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Found 49 results

  1. Todays Finds Of Interest

    Brass Musket Barrel Band, Flat buttons and an Indian Head Penny. Lucky VDI number for me is 19. Brass buttons and Indian heads.
  2. Been a while since I posted anything. I've been detecting only a little as I've been busy doing things with my property. When my buddy Merton aka "The Deus Man" says he going to be in the area I usually drop what I'm doing so we can go find some treasure. It's always fun hunting with Merton.... competing for the best finds...Merton loves to "rub it in" when he's winning and this trip there was a lot of that going on. Below are several finds from 2-3 different places. Merton scored the only coins and the nice eagle button. His Deus with the HF ellipitcal was an eye opener as he scored the German silver dime in a nail infested area I had previously been over with my Deus and CTX. Any way looking forward to my next hunt Merton so come back! strick
  3. Alright the pic below all finds from one site using the HF coils so far. This site had loads of action by Deus and LF coils and other detector models. Two what I consider prize finds not shown above, Spansih bit and half dime. Yes there are some nails in the pic. Remember a learning curve happened as these finds were being made. I will talk about each coil here separately. The round HF coil is my favorite all arounder for Deus hunting old sites. Whatever Xp did while under the hood Designing/engineering this coil -kudos. User IMO will dig little iron even when pushing the coil to it limits trying to Eek out nonferrous objects. Most of my time has been spent and the finds found above using 28.8khz using both coils. I when running round HF coil have done quite a few head to head not with other detector models, but instead against Deus itself using LF coils as well as comparing round HF coil against itself by changing freqs and other settings. In a nutshell during my locating of all the nonferrous objects. When locating suspect targets with 28.8 khz and keeping all other settings the same just checking targets using 14.4khz, (round HF coil) the following was witnessed. There were no times were actual tone pitch quality improved by selecting 14.4khz. There were times though where tone volume was higher when selecting 14.4khz (stronger tone) yet audio pitch more compromised. On targets where using 14.4khz seemed to mirror for the most part. the signal achieved when using 28.8khz, these targets rounder, disc shaped. This is not to mean 14.4khz gave equal tone on all disc shaped nonferrous. Irregular shaped defintiely 28.8khz odds on favorite for signal quality. Deep iron and nails. This to me is the most remarkable thing this coil does. A person can chase signals and find little iron if they stick to their guns as far as dig no dig decisions for signal signature, quality, length, repeatability. One thing I notice 0 disc, IMO using a person will think a suspect target is indeed ferrous, whereas if they check target with level 3 disc the user might just hear something different although slight to give them the clue(s) to dig. Running zero disc for whatever reason allows some/more iron tinge on edge of signals(nonferrous objects), that little rolly Polly at the edge that in normal instances would make a user think ferrous. On nonferous targets dug prior to digging, many many times when comparing 14.4khz to 28.8 kHz, coil positon, coil swing speed allowed advantage here near 100% advantage to the use of 28.8khz. Using 28.8khz seems is like Deus audio is changing gears when comparing target using 14.4khz. Just a tad higher sounding pitch that keeps the signal moreso out of iron range (so as not to fool a person). I am also noticing more mixed ferrous/nonferous targets dug. Not buttons with steel backs but other things. I have dug overalls buttons (both ferrous/nonferous) And I believe I was passing these up, until I figured out what this coil was telling me tone wise. Alright I said earlier the round coil does well in ferrous as far as giving clues so a person doesn't dig. Usually when a detector sees real well in iron, it can cause bigger relic iron to give off signals to fool a person thus they dig. Take a look at this pic. Quarter in pic for scale. This piece of relic iron orientation unknown dug from 8.5" deep. Why did I dig this? Well. This object yielded a signal knowing what I know now a signal with <10 % chance of being nonferrous. Signal had the smallish rolly Polly extension on the edges of signal. I experimented while,over this target by varying disc level. As I swept while increasing disc at level 8 target all but gone-faint and broken. Now I am bringing this here up here so I can share another experience. I dug a piece of lead medium sized irregular shaped, This target yielded almost the same exact tone, tone signature as the relic iron above. Still the lead object gave a tad less rolly Polly on the edges of signal. But raising disc level to 8, this lead object still yielded what I consider good tone. Could this checking with higher disc be one weapon to help a person in the field? Next the HF elliptical coil. A user imo will no doubt dig more iron going after signals. But this coil can indeed sneak nonferrous out of sites the round HF coil just can't do. Funny thing here. When I was running the 9" and 11" LF coils in this site using 18khz. I found I could get away with loser disc setting (2-2.5) using the 9" LF coil, and would have to use disc setting 3.0 while using 11" LF coil. But going to the smaller elliptical coil I find running disc at 3.5 vs running the disc at 3 using the round HF coil while using full tones. The elliptical is definitely hotter on nails vs round HF coil, the tonal signal, pitch, behavior just isn't here with the elliptical coil, vs the round HF coil. The elliptical coil is quieter running though (chatter) with equivalent sens settings vs the round HF coil. Using both of these coils, IMO ditch the backphones when trying to bear down on hard hunted sites. Both of the HF coils do seem more times than not to provided lower sounding tone on nonferrous vs ferrous. I like that, one clue while sweeping. Here is a pic of 2 of the targets (ferrous and nonferrous). The smaller object is ferrous on both sides but nonferrous in the middle. The other bigger target, the rim is ferrous with the rest nonferrous. Both of these targets (orientation unknown when dug) gave a tough to discern signal yet discernible using round HF coil. Maybe why they were still in this hard hunted site. This will likely conclude my reporting of the XP Deus HF coils here until I get the mighty Equinox. Then you may see me posting some comments comparing.
