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Found 8 results

  1. Looking for one or something similiar.pm me what you have and how much. I have some gpx stuff to possibly trade. Thank you
  2. Looking for a Whites TDI PRO for a customer, if anyone has one for sale or knows where I can get one could you please PM me. Thanks, Brian Berkhahn, Mining Manager Alaska Mining & Diving Supply, Inc. (AMDS) 3222 Commercial Drive Anchorage, AK 99501 907-277-1741 brian@akmining.com www.akmining.com
  3. Hi there i know its a long shot but hey no guts no glory i am looking for a tiny elliptical coil from Tesoro for my Lobo supertraq i left a message on a few forums already but no luck. If you know any well let me know i am wondering how many of those have been made Please find the one i am looking for RR
  4. If anyone has a large coil they want to sell or trade ( Gold ) I am search for a coil ranging from 16-18" Mono Round . Nuggetfinder-Coiltek- or detech would do just fine. Used is great as long as its works. Shoot me a p.m. If you have one and maybe we can work out a deal or trade.
  5. I want a WM12 for a spare.. Thx Paul
  6. I'm looking for an Explorer SE Pro working main board. (Mine got wet.) If you have parts of a unit that are broken and the main board still works then I could be interested. You may also have a complete unit that you are no longer using. Let's talk. I know the Equinox is coming out and I plan to get one but I'd also like to have my SE Pro working as a backup. Mitchel
  7. Yet again this morning my gpx handle broke off !!! I have the quick track buttons form last one I broke and the one from this morning. Does anyone have a spare handle they want to sell? I am looking for one without the button, I can use my old ones. Otherwise I will take a used one if it works with button.....all I know is I need one, another hunt cut short...p.m. me if you have one .
  8. I am too weary of online places like eBay, etc. I would rather buy one from a reputable place. If you guys know of a place online or if you have one you might sell out of your personal collection, I would be interested. What I am looking for is simply a 2-3 gram size nugget. Prospecting in TN has been severely limited on even being able to pan. We didn't have big gold here anyway. I can get pay dirt and such online, but the "house always wins" concept applies there, even with their "unsearched" dirt, you still know it has been classified down and your chances of coming out for the good or with a good nugget are very slim. Your best bet in those cases is going with the seeded "guaranteed to have 1 gram of gold" style paydirt. In which you will pay quite a bit over spot price for it that way. I would rather just spend the same money on one bigger nugget than to have it all in fine flour gold if you know what I mean.