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Found 30 results

  1. Hodan Pick Pick Head: 11-3/4" Inches Long. 2" Inches Wide. Pick Handle: 15- 3/4" Inches Long with Magnet. $ 35.00 + $15.00 Shipping. Shipping will include tracking and insurance. I accept Paypal only.
  2. This is a White's DFX300 I purchased used in 2015. It is serial number 2156-2847-047-3264 manufactured in 2012. The detector was originally outfitted with a 12" (300mm) round concentric coil. I was not a fan of this coil and replaced it with a 6" x 10" Eclipse DD coil. The coil has no scuff cover but as can be seen in the photo only has light scratching in the bottom of the coil since I normally ran this detector with my BigFoot coil (not for sale). There are no other coils included with this detector except the 6x10 DD. The detector is in excellent condition otherwise. The prior owner must have done some spray painting in the vicinity of the detector at some point because the pod display area has a very light red tint, just visible around the edge of the display and in the touchpad area. It is so faint as to be barely noticeable but I wanted to point it out. The tint only appears on the pod front and nowhere else on the detector that I have noticed. The detector comes with a Ni-Cad pack and charger but the Ni-Cad pack is near dead. There is also a AA battery holder for eight (8) AA batteries (batteries not included) that I used to power the detector - it works great with AA rechargeable batteries. A rather beat up paper copy of the Owner's Guide is included - new copies may be downloaded at https://www.whiteselectronics.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/dfx_and_dfx_300_instruction_manual.pdf I also have included brand new unused set of White's StarLite Headphones ($24.95) and a White's Weather Beater control box cover ($14.95). The DFX 300 originally sold for $1199.95 and you can have this one for only $499 $399 including Priority Mail shipping to locations in the U.S. only. I accept PayPal, Postal Money Orders, or Wire Transfer. Ask here or PM or email for details. White’s DFX 300 Specifications Brand: White’s Electronics Model: DFX 300 Intended Use: all-purpose; prospecting; gold, silver, coin, relic and meteorite hunting; beach hunting Weight: 4 lbs Battery Type: rechargeable battery and 8xAA battery holder included Visual ID Type: LCD, backlit digital display Number of Target ID Segments: VDI Target ID number and labels; SignaGraph Number of Audio Tones: fully adjustable tone frequency settings; Mixed Mode, Silent Search and VCO Ground Balance: Automatic ground tracking; manual with Coarse and Fine GEB (Ground Exclusion Balance) setting Discrimination Type: Digital Discrimination Control; accept/reject based on VDI readings Number of Search Modes: 5 factory presets; 4 custom EEPROM modes Adjustable Shaft length: Yes, 45.5 to 52.5 inches Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes, with preamp gain Coin Depth Meter: Yes; numerical reading, trigger activated Pinpoint Feature: Yes Frequency: 3 & 15 kHz together or separately Type of Circuit: VLF Multi Frequency Stock Coil Size: 12 inch Suggested Retail Price: $1,199.95 Street Price: $1,199.95 Waterproof features: coil only; fully submersible
  3. I bought this drysuit thinking I might be doing lots of sniping in high country rivers and streams but discovered I would rather go metal detecting than jump in the water. A modern drysuit is a thin waterproof shell that merely keeps you dry except for head and hands. The amount of thermal wear you use underneath is what determines how warm you will be. For warm water only use a set of long underwear, mostly to absorb perspiration, which can't escape the suit. The colder the water, the more thermal protection you can add until this suit will keep you warm and dry in ice water. Thermals are not included. This suit is a couple years old but has never been used, just stored in a cool, dry location. Everything about the suit is like brand new, all tags are still attached and all accessories that came with the suit are included, such as a great nylon carry bag that converts to a backpack. The manufacturer website at http://www.baresports.com/en-us/dive/products/mens-drysuits/bilaminate/nexgen-pro-dry/mens/ has all the details but be aware the suit they show has a slightly different color scheme (red highlights) while this suit is as shown in photos. The suit is a medium large tall - see the size chart. Drysuits are forgiving to slightly smaller or shorter people because when you get in water you "burp" or remove excess air, which makes the suit vacuum fit to the wearer. However, there is no stretch, so the height and waist sizes should not be exceeded. 170 -195 lbs, 6'0" - 6'2", 33 -35 waist. Note: suit is brand new and so neck and wrist seals are also new. They are made tight on purpose but they do stretch with use. It is a good idea to put soda or soup cans in the wrists and coffee can in the neck seal overnight to pre-stretch before attempting to modify the seals. They are designed to be trimmed to a larger size if need be, but keep them as small as you can because they will stretch a bit with use. Both neck and wrist seals can be replaced by the owner and in fact spares are worth having for serious everyday use of the suit. This suit normally sells online for $1299.95 but can be found as low as $799 discounted. It is yours for $599 $399 including Priority Mail shipping to locations in the U.S. only. I accept PayPal, Postal Money Orders, or Wire Transfer. Ask here or PM or email for details.
