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  1. Kruzer Lower Rods

    I agree, the recovery speed allows the Kruzer (and Racers) pull goodies out of the trashy sites much better than you'd think for a 7" X 11" coil.
  2. Received my Kruzer accessory coils, the 5x9.5" DD, 5" round DD, and the 7" round concentric. I like having my extra coils on their own lower rods but kinda hated spending $30.00 for each Kruzer lower rod so I ordered three Racer 2 lower rods at $16.95 each. The only difference being the Racer rod weigh 4 oz each and the Kruzer rods weigh 2.2 oz each. I like a light weight detector as much as the next guy, but the Kruzer is light enough that I can add 2 oz to it without issue. I put the Kruzer rod on the 7x11" standard coil and the three smaller coils all have the Racer rods mounted. The Coils and Lower Rods all came with coil bolts and washers so I have plenty of spares.
  3. Steve H. Testing The 6" Coil ?

    At this rate, I'll have the 6" coil before my 800 arrives.
  4. Some Coins And A Ring

    Steve - I've found the same here in AZ as far ass the Copper penny to dime ratio. Right now they run just about neck and neck so maybe the change to zinc will actually be a blessing in the long run. Eventually pennies will be like pulltabs. Notch out the zincs and there won't be a penny/dime VDI anymore, it will just be a dime VDI number.
  5. Eq800 5th & 6th Hunts Field2 & Park2

    Great Report. You've got me really excited about receiving my 800. If you find yourself too busy to detect in a couple of months, you can send your 800 to me to keep the cobwebs off it. Who knows, it may take that long to receive mine.
  6. Visiting With Jim Straight

    I bought my first "Nugget" hunting detector from Jim, a Compass Gold Scanner Pro. Jim and I both belonged to a couple of different detecting/prospecting clubs back in the 80's & 90's, Chino Valley Prospectors and Riverside Treasure Hunters. Jim and his books have been a great help to me over the years and a man I truly look up to in the field of detecting.
  7. All is good now. Misprint in the manual. Manual states Select & Options buttons but should read Settings & Options buttons. At turn on detector will show Ld then flash either In or Cm.
  8. You're supposed to be able to change the Kruzer to read Inches instead of centimeters while by holding down the Select and Options buttons simultaneously while turning the detector on. Another forum member found that on his detector he had to hold the Settings and Options buttons while turning it on to make the chance. Mine won't change trying either method. Mine shows Ld while doing this. Anyone else having the same issue? Of course mine's stuck in centimeters.
  9. Nickel Response

    In about 100 gold rings found, only three had the same VDI (18-19) as a nickle on White's detectors.
  10. Best Coin Detector Suggestions

    There is no Gold detector that can ONLY find gold, and no coin detector that can ONLY find coins. They are all METAL detectors. They all can find gold, coins, cans, washers, nails, pulltabs, etc. The soil covering the earth changes drasticly from place to place. Sometimes in a matter of feet. Metal detectors have to try and "see" metal hidden in this soil matrix. The issue is that some of the minerals in the soil can also be detected by the detector so engineers do their best at designing a detector that perform this function. It's like trying to see when it's super foggy. You have to try to see where you're going and the fog keeps getting in the way. So there are different detectors designed for different tasks. What if someone handed you a hammer and said go build a house. Why don't they make a, hammer, saw, drill, screwdriver, tape measure tool. you know, one tool that you only have to change the head (coil). This is why I recommended not starting with a V3i until you fully understand how a detector works. Do you fully understand these functions and features? Sensitivity or Gain, Discrimination or ID Filter, Threshold, Tones, Tone Breaks, Ground Filters, Reactivity, recovery speed, recovery delay, mixed mode, DC phase, preamp gain, correlate, best Data, VDI, Accumulate, Bottlecap reject, hot rock reject, S.A.T. VCO, Modulation, Autotrac, Ground balance, GB Offset, VDI Normalization, sweep speed, A.C. Sensitivity, D.C. Sensitivity, RX gain, Autotrac offset, etc. Start with a detector that is user friendly, designed to do what you want to do. When you're starting out; you don't want to be making a bunch of adjustments, you want to go find stuff! It's too easy to get frustrated trying to understand all the adjustments on conplex detectors. This hobby is all about having fun finding stuff and that's what a person should do. Take a person fishing for the first time. If they catch a bunch of fish, they'll love it. A person that gets skunked their first time out never wants to go fishing again. JMHO
  11. Best Coin Detector Suggestions

    NuggetBuddy, Your first post you asked what is the most High Tech, User Friendly detector for coins., and what WE would use if we could only have one detector. Here's my input for what it's worth. There is no such thing as "most High-Tech, most user friendly" the two don't go together. I'm not going to offer a recommendation for a detector. I posted what I'd choose for me but there is no way I can say what's best for you. I will say that IMHO the V3i is not a detector for a first timer no matter how quick a study you are. There are so many adjustments on the V3i that many, many experienced users switched back to a familiar detector after trying the V3i. Changing one adjustment can have a pyramid effect where you make one change to a setting and then you have to make many more adjustments to other settings to reap the rewards. Without having a very broad understanding on all the adjustments, and terminology (detector lingo) you can easily end up lost and having poorer performance than you started with. I Bought a V3i when they first came out 4/2009 and used in almost daily till 2016. This after 40 years using detectors. The V3i is a great all around detector but not one for a first timer. Same goes for the E-Trac and CTX. You also stated you wanted a coin detector that can be used for gold. While the three mentioned above will all find gold rings, they all fall way short for nugget hunting. They stink at finding naturally occurring gold. A few detectors that perform well for coins and nuggets would be the Minelab 705, White's MXT Pro, Fisher Gold Bug Pro, & F19, Teknetics G2 & G2+, Makro Racer 2, and Nokta Impact. These aren't the deepest coin detectors but they work almost as well and are Way better at nugget shooting than the other three mentioned above. These are also much less expensive and much easier to learn to operate properly. If there was one detector that was the best at finding coins and the best at finding nuggets and was the most user friendly, it would put all others out of business. Tom
  12. Maybe This Minute Is The Minute

    I hope they ship today or folks will start thinking "you can't trust anything Minelab says".
  13. Best Coin Detector Suggestions

    Nokta Impact for my type of hunting. Waiting to see how the Minelab Equinox and Makro Kruzer work for me.
  14. New Makro Multi Kruzer Field Test

    Multi-Kruzer ordered along with two accessory coils.
  15. Yes. The only difference is that the Racer 2 requires the dongle and the Impact doesn't. I have both the Racer 2 and the Impact along with three sets of the wireless headphones. I can use any set with either detector. They also work on my Gold Racer.