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Found 49 results

  1. Is one of these any better than the other for nugget hunting or are they about the same? How do they stack up compared to the GMT? Any input appreciated as always. Thanks
  2. On MD-Blog it shows a shadow of a detector that looks like the Nokta fors gold. It's being called Nokta fors relic for 2016. The Nokta and Makro detectors are coming out of nowhere. You just say what you need and they will make it for you. That detector don't come out as a after thought but as a top notch machine. Nokta as I get older I need one with a digging arm.Haha The Best Nokta Chuck
  3. Thinking i might trade my Fisher Gold Bug for a Nokta Fors Gold. It is the standard Gold Bug digital not the Pro. What do you all think, good idea or not. I have heard the Nokta is a bit better even than the Gold Bug but have no first hand experience with one. Anyone that has used both cares to respond i would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks
  4. i have purchased the above detector from crawfords which had a issue with pinpoint which has been sorted under warranty,it was recently going erratic but not all the time i took it back and they cant find a fault with it but the lug on the coil has a crack on it in the same place the makros go it has only been used on short pasture a handful of times as had to use my backup detector i havent been able to get full enjoyment from it with the faults.i asked craig from crawfords if the coil could be changed under warranty but he wouldnt do it and advised me to email the company and dilek which i have done the last 2 days ps i know there is time difference and its the weekend craig says if u message him dilek he will send u pics of it. the detector has been at the shop nearly 4 weeks and would be greatful if something could be sorted so i can get back out detecting
  5. Hit my oldest coin to date with the Fors Relic this morning. 1896 Barber Dime and the coolest crown cap ever! The Fors Relic is impressive in the trash. Too hot to hit the AZ gold fields. This was some Arizona high country relic hunting. HH Dean
  6. Howdy guys and girls. I live in Australia and would like to know which is the best of the nokta fors range?. I will be chasing gold and general detecting for coins and such. Thanks regards.
  7. Took the new Nokta Fors Relic out for a short (3 hours) hunt yesterday afternoon to a post Civil War era site. Very trashy and we have hit this place with multiple detectors.The easy pickens are pretty much gone. The Fors Relic did not disappoint! Keith and Monte's impressions and assessments regarding this machine are right on. Here is a pic of the more significant finds from yesterday. Two more eagle buttons and a under wear button from a spot that is a carpet of square nails and has been hit hard by various machines. It jumps on copper and lead like these .56 Spencer cases and bullet. It has superior unmasking qualities and the processor is super fast. Nails are not a problem. We (the machine and I) struggled a bit with flat, rusty tin reading as a good target, as all machines do, but I think that will improve as I learn the machine. So far, super impressed! I'll share more about the machine as I put more time on it. HH! Dean
  8. Received my new Fors Relic from Chris at AZO today! Assembly went well. Another well built machine from Nokta. Hopefully, I can get out tomorrow afternoon and give it a go. I'll post my initial impressions after a hunt or two. Dean
  9. Sounds great Steve (Makro Racer display as described here)....if your a computer programmer and like buttons.... :) I am just a simple nuggethunter. It's coming down real soon for me to pick the one vlf out of all these new ones that have been coming out last few years. My ole 4500 is my primary and has served me well, but lately my sites and opportunities to hunt gold have got me endless massive tailings piles stretching miles. I am finding the PI a bit heavy and a need for a vlf to be more effective and speed things up so I am not digging ferrous so much. My two choices as of today.....ForsGold+ or the Makro Racer....I would love some advice from those who like simplicity but a very effective on tailings...if you were to choose which detector would you pick for this specific job ?
  10. Hello, I headed back out to same patch as last weekend to try some more detecting. I grided off a spot where I had a patch going last time. I ended up getting 9 small pieces doing that for a few hours. Then I tried the next little ridge across the small creek only about 40 yrds from patch area. I picked up 4 more and a ton of lead. It was getting late in the day and figured it was time to head out. it was a warm day and the flocks of mosquitoes were coming out. I then decided to try a few more minutes and start moving just to get away from mosquitoes. I went around a big manzanita and got a screaming signal. Only 4 inches deep. I figured it was a big lead as I found alot already. i was really surprised to see a nice nugget. I figured it was the perfect time to call it and leave some for next time. I think I will be going back to grid that little ridge next. And its time to hit the whole area with the 5000 and see what lurks deeper. But Fors plus did a wonderful job in all metal again today. It really hits good on even tiny pieces. Well the day ended up with 8.8 dwt and 14 pcs again. Good luck
  11. californiagold

