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  1. Had a good day out with the GPZ 7000. First target of the day was a hot rock 8 inches deep in cemented gravels. Next target was over a foot into the cemented gravels, but this time it was the kind of hot rock I like...the heavy, yellow kind. A half ounce day in the Arizona desert can be hard to come by these days, but it’s still out there.
  2. I discovered a week or so ago that the American one dime is 7½% smaller than the Australian five cents I normally use, so I bought one on ebay. I think a couple of bucks is a small price to pay to get bigger gold. Here is some pieces I got on my last outings. They`re way bigger now.
  3. Great day out yesterday with my mate Bazza , sun was shinning bull ants where biting and them march flies where the size of small planes lol. Hit a new spot just out of Cressy and worked an area no bigger that 15 meters x 15 meters and came up with 14 little bits and some nice little bits in quartz. GPZ SDC combo with a lot of raking shoulders a little sore this morning. Still having trouble running in normal, seem to be digging a lot of ghost targets around them trees but i just can't walk away. (any advice would be great) Hope everybody is getting yellow. Regards Rockett.
  4. Well i am headed back north to Wyoming this Tuesday so my time in the desert is done for this year ,did not find any thing big but had a great time down here detecting with my brother and all the rest of our friends here you know who you are,Thanks for the memories and good times. Here are our desert finds
  5. Hi guys, Had intentions to head off for a full days mission that required a bit of a drive to get where I wanted to go. The weather put a stop to that. Woke to heavy rain & a few phone calls to people in the area I was heading said it was just drizzling & not looking to settle in. An hour later they phoned back to say, no it is bucketing down. So that was that. Did a few chores around home & just after midday the rain was over & the sun was out. Too late in the day to head where I wanted to so I just did a local area close to home for the afternoon. The usual old timer worked ground where they had exposed a lot of schist bedrock that is up on edge like pages of a book. The ideal gold trap if gold has passed over it. Which it obviously had & the old boys didn't get all of it but it is getting very hard to ping gold here now as I have thrashed it over the years. With the Zed & the hot settings......well....I have learned that anything on any given day is possible. I needed to go for a walk, & what better place to do it. So with the B&Z twin speaker set up purring away, The Zed on high yield/normal. Soil smoothings off, sensitivity on 19, I was into it. My very first signal, or was it, was very iffy to say the least. Another of those, was it imagined or was there something there. Not one of those hits that really pulls you up. But I was swinging very slowly & lightly scrapping the schist bedrock. Only one way to be sure. Scrape a bit of the schist out. Well...that improved the "imagined" signal. And it wasn't a shot gun pellet. .05 of a gram but off to a good start. First signal....first bit of gold. Hope that continues. It didn't but the odds turned out to be not to bad all up. The bonus of having been over this ground so many times over the years is that there isn't much rubbish left, nor gold too to be honest, but also I know where the "hot" spots are so focus on those. My next signal was another faint whisper from a crevice in the schist bedrock. Two crevices & it took a little bit of scrapping to work out which one had the signal. But we got there. Another small one at .10 of a gram. Twice as big as the first piece. You will notice a pattern developing with the schist bedrock, the angle of the schist & the up on edge like pages of a book nature of the schist, & the gold all being in the same location deep within those folds of the schist. Next signal was a better hit & had me smacking out a fair bit of soft schist to get down to it. It started out like the crevice above it & the signal was still in there. Ye Ha. Finally it was out .52 of a gram. WOW...over half a gram. 5 times the size of the 2nd piece. Things are looking up. Next signal was exactly the same type of scenario. Again, deep into the folds of the schist. But not as deep & not as "big" but I will take it. I called it quits after that one. So four for not even one gram but it was a fun afternoon & only half a dozen shot gun pellets. Cheers. Best of luck out there JW
  6. Little Speci

    Out yesterday and found this nice little Yuma gold specimen ,not a big find but a nice one just a bit over 2 grams
  7. Last Thursday February 8, 2018 got into the field. I'm calling the first one a "nerdle" because when I detected it I really did not know what I had until I got it home and cleaned it up. It set off the Zed, but I had a hard time seeing any gold. The only thing I knew when I left the field for the day was that it was something natural as opposed to man-made, and it was not ferrous. After getting it home and putting it in an acid bath, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the ZED was much smarter than I, and unbelievably sensitive. About an hour later and a whole lot of walking I came upon this little tributary running off of a ridge, the dirt was very red, lots of decomposed quartz and granite, and I snagged this little piece. Any detector should have been able to find this one. It was only about 4 inches down, right in the middle of the gully on the downhill side of a bush. Doc, Doc's Detecting Supply Authorized Minelab Dealer Minelab Certified Gold Machine Trainer
