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  1. Inside Nokta & Makro Detectors

    Truly exceptional customer service and Dilek is a uniquely rare treasure in her own right. Thanks Makro!! All the best, Lanny
  2. Interesting information in this thread, thanks. All the best, Lanny
  3. Bit Of Monster Gold

    Hi there, You've sure got some great pictures on this thread, and they truly enhance the tales of your adventures as well. Nice to see you posting about your nugget shooting, truly enjoying it! All the best, Lanny
  4. Golden Nuggets Of A Different Kind

    The find of a lifetime, what a rush! All the best, Lanny
  5. Phoenix, fun post! Enjoyed the picture a lot. All the best, Lanny
  6. Condor, Thanks for your informative write-up as I'm always interested in what new tech is being applied to detecting. All the best, Lanny
  7. A Very Merry Xmas

    I hope everyone had a great Christmas, sorry I missed this nice post. All the best, Lanny
  8. Merry Christmas Tree

    Great tree! What a dream that would be to wake up to . . . All the best, Lanny
  9. Loved the picture and the wise words! All the best, Lanny
  10. Antique Blasting Box

    Found this answer for you: When you push down the plunger down, the rack gear on the plunger shaft turns a pinion gear on a magneto (a type of electrical generator) shaft. The current this produces sets off the primer charge, which in turn detonates the dynamite or whatever explosive you happen to be using. All the best, Lanny
  11. 117 Ounce Western Australian Gold Nugget

    That's an incredible find, and it's certainly a unique piece as well. Thanks for posting. All the best, Lanny
  12. Antique Blasting Box

    I sure don't have one, but that's a great gift for sure. All the best, Lanny
  13. How Well Do You Know Your Gold Detector?

    JW, great write-up! All kinds of good information you've shared, lessons learned, aha moments, etc. Great stuff, and thanks for taking the time to post it as well. Sounds like you're having lots of fun learning the detectors and finding the nuggets. All the best, and a Merry Christmas to you as well, Lanny
  14. Advice On Using The Makro Gold Racer

    Lots of good info. in the responses to this post, thanks to those of you that took the time to respond. All the best, Lanny
  15. Makro Racer Scores 1420 Gold!

    Absolutely beautiful find! Congratulations. All the best, Lanny