Years: He has had a very exciting year. Finding the smallest picker first and getting bigger each time. He has purchased a second coil to cover more ground and get the optimal depth. We have also just finished our research for an increased voltage battery for the best performance and longer run time on the bigger coil. Thank you for all your support Please enjoy the pictures of your successful product!"
  11. Looking For Jewelry With The Super Pulse

    From my own testing mono coils on the TDI tend to be more sensitive to smaller pieces. They can also be a little more finicky to ground balance due to the sensitivity. But a small mono is hard to beat in trashy areas or around large rocks and brush. Glad you were able to get in on the garage sale, it was a big hit this year and I hope we will do it again next September.
  12. Inside Nokta & Makro Detectors

    Great video!
  13. GMT Tiny Nuggy

    Finally! Found with White's GMT and the 6" concentric coil. Couple grains, about 3" deep. Smaller foot was perfect for working bedrock cracks and avoiding giant hot/cold rocks in highly mineralized ground.
  14. This guy uses the TDI on beaches and finds a ton of gold... Also, good video si hablan espanol. But he does everything in both ingles and Spanish. I thought it was cool to see a side by side on both the TDI SL and TDI Pro. Sounds like he is switching to just the SL for now. Whaddya guys think?
  15. Tom Boykins Nevada Adventure

    Day 2 is out this Friday. Found some more cool stuff!