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Found 17 results

  1. Eq Carry Bag?

    Still no accessories page, so I'm wondering what owners are using for a soft, padded carry bag for their Eqs. Most padded bags I've seen aren't wide enough to accommodate the control pod. Any ideas?
  2. I gathered up all the things I needed to complete the Nox for my 10 days of hunting since off from work for annual leave. It looks like the weather is going to cooperate with temps in the upper 60's to lower 70's here in NM. I added a Zagg clear screen protector, a housing cover from the UK, and yes, I did cut the screen on the cover for a reason. I found a padded arm rest cover, it's designed for a Garrett and my Anker power supply velcro'd to the stand when needed. I wrapped the rod and handle with vet tape to keep the dirt and grime from scratching the paint all to hell. I'm headed to my heavily hunted spots to rework them and see what some new technology can produce, if any and to see if the mighty CTX may have missed some stuff in the trash and iron. The wife will be gone for a week, sooooo, no honey do's for me!! Hopefully I'll be able to get a better feel for the machine and the settings by the end of my little vacation.
  3. Got them both to fit in my case and it closes :)
  4. A Sad Picture

    A empty case I have for my Equinox.
  5. Good deal at Sam's Club: https://www.samsclub.com/sams/24in-protective-case-member-s-mark/prod21372505.ip?xid=plp:product:1:1 Apparently not carried in all brick-and-mortar Sam's Club stores but mine has them on sale for $40. Below is a picture showing it next to my ($150 from Amazon) smaller Pelican case. Note the long lower shaft from a White's TDI (26.75 inch length) which fits diagonally in this larger case. I had to improvise when travelling with my TDI and the Pelican. (Despite what my cat thinks, these are not qualified as a cat carriers!) The Pelican shown is allowed as carry-on although I haven't used it as such. The main value to me is that most cases can be damaged by rough (human) baggage handlers of checked luggage. Both of these came filled with polyfoam blocks. The retractable handle on the Sam's Club case seems a lot cheesier than the one on the Pelican. The Pelican wheel housings are more recessed (so less likely to break off with rough treatment). Other than those they appear to be of similar quality. NOTE: I don't think it is as well made as a Pelican case in the fine details, but I think it would do the job of transporting metal detectors, for example, just as well. I've travelled with both the White's TDI/SPP and Gold Bug Pro simultaneously packed in the Pelican, with two coils each, extra batteries, Lesche hand spade, etc. (Exception being the long lower rod section of the TDI as mentioned above.) I'm thinking I may be able to get three detectors into this larger case. ("How many detectors do you need??" I'll answer that when I have enough!)
  6. So rather than spend $200 for the XP branded case I thought I could do better. So first I bought the Plano model 108442 gun rifle case for $70 shipped on Amazon
  7. First, let me say I am new to this forum and this is actually my first post. I've been detecting for 15 years. I started as a coin hunter and while I still enjoy hunting for old silver and copper coins, I've evolved into more of a Relic hunter and water hunter. Now I don't have any gold fields near me, but I do own the GPX 4800 for Civil War relic hunting in extremely mineralized soil in Northern Virginia. It's main weakness, to me, is its vulnerability to rain and moisture. So after the first few relic hunts and dealing with inclement weather and bagging our GPX's my good friend and hunting partner and myself knew there had to be a better way. We discussed it and kicked around ideas on one of our 5+ hour rides home after a hunt. We both decided to come up with designs and then we would move forward. After a month, we looked at each others ideas and his was clearly the superior design, so we assembled them and have used them for 2 years in all kinds of inclement weather. They have worked flawlessly. See the Video for details, but they protect against rain, snow, mud, dirt and dust and are field deployable in less than 1 minute. They stay on your machine all the time and can be deployed or rolled up out of the way. They are super light weight and do not add any noticeable weight to the machine. They work with the Goldscreamer set up as well as the stock battery when it's used in a pouch on the side of the GPX. Please watch the video for details. Since these have worked so well, we have decided to make these for sale. The price is $132.99 for the Goldscreamer setup and $142.99 for the stock battery setup and shipping is $9.99 in the ConUs. Don't trust a $4000 detector to a .50 cent freezer bag. The best part about these is you put it on 1 time then you never have to fool with it again, it will be there when you need it, no matter what the forecast or what weather actually occurs. You can email orders to sjstewartkfd@yahoo.com put GPX WRS Order in the subject line and I will contact you about payment. Orders will be filled only when payment is received. A good chunk of the cost is materials. You can see the video here:
  8. Z Cover Or Not

