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  1. My prospecting partner from San Diego and I made a quick trip down to Baja for some prospecting. The area is an old placer site about 190 miles south of the border. He's been detecting the area for over 20 years, from Gold Bug through Minelab 2200 and now with the GPZ. All the patches have been hit pretty hard but we managed to scrape up a few nice pieces. We had 3 good days of detecting, I spent one day on the old patches and the rest of the time exploring for new spots. My nugget total was half of his since he opted to stay on the old patches. We drove as far as we could up an old wash then traveled another 2 to 3 miles by motorbike, then hiked another mile or so up some steep canyons. He uses a Yamaha Big Wheel trail bike, I used my newest prospecting steed the Rokon 2 wheel drive mototractor. The Rokon is a terrain traveling son of a gun, if you can hang on. I managed to dump it a couple times, invariably in bowling ball sized rocks or on steep boulder strewn hills. I'm still nursing a bruised ankle after that 200 lb machine came down on top of me pinning my leg and ankle underneath. It's definitely not for the faint of heart or those that are 2 wheel vehicle balance challenged (like me). All my falls occurred from momentary indecision and hesitation. The solution seems to be pick a line, then hit the gas or stay at home. My nuggets all came from a single wash where recent rains had blown out some of the overburden leaving bedrock within detector depth. My partner pulled almost an oz swinging low and slow over the old hillside placer diggings. This was really our tune up trip, preparing for an extended trip another 300 miles south after Christmas.
  2. Tom(CA) and I have been working a site that we researched that's produced several 1850's - 1860's seated coins, and some rogue early 1900's coins, as well as a variety of period relics. We tried to get one more trip in before Old Man Winter completely shut us down, and it did in fact shut us down, but not before I finally, got something I've been looking for for a long time, and after watching others find them over the years (I saw Tom dig three!!!), I was starting to think it would never happen. Well it finally happened, and it turned out to be a good one, an 1865 San Francisco minted Liberty Half Eagle!! Here she is out of the hole: Here she is rinsed off: Here's a video of the hunt: Less than 100 known, Mintage: 27,612 Although the mintage of the 1865-S is quite a bit higher than the mintages of the S Mint Half Eagles from 1858 to 1864, it compares in overall rarity to the 1858-S, 1860-S and 1863-S and is only slightly less rare than the others. Almost all known examples of this date are well worn with VF and lower being all one can expect to find. The 1865-S ranks second in the entire $5 series according to average grade and I do not know of a specimen that would grade better than EF. The very few specimens that I have seen were rather softly struck and the mintmark was always quite weak. Thanks for looking, hopefully the next one comes easier
  3. I happened upon this toad today. Just under 2 Oz. 59.8 grams!
  4. Welsh Gold

    A good prospecting colleague posted this elsewhere, Where some very rare welsh Gold sold for a very high price breaking the record of past sales, John. http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/prince-harry-gold-nuggets-auction-13968136
  5. It's been very hard to believe in my detector and I really got discourage at times finding nothing but junk on every target. Finally after a week of detecting every day for 3 or 4 hours or more I found something. It's not much but I no it works now. My GM 1000 will not be paid off any time soon at this rate but it sure beats sitting on my butt everyday waiting for the seasons to change.
  6. Last few years I have been working a nice stretch of land with many small creeks and tribs feeding them. The primary large ones apparently are the ones that the early miners worked and the ones I have focused on. I would work the banks, tailing piles and pretty much clear any targets out of the way. Over the years I have cleared sections of trash and gold that stretch up to a half a mile long along the creeks. I have basically cleaned it up pretty good. I still have miles of creeks to clean up downstream of these creeks that are littered with tailing piles. But before i do that I wanted to purchase a larger coil to hit some spots that I cleaned up. Thanks to Luke I am now a proud owner of the 18" Elite that I am taking out his morning to hit some of those areas I cleaned up. Hopefully there are some deep ones lurking ... Friday Morning : Today was the day....was working a bench way above the present creek and after an hour in a spot I been with other coils multiple times , the 18" elite groaned with a nice sharp deep tone...digging down about 15 inches out came this nice little 4.27 gram placer nugget. Outside of it being a bit heavy...the coil is extremely stable in medium ground, I was running it hot 14 gain, stab 8, enhanced mode, the 4500 purrred like a kitty. I've dug some deep targets ...the key with these large coils is to go very, very slow and use a bungee support system...found I could swing this 5 hours without to much discomfort. Overall I am very happy with the Elite! Thanks again Luke!