  8. Sorry, I couldn't resist. It's my own personal record that I broke. Not sure what it weighs, I didn't even try.
  9. I charged my batteries over night ready for an early start Saturday morning to get up in to the hills on a bit of a mission walk in to an area. Saturday morning arrived & for some reason my mind set wasn't really into it. I think it was daunting task of the long up hill battle to walk in there. So that location wasn't going to happen. I ended up just doing a mid afternoon until dark, to escape the hottest time of the day, in a local area. In all honesty I still wasn't really mentally ground balanced for it but it was due to rain the next day, which is today Sunday & it is raining, so glad I went in the end. It took a while to get an imagined signal. You know the ones. Is it or isn't it. If it was it was ever so faint & not always there. I had my doubts but I scraped at the ground with my boot to clear the area a tad. It was in a bit of a gutter between to parallel runs of up on edge schist bed rock. I still wasn't convinced & was about to walk away & carry on but thought I would give it a scrape with the pick to make sure. That improved things some what & I heard the unmistakable sound of soft signal. A few more scrapes & I was scraping the up on edge schist. Always the most perfect trap for gold. I was now hacking into & breaking out the schist. Getting down a wee bit now & the signal had really improved. I was now getting down into a schist crevice & still chasing the signal down. It was proving to be an epic battle & I was having trouble exactly pin pointing it. It was too far to go back to my wagon for either the GB2 or the GM 1000 as I hadn't taken either one with me. Sort of wish I had now. The crevice just got deeper & the schist tougher to break out. Pinching in all the time. I racked my fingers through the crevice bottom to get out the material. Risking cutting my fingers on the edges of the sharp schist running in the same direction. I had thoughts of back filling it & coming back at a later time but no.....I couldn't do that. I was getting over it though. I was going to go for a walk to see if I could find a bit of wire to make a crevice scraper. I used a bit of the broken out schist to save my fingers & finally the signal had moved. Note the rare earth magnet in the base of the pick handle & bits of iron sand sticking to it. What a mission that was. I was glad it was over. Was it worth it? It was gold. All .18 of a gram of it It was a loooong time between that & the next "promising" signal. I was up on the top edge of a tailings race cut through the schist bedrock. It was an area where I had got a few bits back in my GP 3000 days & also on a revisit with the 4500. The promising signal, which came from that bottom dig there, was an iron stone hot rock. But there was a 2nd faint little hit above it. Another bit of a mission dig to smash out the schist, again up on edge, & locate the target. Gold it was. Another .18 of a gram bit I did get another very faint signal & after a bit of a dig I was confident that it was gold. Once it had moved I just could not get it again. Not having the GB2 or the GM 1000 with me I had to walk away from it. But I know where it is. So grand total of two bits for .36 of a gram. No catch & release. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  10. Spent half a day last Saturday detecting at Quartzsite and found a couple little beauties.
  11. I haven't been out detecting in over a year and probably twice in the past three years. Last time out was with a new to me SDC2300 with my 9 year old. He thought it was too heavy so I got him a Gold Monster. Now he is 10 years old and we finally got out today for a couple hours between soccer and basketball games. Being an avid prospector and mainly an electronic prospector for many many years, I dropped all prospecting to spend time with my kids. It almost feels like I don't remember how to do it anymore? But like riding a bike, it all came back as soon as we arrived at our hunting grounds. What settings to use? Having only read Steve H's thread on the Gold Monster I figured we were good to go. I was right. Six targets and four of them yellow in a two hour hunt. Nothing big, but that doesn't matter. We had a great time. First target with the new detector was gold! Nice way to break it in. We hunted in discrimination mode and figured out this machine pretty quick. Targets that repeat back and forth were the answer. The size of the target versus the signal response are amazing. I trained Slater for the first two targets on how to recover targets and now I feel we can go out and he can do this on his own. Digging all targets is always the way to go, but to go out and use a machine that only sounds off on non-ferrous targets was great for a 10 year old. What a great, easy detector! And it finds tiny gold! We took a bunch of pictures but I am only going to post the picture of the little gold nuggets on the coil when we got home. No smiling face, but I can assure you he had a BIG smile! I think my smile was bigger though...
