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  1. Headed Back North

    Thanks for posting that, I love to see good stuff still coming out of the ground year after year when a lot of people say there is nothing left. Good job!
  2. Record Nugget Found With Gpz!

    Thanks buddy, I still get a kick out of the little stuff.
  3. Record Nugget Found With Gpz!

    Haha!Fair question. Smallest.
  4. Sorry, I couldn't resist. It's my own personal record that I broke. Not sure what it weighs, I didn't even try.
  5. Oh man JW, that close up looks like a pile of mashed scorpions.
  6. Hey Norvic, the more cheese the better right?!
  7. Merry Xmass

    That is a parrot!
  8. First Gold Of 2018

    I got this one on the 4th. 22 grams.
  9. Wow Glenn, I think you found a fossil that had a gold replacement. Awesome!
  10. Some people say this looks like mother Mary.
  11. Ok, I have seen a lot of people mistake volcanic ash for several other possibilities such as sediment from an ancient hydrothermal vent, known to produce large sporadic nuggets.
  12. How Well Do You Know Your Gold Detector?

    Even in our hi tech world it still comes back to a gold pan doesn't it. I still use one a lot.
  13. Are you sure that it is volcanic ash?
  14. Come on people! Where are your Christmas nuggets? If you can believe it, this one is under an ounce. I call it a potato chip. Very flat.