  7. We were out a couple of days ago and detected these nuggets with the GM 1000. Temperatures were right at 32 degrees and the ground was wet and slightly frozen in a few places. One of the guys got a 6 gram nugget. My Gold Bug 2 is in for repair, so I was using the Gold Monster. It is more sensitive than the GB 2, but certainly more difficult to handle. The signals are not as friendly and the chirps on every blade of grass is annoying. But you can get gold with the Monster.
  8. Well this is a sweet deal.... Read it and weep..... http://www.geologypage.com/2017/05/giant-gold-nugget-found-california.html
  9. I had a couple of productive days in a new area me and my buddy Dave have been checking out. First was last Sunday, I found a wash that gave up 8 nuggets, 6 for me and 2 for Dave, then I found a few small pieces in a couple of nearby tributaries. Ended up with about 8.8 grams. Then today we tried an area nearby, and I guess I got the lucky wash. I was able to dig up 11grams, biggest was 4.9. Two nuggets came out of the same hole. Dave and I hiked a lot and dug a bunch of bullets. Deep ones on bedrock, a bunch of heartbreak digs. Worn out we called it a day. It was a beautiful day to be out prospecting. Chris
  10. I took a break today from the remodeling of the apartment to go out and swing. I hit a 'new' spot first and then a couple of old spots. I found the .22 lead and #6 shot gun bbs. When I took a break I decided to use JP's booster for the first time. I hooked it on my hat and attached it to the WM12. I had the Zed on 12 and 13 on the volumes. When I put on the booster I moved both of them back to 8 and went about my detecting. I took the threshold down from 27 to 25 and had audio smoothing on high. It was in semi-auto based upon what I read recently. The sound with the power from the booster is more full. I liked it and of course I could turn it louder than I needed. I was detecting near a previous deep scrape when I heard another piece of trash scream at me. When scooping it all the bigs were gone and no wire and out jumped the little nugget (.16g) I slowed down and got another one a 2" and it was a little bigger at .24g. After a bit of a grid I heard one under a little bush and that one was 5 inches for .6g. All three were in a 20x20 ft area and found within 30 minutes. Nothing else was found for the day. Later I used the booster with the 2300 on the same location and could not find any more. I had to use an external speaker this time because it is very uncomfortable with the short wire of the booster then the connection to the headphones. The 2300 is an odd thing to swing on a bungy anyway. It did make it so I could hear it clearly. Anyway ... 3 nuggets, 1 g. A fun day.
  11. Hey all.... I was out last weekend in an area I had been a few times before. After spending some time hunting the 'trashy' side of the gully. I made my way over to a spot where I picked up a couple right on the surface a few months earlier. The day I found the 'first two' I spent the rest of the day scouring the immediate area for any other 'easy' nuggets. Ended the day with just the two... So anyways, I kept looking at that spot and thinking there is no way I got the last two nuggets from this little 'patch'. My 5000 was running real smooth with the 11" Commander mono and I was running sensitive extra, gain 13, stabilizer 10, motion slow. I was just creeping along, investigating anything that made a peep. After 45 minutes or so, I picked up on an intermittent signal. It was there about half the time. I discovered that I couldn't swing directly over it because there was a large, buried quartz rock that the coil would bump if I kept it on the ground. If I lifted the coil off just a bit, the signal wasn't there anymore. I was able to get the target signal consistently if I swung the coil in a crescent motion hugging the side of the quartz 'boulder'. So I started to dig. Got down a couple inches and there's a dark grey/black rock and I'm thinking, 'oh, great...Hot rock'. It was about the size of a grapefruit when I got it out of the hole. Not a hot rock, and target still there and definitely a target now. Two more grapefruit sized 'wannabe hot rocks' and now it's screaming. I'm down about 10 inches and starting to scrape crumbly bedrock. Another inch or two, and out pops this beautiful 1 gram nugget. Luke
  12. Did my choirs all morning and by noon time thought I'd go out for a quick hunt. The days have been nice and cool, ground soft after a few days rain so I went to the usual spots I have been clearing up of iron trash and nuggets. After about 2 hours of wandering, paying attention to my swing speed and listening very carefully I got this sweet mellow tone...along the bank of a small creek, digging down about 7 inches I found this sweet little nugget 1.47 grams.