  12. Sorry I have not been in the loop the last week, as I was down South. Thanks for the invite from my clients and friends. We had a fabulous time down there in Yuma and digging up the gold. No monster stories to tell, at least not about the gold nuggets, but I was able to dust off my GPZ-7000 and find my 1st piece of 2018. What a great way to kick start my year. Just a little one at .4 gram...but sometimes the hunt and the folks in the hunt are even better. I hope I get the invite again and looking forward to seeing all my clients and friends who winter down there or anywhere if you invite me. I might even do a little training for you too.
  13. Just saw this over on Rob’s forum: http://forums.robsdetectors.com/topic/12451-the-best-day-ever-minelab-gpz-7000/ Congrats Rob!
  14. Was out today and found my smallest piece of gold to date with my 7000 today, the little bugger came in at .03 of a gram
  15. My brother just shared me a few photos of his 1st GPX-5000 nugget for 2018 and it is a dandy at 17.5 grams It was deep too and no other detectors found it. How is this for depth??? A Sun Baker with part of it exposed. There is even a little plant flower with 1 leaf that was growing in the mud of a crevice in the nugget. I can't wait to see the video. Yes there are still a few nuggets out there near the surface. What is the biggest gold you have ever found on the surface? I'd love to see and hear about them.
  16. Just kidding As detecting goes, 2017 was not kind to me. Probably the worst year I`ve had since I moved to the gold fields. My best year was the first year I bought the GPX5000. I put in a pretty big effort last year with the 19" coil for very little result but I intend to use it a fair bit again this year. I don`t do this for the money and I would really like to find a big deep bit. Any way here is some of the gold I found in 2017. I hope we all find more gold in 2018 cheers Dave
  17. Hi there you lot, Happy Prosperous & Prospecting New Year to you all. Hope you all had a joyess festive season & that 2018 sees you getting your share of the precious yellow metal. My last day of detecting in 2017 was on the 23rd of December where I went to a couple of old timer turned over gully workings. It was a stinking hot day & I was struggling in the heat & dry conditions. Hard ground & lots of shot gun pellets & general junk. I moved on to a run of old prospect pits that now had power lines running down them. I struggled here back in my PI days with EMI but did manage a few bits with small mono coils. Tried DD's & in cancel mode but no joy. So I tended to avoid these workings. When I first got the Zed I hit them & got a few small bits. That was in the conservative settings. This time I was running the hot settings. Sensitivity flicking between 18-20. It was a tad noisy due to the power lines & the hot settings, but nothing I didnt think I could handle now being so use to the hot settings. A signal still leaps out amongst it all. My first signal was not long in coming. A sassy bit of gold. Looking back up towards the power lines. There was of course the usual shot gun pellets but then another sweet signal came in. Another small bit of gold. Yet another wee signal. And a tiny bit of gold for the Zed. Close to the power lines & another signal on the top of a throw out pile. Another tiny bit of gold. I then had a play with the the Gold Monster. Deep All Metal mode & flicking between Auto+ & Manual 10 sensitivity. No head phones, just the detectors internal speaker with volume down a few notches as it is plenty loud enough. Scoop a must so the coil doesn't pick up on your hand. After numerous shot gun pellets I was finally rewarded with a tiny piece of the good stuff. I managed one more small piece with the Monster before calling it quits for 2017. So 2 for the monster. And Four for the Zed. For the grand total of 1.06 grams At least I wasn't skunked & I was happy to end 2017 with a bit of gold to show for my last day of detecting for the year. The next day, Christmas Eve day, Mrs JW & I packed our gear, the jet boat, & headed to the South Westland coast for a few days. Mrs JW had a wedding to video on the Wednesday so we took two cars as I was going to stay on for a few more days as the weather was looking to be good. Which is unusual for the West Coast. While Mrs JW was there we did a jet boat run up the Aarawhata River to my mates bush camp. When we got there he had just returned from further up the river & was tying up his jet boat. He got a hell of a surprise to see us rock up. We went up to his camp & he put the billy on. He was planning on coming out that evening as it was due to rain that night & when it rains on the Coast it can RAIN & the river can become very ugly very quickly. So after our brew we headed on down the river & to a mates place of my friend. Which suited Mr's JW sleeping wise. It rained that night but not too bad. Next day the Arawhata was up quite a bit & the boat launching area was under water. So that was a no go. So we went to the Jackson river & did a run up from there up to Lake Ellery. That was stunning. To be continued........ Good luck out there. JW
  18. Thought I’d start a thread where folks can post there first gold finds of the new year. Here’s mine:
  19. This morning i woke up at the usual time of 5am and got my gear together , this time i used my Explorer 11 and the Pro coil . I got to the beach at around 7am and it was still dark . I looked at the usual beaches and saw that the beaches had started to build up , i was working for the last few days and i have heard that it wasn't bad during that time because of bad weather . But now it was looking poor . So i walked to a few beaches further along and found that the beaches were looking good . Normally i wouldn't search here due to my normal beaches being very productive . So i got started and i started to find coinage in small pockets or scuffed out areas next to groins . I was thinking it would be really nice to find a ring along here as i have only found 1 Gold ring this far along and that was in 2014 for a person who had lost it and asked me to look for it . I found that with my Terra 705 in less that 5 minutes after it had been lost for most of the day and gone through a hide tide. I found that as i was going along that coinage was being found in a long line and then i came up against a target that read on my Explorer 11 ??? (on the ET it reads 12 21) and i dug it thinking 20p piece . By the time i had scooped out 6 inches of sand and shingle from the hole i saw a ring . I had my magnifying glass with me so checked it out and i saw 916 which i know to be 22k . That got me all fired up but i couldn't find any more rings . I did find more coinage and by the end at around 12 midday i had £30.80p and a decimal old Half Penny and the what i now know to be 6.2 g 22 k Gold ring .In amongst the coinage is a lot of the older Pound coins which are not legal tender but can be taken to the bank and paid into an account. I will be out again but not sure when , tides are short and i might have a lack of time till next week.
  20. Merry Xmass

    Found on the 23rd December 16 inches down next to the old iron bark tree. Found by my gold partner Bazza with our GPZ 7000. Hi to the boys at the Dunolly Caravan Park. LOLA gives her love. Happy new year to all and happy hunting there still out there. Thanks Nanxxx
  21. Yellow gold nuggets from mother earth are the white snow flakes from the winter gods. Each one of these discovered treasures has their own story. In the eyes of the owner, the descriptions of nuggets and the photos our minds make up are so varied. I have been fortunate to find my share and even more so to catch a few with my camera. Lets see some of your favorite digs and their respected names. My 1st is: Gerry's Giraffe
  22. Last Gold Of 2017

    My last trip of 2017 took me to a small prospect I had never visited before and so as an exploration trip more time was spent scoping out the area than actually detecting. Still, I surprised myself by banging this little 3.1 gram specimen almost immediately with the Gold Monster. I did not know it at the time of course but it was my last gold for 2017. I will get back to the area in 2018 now that I know how to get there!
  23. Come on people! Where are your Christmas nuggets? If you can believe it, this one is under an ounce. I call it a potato chip. Very flat.
  24. Dave and I went out last Sunday and had some success. First I heard a slight but repeatable whisper in the center of a flat wash. Dug down about 20 inches and got an attractive 3 gram nugget. I really am amazed I found a nugget that small, that deep Next I headed to the other side of little valley and hit a wash (tiny drainage) I wasn't expecting much but came across these 2 nice specie. They cleaned up pretty nice. Very spongy gold, again impressed with the 7000. Dave found a nice 2 gram sunbaker!! Chris