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Found 9 results

  1. As the title says. I would like to discuss the current status 3500 brings compared to its digital Brothers 4000,4500, 4800, 5000. I am sure that we all enjoy and appreciate the older Tech, but does it have an equal footing against the new generation. Simply put can it hold its own against a 4500 or 5000. I don't except it to equal to say the 5000, does it give said units a run for there money, as the saying goes. I think we all pretty much know that the newest Gadget or Gizmo doesn't always equate to True massive Performance differences in the field. Example being the 4500 against the 5000. The differences are so minimal in true real world Performance that one could easily justify not going to a 5000. This is the type meaning I am asking. Such as fine gold, how low can it go lol. Deep gold, how deep and how big does it need to pick it up at that depth. We have a lot of great swingers on this forum, always willing to discuss these conversations. Perhaps this might help others in the long run. Things to consider 3500 has been discontinued. But so was the 4500 to a certain extent at a certain point in time, no longer the case of course. Did the 3500 excel at a certain thing? Kind of like the gold bug analog unit that finds specks of gold. There by still relevant in today's Tech.
  2. Enjoyable Family Fun! Cheers Ig
  3. GP 3500

    Me gustaría saber cuál es un precio razonable para el GP 3500 de Minelab. Supuestamente está obsoleto ya que hay 4 nuevos modelos. Gracias
  4. I am looking for a amp for my 3000. I can find Doc's gold screamer and a B&Z Booster. Are these my only two options? Thanks for an input.
  5. My buddy bought a minelab extreme with a stock coil on it and a docs screamer on it...we took it out today and found the normal 3 pockets full of square nails plus an actual cowboy boot spur (which was the awesome part of the day)... We brought a test nugget that about 6gr + I had a vial of about 10 Lil guys totaling just over a DWT... The machine would not hit either one... Is that norm?? What is the smallest nugget for this machine to hit on .. Also any advice on settings for this machine will probably save this detector from closet time... Thnx
  6. Quick question guys, Do all the coils on these machines interchange? Also how good is xt17000 model?
  7. Minelab GP3500 Battery

    I am looking for the best replacement batteries and possibly a signal booster for my 3500. I tried the archives first but I guess I didn't type it in right!! Also I have a question as to why I need to download something so I can retrieve personal messages from this forum? Any help and answers will be highly appreciated!! Les from Idaho owner.
  8. I have 2 Minelab GP 3500 detectors that both came with 11 stock coils. However it does not indicate anywhere on the coils if they are DD or Mono. Does anyone know if all GP 3500 stock coils were DD, or did they ship some with Mono coils. I suppose I could put one on and fire up the detector and test it, but I'm worried that I could damage the machine running a mono coil in DD mode, another question I would like to know the answer to. So any Minelab experts out there? Scott www.bucketdigger.com
  9. My first PI was the SD2000 which I had modified. My second PI was the GP3000. And now my current PI is the GPX5000 Below are my results for my total nugget haul so far : The SD2000M found 7.3% of the total with an average weight of 3.25 grams. The GP3000 found 28% of the total with an average weight of 2.13 grams. The GPX5000 found 64.6% of the total with an average weight of 1.18 grams