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  1. Inside Nokta & Makro Detectors

    Great video!
  2. GMT Tiny Nuggy

    Finally! Found with White's GMT and the 6" concentric coil. Couple grains, about 3" deep. Smaller foot was perfect for working bedrock cracks and avoiding giant hot/cold rocks in highly mineralized ground.
  3. This guy uses the TDI on beaches and finds a ton of gold... Also, good video si hablan espanol. But he does everything in both ingles and Spanish. I thought it was cool to see a side by side on both the TDI SL and TDI Pro. Sounds like he is switching to just the SL for now. Whaddya guys think?
  4. Tom Boykins Nevada Adventure

    Day 2 is out this Friday. Found some more cool stuff!
  5. Not as far as manufacturers from what I saw. I have some great footage of the event and also some ghost towns. First video will be out this Friday. Fun trip!
  6. 2017 Rye Patch Nugget Shoot

    85 tokens out of 100 were found in the adult hunt. Kids hunt was a great success. Lots of detectors given away. If you missed out this year there is always next. I prefer solitude when detecting but as far as group hunts go the Nugget Shoot is a good one. Free, nearby camping and goldfields. Plus nearby ghost towns. Tough to beat that combination out west. At any rate it beats the heck out of staying home all weekend.
  7. 2017 Rye Patch Nugget Shoot

    Yep it was great!
  8. If there was a new White's machine at Detectival it was only there for verification of performance on ancient coins and relics in that particular ground. And if said machine happened to be photographed on our Facebook page it was only to share the history recovered by our field team member. Furthermore it would be foolish to post a link to any of those photos. Working at White's has been a great learning experience for me... One thing I learned from the MX Sport/AT MAXXXX - never announce a product until it is ready to sell.
  9. The White's detector was recovered and made some nice finds! The story involves one of our field team providing medical aid to someone injured in an auto accident and the mystery machine going missing. Very proud of her priorities even in a foreign country. She did not jump out of a plane but might have helped save a life. So at least there's that. Interesting question about competition for the Equinox - how will American companies compete at that price point and keep the manufacturing onshore? Obviously that doesn't matter for Minelab/XP since they are not 'Murican companies and can outsource to factories in China/Malaysia with a clean conscience. But the MADE IN AMERICA label is important to some US customers. Just a thought, and maybe a complication to add to the puzzle. I think over the next few years you will see a lot of changes to the detecting landscape... Hopefully that includes some truly new technology as well! The Equinox looks like a great little detector, and was well-thought out by Codan/Minelab. The best part is it will make for great competition between manufacturers - if it performs well. I would love to see some non-partisan reports and also get a sense for how robust the design is when it comes to the rigors of real-world detecting. Always difficult to "cut through the marketing" when it is coming from people associated with the company.
  10. 2017 Rye Patch Nugget Shoot

    I'll be there. Planning to explore some ghost towns on the way dow with my buddy Tim. Always have a Hi Lift and traction mats in the rig... A little rain can make getting there a lot more fun. Throw it in 4LO and put the hammer down! Here is the video I shot last year -
  11. New White's Detector On The Way?

    I agree. Whoever wrote it should work on their sense of humor!
  12. New White's Detector On The Way?

    That article seems like bait.
  13. White's Shovel Offering

    If I told you I would probably get fired. Honestly!
  14. Gold Found With Anything But A Minelab?

    I think you could argue that the more someone pays for a luxury good the more likely they are to go online for guidance in using the product. They are then less removed from posting success stories as affirmation of their purchase (and also as an affirmation to the people who helped them along the way).
  15. New White's GMT Detectors For Half Price!

    Couple more items: https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/spl-150-tdi-6-mono-loop/ https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/beachhunter-id-old-stock/