    Presidents Day Gold

    Hello, I finally got back at it after a few busy weekends with work. Its been like spring for a couple good weeks and it has been killing me missing all those great days to be out detecting. Luckily I had today off to go play at the gold diggins. Last time out was Gold racer so this time was Fors plus's turn to sniff out the gold. It is still very amazing how well both Fors plus and gold racer run a very smooth all metal in tough ground. This diggins is an old river channel deposit with pocket gold on the same hill side. They slid down the hill together and you get a mix of gold finds. There does seem to be alot of small pieces, so next time I will see what the gold racer can do. Fors plus ended the 2 1/2 hunt with 14 pieces and exactly 2 dwt. Good luck
  12. Now if we could get a comparison between the Fors Gold Plus and the the Gold Racer? But maybe we should wait for the new Whites MX machine next month too? -Tom V.
  13. I held off on posting about this one for a bit while I got around to some unfinished business. Since my move from Alaska I have been slow to get another safe deposit box set up. I have always had one for my gold and other important valuables. The problem with posting about this stuff on the internet is it can attract the wrong kind of attention. This is something I would encourage everyone to think about. Now that all my gold and other goodies are residing at Wells Fargo I feel a little more free to post about this. Chris Ralph and I were prospecting in Northern California not too long ago. I was running the Nokta FORS Gold and concentrating on some areas littered with square nails, cable bits, rusted cans, and other ferrous junk. There were places the Nokta running in dual tone DI2 mode sounded like a machine gun from ferrous low tones. I would go along with the detector going "putt - putt - putt - putt - putt - beep - putt" and on hearing that beep, stop to dig a bullet or some other non-ferrous item. The weather was a bit wet but not unpleasant; kind of brings the forest smells out and makes for softer walking. I was afraid we were going to get rained out but it keep just on the edge of really starting up. There was not much sign of detecting, no doubt due to all the trash. Chris was off hitting some bedrock with his detector while I wandered around in the trees and duff overlying the old tailing materials. There was a bit of a mound around the base of a tree and I swept around it getting ferrous tones, when all of the sudden I get a strong non-ferrous beep. I looked down at the target id displayed on the end of the FORS Gold handle and it was showing 82. I thought "That's odd, a coin." I was still not tuned in one what the numbers meant exactly on the Nokta but on a typical 1-100 scale an 82 would be something like a penny or a dime. I have yet to find a really decent old coin since moving south, so I thought I was maybe going to dig some nice silver. I gave a couple digs and was surprised to see nothing pop up. Hmmm... must be bigger, deeper. So I open the hole up and dig deeper, and this dirty gray lump pops out of the ground. My exact thought "you have got to be kidding me!" It was a filthy lump but I knew instantly it was gold. I could not believe my good fortune. I got out my water bottle and washed it off a bit and saw gold and large chunks of white quartz - I had found something really special. After cleaning it ended up as 1.83 ounces of stunning gold and quartz that would do a museum proud. Just a really spectacular specimen, the best I have ever found. I won't claim that only the Nokta would have found it because any good detector would have. Yet I do think this is a case where a good discriminating VLF detector proved to be of benefit in approaching an area that might cause most pulse induction operators to wander off in another direction. I thought this post would be a fine way to wrap up my nugget detecting finds for 2014 in anticipation of the New Year. I want to offer special thanks to Chris Ralph for being my guide and mentor while I learn my way around the Lower 48. I literally could not have done this without him. Thanks Chris! I also wish each and every one of you a fantastic nugget laden 2015. Happy Hunting! This post has been promoted to an article