  4. I was at an old site on the side of a hill this week where some of the first oil wells in Ventura county were (some still are running). This has been an awesome site to hunt over the years as its rewarded me with silver and some awesome relics. I dug this during the hunt and at first was going to just leave it as the trash at this site is immense but for whatever reason I stuck it in my bag and continued on. Last night i was bored and i remembered I hadn't taken it out and cleaned it so I did and to my surprise what I thought was junk evidently has some value. As for what it is I googled it and it's part of the brake assembly on an Indian bicycle circa 1903-1904. It attaches to the hub of the wheel as part of brake assembly. I'm not a big relic hunter but I guess I should start paying a little closer attention. Skate
  5. Back to the same site as yesterday. A 2 hour and 15 minutes hunt. Temp 34F Ground wet not frozen Settings used to find targets today Sens 93 Freq 28.8 khz Reactivty 3 Silencer -1 Audio report 5 Headphone module volume set to 6 with full headphones worn. Disc level 3 full tones Manual and auto ground tracking used with ground phase running 71 most of the time 6 dots in the minerlization index meter when coil bobbed over clean ground. Area hunted today not deemed carpet of nails scenario. All targets located with Reactivty level 3. But I decided to play a game of sorts and check all suspect targets using Reactivty 2.5 after being located. The signals on all targets with reactvity 2.5 (silencer -1), every single suspect target, audio degraded, either tonally or by shape of tone provided. Could I have found any of these targets using Reactivty 2.5 level? Likely, but only a few of them. On other thing of note, using Reactivty level 2.5 most targets,,,coil position sensitive to acquire better signal. Level 3 setting allow for far more out of ideal position and still render better signal overal. Now, I did try and probe around using mi6 pointer, as well as sweep Deus coil, and use pinpoint to try and see the why behind Reactivty 3 giving better signal. Naturally even by doing this, would be still considered speculation on my part. But I will my share my speculation here. One target smaller, did have a nail head 3-4" below depth plane of nonferrous target. Most of the nonferrous finds today all had broader pinpoints with them. But a wavering pinpoint is noticed most times if nonferrous is recovered. Still though not something I would put too much stock in for dig/no dig decsion. It seems to me this Reactivty setting of 3 would help vs Reactivty setting 2.5 on smaller targets, or bigger targets with masking going on be it above, adjacent or below the on ferrous find. Notice Inwas running sens level 93. Could a person run higher and make all the finds I did today. I really don't think so. Why? The round HF coil is quieter running vs 9" LF coil, but you pump up the sens 95+, IMO user will miss finds. I really pushed the Deus today, still got little iron. All objects in pic nonferrous but the nail on the left and the object directly below it. Quite a few of these finds produced extremely low vol hits, and scratchy, but signal was repeatable and clean on the edges. The beaver tail was a good 8" down and longways turned up on edge-notice the end is curled somewhat. I recover a small price of ferrous while recovering, thinking I was fooled,,but was successful. Now after my hunt today, I looked back and noticed. I discovered the majority of my finds in a rather small area for such a big field. Meaning I won't say I disn't miss any one of these finds previously using even Deus and LF coils or other detector models, but I recovered enough nonferrous from various closer located spots,,I think I can say the round HF coil on Deus is doing something the others aren't. Reactivty setting Some here may be thinking speed is all it is or affects. IMO it does, but there is more to it than that. Seems it allows Deus to synthesize signal better on smaller targets. Gives a better look and can help drive audio or keep audio of of the iron range moreso. Real old sites are deserving of this detector and coil setup. I was very impressed again today. How long would it take me to purge all detectable nonferrous just in the one field of a farm that has a total of 75 acres of fields? Who knows. Remember I have been roaming around in this field I was in today (14acres btw) for the last 6 years on and off, mostly on. This by doing what I have has really showed me some interesting things when it comes to masking and separation. But if anyone tells me all their sites are hunted out of all nonferrous- be hard for me to believe. This is it for me detecting wise for 2017. Will have to wait for this seems slightly neutered polar vortex to come and go and see if weather permits detecting. 2017 was good to me. Learned a lot of things, got to test the Nokta Impact and use some other new to me equipment. Even got to join this great forum. Thanks Steve. Happy New Year everyone.
