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Found 89 results

  1. Took a chance and bought these waterproof Equinox headphones off EEEE Bay for a fast approaching Caribbean shallow water hunt. They're from Hungry! I even wondered if I would get them in time as the estimated shipping delivery date was more than 2 weeks! All the ML retailers I contacted keep telling me 4 weeks for ML waterproof phones and it seems it was 4 weeks 4 weeks ago. I'm also told the GG phones will be out soon too. But I needed wp phones for my trip now and to my surprise they were delivered in 2 days! Amazing and I will test them later. At least I can now take an Equinox on my trip!
  2. With the purchase of my new Minelab Equinox 600 (waiting for my 800 on backorder) I set out to find some needed but harder to find accessories...Headphones for the Water was my priority this time! In this YouTube video I cover a gentleman (Tony) who is the Only United States based modifier and seller of Waterproof headphone connectors for the Minelab Equinox 600 / 800 control box and show you what he modified for me. With little to no options out there for Waterproof headphones for the Minelab Equinox series metal detectors I was extremely excited to find Tony on a Forum. Long story short I sent him a pair of Grey Ghost headphones and he modified them with his custom Waterproof connection, so now I am ready to take my Equinox wading/submerge once the weather here in Michigan warms up just a bit The connector looks like it was professionally manufactured, just like Minelab themselves made these headphones. If you are searching for waterproof headphone options for your new Equinox then watch this video. I am in NO way Affiliated with the Seller of this product, I simply like to pass information along when I find products that will help others in this great hobby. Take Care and HH.
  3. Apple Ear Pods !