  14. Hello, Finally got outdoors for some detecting after a very busy holiday season filled with ups and downs. Went to a new place down out in the foothills of Butte county to my cousins buddys prop. He has an a old channel surface diggings at his place with ground sluicing and hydroing. Back in the day they found alot of coarse gold and a few bigger nuggets there. Supposedly no one has ever detected there. So decided we will see what happens. So far not alot just 5 pcs. For .7 dwt. But it is a big area so we will see if it produces after more trys. Did find a few artifacts. A couple old shovels, half a gold pan. Rockerbox grizzly screens. And an old 6" knife. The soil is pretty mild so was able to run Fors gold in all metal. Did try boost mode for a few but I swear on the new plus model that boost or fast is more chattery then all metal on any soil. Quite opposite of last years tester model original Fors gold. It does run very nice on all metal ( general) with sens. 55 threshold 70-80 and even a little isat. I messed with isat and even turned it up to 4 out of 1-5. Still found tiny gold and birdshot. Well till next time good luck to all prospectors this year.
  15. Hello, Its been raining alot here lately, but had a little break in the weather today. Before it turns bad again, I went out today for a bit, after a few outside things to get done. I went to a diggings that I first went to couple years ago. Back then I was using a gb 2. Then later I took the original Fors gold there to find it's first gold. I detected there with new Fors plus today for it's first. It has been pretty wiped out there for finding much gold anymore. But you never get all of it. I grided the place real good before, so everytime I go there now, which hasnt been much, I try to think if there is a spot that I might have missed. Ironically, the road I drive in goes right thru the original workings. But I never really detected the road right next to the truck. Today I parked in a different spot cause I didnt want to make ruts on my friends road. So I decided to try the spot where I usually park. Surprisingly there was gold there. Under the truck all those other days. The diggings there had alot of rich shallow small pockets of gold. I found 2 small pockets before in the begging with gb 2. The biggest had just over 1 oz of pieces Today I pulled .63 oz out of the same hole. Almost 12 dwt. I lost track counting somewhere around 50 pieces in all the excitement. But while extracting and later cleaning them, some of them broke into more pieces. The gold is really porous and crystalline so it doesnt weigh as much as it looks. After I pulled those out I detected some more , but only got some junk. Some of the pieces from the pocket were really small, but they sounded off on the Fors plus real good. It definitely was a good present Fors plus found for me. Nothing like finding a pocket of gold, right where it was born. Now back to rainy days ahead. Happy holidays!
  16. Just a set of photos of the FORS Gold+ and some accessories. For a field report for use relic hunting see http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/1414-dankowski-report-on-fors-gold-plus/ There are lots of posts on finding gold with the FORS Gold models at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/tags/forums/nokta%2Bfors%2Bgold/
  17. Highlights: "Fors Gold+ unmasks identical to XP GMP (with both low & high conductors in multi-co-locate with iron)" "the 10" concentric coil lends itself with a slight edge (over all other coils/options) as a slightly better micro-jewelry hunter" "10" elliptical concentric coil unmasks approx 11% better than the 10" elliptical DD coil. 10" elliptical coil also unmasks better than 5" DD coil" Full details at http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/read.php?2,95264
  18. I just got my Nokta gold plus detector today and ran into trouble . The screen on the handle will light up but can't get a number display on it. I've check the pins and plug with both looking good. I plug it back in and still have the trouble. The detector was double box and it didn't have any damage to either one. I hope someone has had the same problem with a quick fix. I really don't want to have to send it in before I can use it. Chuck Anders
  19. californiagold

