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Found 58 results

  1. For Sale: New without box, Koss QZ-99 Noise Reduction Headphones. These are built like a tank and block ambient noise like a vault! These are the phones that Koss recommends for metal detecting. $32 Shipped PayPal F&F or +4%.
  2. I've never had Bluetooth headphones or earbuds that lasted as long on a charge As stated or advertised. Steve, I know you have used them so maybe you can say how long they last before shutting off?
  3. just what are these headphones? are they only Minelab headphones? how will they compare to the wireless XP Deus wireless ones? i'm familiar with the wireless module but have no idea what headphones i might want to use IF i do use the WM8.
  4. Steelphase Hits The USA

    Well, I'm the 1st detectorist in the USA to receive a steelPhase audio enhancement system. Hopefully the weather holds enough to give it a whirl here soon. I'm not here to knock any other similar products out there. I'm just trying to make use of a new product and technology to help give me a improvement in beaten up flogged patches. Merry Christmas everyone! 🎅🎄🦌⛏️
  5. I know we had a recent thread on this but I wanted to say I had two broken pairs of UR 30s and because of that other thread, I sent them in to Koss for repair. I got them back about two weeks later. I am very happy with the repaired and refurbished headphones, they are just like new. Some may think other types of headphones are better, but its very good to have spares as they do break sometimes. Broken headphones are not good for much, but these refurbished ones will make sure I always have a spare pair or two for a long time to come.
  6. There are new wireless headphones by minelab coming soon that will work with the Gold Monster 1000. I was told they will be in the ballpark of $125.
  7. My apologies if this has been covered. I did some searches and did not find answers to the question. I have a GPZ with headphones (Sun Ray Pros) and would like to use these on my new Gold Monster 1000. I have tried the typical stereo conversion cable and it still did not work. By not work, I mean the sound stays on speaker. It did not work for Sun Rays or Black Widows headphones. But of course, the original GM1000 headphones *do* work. But we all know how cheesy those are. So far, the only solution I have heard involves opening up the headphones and making permanent modifications. Has anyone else been successful at this? (see my attempted conversion cable below..)
  8. What waterproof headphones can you use with the Equinox in the sea ? Why did they not fit a CTX 3030 headphone socket so we could use the phones we already have ? Is there an Equinox to CTX 3030 headphone adaptor available ?
  9. https://newatlas.com/nura-headphones-review/52214/?utm_source=Gizmag+Subscribers&utm_campaign=5eaf25216b-UA-2235360-4&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65b67362bd-5eaf25216b-92422477 Maybe of interest to those of us that are fairly deaf to part of the normal sound spectrum. I just love tech and how it can help us in so many different ways.
  10. My sp01 Audio Enhancer arrived today in the post. I've been using a B&Z booster and have been happy when using it with the twin speakers setup. When using the headphones though I felt the quality of the sound wasn't quite good enough. Overall though the B&Z has been great. When I heard about the Steel phase I thought the extra audio features might make the signal clearer when used with headphones so I bought one. As always Nenad is a pleasure to buy from. Always polite, punctual and lets you know whats happening after you've purchased and waiting for delivery. I've included a few pictures of the Steelphase next to the B&Z just for size comparison. The other units you see in the picture are my wireless transmit/receive units. Hopefully, they work as well as the did when connected to the B&Z. All going well ill get to try it out next week.
  11. Koss Headphones

    Over the years I have bought several new and used Minelabs. They have all come with Koss UR30 headphones. Many of these have broken and I have replaced them sometimes from Minelab and sometimes directly from Koss. Today I sent off 2 pairs to Koss. They charge $9 for each pair and they will send you new replacements. You have to send them your old headphones. Minelab had sent me a pair in the past just because I told them one pair was not working. They didn't want to have the old ones. You can call Koss at 800-872-5677 and their website is https://www.koss.com/ Don't detect this season without your headphones working properly. Mitchel
  12. Wireless earbuds are out on the market now and I am wondering is it possible to replace the wm12 with a Bluetooth or wifi set of earbuds? Is there a spec on the wm12 wireless conection someplace? This would help out a lot with line of site issue I have sometimes when I'm using headphones with the wm12.
  13. Dear Valued Members, Please read the below info carefully regarding the 2.4 GHz Wireless Headphones compatible with Racer 2/ Gold Racer and Impact: WE SHIPPED ALL DEALER BACKORDERS AS OF TODAY. The headphones have been updated and finalized with hardware and software changes. We have also added a battery level indicator tone when the headphones are turned on. FOR RACER 2 AND GOLD RACER - The headphones will ship with a dongle and MAKRO LOGO on them. FOR IMPACT – They will ship with NOKTA LOGO and without the dongle. In other words, there is only 1 headphone and they will work on all 3 machines – without a dongle on the Impact and with the dongle on the Racer 2s and Gold Racers. We apologize that they were delayed so long and thank you for your patience! Dilek
  14. Steve,I have been reading on several forums that people report that wireless headphones,because of "cross talk" will decrease the detection depth. What is your input on this? Thanks.
  15. Garrett Z-Lynk

