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  1. Thanks. I agree that the Makro headphones don't have the best sound quality, especially when compared to Killer B's or SunRay Pro Golds. I still use those in cold or noisy environments, but it's sooo nice nice not being tethered to the detector that my Makro's get used 95% of the time I'm using the Impact or Racer 2.
  2. Beach Modes Question

    The beach mode is set up to handle the affects of the salt in the salt water. There's no reason to use Beach mode while hunting fresh water beach sand, wet or dry.
  3. Steve - How do the Minelab wireless headphones compare to the Makro/Nokta wireless headphones. Shape, size, weight, sound etc?
  4. So What Is Gold Mode Exactly?

    Now, If we could only get a BigFoot coil for the Equinox. Then I could sell my three DFX's like I did with the V3i. I've about given up on getting a BigFoot for my Racer 2 and Impact. Steve - I actually found my first nugget with an Eagle II SL 90.5 with a GoldFoot coil.
  5. I have a Sovereign GT that is only used on the wet saltwater beach sand. I don't use it on the dry as it's heavy (though I hip mount mine) and it's not as good on the small gold as a couple of other detectors I prefer to swing on the dry. The Excal is too heavy for the dry and the wet sand, (I'm old) and it's expensive. My only use of the Excal would be wading in the surf as the west coast surf is usually to rough to actually hunt in, at least the beaches I hunt. To be able to have a waterproof to 10' detector that runs multi frequencies, is light enough to swing for hours on the dry sand, and all this for $900. Just what the Doctor ordered. In addition I can use it in the local fresh water lakes, and hit the parks for some silver that's been hiding next to trash, I'm ready! Of course this is JMHO. Will it be the best at all detecting? NO, but I think it will be a darn good all arounder.
  6. Different Kind Of Hunting

    I bought $1,000 worth of halves about 10 years ago from the bank. I got about 8 silvers out of them, not worth the effort that time for me. Couple of weeks ago my wife went to the bank and noticed some halves in the teller's drawer and asked if she could have them. $15.00 worth netted seven 90% silver Kennedy's and a 1942 Walking Liberty. Score!
  7. Here's another vote for the White's Eagle. Being able to save programs, dead on depth measurement, and the ability to Learn to accept or reject a target had me sold, though I couldn't part with my Compass Gold Scanner Pro until the Eagle II SL 90.5 was released.
  8. Medical bills causing me to sell a few of my detectors. I have a NIB ( assembled and tried out on my back lawn) Makro Gold Racer $525.00 Shipped by Priority Mail to the Cont. U.S. PM if interested or you need pictures. Includes Detector, Original box, Instruction Manual, Headphones, Batteries, coil cover (everything as originally delivered) Thanks Tom
  9. Why Do You Want An Equinox?

    I want an Equinox so I can sell my Sovereign Elite, Sovereign GT, Tesoro Tiger Shark, Makro Gold Racer, Fisher F19, and possibly my Nokta Impact. It sounds like the Equinox will do everything these other detectors do for me with the exception of the Impact and I still have a Racer 2 for those iron infested sites should the Equinox not be the best at those ghost town sites.
  10. Detector Market

    There are always a lot of detectors going cheap on Fleebay this close to Christmas. People selling to raise extra money for presents and not many buyers for the same reason. Then there's the fact that many of the states are too cold to detect this time of year so you have a depressed market. That all changes (for the most part) after the Holidays and detector prices raise again.
  11. 20 KHz Disc Mode

    On the 600 you have a choice of three single frequencies plus MF which is five frequencies. On the 800 you have a choice of five single frequencies plus MF which is five frequencies. The difference being that the two additional single frequencies available on the 800 (20 & 40 kHZ) are not selectible or available on the 600.
  12. Just in! New England states will be getting the Equinox next spring after the snow and ice melts. The Southwest will be receiving the Equinox this month as it's prime detecting weather there right now!
  13. My Equinox " Coming Out " Statement

    Brian - You'll notice my Racer 2 isn't included in the above list of detectors to sell nor is my Impact. I don't see the equinox replacing either of them.
  14. My Equinox " Coming Out " Statement

    I'm on a waiting list for the 800. I'm more interested in how far down the list. I don't know if I should start selling my other detectors now or sometime next year! Anyone looking for a Tesoro Tiger Shark, Sovereign Elite, Sovereign GT, Makro Gold Racer, or NIB Fisher F19 ?
  15. Gold Hunting Shop In Ca?

    There used to be Allied Prospecting in Anaheim, Pedersons detectors in Orange County, Stapp Mining in San Bernardino, and Strike it Rich Detecting & Prospecting in Riverside. Probably all closed by now. I know Strike it Rich is closed as that was my shop in the later 80's early 90's and I sold it Don Brown in 1994. .