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Found 12 results

  1. Just hope I can find the damn thing when I come back from a wander
  2. Getting out to some of our more remote locations is our Idea of living the dream but and for some of us such journeys can be weekly or monthly or even a yearly excursion but what ever it is no matter how much planning we do fate can always step in and throw us a curve ball, I bought another Truck/SUV In February I have been preparing it to reduce the chances of being caught by what ever mother nature can throw at us, What started out as something where I needed a 4x4 to get off the beaten track is turn in to a money pit, Not that I am complaining because I have always loved Pickups and 4x4's but setting up a vehicle has sort of taken over a lot of my spare time, I don't mind that because I get to play with lots of high end Gadgets, Having been a bit OTT I have looked in to many Gadgets from Exhaust Jacks which can be a great life saver along with recovering ya truck from a bog hole with minimum effort, Also The Genuine American made Hi-Lift Jacks, having always used them I won't cut corners and buy any thing else in fact my first one (The HL-485) still looks like new, But a couple of months I happened to get on you tube and I saw their video showing the "NEW" 60" Extreme Hi-Lift Jack with a new colour scheme (paint job) and some very useful features such as removable foot plate and a new Clamping attachment that has extra features and is rated to the maximum rating of the jack (7000lbs) so out came the wallet again and my new toy arrived the next day, This thing is real hard core and a must have Item, It can be used for clamping Winching and of coarse lifting etc, These are the best jacks bar none, http://www.hi-lift.com/hi-lift-jacks/x-treme.html The jack is the sort of thing that you only wanna break out in an emergency, and be very careful when operating the thing, theres enough videos on YT of people busting up their heads and loosing teeth, Anyway you get the picture, Although the jack can be used as a winch I decided that a good winch was in order so out came the plastic and "Yep" you guessed it and the next day it arrived, So I ordered one of Champion/Warrior 9500lbs short drum winches as in the same model the UK armed forces use (SAS) vehicles, Joy of joy this thing came with every thing including the normal remote and a spare cordless remote, Seeing that I was kind of hoping it had built in TV channels but sadly "No" but I will survive without watching NCIS or Nashville for a week or two, All this thinking and spending made me hungry and it wasn't long before my thoughts turned to "Food" In February last year lowlifes broke in to my lockup and stole about $100K's worth of Tools and stuff but the thing that **** me off the most was the stole my 70 quart "Snap-On" Cooler and my electric cooler that I bought here all the way from Oz the lousy £&%@ers, So while I am on my excursions I thought about buying another cooler but the thought of all that Ice and soggy food did not bode well with me so I started looking up for Aussie Fridge Freezer, Brands that I knew and Trust well I did the research thing and I ended up buying the ARB 47L/50Qt version, I figured that It has enough room for enough food to last me on my own for about 21 days, I check this thing when it got here and I plugged it in and it cooled down pretty quick and I half filled it with frozen food and it came on for about 6 minutes and it never switched back on for over 2 and a half hours, once it settled down that became roughly every two hours and even then its run times got shorter and shorter which was fine with me because when this thing is mounted in the Truck it will use next to no power, ARB rate it at 0.87 Amps per hour, well I was seeing run times as little as 0.5 Amps per hour variable. I also bought the protective jacket for it to keep it safe and help with insulation because these things are not cheap and if looked after they will last forever. This Fridge freezer cost me a small fortune but I got it for a real good price at around $900.00 So life is Good and the fridge lives in my home because they is no way am I loosing this one. See this Link, http://store.arbusa.com/Fridges-C11.aspx One thing that I have always done when I have bought a truck is replace the tyres, On this one they will be replaced soon, I got 2 that are driving me Nutz within a week the rear two loose Air and the drivers side one looses the lot, Back around 2003 I bought the American Made TruckAir 275 and they are a brilliant little compressor that are supposed to handle the big stuff and it does but they do hammer ya battery, Anyway I had seen these new Double pump versions that are on the market and they are impressive to say the leased, Now baring in mind these things are only about the size of a loaf of bread, This thing can put out a 150litres of Air per minute OR over 5 cfm (cubic feet per minute) what that mans in the real world is that it can blow 4x4 tyres real fast, My truck battery was 3 parts flat and it blew up my tyre in 3 and a half minutes which is incredible and considering with the truck running it will do it from Zero to 40lbs in under 2 minutes, I strongly advise you gentlemen to buy one of these things, I know the brand names with be different depending where you live in this world but if you read this review you can find the good ones that are sold near you in this link, http://www.unsealed4x4.com.au/issue017/#185 This is just some of the kit I have bought for my Truck and I have bought a whole lot more and have more to get still, It's not cheap but it will all make for a better safer time while I am off swinging a coil or two and my next task is to mount my solar panels on the roof to charge the Duel batteries that I have ordered because I need to charge them detector batteries up, I have bought a 115 Amp /1000 cca for the Trucks starting Battery I have 2 X 135 Amp /1100cca batteries to come then it is off to the Auto Electricians to get the wiring fitted so they will also charge via the Alternator, And all because I like detecting. John.
