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  1. Need Advice With Ground Balancing...

    thanks Steve, good advice...I actually thought about trying to clean out a smaller section (would give me a chance to use gold mode, lol). so initially (upon the great thaw) I'll just go with the defaults and simply see how it works out with coin size targets in Park 1 here....it's painful not being able to dig, lol as an aside I never ground balance my G2+, just turn on and go but I'm just looking for shallow (< 6") stuff with it...cheers
  2. just used the video to setup my 800, nice! curious if I now change to 2 tone and set things up there will the custom 5 tone settings be ok..... I'll try it out....
  3. Day 2 Hunt

    nice writeup Dan, very useful...when you say manual GB, you mean you did the 'pump' method to set the GB? if so, what was the GB number it settled on?
  4. Need Advice With Ground Balancing...

    hey Mark, so the default of GB 0 still got you decent depth.... once my ground thaws I'll just have to experiment a bit and first off just see what kind of depth I get on decent coin size targets with the default settings. I'll also try 'auto tracking' in the mix to see how that works, wish I knew more about it, ie how much bandwidth is it taking up and can these noisy ground conditions drive the 'auto tracking' batty and just not allow it to function properly. time will tell.
  5. Need Advice With Ground Balancing...

    guess everyone is as dumbfounded as I am, lol
  6. Took my 800 to a local (big city) park just to try it out (our ground is frozen solid here). very nice ergos, settings easy to use, etc...but I simply couldn't find a 'clean' spot to ground balance! 'Hot' detectors have this as a side effect I guess....I lowered the sense but to no avail. I didn't feel comfortable just turning on auto tracking so I decided to just bump the GB up manually from the default 0 to 6. I'm pretty bothered by this so I'm looking for suggestions, advice.... Also I would be curious to see what other users are seeing for a GB # relative to their understanding of their areas mineralization level.
  7. Some Finds Of Interest Today.

    looks like your Equinox is doing well for you....
  8. Equinox Too Noisy?

    decided to take my 800 to a local (big city) park to see about the 'noise issue'. ground is frozen solid and will be for some time but today was nice so what the heck.... very nice ergos, settings easy to use, etc...but dang I couldn't find a 'clean' spot to ground balance! uncomfortable running auto tracking so I decided to just up the GB from 0 to 6....kind of stuck here. advice? and can folks let me know what # their ground GB's to? lots of chatter so moved the sense down to 17 on park 1....usable, I'll just get used to the ground chatter... came across some decent, what I assume were penny signals, depth guage is pretty much maxed on most of these 25ish signals with some jumping around.... really looking forward to the thaw to see how deep these are...looks like the last of the pennies here will be easy to pick out...
  9. Equinox Lands In Canada

    > 200 pre-orders with interest growing weekly... yes, RadioWorld, I live in the GTA (beaches, Ashbridges Bay)
  10. Equinox Lands In Canada

    drove over and picked up my EQ800 today as soon as I received a phone call. Very happy camper, hopefully my area will begin to thaw in March. Canada only received 2, mine was #1 and Clive Clynick (clivesgoldpage.com) gets #2
  11. Kco Only Received Six

    Curious if anyone has any news about Canada receiving any units? I haven't heard anything yet....
  12. Equinox 800 Park Hunt Video

    and he was running park 2 vs park 1, maybe a little hotter? I noticed that the depth meter seems to be pegged a lot and inaccurate? par for the course as far as depth meters go I guess.... no shovels in parks is my motto, small plugs with my hori-hori is how I play. was nice seeing an actual customer using one, probably just a handful of customers world-wide have them....
  13. The First Equinox Delivered To A Customer?

    it should be inducted into the Metal Detector Hall of Fame