  4. Hi all.... when I purchased my GPZ 7000 I figured that the GPZ 19 coil was going to weigh a lot more than it does so I ordered a fancy wiz bang over the shoulder boulder holder weight distribution harness for it. After using the GPZ 19 coil for a while and then adding a Hip Stick to my system, I find that this item is excessive to my needs to I might as well sell it instead of having it collect dust. It works great and I didn't notice any interference with the coil in normal swinging. A perfect gift for the wife, works on a GPX5000 as well, lots of pics and video on their web site and Facebook page. Below is the price break down in Australian dollars and then converted to US funds... I'll sell it all, used only once, brand new condition, for $250.00 shipping included. Harness: $365.00 Shipping to USA: $80.00 --------- Total in Aus$: $445.00 Total in American$: $332.62 Selling for $250.00 shipped or can be picked up in Las Vegas or Gold Basin (I'm there every weekend). The Prospector Harness http://prospectorspick.com.au/the-prospector-harness/ http://prospectorspick.com.au/store/#!/The-Prospector-Harness-Camo-with-Pockets/p/76992631/category=14860389 https://www.facebook.com/pg/The-Prospectors-Pick-116698508457529/videos/?ref=page_internal
  5. Still available, item is located in Las Vegas: ALL HOSES AND REGULATOR ARE BRAND NEW, NEVER USED. Included but not shown is a brand new, never put in a mouth, OEM regulator. It's been veriified with Brownies to have the latest hoses and not have the compressor recall issue that affected some of these. http://www.scuba.com/scuba-gear-152/030757/Brownies-Commercial-Duty-Hookah-System.html Link to the manual: http://www.browniesthirdlunginfo.com/pdf/CommercialManual.pdf CTD390 Commercial Hookah Diving Systems, the only thing not shown is the new regulator I'm including with the system. The CTD-390 series is the choice of professionals around the world. With the dependable 4-cycle OHV gasoline engine and Auto Downloaders these units are ready for extended work days. Twin Accumulators are mated with each compressor to ensure a constant air supply. A-Commercial-Diver-Using-Brownies-Third-Lung-Hookah-Diving-System-Portrait Brownies CTD390 third lung diving systems main The CTD-390 includes the Twin Piston Direct Drive compressor powered by a 4-cycle OHV gasoline engine. Twin three gallon accumulator tanks come with a pressure gauge. The unit is set in a vibration free aluminum frame. The 390 comes set-up for two divers including two 150′ hoses, two regulators, two drop weight Cummerbelts, quick release swivel fittings, remote intake, and a reusable inline filter. The CTD-390 DUPLEX includes two complete systems described above mounted in a structural aluminum cage with wheels. It comes set-up for two divers. (Please ask a representative for more informarion and pricing) Because these units are designed for deeper diving, the Drop Weight Cummerbelt and Egressor Scuba System should be used for the ultimate in bailout safety. Both of these items are available as options. * All Brownie's Commercial hookah diving systems are deck mount only and do not include a flotation tube CTD390XE $4,910 2 Diver "XE" Package, my system has heaps of hose and a brand new, never put in a mouth regulator. The Explorer C390 is equipped with Brownie's twin head direct drive compressor and a reliable 4.5 hp, 4-stroke OHV gasoline engine. It is capable of an output of 7 cfm @ 50 psi. The C-390 weighs 59 pounds and measures 17" X 17" X 17" with the intake removed. The C-390 is capable of running 3 hours. Optional accumulators are available for both units to provide temporary breathing pressure during dives in which breathing rates exceed the pressure that can be delivered by the compressor. Commercial System Deluxe packages include Brownie's patented Drop Weight Cummerbelts with quick release weight pockets. All Brownie's Commercial hookah diving systems are deck mount or land use only and do not include a flotation tube. Price is $1,750.00
  6. I have a brand new GMT concentric shooter coil that I'm selling for $90.00 (no scuff cover) , price includes shipping to lower 48 States. PM if interested...........Rob
  7. I came across a brand new (never used) Gold Bug 2 at a garage sale last weekend. I don't know the young man personally, but do know his father. Good honest man. I have the guys name number if anyone is interested. He paid $750.00 and is asking $500.00 for it. Located here is Crescent City, Ca. Mike
  8. Up for sale is a Minelab GPX-4500 in excellent condition, the machine is like new in box, it was barely used plus it has brand new accessories, the sale includes gpx battery cable, screen guard, control box with pouch and new battery, main charger, manual, MINELAB Harness, original 11' coil and 15 x 12, Upper and Lower shafts, head phones, MINELAB Bungee Cord. Asking for $1900 Pm me if interested.