  3. nah not really, but the new station owners have two R22's for mustering and feral control. Went for a spin today to look at the water situation after the recent rains and check out some ferals. Remarked how it would be ideal to get into some more out of the way places and was pleasantly surprised at the positive answer.
  4. http://daymak.com/corporate/beast-brochure.pdf does anybody actually own one of these electric offroad scooters, supposedly street legal, and have a review? Hard to believe they can go 15 miles on a 20 amp battery or less ,and offroad to boot. Minimum price is 2300 and goes up to 4500,almost affordable, and no noise. How would you carry a detector and other gear I wonder?
  5. The final straw broke last night on my trusty suv and I parked it and walked away... Sort of, sold it for parts to a friend, no way I would feel ok selling it to someone as a driver although don't get me wrong, I got 222000 miles out of it and the engine and tranny are still strong... Just the rest of it was junk and I didn't trust it anymore going into the wilderness. so, I've got my eye on a very clean 2006 jeep rubicon slightly built 3 1/2 inch lift winch bumpers other goodies with only 19000 miles, $23000 b/o. Guy bought it as a toy, didn't use it but a couple of times and then his daughter put most of the miles on it. Looks like new and I like this model because it's the last one jeep made without all the electronic junk I keep reading complaints about and the same stuff that ruined my Mercedes suv (Daimler/Chrysler) electronics, too close to the jeep electronics for my blood. any thoughts?? Price seems a little high to me, but the jeep is nice.
  6. Check this out, they call it the OX and was designed for the 20 % of the world that has no vehicles. Would make a great prospecting off roader with a little custom work. http://www.topgear.com/car-news/big-reads/can-flat-pack-truck-save-world
  7. I think I will save my pennies for one of these instead of a new detector.
  8. I am waiting for the 2015 Mercedes/ Dodge Sprinter 4x4 van with 6 cylinder diesel engine and low range transfer case myself, can't justify megadollar metal detectors anymore with retirement just around the corner. Am sure the van won't be cheap either especially if converted to a 4x4 camper van...No real details on the van, ,just test drives for reporters at their distribution center in South Carolina. Has anybody else got more info on the van? Seems like it would be the ultimate gold prospectors camper van... -T
  9. Between cutting firewood, and gleaning the neighborhood citrus trees to give to the food bank, this is the first time I’ve had a chance to get out this month. I decided Sunday would be a good day to prospect one of the many areas I have marked on my geology maps. This area caught my attention because of a nice fault line running through it, and also because of the various geological changes. It’s in a known gold district, but hasn’t seen very much activity (claim wise) over the years, so I figured maybe it’s time to give it a look see. There’s a producing gold mine about 1/2 mile NW of where my prospects are located. I’m thinking (hoping more like it) that maybe some of those veins from that mine (or possibly other unknown deposits) may have leached out in some of the areas I have marked to explore. Anyway... here’s some video I shot of my day out... hope you all enjoy. Make sure to watch it in HD for the full effect.
  10. Good 4x4 Quads

    I had a 2002 Honda Foreman Quad and sold it for a Jeep. Now I'm thinking of going back to a Quad. I'm not up to date what is a good for prospecting. I dry wash and metal detect desert areas mostly. Thank you Oro Pepita
  11. Here is what you need to get way back in on those mountain or desert roads before you begin your hike so you can really get into remote areas. Pretty sure I will be getting one soon.