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  1. Thanks for sharing the video, excellent idea with the bungee. Brian.
  2. Hi Paul, I know this thread is old, but was curious if you were able to download the xchange software to the tablet and how does it work? Brian.
  3. Great write up Californiagold and thank you for sharing your videos. Brian.
  4. Took this photo yesterday where the North and Middle Fork of the American River merge, just below Auburn Ca. The water from the Middle Fork has been much higher this year, but still moving gold. The North Fork is the river on the left, moving left to right. Brian.
  5. Gotta love those boot tacks!
  6. Scott, I hope you show us the clean up results of the sluicing. Brian.
  7. Might be a good idea to notify Minelab if the thieves try to have some warranty work done. Brian.
  8. Great Link Steve, lots of great information in just one place. I sure do enjoy seeing photos of people mining and different parts of our beautiful country. It makes me want to leave my office and go find some gold! Brian.
  9. Hello Chet, thank you for taking the time to perform this test. Would I be correct in saying that the nickel is giving off a high/low sound based on the oscilloscope display or is there a double signal? Brian.
  10. Thank you JP. Sounds like something I may need. Brian.
  11. Thanks Lunk, When I go back to this area, I will definitely spend some time with the different modes to see which ones give off the best signal. I always thought HY/Normal gave me the best odds of finding a metallic object in the ground, regardless of its size. I look forward to learning this machine, going to be a long road :) Brian.
  12. Oh Oh, I always detect with enhanced GPS on! I would greatly appreciate it if you were to elaborate on this, when you have the time. Thank you, Brian.
  13. Amazing collection! Congratulations.
  14. They were both 5000's, with one being about 4 years old and the other, with the commander is about 6 months old. Greg, that would be a good test, but as you know, when we are in the gold field, its all about covering ground and finding gold. Testing is always on the back burner. I know you have a special bond with your 5K, wink wink! Brian.
  15. Hi jasong, there was no additional metal added to the equation and the signal was equally strong in both directions. In fact, when the GPX with the 12x15 coil was going over the target, the user removed his headphones and I was amazed as to how loud the signal was. My buddy Chet was there and maybe he will chime in on this as well. That night I watched your video you made comparing the 11x17, 13x17 and GPZ and from what I remember from your video, there wasn't much of a signal difference and that was with a 4500 if I'm correct. Thank you for producing that video. We like to do these nonscientific infield comparisons as it allows us to better understand the limitations of our detectors for the ground were detecting. I just wish we had more time to diagnose our results. Brian