  13. Hi guys, It has been a couple of weekends since I was able to head out for a detect. My eldest son, his wife & their little 8 month old son (my grandson, Archie) came down for a 6 day long weekend to stay with us two weeks ago. Smile for grand dad. Cute little bugger....just like his grand dad. Saturday just gone I headed off & finally was able to get into an area that had been out of bounds for over a month due to lambing ewes. Ye Ha...they had gone. So I headed on over to a far gully where I had never missed coming home with gold since my GP 3000 days. My last stint in here was with the Zed & the conservative settings, which had produced for me. Now that I am dialed in to the hotter settings & got my head around the extra noise with sensitivity up to 18-20, high yield & normal I have been dying to get back into this area. Oh no....I had left my phone at home on the charger in my early morning rush out the door to beat the heat. I had also taken my drone to get some footage of some further away gorges & gullies to scope out there possibilities. Save me a long walk & a lot of time. No phone....no fly the drone....damn Also no photos I ended up getting 13 pieces of tiny gold. 10 with the Zed & 3 with the GB2. Nothing bigger at depth which is what I was hoping & what I have been getting with the hotter settings. Not today though, bugger. I was detecting by 7.30 am & didn't stop until 3pm. Had a late lunch & then decided to go for a bit of a walk to one of these gorges. Saw a few prospect holes here & there but nothing to show any serious activity. It was nice to get into the shade of the gorge & out of the heat. I then walked up to the top of a spur & looked down into the next gorge. I didn't bother walking down into it but just had a look with my binoculars. Didn't see anything to excite me & it was stinken hot so I then packed it in & headed home at 7pm. Next day Mrs JW was keen to go exploring. We decided to stay local & went up the Arrow river which involves many river crossings in the 4WD. The river is for a lot of the trip the road. At the end of the "road" is Macetown, an old gold ghost town which initially was alluvial gold but then gold bearing quartz reefs were discovered & worked for many years. We hadn't planned to go that far & on a shady inside bend I decided to set up the sluice box. I wasn't holding my breath on getting much....if anything as we haven't had a good flood in ages to replenish the flood gold. Being a public recreational fossicking area it is thrashed & every other bend we went past had some one set up doing just what we were doing. I hadn't done this form of gold finding for a couple of years. It was nice to be in the cool but my rock wrestling days are over. I ended up putting two classified buckets of material thru & saw nothing. Mrs JW lurking in my dig hole. The Arrow has a lot of iron sand & hot rocks. I had a play with the Gold Monster & GB2. Being use to running both of these flat out I had to back off settings to get rid of the iron sand & hot rocks so that counted out any hope of getting gold. I did get some rusty iron junk....which is all I expected to get in this hugely worked river back in the gold rush days. A lot of sluicing & high terrace sluicing was carried out for years. So lots of old timer trash. The original river bed is a long was down, having been buried with heaps of sluiced tailings. I decided to head up to an area that was discovered a few years ago now that is way up high above the river. It has been thrashed by many people both by bagging material & throwing it off the cliff down to the river below & put through sluice boxes, & by detectorists. It is on the edge of some old high terrace workings of either an old ancient much bigger river system, or glacial material. I found numerous small pieces with the SDC 2300 about three years ago. Hadn't been back since & by the looks of the steep climb up to here & the growth over the track it didn't look like there had been much activity for a while. I took up the Gold Monster & the GB2. There was a large prospect dig that someone had done since I was last up here. I