    A Plus Day With Fors

    Hello, Woke up this morning and the skies were clouding up and was suppose to rain late today. I was going to hike in a long distance to a spot I found last year on one side of the river. But didnt sound like I had all day because of rain. So I hiked in a closer spot on the opposite side of the river above redding. There is alot of old pocket diggins in the area. Some have decent gold. I hit this older diggings that I havent been to since detecting with a gb 2. Found some good pieces there before, but I think Fors plus operated better there because of bad mineralization. The high powered detectors have trouble at these spots unless you dumb them down a bit. I still ran Fors in boost mode and 80-85 sens. It was pretty smooth for hot ground. Dug a few pieces again right at the edge of the detection field. They were a repeatable whisper. But had a good day with 7 pcs for 3.4 dwt. Ill have to hit the other side of the river when the rains go away for a day. So far my Fors Gold plus is holding together with no issues.
  20. Hello, Instead of black friday shopping, it is always better to be detecting somewheres, and thats were we went. Headed back to a diggings that ive hit for many years where you can really test out a new detector. I detected there many years ago with a gb 2, then a tesoro lobo, gb pro, and last year original Fors gold. The ground runs very hot. It will ground balance between 85-89 on the meter. The gold mostly runs really small. But I have found a few bigger ones before. It is really challenging for a high frequency detector like gb 2. The lower frequency detectors always are more reliable at this place. Last year the original fors gold performed very well running in boost mode with sensitivity at 85. This time I tried out the new Fors gold plus for its premier at the hill. Naturally I tried all metal first which was just too chirpy. Next was the familar boost mode, but ran the sensitivity at 80 instead of 85. Also had to leave my idmask at default 10. Performance wise it was a good setting for new fors. The new solid 10x5.5 seems to be a hotter coil then previous fors spiral coil. It does a very good job at hitting the small stuff, without a problem. It does seem to be stronger and louder on small targets. Fors plus does a good job at 19 khz as gb pro did. But fors plus does get the edge at small gold on depth and sharpness of the signal. 27 pcs for the Fors plus made for another great day. 2.7 dwt total
  21. Hello, I received my test Fors gold plus from Dilek on friday. So had a couple hours saturday to Try it out. Unfortunately didnt find any color on Saturday. But had a few hours on sunday to redeem my self at a different location. Beings I have tested the last Fors gold last year, I was quite familar with the controls. This new plus fors was really aimed at an attack at the gold bug pro. After a few hours with my new friend, I found out this unit kicks gb pros butt. I ran a gb pro for few years, so I could definitely tell the difference. The new fors plus is similar to original fors, but at 19 khz , it seems to excel. I tried the concentric coil out at a part of the diggings that is pretty mellow ground and snagged a couple microscopic pieces. They hit hard and the target volume wasnt a whisper. I was very impressed. Next I ran the 10" x 5.5 dd coil in the hot mineralization It performed very well. I still run my sens. Up at 80-85. It is a little chirpy on certain hot spots, but otherwise performed flawless. This new coil seems to hit hotter and louder on targets then the last fors gold spiral coil. Even at the edge of the detection field. I did get a chance to try out the isat setting. It seemed the best setting was default 3. For where I was detecting. All in all the new Fors plus is still built very well and balanced great. Fors gold plus and I will have another great year testing. So far 12.2 dwt is a good start. 12.2 dwt total. Bigger piece 10.1 dwt.
  22. I really like what this unit brings to the table.. Keith
  23. I was happy to have a new toy arrive today, the Fors Gold+! Hopefully I will have some time next week and give it a whirl. Here's a few pics just to get folks excited who have been waiting. I'll post a few updates once I've had some hours behind it.
  24. Nokta You posted back in Oct. 07th that the Gold Plus should be here soon. Just to let you know I put my money down for one with Chris on AZoutback. I found one guy on ebay that has them for sale but talking about later ship date that he just changed a little later. I believe good things is worth the wait and I don't plan a trip anytime soon to any gold fields. The thing is after 41 days from your first post I'm wondering where is it ? I'm looking forward to all the new detectors you have coming. I just hope I don't run out of money when I see I want another one like the Impact. The word it's self sounds if it has to be a great detector Nokta I thank you for posting here and I wish more detector companies did. Chuck Anders
  25. Nokta Detectors

    Fors Gold+ Coming Soon

    Dear Valued Members: We are proud to announce that the new FORS GOLD + is available for pre-order now including a FREE 5'' DD coil. Built on the famous FORS platform, the FORS Gold+ offers advanced gold prospecting capabilities. Operating at 19kHz frequency, the FORS Gold+ features a new advanced All Metal Mode with iSAT (Intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold) and 2 discrimination modes (Fast & Boost) all designed for harsh ground conditions. The two included waterproof Double-D search coils make the FORS Gold+ the best choice for prospecting in rivers and streams as well. MSRP: $799 PACKAGE CONTENTS FGP26 Waterproof Search Coil (26 cm x 14 cm (10’’x 5.5’’) DD Also includes a FREE FGP13 Waterproof Search Coil 13 cm (5’’) DD Extra Lower Shaft Headphones 4 AA Alkaline Batteries OPTIONAL SEARCH COILS AND ACCESSORIES FGP26C Waterproof Search Coil (26 cm x 14 cm (10’’x 5.5’’) Concentric FGP40 Waterproof Search Coil (39.5 cm x 33.7 cm (15.5’’x 13.3’’) DD Carrying Bag Weather -Resistant Cover AC/Car Charger & 4 AA Rechargeable Batteries Please also find attached the product brochure. Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask or contact me at dilek@noktadetectors.com