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Found 41 results

  1. I was responding to someone on an Aussie detecting site about him wanting to know if anyone has a Tyger digger . I said I have one and find it useless in our soils ( even though we were told it was good in hard ground ) It is too hard on our hands so we had a handle extension welded on to it that did help , but the problem is we now have an Equinox. And the blade isn't long enough to get a clean plug . Well a Mr Roach ripped into me and said the Equinox goes no deeper than any other detector in the world and that I sound like one of those people that makes a mess digging a plug and blah blah blah he went on abusing me . Non Equinox owners just don't get it do they . 😂😂😂
  2. I don’t have one but they do have the look it will be around for you a long time . I don’t or see the need I’d have to call on it often but like so many things it’s good for it to be near when the need calls. I’d like to have another’s opinion on this shovel if you have one. I’ve seen it would have come in handy to beat off the number of kids I’ve had around me while detecting . haha Really I’ll help any young person in anyway I can if they show interest in detecting. Even to the point of giving them a detector. This may be another item I may have to come home with from that Treasure Show. Chuck
  3. Aldi is selling a very nice digger shovel for only $8.
  4. Looks great at a fair price.... https://xtremescoops.com/ Anyone have any surf experience with one of these?
  5. Metaldetectingisfun

    My New $10 Digger Tool

    It's not a Lesche, but very serviceable for me.
  6. After a few prospecting adventures I've decided I need something to hold my pick on my belt. I've been using my Garrett Carrot holder but its dome keeps coming unpopped due to the weight of the pick if I bump the pick on anything, as usually we prospect in pretty tough terrain this is always too often so I've been looking for an alternative. kiwijw seems to have a really good one but I've been unable to find one like his anywhere, I've been trying all the local hardware shops but all theirs seem to be full tool belts that hold 20 or so items, I just want a pick holder. I've just had no luck finding something I like, so far this is the best I've found so I've ordered one as it was only $6 NZ delivered but if anyone else knows where I can find a better one, let me know. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hammer-Holder-with-Metal-Hooks-Tool-Holder-Fabric-Oxford-Tool-Bags-Storage-Holder-Electrician-Hanging-Belt/32826013809.html
  7. I bought this digging tool of White’s at a Treasure Show in Temple Tx. One year ago. It just so happens that same show is this weekend. The tool had a good feeling in my hand but at first it was a little bulky but I do have big hands so I told myself it will work, The next thing I was looking at was the sheath. I know you’re asking yourself what’s the big deal about a sheath. The thing is most sheaths don’t have brads in the corners where the blade goes in . Here is where it will start to show it’s age if it don’t have the brads. The blade will start cutting away at the material the sheath is made of. You can see a brad on each side of the sheath and that alone tells you it will be around for a long time. I’d say a digging tool is no better than the sheath you carry it in. Chuck
  8. Dukester

    Water Scoop

    So, one of the reasons the equinox appealed to me was because its such an all around detector, including being able to use in the water. So, now that I have a waterproof detector, I'd like to try doing a little freshwater lake and river detecting. I don't want to spend a lot on equipment since its not something I'll be doing a lot of. I was looking at the Quest Scoopal anyone have an opinion on it, or recommendations on something else? What other equipment do you need for water detecting?
  9. Tnsharpshooter