    A wonder if anyone has tried to connect there apple ear pods to the equinox be cool if you could 🤔
  4. I saw this posted on another forum and am wondering if anyone here has tried. I will post your question on detector prospector forum and see if some one responds. David
  5. For all those wondering about latency/delay, and how "fast" standard Bluetooth (SBC), aptX, and aptX-Low Latency actually are, as compared to a "wired" connection -- here is a great video which plays an audio/video clip through two speakers simultaneously... FIRST, they play wired simultaneously with aptX-LL -- 32ms - 40ms delay/latency Second, they play wired simultaneously with aptX -- around 100 ms delay/latency Last, they play wired simultaneously with SBC (standard Bluetooth) -- around 250 ms delay/latency This is a GREAT way to actually HEAR the differences -- hearing both speakers being compared simultaneously allows you to really experience exactly what kind of "delay" or "latency" you are dealing with, with each different source (compared to a "wired" connection). My conclusion -- aptX-LL has NO noticeable delay, aptX has a tiny bit, but I believe it would be nearly, if not totally, insignificant for detecting purposes, and SBC (standard Bluetooth) has significant delay that would make locating targets "visually" (in terms of location of the target in the ground relative to the coil location, based on tone) somewhat difficult/troublesome. Steve
  6. Yesterday, I was swinging on Melbourne Beach, which was a mistake, because I didn't realize that they had recently brought in tons and tons of new sand to replenish the beach from Hurricane Irma damage. Very few targets. That being said, I was using a pair of headphones with a 1/8th plug. They worked really well with threshhold and other volumes set to counter wind noise on the beach. The problem is that the speaker would sound off as well when any non-ferrous target was swept...and at full volume. Even felt the vibration from speaker. I also noticed that the headphone icon on the display would momentarily blank out whenever that happened. I'm confused. Don't want the speaker active when I'm on headphones. Any ideas?? P.S. - One coin (clad quarter) for 2.5 hours of swinging! Ugh. Found a number of small bottles used for drawing medication into a syringe. Hoping it was for someone with diabetes on the beach, and not some other nefarious purpose, like steroids, or other nasties. Pull tabs all registered at 14. screwtops at 17-20.
  7. So I recently had an experience where I was forced to use headphones with my GM1000, I hate headphones, or should I say I hate the cords on headphones, I get all tangled up in them. I was looking into ways to make my GM1000 have bluetooth wireless so I can use my Equinox 800 wireless headphones on it if I need headphones for any reason, this gadget seems to be the right thing for the job EastVita APTX Bluetooth Transmitter 3.5mm Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Receiver Adapter Car Aux Cable for Speaker Headphone Has anyone tried something similar? or know if this will work? Thanks
  8. According to this thread the Planet Waves 1/4" Female Stereo 1/8" (3.5mm) Male Mono adapter works with the Equinox for adapting most standard 1/4” detector headphones. The connection will not be waterproof. I found them on this website for $4.95 with free shipping. I have not tried these personally and have not ordered from this vendor myself so take it for what it’s worth.
  9. I have an equinox 600 and 800. I am using the APTX Bluetooth headphones on the 800. I have been using the WM08 wireless module with the 600. However, the dangling wires were still annoying with the module in a shirt pocket. I experimented with attaching the module to my hat but this was awkward. So i tried something different- I wound excess cordage around headband of my Amazon basics 32 ohm headphones. Then i fastened the module to one side of the earmuffs with black duct tape. What resulted is shown here. It is very convenient this way , like the apt x is. The only thing is I'm afraid the tape will get messy in hot weather, so next I will fasten the module with elastic or ziptes. I'm using them with my 600 today.
  10. It’s being reported that the Minelab ML80 headphones that come with the Equinox 800 are made in China by Miccus. Specifically, the Miccus SR-71 Stealth Headphones. They do appear to be the same headphones, and at $60 probably less than the ML80 will cost from Minelab. Who knows, since Minelab is still not listing Equinox accessories for sale. Anyway, there are very many wireless alternatives out there, but I thought this might interest Equinox 600 owners at least. Most sites showing the SR-71 for sale are currently sold out, so perhaps people are taking advantage of this already. Miccus SR-71 Owner’s Manual
  11. I have seen several comment about the somewhat dim LEDs on the headphone making it hard to determine when they are turned off. I also initially had that problem and got home to find mine still on when I got out of the sun. My procedure now is to leave the controller on while turning the headphones off. When turning off is successful the headphone symbol disappears from the screen and sound is heard from the controller handle. Seems much surer than trusting my old eyes to determine the status on the LEDs.
  12. There is a very noticeable latency with the wireless ML 80 headphones that come with the equinox 800, the WM-08 module really is a lot faster (like the manual says) and makes it so much easier to visualize the target in the ground. There will always be some latency due to processing the detector has to do but the ML-80 headphones really made it painful to pinpoint and visualize a targets location IMO and this probably applies to all aptx and aptx LL (low latency) devices I’m afraid. Just thought I’d put that out there for anyone who’s had trouble or wants to enhance their detector further! 🤗
  13. How is the B&Z Booster set up with the 7000? Thanks.
  14. Hi All I was just wondering if there’s a way to use other Wireless Bluetooth headphones/ Earbuds instead of the one’s that came with the detector?. Just asking as my ears can get quite sweaty with the over ear headphones on during summer months and it’d be great if I could use another option. As I’m sure many others I’m guessing would be in the same vote as myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  15. New 800 charged last night for an old rodeo grounds hunt with Tiftaaft today. I've pulled a barber quarter and dime as well as a buffalo and wheats out of there so my expectations are always high. I only found a few coins, one wheat, but Tiftaaft has a good story he may share. The tones in my headphones sound muffled, not clean/crisp. I tried Tim's wired phones supplied with his 600 and the sound was much crisper. Is this normal, if so, I need to get an adapter and hook up my Pro Golds.
  16. I've been having problems with the audio breaking up and dropping out on my WM 08 wireless audio module. At first I thought it was my earbuds, made for Android phones which have an extra connection on the 1/8" plug. I've also tried Sennheiser sports earphones and Bose noise cancelling travel headphones both with standard 1/8" plugs. All have the same issue. I keep the module in the back of my CamelBak and think the combination of the water inside and my body is enough to shield the signal. It was unusable at the beach yesterday until I put the module in my front pocket, but it still was dropping out pretty regularly. Another theory, cellular tower interference. There was a portable cellular tower erected at the beach yesterday for Spring Break. I also have a tower near my house. Both are transmitting on 2147.5 Mhz according to my Network Cell Info app. I've tried finding the FCC info for the frequencies on the WM 08 but haven't had any luck. Anyone else having issues with the WM 08 wireless audio module? My ML 80 Bluetooth wireless headphones work great, but I wish I could use the WM 08 so I can wear a sun hat.
  17. Hey guys, long time reader and first time poster. Basically I’m curious to know how hard it would be to splice the equinox connector onto the end of a set of amphibians designed around the at-pro and if there would be any complications like audio still coming through external speaker etc? it sounds simple but I’m just not sure if I’ve overlooked something, I’ve got a set of GG amphibians brand new that were sent as replacements for ones that flooded, they claim that detectorpro now have a pressure tank and have tested these so hopefully they live if I do use them, if I can’t use them then I’ll sell them. cheers Ed
  18. I was was on my iPhone and realized that my wireless headphones were still paired Up.. They pair up to my phone as well as my Equinox every time I turn them on.. I had accidentally left them on after I had been doing some testing in the house earlier.. I have seen the little headphone paired icon on my phone before but this time I noticed a little battery indicator next to the icon.. Not sure how accurate it is but it was nice to see.. Not knowing how full my headphones were always kind of bugged me.. We will see with time how accurate this little indicator is.. Bryan
  19. Hello, First time poster here, but have been reading a lot the past few weeks to learn and decide if the equinox would be a good upgrade for me. I decided it would be and gained permission from the boss (that would be my wife) to get a nox 600. Since the nox is waterproof, I thought I might like to try doing some detecting in freshwater locations. The manual states that the headphone jack is waterproof, so why would I need a waterproof headphone connection? What would happen if I used a cheap pair of headphones to see if water detecting is something I like to do?
  20. I see you guys talking about audio boosters for the WM-12. Is there a setup you can recommend? Thanks. Chuck
  21. Been wearing headphones while detecting for years. Now that we’re running the GPZ I see some respected GPZ users on here that run without them. Would love to ditch the ‘phones... Thoughts?
  22. 2 Wm 12's

    I have two WM 12's, purchased the second some time after the getting the first. The second WM, when turned, on will not work without the original being turned on, is this normal? do I need to do something different to make it work like the original?
  23. Rather than wait for the official waterproof Headphone Adaptor Cable 3.5mm (1/8-inch) to 6.35mm (1/4-inch) lead i made my own with a 1/8" Male To 1/4" Female Headphone Lead and the WM08 blanking screw that comes with the unit i just drilled the blanking screw out and glued the 3.5 (1/8) end in then used a silicone washer for a watertight seal easy.
  24. For those wishing to do a bit of water hunting and have a Waterproof headphones set up for the CTX... Get an adapter made up. Cable gland M12 x 1mm pitch (I manufactured my own), Female M12 CTX3030 and make your own addapter. Trick is in setting the 3.5mm plug to the correct length in the gland - but if you think about it... Simple as. Same wiring as a CTX 3030 on the M12 F connector. From behind the F/M connector - notch at the top. Clockwise Tip/Ring/Sleeve 2/3/4 and if your not sure = Stay away :-) All care NO responsibility for you lack of skills or understanding... Any thing you do or get some one to do is at YOUR RISK.