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Found 10 results

  1. Facts In African Market

    It certainly is difficult to believe how the sales for detectors would continue in this very competitive African Market. For instance, here in Ethiopia, Minelab cooprated with a local company on the promise to the government to manufacture detectors locally(which got them three years tax free) and offer artisinals in villages a very affordable price, trainning and support. What happened was to the contrary, for start, they never manufactured a single piece of item, they imported directly the already made detectors ( which is illegal, and the government already gave them 2 months serious notice for) and the manufactuing was supposed to creat jobs, ( currently with 2 staff members only). Ethiopia is one of the lowest in the world for GDP per capital. Village artisinals cant afford the extreem pricing they put on there machines (14000 usd for a gpz in Ethiopia its worth 45 cows, and 8 sheep). Few villagers who see the National Tv ads promising gold in 2 meters have sold out there farm, sadly lost there money and hopes. This made most villagers scared of new technology, and the government to legally be concerned. For Fact checking all docments are downloadable.
  2. Hi to u all Gents... My Qus. to JP and others experts.. What are the optimum conservative setting Pls in numpers .for GPZ in mild soils.usind both 14" and 19" coils.( are there any differences bwt mild & difficult soils ..sens.threth hold..volum ..et ) Very important question is :- the ferrite ring to be use for ground balance only or also when changing gold mode.. Thanks to all..
  3. G'day, Recherche d'or en Afrique - GPX 5000; Garrett ATX, XP Deus ( for gold in Africa - GPX 5000; Garrett ATX, XP Deus ) Regards, Rob (RKC)
  4. Hey guys! Firstly, wanted to say hi and what a pleasure it is to meet you all. What a great forum with so much valuable info! Keep it up. I'm in Zimbabwe and want to start detecting for gold in areas that I believe are fertile. Unfortunately I don't have the capital for a GPZ 7000 or similar and as I'm starting out not wanting to invest alot at the beginning, I wanted your guys advice as to the best most affordable detector to go with - can be Minelab or any other brand. As things progress (hopefully) I will upgrade. Thanks again and I look forward to all your thoughts and opinions.
  5. Im based in Africa. Which is the best nugget detector I can use? I have heard people talking about Gold Biug 2, Teknetics, Nokta Fors Gold+, Gold Racer, AU Gold Finder. Which one would be the ideal machine with good results
  6. Notice how many guys in the back row with picks! Mike Scott of Fisher in Bukina Faso meeting with the customers who buy most of their gold detectors. These are the customers First Texas' upcoming PI detector are aimed at and you can be sure it won't cost $7000 or $8000 and won't use a Lithium ion battery unless it comes with a solar charger.
  7. Chris's trip was the subject of an earlier thread. But he's there now and posting some of the most amazing stuff on his Facebook page. What really impresses me about it is that First Texas Corporation is in there working through the local social structure meeting with village elders getting permission to talk to the miners etc. and trying to make an honest buck while helping people do a better job of recovering gold. By all accounts they're selling boatloads of detectors into the African market – at the same time that their competitors sales apparently collapsed. I can't help but believe that their socially conscious, market conscious, smart approach to dealing with the real people who are their customers is making the difference. Chris yesterday was in a place where there are 100,000 people working - finding gold by basic simple – even primitive methods. Metal detectors are making a huge difference in their ability to produce gold in that environment. Kudos to first Texas corporation for doing the hard and sweaty work of getting out there - identifying the real customers and working very hard to meet their needs. If more American businesses did that, we we would have more successful American businesses. This is not some mega corporation. It's essentially a small business but they know what side their bread's buttered on and they're getting out there earning the trust and respect and the business of their customers. I'm impressed. Again here's a link to Chris's Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/nevadaoutback I have no financial interest in First Texas Corporation except for owning a goldbug pro detector and a goldbug 2 – both of which I think are quite nice. But I spent 35 years as a buyer and contracts administrator and I know smart effective marketing when I see it.
  8. I recently started a facebook page. It's set up now, but I will be working on it over the coming days to get things looking a bit nicer. I want to get it set up so that when I go to Africa in a couple weeks, Once I depart, I will share a kind of a daily diary of my experiences traveling with photos on the site. I will be returning to Burkina Faso, perhaps Ghana and maybe some others. We'll be out in the gold fields teaching Africans the skills of finding gold with a metal detector. I went there last May and it was quite the adventure and I honestly saw things like I had never seen before. It was also strange to be in a country where French is the language of the people. - I took French in High School, and believe it or not some of it came back to me after all those many years. So if you'd like to come along to Africa and share in the adventure vicariously, take a look at my facebook page, and be sure to like it, then check back to see the updates as I travel off halfway across the globe. My facebook page is at: www.facebook.com/nevadaoutback If you are a member of facebook, you will get updates in your news feed when I post my feed. We will be using products by First Texas - The Teknetics T2 and Gold Bug detectors are very popular all over Africa and do a great job of finding the gold.
  9. I found this quite interesting and well done. This video report features interviews with Minelab and a number of customers from Burkina Faso. It was filmed in Burkina Faso and Dubai. It also tells the stories of a number of customers and how their success has changed their lives. One prospector, Solomon, struck it rich affording him the opportunity to purchase three plots of land, 3 motorbikes and 3 more detectors. Most importantly he can now afford to send all ten of his children to school.
  10. TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Jan. 29, 2014) - African Gold Group, Inc. ("AGG" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:AGG) is pleased to report that local artisanal miners have discovered a one kilogram gold nugget at the Company's Kobada, Mali gold project. http://www.africangoldgroup.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=315:african-gold-group-inc-one-kilogram-gold-nugget-discovered-by-artisanal-miners-at-kobada-mali&catid=68:2014&Itemid=191 http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/african-gold-group-inc-one-kilogram-gold-nugget-discovered-artisanal-miners-kobada-mali-tsx-venture-agg-1873642.htm Location of find and photo of 1 kilogram nugget Previous 2.7 kilogram nugget found on property Location map from http://www.africangoldgroup.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=145&Itemid=61