  9. 2 of these Minelab GPX 5000 / 4800 / 4500 / 4000 handle kits available absolutely Brand New Consisting of: GPX ground balance Quik Trac button (green) handle with wire to connect to control box GPX battery cable Car charger Two piece metal arm cup Neoprene arm rest cover Nuts & bolts for all of the connections Bow knuckle Bungee cable To buy these items separately could be close to US $ 300.00 Available for US $ 171.00 incl Postage & Packing AIR MAIL anywhere (if Tracking is required add US $ 12.00 Just 2 kits available...(171 each) why not have ALL your spares in a kit form in an emergency!!!
  10. This "Cleangold" magnetic sluice was designed to collect very fine gold such as beach gold and has a reputation for being very effective. A person can read about this unit at the Cleangold website. The material on this sluice bed is in very satisfactory condition--no tears. There is a small dent on one of the sides that can be removed by squeezing with a vise. This "economy" model sells new for $150. It is 16" x 16" x 4" in size. Shipping weight would be pretty close to 7 lbs. $74 plus shipping.
  11. New back up 4500 and no time on it and still new in box. Assembled only for testing. 3 commander coils included 8", 11" & 12x15" with remaining factory warranty. Will ship only in US. Asking $2300 or best offer. PM me and can send photos. Thanks AC
  12. I have a brand new GPX 5000 that hasn't even been unpacked yet. It's still in the shipping carton. It's a long story on how I came to own this while waiting to get a new 7000, nevertheless, I'll make someone a screaming good deal. If you're interested I also have a brand new Detech Ultra Sensing Mono coil, 14" round. Also still in the box. I also still have the SDC 2300 with about 10 hrs run time, make me an offer one or more of these items. Too many detectors!
  13. Hello... Selling my gear....would consider selling GPZ separate from the GB Pro. $6399 includes all.....I live in Tucson, AZ....willing to ship....NEGOTIABLE....MAKE ME AN OFFER THAT I CAN'T REFUSE....)) 1.) GPZ 7000...No issues with detector. All in good working order. 2.) GB Pro. Hardly used....4 and 6 inch coils with a 6 inch skid plate. 3.) Koss and Jolly Roger headphones. 4.) Army green GPZ 7000 coverings...(see picture). 5.) Large Minelab detector bag. 6.) Minelab pin-pointer. 7.) Extra battery, plus all original electronics. 8.) Swing Pro Arm and assembly. 9.) Original harness assembly. 10.)Green ML scoop.
