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Found 16 results

  1. I guess the title says it all.. 7758462874
  2. Купить 2 шт 19 Супер ГПЗ D - катушку. Новый или подержанный. Можно мне один .
  3. Looking for a small coil for a gold bug 2 .I have a new 10 to trade when it gets back from fisher .It got cought in a car door . Luckily it was just the end of the coil where Connects to the box ,that's being repaired
  4. Hello seekers.Maybe someone messed garrett atx through experiments and sell electronic parts.I need a programmed control chip for metal detector Garrett ATX M9S8AC16CG or electroniс board that is in the handle.
  5. Need a Keene P 180 pump with a B/S or Honda engine on it. Like in good running order and pumping great. If not a Keene but one like it from another company. Pm me and I'll give you my phone number to send a picture of it and how much you want. Chuck
  6. Hello, I am in Las Vegas and am in the market for a GPZ 7000, new or used. I am trying to find best deal possible. I prefer recognized dealers. Cash discounts? Accessories? Please PM with offers or advice. Thank you. Chris Had the opportunity to give one a test run this weekend, and I was impressed. I have metal plates in my hip and wasn't sure if I could effectively run one without interference from my hip. Also good to see one in the hands of an accomplished detectorist, that knows how to utilize the capabilities of the machine. Thanks Dave Also if this is an inappropriate use of this forum is apologize and please delete.
  7. Looking for a delta cleansweep coil in good physical and working condition. Willing to pay up to $185 via paypal. Thank you
  8. I am specifically looking for coils for the Whites TDI but know the ones for the GPX will also work on the TDI. I'm interested in mono coils; not DD coils. Looking for something in the 12-14 inch range. Nugget Finder coils...CoilTek, etc. Thanks, Daniel
  9. Want to buy a Whites TDI Pro. Require main control box in good working order. (I can still easily upgrade coils and shafts.) Only interested in a Pro, not a base TDI or TDI SL. PM me here best way to get in touch. thx
  10. Well I have finally made a decision to buy a new tech coil....Looking at the price of a new 15" Evolution at 500 bucks ! ...anyone know of a good dealer who gives discounts?
  11. let me know the particulars , price , possible trades, I'm in placer county. thanks.
  12. In search of a GPX battery to replace one I bought two years ago , " Thanks Steve for a good deal on your used battery worked out for m e for 2 years or so. So now I am in search of another one. I am looking for a used as new ones are way up in price...if anyone has one please p.m. me. Fred
  13. I am looking to buy a small / tiny test nugget that I can use as a signal test when I go out. I mostly hunt in the Prescott, AZ area so a Lynx / Rose Creek nugget would be awesome. Please PM or email me at with the details if you have one. Detectors I will be testing with are ATX, AT Gold and XP Deus. Respectfully, Jrod1101
  14. Looking to by an SDC2300 for my son to use. PM me is you have one to sell. Thanks.
  15. Hey all. I'm not really sure where to post this... So my nephew's cub scout pack is going to be going on an outing next spring. He's part of pack 101 here in Anchorage. We're looking for some donations for our outing. Basically I'm taking them out to a claim that was last used in 1919 that I have been to several times. (Never mined, but hiked) I have done days of researching and finally found the owners of the claim. They gladly gave me permission to take the den out there to teach them how to mine. This winter, we will be practicing panning with bags of pay dirt. This will be used for teaching them how to mine along with orienteering (I'm making them find the mine with topo maps), fundraising (They're fundraising to get some sluice boxes and other equipment), etc. Anyone know of anyone or a business or anywhere that would be willing to make some donations of equipment or anything? Thank you so much! -Sam
  16. Looking to buy a decent used pinpointer. Private message me if you have one to sell.