    I found that I have more scratches and rub marks on the Zed after covering it. Anyone have anything on this topic I'd like to hear.
  9. I'm not one prone to rant but I think it is time. My wife and I use Minelab products. Between us we have an SE Pro, E-trac, 3030 (6, 12, 17), 5000 (4 Commander coils), 2300 and a 7000 (14 and 19). I'd say that Minelab has a bit of our budget. We go to the southern California beaches for jewelry and the states of California, Arizona, Alaska and Nevada for gold nuggets. (I hope to get to Australia before all the nuggets are gone.) We are more successful on the beaches than in the deserts and mountains. My recent purchase of the 19" GPZ coil is the straw that breaks the camel's back (so to say)! I am embarrassed (and saddened) by the cheap and practically unusable out of the box coil cover included with this coil. It is light, flimsy, captures dirt and will not last more than a few bumps into our local bushes and rocks. How can we pay so much for a good product and get such shoddy protection for the coils inside? Now that it has me going ... this same problem exists with the coil covers for the 3030 and SE Pro. Years ago I removed them because it traps water, sand and salt which causes falsing. Those coils seem to be more sealed than the 19". I haven't found an aftermarket coil cover for these. I have found effective aftermarket coil covers for the 2300 and 7000/14. I had to because the soft material for the 2300 coil cover was almost as bad as this new 19" cover. Holes appeared in the cover within the first few weeks my wife used it and scratches began to appear on the coil itself. Our aftermarket coil cover is thicker (not much heavier) and more durable. I've begun to spray it with an automotive truck bed liner. It is sealed from the salt and sand with silicon. It now works great. I had to buy a similar cover for the 14" coil and seal it but there is not a similar way for this new 19" and there is not another solution yet other than the 'snowshoe' plastic some are making but our volcanic ash and sand will collect on top but I haven't heard of a better solution. (What is anyone else doing?) Would it take that much time for Minelab to design and supply a legitimate coil cover for the price? I remember when I used the GPX covers that now seem to be light years ahead of the latest covers. We just had to tape them to seal them and keep the elements out. They fit pretty snug and you didn't feel like you couldn't or shouldn't use the coil cover that came with the coil. It was good to go out of the box. Minelab is my preferred detector company. I own others. Their detectors satisfy my need to find. Many of their coil covers suck. Mitchel
  10. I have the Miner John (Razorback) skid plate or scuff cover for the Minelab GPZ 7000. This is a much longer lasting cover than the skid plate that comes stock with the GPZ 7000. http://razorbackcoils.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/5908106 I recommend the product highly if you need a replacement scuff cover for your GPZ. I was not aware however that Miner John also makes a cover for the SDC 2300, which I have to assume is also a better cover than the one that comes with the detector. I no longer have the SDC 2300 myself but just wanted to pass this along for those that do. http://razorbackcoils.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/2562506
  11. I got to see one of these recently and it is the best cover for the GPZ 7000 I have seen and at a very reasonable price. Retail is $129 but most everyone seems to have it for US$109 which is a really great price in my opinion. Cheap insurance for a 10K detector! According to Doc: • Covers are made of durable heavy duty green canvas like material with a neoprene lining to cushion your expensive metal detector. • The kit includes the control box cover, the control head screen cover, and a cover for your Wireless module. • Easy access drop down rear panel to easily change the battery without having to take the entire cover off. • Easy access flap to plug your headphones directly in to the detector secured by hook and loop. • The bottom of the cover is made with single ply conveyor belt material. This makes the bottom tough as nails and easy to wipe the dirt and dust off with just a damp cloth. If anyone has one on their GPZ now would be a great time to post a photo!
  12. Well, I have been getting in the hours and have wore out my GPZ 7000 scuff cover / coil cover / skidplate. New genuine Minelab covers are like everything else GPZ rare as hen's teeth. Part number 3011-0286 and very few places on the internet can be found that advertise having them in stock. $62 retail, and Ft. Bedford claims to have them in stock for $48 http://www.fortbedfordmetaldetectors.com/minelab-gpz7000-14x13-coil-cover Miner John has an aftermarket coil at http://razorbackcoils.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/5908106 that Chris alerted us to back in May http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/930-gpz-7000-coil-cover-available/ for about the same price. It is twice as thick and has fewer slots that would let dirt get in between the coil and scuff cover. Has anyone tried these out and can report on them?
  13. GPZ 7000 Protection Cover

    Been thinking how I could make a protective cover for my ZED. So I cut the arm off a old wetsuit I had. And fitted it around the body of the ZED. Kind of crude, but will give it some protection. You have to take the ZED apart to fit it on. I first cut a small slit, just big enough to stretch over the screen. Then stretched the big end of the wetsuit over where the front shaft slides into. Then pulled it back and re-hooked the 2 cable's back up and locked it together. Then cut a slit to slide the armrest back on. Then cut off the excess neoprene near the battery. Should work well enough until I can get a proper made cover.
  14. GPZ Cover

    A few weeks ago I had this grandiose idea of designing and selling a cover for the new 7000. During this time of working on it and shelling out $, I've learned there are 2 others working on a cover as well. The company I had do the sewing felt it would cost $85/ unit so I gave them the go ahead to make one then decide if I like it, and if they truly could produce them for $85 each. Well after it was done she charged me $110 and said she can't beat that price. So I really don't think I'm going to try to compete with the other guys and produce these. Oh well, at least I have a cover. The back was left open to let heat out. I do have another idea, about producing a real high end cover. It would be a real high quality fit, have a rubber foot sewn to the bottom, have a "tactical/ military" look and quality, a more heavy duty cordura nylon material, just plain "cool". It would also have a velcro removable pouch for the wireless module to be stored- either when in use or for just when its not in use. But it would cost over $200. I know most people would buy the less expensive covers but I'm wondering if there might be a smaller but decent market for this higher end cover? I mean this is a $10,000 machine. I would appreciate your thoughts...
  15. I have asked this question to many very good detectorists and have got varied answers. Some say yes on the tiny stuff and some say the protective cover isn't thick enough to ever be a concern. I have heard it said that its more likely to reduce depth / sensitivity on a VLF but not a PI. It would be nice to get some kind of consensus on this subject and thanks.......Rob
  16. I see some being made in AUS but is anyone making or selling them here? Minelab - these should be standard OEM issue with the 7000. Especially considering the plastic body scratches easy and the screen is now the main control unit and its very difficult to read in the sun.
  17. Do you guys feel a hard case for your machine is necessary for travelling or is it overkill?