had a go with the GB2 but got nothing. Moved on to the "old" worked area & it had had a bit more work done on it since I was last here. Wasn't long with the GB2 that I got a faint little hit operating in full max sensitivity, low mineralisation & audio boost. Tiny typical GB2 gold These pics show how much material has been removed to expose the schist bed rock. The river way down below In this photo you will see high sluiced workings across on the other side of the river top center of pic. The lead of gold ran from those workings through to where I am detecting ( so crossed the river or more to the point the river has cut through the ancient run of gold & behind me is another large sluiced area which I will show after this next pic. Which is a zoomed up pic of the distant workings & shows two very high pinnacles that didn't break down under the hydrolic monitor. You can see the shadows, like a sundial pointing to 4 o'clock. The sluiced workings just behind where I was detecting. They are at the same elevation of the workings across the other side of the river & they actually continue on past a side creek that flows into the Arrow River to the right of this pic. After that the run of gold was lost & there was no further same type material. I then got another very faint hit with the GB2 but on trying to retrieve it I lost it. After a bit of mucking around & spreading out there material I got the gold monster on to it, but was having to scrub the bed rock & I was getting falsing signals. I eventually got the signal into my scoop with the GM 1000. Notice Mrs JW tucked into the shadow of a bush to get out of the sun. Look how tiny that is. Initially found with the GB2 but recovered with the GM 1000. I stuck with the GM 1000 & got a very faint hit in the schist bed rock cracks. Another sassy tiny bit of gold And another That was it though. I was quite surprised to get anything knowing how this spot had been thrashed by more than my detectors. I know a gold bug has been up here numerous times as I spied him a few times when I came to have a look. So 4 bits he missed. Didn't break any records though. But a bit of fun & a bit of a novelty. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  14. Just a picture or two showing some gold from the Redding area....I moved on south a ways and will try again tomorrow. Too much rain up there!!!! 20171118_141432.mp4
  15. I don't know who found it but they were using a 5000 and Norvic does not use it any more so ... http://www.medianet.com.au/releases/148093/ you missed it! Mitchel
  16. I`ve got a bench at home that`s been getting more and more cluttered and yesterday I decided to have a clean up. In amongst all this stuff, I came across a jar that had this speci in it. I have no memory of it, so I asked the better half about it, and she has no memory of it either, but seeing I don`t remember it she`s claiming ownership, and that`s OK because I really don`t think it`s mine. I recon there is at least a half a gram of gold in this piece and neither of us remember it. It may have been on the bench for 5 or 6 years
  17. Had a few days to detect out at Rye Patch, Nevada before the 3-day detector training class put on by Gerry’s Detectors. The weather was perfect - sunny and low 70’s. I was keen to see how the new update would handle the alkali-rich soil in conjunction with the GPZ-19 coil. Although the ground was dry, there was still a fair bit of moaning and groaning ground response with the large coil, but Locate Patch smoothed it out quite well, and favoring a faster swing speed allowed for increased ground coverage. After 20 minutes or so of operating in the Auto Ground Balance mode to allow the detector to get a good ferrite balance to the local soil, I switched over to Semi-Auto, as there didn’t seem to be much ferrite present. I was impressed with the depth and sensitivity to the small nuggets I was finding, the deepest at 14 inches gave a reasonable signal response from the get-go. All up 9 grams between 20 nuggets. The two thin bits in the lower left were found with a quick detect using the Gold Monster 1000 on an old patch.