  14. Hi got a custom coil for whites TDI hand made in France by a top engineer ,i bought if for my deepstar but never used it. So whats more well this coil is the dog on the beach,less noises more stable and 2 to 4 inches deeper ,also a better ID of ferrous targets by a double bio easier to hear. The engineer is Alexandre Tartare owner of MANTA METAL DETECTORS http://www.mantametaldetectors.com Thanks RR
  15. Some scratches but hardly any time on it. $400+shipping
  16. Excellent condition SEF coil for the GPX. Less than 2 years old, still under warranty. No issues with it at all, looks and works great, not much heavier than the stock coil with more depth and very stable threshold. Will be shipped in original box. $265 ConUs. I'll accept PayPal friends and family or regular PayPal adding $7.95 or a postal money order for $265. Email me at sjstewartkfd@yahoo.com or pm if interested. Thanks
  17. "For-sale" w/2 years warranty left.....Minelab Sdc-2300-Xlnt. Cond.-bought from Rob's. only used for 1hour park detecting trips. Only on it 3rd set "fresh" size c duracell batterys. Rechargable's still packed in box ,,never used. $2650.00 comes with/ Headphone jack adapter lead personal check- cashiers check-wire transfer-paypal o.k.(you pay fees) Has the Wesd Kydex knuckle skid/protector, Very "smooth running" nice detector! Free Shipping lower 48! overseas can help w/ v.a.t. tax and post USPS $65 Springs Here! Cheers, Ig
  18. I still haven't replaced my stolen Z7000, so I'm going to sell my 2300 to help offset the cost. This is a new replacement unit that has about 3 hrs run time on it. The headphones have not even come out of the wrapping. I'll include the PhaseTech headphone adapter and two sets of batteries. The only thing missing is the original battery charger, it somehow got misplaced. I'll include an aftermarket version. Theoretically, the warranty expires this coming August. That's when I bought the original detector, but had it replaced when the headphone jack started acting up. $2700 or best offer
  19. Used 5 times. Condition perfect. Soft factory backpack, 8 inches and 10x12 coils. Warranty EU - copy of bill from Italian dealer. I was replaced on it 10x12 inches coil. Both coils new. Used 2 times. Best offer. Send me PM. Item location: Warsaw in Europe. Payment in advance. PayPal or wire transfer.
  20. White's DFX used very little, standard accessories $575.00 Plus Shipping Posting this for a friend. Contact me Norm McQ @ normanmcq@yahoo.com
  21. Brand new never used. $100 plus shipping
  22. I have a like new Whites Deepscan 1400 coil with cover for sale. I bought it new but have used it very little. Will work on any M6/MXT/DFX/V3/V3i/V3X. I'm not sure its V-rated but it runs on my V3 ok. 160.00 $140 shipped. USPS Money Order or Paypal. Send a PM if you need pictures. Thanks, Mike
  23. Spring Cleaning the Garage! I have a used Gold Buddy Mini Recirculating Sluice that is compact and can be stored and used in the same bucket. I also have many other items that go with it. Below is the list of items and photos. If you have any questions or would like to see it in person, I live in Goodyear, Arizona. I am willing to ship but it would be at the expense of the buyer and I would not know how much that would be. I would like to get $300.00 OBO for it all. I also have some prospecting books that I will also toss in and any other small items I have prospecting related. I can email or text additional photos if needed. Gold Buddy Mini Sluice Alluvial clean up sluice with bucket 4 month old Stanley Fat MAX 700 battery / air compressor (2) 12 volt submersible water pumps with aluminum brackets 110v submersible water pump to use at home or with generator / RV Prospecting pick Black sand magnet (2) Gold Pans Aluminum backpack frame (3) Bucket screens (1) Aluminum homemade large screen Respectfully, Jimmy
  24. Hello, I have a Garrett ATX for sale. 3 coils. Stock, 8inch, and the deep seeker. 2 minor flaws. No headphones, and broken stopper on telescoping stock coil. Just careful when extending. May be warrenteed. Other than that, great condition. Found lots of gold with it. $1800 or trade for GPZ 19 inch coil.
  25. I'm clearing out some of my reading material. I have the following books and some DVDs that I would like to sell. I don't really want to sell anything individually but would prefer to sell the whole lot together. 1. Where to FInd Yankee Placer Gold (New England states) 2. Rush For Riches - Gold Fever and the Making of California 3. Applied Gold Placer Exploration and Evaluation Techniques 4. Treasure Caches can be found 5. Finding Gold Nuggets II 6. Unleashing the GP Series DVD (GP3000 instructional DVD) 7. ... the latest update DVD (GP3500 instructional DVD) 8. Practical Prospecting with Minelab's GPX Series DVD (GPX4500 instructional) + the 2. oz. Backpacker (small pocket survival guide) Everything for $60 shipped. PM me if interested.