    White's Shovel Offering

    I think this may be new offering. Looks good, I don't have one,,yet. https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/ground-hawg-shovel/
  10. It's probably just me, but I'm trying to figure out if there is any difference in a Lesche Sampson T-handle and the Lesche Sampson Pro-series T-handle shovel. I found a couple for $59 not stating Pro-series, then I find the same shovel Pro-series with a gold sticker for $150. They seem identical. Am I missing something? Also, I can't find their website. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I just don't like the scoops with a longer sharp point on the digging end as they tend to rotate as you dig down. I prefer the more rounded tip. Now if I could just find a scoop with absolutely NO HOLES?? My lower back doesn't like gold digging in the creek when I am bent over doing it or throwing rocks. Severe lower back pain afterwards. Any suggestions? If I had me a beach scoop with no holes and a kick thing in back, I could dig standing straight up I think and just lift the scoop up to my highbanker or sluice and maybe wear a lower back support thing. as well. The joys of being over 60 and stuck at an office desk job all week. Most of my running around at work stopped after our mainframe computer was junked. Network is nice but no legwork nowadays. -Tom
  12. So i found a guy who makes custom metal detecting pouches, its called jolly roger leather works, his name is ken and he started making pouches just this january. He has really great pouches i have ordered one and have spoke to ken a few times now and talk about great service, unbelievable. I am not affiliated with him i just happened across the website and the day after i found him he happened to be on the beyond sight and sound podcast. I just wanted to put this out there if you are like me and just really want something nice and customizable and something to last a very long time you should really check him out. I am super excited about his pouches.
  13. I thought I'd compile a list of things that are useful in our world, but that often make some of us say "no kidding, where did you find that?" 1. Floating buddy: This device can be easily constructed from common materials. wood, pvc, chicken wire, staples and zip ties. 2. Push in to screw on connector: allows less common push in connectors found on machines like the Land Ranger Pro to receive more common screw on coils. Can be purchased for $19.95 3. Flashlight/pinpointer holder: very handy for hunting at night in the cooler hours or mounting an underwater flashlight for underwater hunting. Easily holds a pinpointer as well. Can be purchased for around $5-$8 4. Waterproof box for Garrett Ace series: simply unmount your Ace 250-400 control box, mount this box in its place, and insert control box into the waterproof housing. Can be purchased for around $90 5. Folding shaft: relatively new device that can convert your metal detector into a fold and go. A little pricey at around $50. 6. Audio jack light/vibrator: great for the deaf or hearing impaired to be able to enjoy or remain in the hobby. Prices range from several dollars for the light and up. Price and availability of the vibrator varies. 7. Golf tees as markers: great for temporarily marking spots and questionable targets for later investigation or digs. As little as $9.95 for 120 8. Earth Magnets: grab a rope, toss it into lakes, rivers, streams etc and you're magnet fishing. Of course it will not work on non-ferrous metals, but then sometimes ferrous metals house non-ferrous items. Prices vary from $20 and up depending on pull.
  14. Nope, I don't have a shovel - Lesche for parks, pick for prospecting. Your question would be great for a new thread. Haha, Steve...I assume the leche means you are not just doing surface work....you got to dig for the deep silver. Do you cut a plug or go for the slit, pry the cut open and then dig? fred
  15. So I've had my AT Gold for about a month now and have not been able to use it due to weather. I took a trip to the California bay area 2 weeks ago and got turned at Donner Pass. Luckily it was only for about an hour. I spent a day in San Francisco at Alcatraz then later at Pier 39. The next day a took a drive down to Santa Cruz in hopes of the weather clearing up but all it did was rain. My days off are during the week so it sucks everyone's working when I'm off lol. Now we are expecting another storm here in the Reno area so no hopes in using it this week either. So far I have the AT Gold detector and a pin pointer and just ordered a coil cover. Does anyone have any other items that they recommend that I will need?
  16. Gday folks and Merry Xmas to all Could anybody please tell me who the manufacturer of the Hook and Spoon red tipped crevice tool is, this would be mostly appreciated thanks
  17. Both my big and little pick where looking a bit worse for wear lately, but they both still have nice sturdy handles on them so I decided to have a go at fixing them. To replace the big pick would probably cost me a couple of hundred bucks. My mate Steve gave me the material , a piece of car leaf spring. I used a 4½" angle grinder with a cut off disc to cut the pieces I needed, (don`t force the grinder, just let the grinder do the work and you wont tear hell out of the disc). I own a 240 volt, 15 amp inverter stick welder that I bought on ebay, ( I have no idea what the equivalent would be in the States), I fitted the new material to the the back of the pick blades, and welded them length ways only, NOT, across the blades, with low hydrogen rods. I wanted to use them for a couple of days before I told the world how clever I was, and I gotta say these new picks are great, so much easier to dig with. Much better than when they were new off the shelf. I`ve only used them 3 days so I still have to see how they stand up, but at the moment I am very happy with them. Dave
  18. From https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/hexscoop/ "This HexScoop is built for metal detecting beaches and sandy areas. So what makes it different from all of the other sand scoops out there? With hexagonal-shaped holes the HexScoop has an edge over traditional square-mesh construction. Each hole is laser-cut at 7/16″ – so it’s the perfect size for smaller rings and jewelry that other scoops tend to loose, but offers enough surface area to allow wet sand to fall through with a good shake. Even though with the thick-wall stainless steel construction and reinforced handles, our large and medium HexScoops are light enough to drag behind you all day. The handheld model is perfect for getting down in the sand. Each scoop is emblazoned with a laser-cut White’s logo – perfect for showing the competition who runs the beach! The HexScoop is offered in three sizes: Large* – 8″ x 4.5″ opening $129.95 Medium* – 6.75″ x 4.5″ opening $119.95 Small – Handheld $84.95 *Large and medium scoops ship without a handle. We suggest purchasing a shovel handle from a local hardware store – it will float and give you several seasons of use, even in salt. Handle opening is 1 3/8″."
  19. I need a pick and have been looking at Bunks Hermit Pick this thing looks like a beast and heavy does anyone have any experience with the hermit pick the good the bad or the ugly.
  20. Not that I dont like a good heavy duty pick, I was just tired of carrying a large pick while using the GB2 since I never really have to dig too deep while using the 6.5 inch coil. I came across an ad in a gardening magazine for the HOE•DAG. It caught my eye due to the shape and a lifetime guarantee. The handle could be an inch or two longer but I think I will like it, I can always put a new handle on in the future. I will keep everybody updated when it arrives and get some use out of it. Obviously that will not be until the desert gets a dip in the weather. Also if anybody else has used a HOEDAG let me know what you think. -Mike
  21. What is your favorite pick? Do you like a heavy or light head? Handle length? What makes it special to you?
  22. Talking shovels, any of you Minelab guys ever seen a shovel like this?? 28 inches long, just a baby round pointed shovel. Was given to me by a guy that had several Minelab detectors.