  18. Bit Of Local Gold

    Just returned from my annual trip away (that's another story for another day), I've been out 3 times detecting since getting home and two of those were training sessions. Yesterday morning it was my turn to do my own thing for a few hours before the heat beat me to a pulp. A few minutes later and I had a plucky 1 gram nugget on a continuation of a spot I detected with my son Timothy back in July (got AU$800 worth off there for the session, much to the delight of his pocket book). There is a fair amount of trash and the obligatory shot gun and 22 bullets along with the added hassle of a high voltage power line, so I had to concentrate on the wide broad deeper sounding targets mixed in with the Sferic and 50 Hz noise, 3 hours of this and you find yourself needing a little lay down. This location is also problematic because it is on a slope above a straight flowing gully so the coil is opened up to even more interference dependent on where you are working on the slope. Long story short I plucked some nice gold for the effort which made the little lay down later on justifiable. Interestingly I pinged a solid 5 gram chunk in my old scrape from the 5000 days, a boomer signal for the GPZ and not that deep so can only assume the quieter running GPZ 7000 was clearly an advantage in a high EMI area. Just below it I got a nice deep warble that made my skin goose bump and sure enough 16 inches down a 13 gram slugster came to light pushing the mornings total to 23 grams of 97%-98% Clermont golden goodness. Considering I spent 2 weeks in WA this year without a piece of gold this was pure heaven especially since I have more signals to investigate over the next few days. The GPZ still continues to amaze me, if only it was lighter and more manageable so that other people could tap into its potential more fully. The weight really does detract from good detecting practices with this technology. The Super D coils really do need to be kept above saturation effect for maximum depth on the deeper pieces, the coil sweep also needs to be evenly controlled, all vital methods that are are adversely impacted upon due to too much outright weight for the average user. JP
  19. I got out to Tarnagulla today for about 4hrs and more often than not I come home from Tarnagulla empty handed but today I managed to get these three. There`s got to be a big one there somewhere waiting for me (I hope), but these three go 0.85 gram Dave
  20. My Apprentership Tally for the 2017 Season in Western Australia, 715 pieces of gold, Biggest nugget was 10.87grams, smallest was 0.09grams. Biggest patch was 62 nuggies in an area not much bigger than my 14ft caravan. All found with the mighty Zed. Gold is sectioned in the photo as explained : Top section and the small pile at the 9 o’clock position was from my trip early in the season ( roughly 3 months ) for 458 pieces. Small pile at the 8 o’clock position and remainder of the gold on the right lower section was from the latter trip of just over a month golding for 257 pieces. 9 o’clock & 8 o’clock piles was the 62 patch found on my last day of the early trip and clean up on the first day of the latter trip ( best patch bit was a 6 grammer with a total patch weight of 37.56 grams ) Total weight comes in at 11ounces ( possibly a tad more when I crush the speccies ) Cheers Ashley
  21. I went out for a few hour detect today and about half an hour in I got the little one where someone had scraped the ground and then walked away, but it came through nice and clear with the 7000. I got the bigger one as I was heading back to the vehicle. It was just the slightest change in the threshold and I thought it was ground noise, but once I was down about 4" it was giving off that lovely electronic warbly signal I like. It was down 12½" through hard packed gravel and then the last couple of inches was clay. It took me about 15 min to recover it. It SG`s at 2.63 grams. My best piece in quite a while
  22. Hi there Team, Headed off Saturday with all intentions to swing the 19" coil on my Zed. But it didn't happen......again, due to lambing ewe's in the paddock of my choice. The joys of spring time. It was all rather picturesque though with the wild thyme bushes out in purple flower. Not 19" coil friendly country. But gold in them hills none the less. Even in the old timers prospect pits & turned over gully workings. So I stuck with the 14" coil but upped my game from sensitivity 18 to full max 20, High Yield/ Normal. Tried General/normal but High Yield/Normal was the one. In my rush to head out the door I had left my Pro-Swing Harness behind I had recharged the B&Z booster batteries, the detector battery & the WM12 & put them in my back pack but not the harness. Result being I couldnt use the B&Z booster as the duel speakers & cables were on the harness. So I upped the WM12's volume to max & my back pack has the "D" ring on the shoulder straps in the same place as the Pro-Swing Harness so there was no problems with the detectors weight & clipping the bungy to the "D" ring on the pack. I hit a well flogged patch area so was detecting very slow coil sweeps just above the ground & with the swing arm keeping a very smooth, even & controlled motion to try to maintain a steady threshold. As