  6. A 2 hour and 45 minute hunt in my detector proving ground s site. Temp a warm 37 F. Ground conditions wet not frozen. Minerlization index meter showing 7 dots- checking in multiple spots over clean ground. This field is fertilized once every spring. No head to hea done with any other detectors. Settings today Sens 93 Freq 28.8khz Reactivity 3 Silencer -1 Audio report 5 Full headphones vol at 6 Used both manual and auto tacking Ground phase hung around 71 Full tones level 3 disc I am really liking this particular coil for the Deus. A super good relic Hunter, both open field and in polluted sites. Today was more open field hunt. This area I have put loads of heat on previously using fbs and Deus using 9" and 11" LF coils. The elliptical HF coil been in here too, but limited time. Absolutely stunning to see how much nonferrous was still left (not to mean some don't still exist). I think I have found my best settings as far as disc running this coil in most sites. Disc setting is key IMO. And for me it's level 3 setting using 28.8khz. Now, I am not inferring here I would only hunt a site using this detector and or coil or this disc level solely and deem a site depleted. Why this disc level setting? What does it do for the mighty Deus platform? As good as the .Deus is, it suffers from masking just like all other Vlf detectors. But the Deus and this 9" HF coil is doing something special here, and this disc level really exposes. What is this exactly? Running this disc level, a user can really depend on shape of signal, put far less stock in actual pitch of signals. If a person depends on the pitch of signal, you'll be fooled. How do I know this? Guess If a user gets no spitting, or doesn't get 2 signals close together using this disc = put on the brakes. Just study the signature of the signal disregarding tone for the most part. The pic below, all nonferrous but the bigger on the left. This was the only ferrous target dug today. This site is real old, has big relic iron, nails, etc. But this portion of site not deemed carpet of nails. This disc level setting turns Deus into exceptional bird dog. Deepest target dug today approx 8" the bent flat button in pic. And I exhumed some iron digging it, thinking I had been fooled only to stand up resweep and bingo. This coil running 28.8 khz loves lead. All kinds except round to near perfectly round. Loves brass too. A few of the finds today buttons. Next here, based on what I am seeing upon target retrieval and even sweeping targets with dirt took off of but still in the hole, a detectorist takes this detector with coil setup to a plowed field- you may lose out on some nice finds. This coil does NOT like disturbed dirt. Will hear iron tone (pitch wise) many times when sweeping plugs. Plugs that seem to be not contaminated with ferrous. But this masking may be caused by micro particles of ferrous, even the detector won't pick upand give tonal indication to user. I know some folks here bought the elliptical HF coil vs the rounded coil. I fortunately have both HF coils. Like both, and neither is going anywhere anytime soon. But IMO the round does have some advantages over the elliptical and it's not exactly what some may be thinking here as far as the smaller elliptical sniffing things out of ferrous. A very good nonferrous to ferrous ratio today. Impressive. And how many of the nonferrous finds found today provided more textbook signals(all things considered)?? Only 4. Think about that. And is this why I didn't find using LF coils?? Previously?? And to think, the patch I was in today, was exactly the patch where in this area I started detecting using a White's V3i. And found only 1 flat button. But remember I Was big time green horn. I think I have advanced past that stage now. How far I don't really know. Cheers
  7. Moore Adventures Published on Dec 27, 2017 โ€œRelic Hunts in Virginia and Texas Border Area, Fall 2017. First scenes are from the JGD Hunt in the Culpeper, Virginia area. I didn't film too much, so I added on a recent relic hunt we did with the boys from North Texas Metal Detecting. I managed to close out the year with a couple nice finds on this last hunt.โ€
  8. I went out to the Chocolate mountains today to prospect a bit. The Chocolates have small gold, that and my lack of prospecting skills yielded zero nuggets. I was in a good size wash detecting the cracks in the exposed bedrock with no luck so I moved up to the first bench above the bottom. Got a big signal that ID'ed steady from all directions. This little all metal toy car was down about 6 inches in small gravel. It was lost intact, as you can see the front axle has rusted apart but it is complete. I am guessing the car is pre 60's but I am no toy expert. It has been years since we have had enough rain to flow water that high in that wash. Ha...got some yellow afterall.