    I finally tried out the Z-Lynk, wireless detector to headphones system I bought from Chris over at Arizona Outback. I was working very steep ground in Northern California and am truly happy about the purchase. I'm a better prospector using this system. Being able to set the detector aside and concentrate on digging the target is much more appealing, even marginal targets. I was using the Z-Lynk with Calrad headphones and a Gold Bug 2. I didn't find anything but large and small square nails and spikes, but was in the right area. Try it, you'll like it, Mike
  16. The last time I went detecting I got a skunk. During that time of listening to my 7000/14 I noticed that my signals were 'breaking' in a way that made me not understand the ground I was swinging on. I found myself tuning and re-tuning my detector seeking a steady threshold. I was going over my wireless connections as well as my conservative sensitivity settings in an effort to hear the signals better. The breaking can come from several sources. The detector, the headphones/wireless and my ears. I'm in the process of checking my headphones and hearing by using this website. http://www.audiocheck.net/soundtests_headphones.php I've found several of my old headphones have problems. I'm surprised I hear the range of sounds on the tests. I get all the mid-range stuff I need, I think. I have a pair of Gray Ghosts that are built like a tank but don't work properly. Does anyone know if they have a lifetime warranty? Some of my Koss UR-30s have stopped working. I know I can get an exchange on those with some cash. Mitchel
  17. Using the GPX with wired headphones is a pain in the neck for me. So I was looking for a wireless option. When I saw the Pro Sonic system I went ahead and ordered it. What a relief, so much more freedome without the cable. Especially the heavy GPX with all it's cables and the harness makes it so much more pleasant not to have another cable. I can place the detector away from the target area while digging and don't have to take my headphones off. No more cable getting snagged at the handle, no more dangeling wire. Another benefit, on a hot day, I just clip the receiver to the shoulder strap of the Pro Swing 45 and use the speaker instead of headphones. About a possible delay in audio responds, so far I have not noticed any delay. Audio is spot on as the coil passes over the target. Another nice to have feature especially on a GPX is the volume adjustment on the receiver module. So in conclusion, I can say, I am very pleased with the Pro Sonic. I paid $269 for the system. Is it worth the money when you compare it to the Garrett or Deteknix systems? Maybe not. I think the only benefit is the built in speaker of the ML system. Other than that, if you are on a budget or you only use headphones, go ahead and buy the Garrett or Deteknix and safe more than half. I think ML needs to come down with the price to make it more attractive. So why did I buy it? Ohh well I guess I am a ML fan boy 😆 FschJg
  18. So? What are y'alls thoughts on headphones for nugget hunting? Will a person do just as well with a less expensive set of Treasure Wise or Garrett Master Sound phones, or do the more expensive models like the Detector Pro Nugget Busters and Grey Ghosts really help a lot? What is your choice of headphones?
  19. JW - I've been running WM12/Booster/Headphones for the last few months. (recently adding JP's booster) I like this and have tested this against the setup without the booster and did not notice much difference. I enjoy using the booster more as a volume control as adjusting headphone volume is a pain.
  20. Do you just use a jack converter to make it a normal earbud size? Is the output about right? I much prefer earbuds so i can choose my headgear without worring about the headset going over the top.
  21. That was some fantastic advice & info that every gold detectorist needs to watch. Thank you Steve for putting that up.They put it across in such an easy & simple to understand manner. The VOICE of the detector (threshold). What a great way to put it across because that is exactly what the threshold is. The voice of your detector talking to you, telling you what it is "seeing" & why it is so very important to get that "voice" as stable & smooth as possible through ground balance, sensitivity settings & soil timings. One thing they emphasized near the start was using head phones. There was no mention of boosted external speakers..... So I would like to ask the question...... What are your guys thoughts on head phones versus boosted external speaker set ups & why & what do you prefer & think works best for you? Here are my thoughts & what I use now. When I first started gold detecting back with my GP 3000 I was a head phone user. I went from that to boosted/amplified head phones. I tried external speakers but just didnt like them. I liked being locked in to my own world with the head phones. No out side noise influences. Just the sound (voice) of what my detector was telling me. I found I was able to focus & concentrate so much more with out out side influences. Mentally ground balanced to what the "voice" was telling me. For quite a few years I was happy operating this way. When Mrs JW came out detecting she was not going to wear head phones. So I rigged up an external speaker through a booster for her. That put me off them even more as every time Mrs JW got a signal I would hear it half a mile away. WHAT THE HELL, I would think.It just sounded so out of place out there up in the peace & quiet of the hills & open country. I just couldn't get my head around why any body would want to use an external speaker, especially through a booster. But over time I noticed a few detector operators that I hold in high regard & who were finding good amounts of gold, were using external speakers through a booster system. Now I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, a tool maybe , but not the sharpest. I thought....there must be something in these external speaker/booster systems that these people know that I haven't cottoned on to yet. So one weekend I went out detecting & I deliberately left my head phones at home so I had no choice but to use the external speakers & booster all weekend. Well...the rest is history. I dont even know what it really was to be honest. But something just seemed to click with in me with the external speakers & booster system. I havnt used head phones ever since except on the 2300 & that is because I havnt got the 1/4" head phone adapter that I could run my booster system through. Only if it is blowing an absolute gale will I consider head phones. Thats me, what are your thoughts. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  22. Hi Forum Members , I have just read an old 2015 thread regarding wireless headphones , Vanursepaul purchased TDK , wireless guy explained kleer technology and tvanwho mentioned the transmitter with the RS160's plugged in wall . Wish to know if this transmitter will connect to SDC2300 battery and if so what size is it . Cheers goldrat
  23. Hi all, I just picked up a Pro-Sonic wireless system from Rob and am eager to hear what you all have to say about a headphone recommendation for it, I've always hated the Koss OEM GPX headphones but am torn between something like a Ghost two ear coverage or a Rattler with one ear for use in snake country. Have any of you used the Rattler one sided headphones and were they worth the reduced hearing or should I go two phone coverage? Thanks all Jen