steady as you can with the sensitivity up at 20, using that extra noise as my "new" threshold. It is amazing how a target signal lifts & stands out above that extra noise. Your mind & ear just seems to adjust to it & you can pick it out amongst the other noises. I wasn't long into it when I had my first "lift" in the "new" threshold. It wasnt deep & it was big either but it was gold. The next signal was very faint & after the initial scrape & dig it was still in the ground & I was into the rotten schist bedrock. So I was pretty confident that it wasn't going to be rubbish. I was hoping it would live on down & be a multi grammer, but then suddenly it was out. The biggest of the day at .7 of a gram The rest were pretty small to tiny. But the depth to size with the Zed still blows me away. I guess with sensitivity at 20 helps. Again...down into the rotten bedrock schist Almost a surface dweller. But look how small for that 14" coil. About 6" deep Still...not bad depth for the size of it Ended up with 13 bits. The smallest was .04 of a gram. Total of 2.34 grams. Better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  23. GB2 Gold

    G'day you lot, Now that we are well & truly into daylight saving, which gives us an extra hour of daylight after work in the evenings, & with the evening daylight increasing as we head into our summer it gives plenty of time do do evening detects localy around the Queenstown area. So one night after work this week I decided to take poor lonely neglected Mr Gold Bug 2 out for an evening stroll to some old exposed bedrock workings where I just knew there had to some small tiny gold hanging out in the schist cracks & crevices. Full max sensitivity, Low mineralization & Boost. Ground balanced with a slight rise on the downward pump. So running flat out & hot. I wasn't long into it when I had my first sweet little Zip Zip. Flick into discrimination & still zip zip. A few scrapes & it was out It was the right colour Not long after another sweet zip zip. Opened up a bit of a hole. Ended up with 3 bits out of that dig of which I didn't get a pic. Dont know why. From the 2nd pic above, with the river way down below, I moved along that flat bit beyond the scoop to where those three raised bits of bedrock schist are. I got a zip zip from the rubble in the middle one. A sassy bit of gold. Got two more signals from that same dig that both turned into lead fragments. Carrying on slowly over the bedrock I got a signal that lived on down a bit into a schist crevice. A tiny bit of gold This just carried on happening. I ended up with 11 small bits for just over half a gram before I decided to call it quits & head home. I did get my share of shot gun pellets & rubbish. A lot of it I chucked over into the river but some ended up in my pocket. It was a fun couple of hours. I do have a bit more to tell about a bit of a wake up call that I was greeted with at this spot. But that can wait for another time. Will tomorrow be my christening of my 19" coil?? Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  24. My Rye Patch Hunt

    Last week I had the chance to hunt with Lucky and Rudy at Rye Patch in Northern Nevada. My wife and I flew in to Sacramento and drove to Rye Patch for our club (WSPA) annual outing. This is my fourth outing with the club at Rye Patch. I found my first Rye Patch nugget with a GPX 4000 at this outing.in 2014. The next two years was a skunk. Last year I watched how the new GPZ 7000 was preforming compared to GPX 5000. I purchased the GPZ 7000 and it made the outing a more fun outing. With a little pointy fingers and detecting tips from Lucky and Rudy our trip was a very enjoyable one. First picture is Lucky and me holding the two largest nuggets we found. 4 grams and 3.3 grams. The hole is where I got the 3.3 gram nugget 18" deep. The last picture is my wife with one of her nuggets she found with the SDC 2300. Its nice being back in Hawaii warm weather until the next season.
  25. Saturday just gone our weekend weather forecast was not looking good with snow down to 800 meters up in the hills & rain elsewhere. I got up earlyish & looked out the window towards the western horizon. Black ominous clouds greeted my glance. BUGGER! Couldn't even see the distant hills/mountains. But as often happens those clouds just don't seem to come any closer to us but I wasn't holding my breath due to the forecast. I made no rush to get ready to head on out but waited it out for a few hours. By 11am things hadn't got any worse so I made the decision to give it a go. I was dying to try out the 19" coil but it was getting a bit late in the day to head to where I wanted to with the 19" coil. So I made the call to go closer to home & up into a bit of tiger country, which wasn't 19" coil friendly. Not that we have any tigers in NZ, or any other nasty stingy bitey things for that matter that can kill or make your day very unpleasant. Tiger country just being the type of country that tigers could easily hide in. You know, long grass & bushy scrubby country. It was in fact the very first place I swung the Zed when I got it. Being old ground that I had done well on with my GP 3000 & the 4500. The Zed scored me some more as well. That was using conservative settings. I had gone back there about a month ago with hotter settings expecting to get more. You may recall in that post that I had detected all morning & into the afternoon & had got no gold. After a late lunch stop & moving on to a spot further on I checked my settings. I always detect in High Yield/Normal & discovered that the Zed had gone back into the default setting of Difficult Ground. OH NO. So I had been in Difficult all that morning. Switched back to Normal & was on to gold in 5 minutes. I didn't have the time to go back over the mornings ground but thought that will be a good test in these higher settings & in NORMAL. Here is that past post. So anyway, I was off back to this spot to see the difference over this ground in NORMAL & not DIFFICULT. But the same hotter settings. 