  9. This is a first of its kind discovery in Britain. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/09/27/roman-licking-dog-never-seen-britain-found-metal-detector-enthusiasts/
  10. Thought it might be a good place to share some pics of finds that dont make it into the other thread of AWESOMENESS. Found this belt buckle at a Western Australian Ghost town.It s Gold plated.....i think....definitely gold but not solid.Has the words "Swift and Sure" on it with a sea Anchor and some what appear to be Paddles/Oars.Seems like a Navy style Theme.Has the Martin Patented stamped on it. Anyways hope you like .....i do. If you have anything similar ,would love to see. Ash Edited this post and added last pic.Found the 1/2 penny to have been shot at some point...something different and also these cool emblems off what i think were trophies.
  11. Having a bit of fun with the GM 1000 so thought I might chronicle my finds in the one spot (if that's allowed??). Went out this afternoon with the literal dog, the figurative dog and the 3 hounds (the kids ). Took the GM to a spot where I had been before with the SDC and the Zed and had never found anything but rubbish. Old quartz vein site that had been pretty well smashed by the old boys. Lots and lots of targets with a little bit of sign of previous detectorists but I am assuming they were put off by the rubbish too. Today I strapped on the big coil for a bit of a change. Have almost exclusively used the little fella as I think it's a bit more stable and sensitive - although I have absolutely nothing to back that up with. A few small pieces of lead and a bit of ? tin. And one nice little specie ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Also had a bit of a noise in the quartz wall but it was hard to get close enough so will be heading back there with the little coil to get a better swipe at it. Only out for about 45 mins so plenty more to this story (hopefully )
  12. Some good basic information along with a video from Brandon Neice (Dr. Tones) on his Treasure Talk blog. Follow the link to the article and here is the video....
  13. Hit the dirt with Clark (aka 1515Art) for a late morning hunt. Dirt is like concrete the first 3 inches. Was scared I was going to break my Apex a few times. We had a good hunt in a pounded out spot but there were still lots of targets. Best of the day was this 1916 California License plate bear tag. They are made of lead and used to be riveted to the porcelin license plate back in the day. Kinda cool relic. Clark it was fun to get out and pound dirt with you! Also are a few more photos of some other goodies dug over the past month or so. If anyone knows what caliber the big bullet is please feel free to advise. Happy Hunting out there! strick
  14. Hi all All found with Gpx5000 chasing gold. Love to find them. GoldEN
  15. Getting ready to plan a trip near Yuma Az area digging "trash"... I have a target in mind I would like to find... The quest is to find some Apache Beer cone tops buried in trash pits in desert sands. From knowledge of others digs condition of 1930s cans has shown good promise and recovery of quality specimens of other brands has been promising. I am drawn to Yuma Arizona area because in researching old newspaper ads I found this was one of just several cities they marketed Apache Beer for 6 months in 1936. Below is a newspaper ad from 1936 and a very clean example of the Apache Beer cone top which recently sold for 28,000.00 and you can see here in link http://breweriana.com/beer-cans-cone-tops/apache-export-beer-cone-2881/ Not a typo! those old cans actually sell for insane values. My reason for posting this is to bring attention to just how rare some of this trash is to collectors and also to get some opinions or intel from anyone who might suggest areas I may find open to digging around the Yuma area. As well, has anyone else dug old beer cans and kept them or left them behind in the past?
  16. Hi folks, the last week or so I've been progressively detecting an area opposite some old ruins with the Deus, both on V3.2, and lately V4.0 (in Australia). Plenty of iron to deal with nearer to the ruins, not so bad in the area I'm detecting, just annoying small pieces of roofing iron that often sound a little tempting when at depth. Most of the coins found were Victorian era English pennies and half pennies, with the odd silver sixpence & threepence. Oldest coin so far was the 1860's, and the most out of place coin was an 1880 US Indian Head penny. Have also found eight very collectable 1800's dog registraton tags so far, and the coin total has just eclipsed 20. Yesterday turned up a surprise find, an English nickel plate Gold Sovereign holder, so there is the good possibility of finding some gold coins at thie site. Hope you enjoy the pics, and yes, all these finds were all unbelieveably from the same site - and still going!
  17. Hi All Few interesting items from Golden Triangle area while chasing gold: Thimble: few ladies blouse buttons or Chinese shirt buttons: Safety Pin: Enjoy GoldEN
  18. Hi All while detecting fro gold came across this old diggers pick and one decorative item sure not ruby just some kind of plastic. Goldfields of Creswick.
  19. Hi all. I got this button a few months ago at a PMAV club outing at Maryborough in central Victoria. Buttons don`t do a great deal for me but I was pretty impressed when I discovered it was a Civil War era button that came over here from the United states. On the back it says Treble Stand and under that Extra Rich. It was really deep but someone had already dug half way down to it and then walked away. Once I recovered it I filled in their hole. The third photo is what it used to look like. cheers Dave