5 minutes from pulling up at the vehicle track end before the walk in, it started raining. SH!T..... There was a bank of black cloud enshrouding the southern end of the mountain range. Looked to be snowing up there. Bugger. I have come this far. Stuff it...I am going onwards. I packed a rain jacket, decided to leave the monster behind & hit the walking trail. The rain eased off but it was quite a bit cooler. By the time I got to the spot I was rugged up in winter garb. A biting cold southerly direct from Antarctica as this mountain range is the highest land mass between here & Antarctica. Snows up here any time of the year. The annual mean air temperature up the tops here is ZERO degrees Celsius. That is freezing point in our language. Got to the spot, rigged up & into it. Checked all my settings, Auto tuned, ground balanced over the ferrite ring & I was away. I started detecting down an old very shallow wash gutter from the old timers from their ground sluicing. They had dug it to bed rock, which wasnt very deep, throwing the dirt up on one side. Scanned those piles & got nothing. Wondered on down the gutter itself sweeping over the schist bedrock. Got a faint sweet signal next to a large slab of schist on the gutters bedrock bottom. Scraped away the shallow top soil & grassy bits to expose the schist bedrock. Can you see how tiny the gold is? Here you go. You will notice how the schist bedrock is layered. I stuck the coil back over the bedrock & got another sweet little signal. Scraped away at the schist but signal still there. With the pointy end of the pick I smacked it into one of the folds of schist & peeled up a layer. That got the signal out. . Another tiny bit Again I stuck the coil over the schist & another little signal. Peeled out more layers of schist. Notice the peeled up layers above the detector. Yet another small bit of the good stuff. It might not look like a gutter in this pic....but it is. This is looking up hill. That was the end of that wee little find & I had a bit of a dry spell after that. I was heading back up to my pack for a coffee when over the old working ahead of me wonders this young bloke with a Minelab over his shoulder. I got a bit of a fright as I had seen no other vehicle parked down at the end of the vehicle track & so thought I was here all alone. He had come from further up the hill. He came up to me & said. "Are you John?" A bit reluctant to say yes, thinking who the hell are you & why do you ask type thing. But I said yes & who are you. He replied saying "I bought a signal enhancer of you a few years back". Oh ok I said. Didnt you buy two, one for your brother or a mate. Yes he said. And with that a 2nd bloke appears. After a bit of small talk he asked I I had got anything. To which I said no. And in return he said they had got nothing either. I didn't have the heart to tell them I had thrashed the place over the years & done ok. Almost 2 ounces all up. And this is a little pile of fines that I got that you may recall a post I did on a little glory hole that I found. Where I got out of one crevice 52 detected nuggets on the first day followed by more on two other trips back in & these fines were from the dig out dirt that I back packed to the nearest water hole to pan out. They had been detecting just a bit further up & were heading off due to getting nothing. So off they went. I had my coffee & got back into it. The old timers had really thrashed this slope with their ground sluicing & exposed a lot of bedrock. I waved the coil over this big raised slab of bedrock. Targeting that fracture line through it to see if there was any gold caught up in just such bedrock cracks & fissures. There wasn't in the crack but I got a signal just to the left of the coil. Scraped away the bits of lose rubble & was into a dirt clay layer with the signal still in there. A few more scrapes & it had moved. A sassy bit of the good stuff. I then ended up where the two guys had been detecting as I could see the odd scrape mark. Not detoured I just carried on about my business. Got a faint hit on the bedrock. . Down into a bit of a hollow. Out popped this This carried on for a few more little bits. The other guys were swinging GP Extremes with 12 inch Nugget Finder coils. I ended up with 7 small bits for just .77 of a gram I was pretty happy to get what I got considering the last time here when my Zed went back into the default setting of difficult I got nothing . So Normal made the difference. Cheers guys Good luck out there JW