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  1. The darn quarter disappears. I wonder if he was running multi and if he was if he put the 800 on a single high frequency like 40 if it makes any difference? Would be nice to know for when I go sniffing out silver at my iron laden sites. Look forward to more testing, especially that 6" video :)
  2. For all those wondering about latency/delay, and how "fast" standard Bluetooth (SBC), aptX, and aptX-Low Latency actually are, as compared to a "wired" connection -- here is a great video which plays an audio/video clip through two speakers simultaneously... FIRST, they play wired simultaneously with aptX-LL -- 32ms - 40ms delay/latency Second, they play wired simultaneously with aptX -- around 100 ms delay/latency Last, they play wired simultaneously with SBC (standard Bluetooth) -- around 250 ms delay/latency This is a GREAT way to actually HEAR the differences -- hearing both speakers being compared simultaneously allows you to really experience exactly what kind of "delay" or "latency" you are dealing with, with each different source (compared to a "wired" connection). My conclusion -- aptX-LL has NO noticeable delay, aptX has a tiny bit, but I believe it would be nearly, if not totally, insignificant for detecting purposes, and SBC (standard Bluetooth) has significant delay that would make locating targets "visually" (in terms of location of the target in the ground relative to the coil location, based on tone) somewhat difficult/troublesome. Steve
  3. First Class trip w/ my Mate' Tony! Enjoy! Ig
  4. Only detecting I get, is when it' too wet to roof, lol. Made some nice finds. Check out my buddy' video.
  5. Gotta love the tesoro vaquero, it held its own in calabash diggers garden, man i love my vaquero!!
  6. Just another way of discriminating junk before you dig it!
  7. When I got involved with Equinox I was at the end of a couple years of testing various VLF detectors and I was getting a little frustrated. I kept bumping into what I refer to as “the wall”. This magic limit in my bad ground on any detector getting decent depth and target id accuracy. The mineralized ground here cuts depth to about 50% of the max depths reported back east. Further, any single frequency detector suffers from poor target id, especially regarding “up scaling” of aluminum into the silver coin range. The machines that did best for target id, like my Minelab CTX 3030, lacked the depth of the best single frequency detectors, had poor target separation, and were weak on my favorite target - gold. I discuss this at VLF Detectors & Depth and in particular on this long thread on Euro vs U.S. Style Detectors where I mention I am selling my first CTX. ”I don't need many hours to know a CTX can't get a whisper on targets easily found with other detectors in my ground conditions. Masking is not my problem with the CTX, it is lack of depth on a clear target in the open. Single frequency just packs more punch in my ground, and all the hours in the world won't change that.” I therefore kept coming back to single frequency as having the best depth in my ground and far superior recovery speeds / target separation. Yet try as I might I could never find a single frequency VLF that truly blew me away as being much different than a dozen others. First Texas, Nokta/Makro, and XP had me butting one machine against another for quite some time, all extremely good and yet none really putting the others away as markedly superior. In particular a divide existed between the high frequency units hot on tiny gold and the best silver machines. The ability to play well in saltwater was a major sticking point for me also. I was keeping certain detectors simply because they might see use 10 days out of the year in saltwater. No matter what I seemed forced to own at least three VLF detectors to cover the bases. Long story short, I know my detectors and Equinox came along, and I tossed it in the mix. When I got my hands on Equinox I finally saw something different. The Minelab Equinox has performance characteristics that are unique and observable in the field, and as a result I knew just using it that finally something genuinely different was in my hands. BBS/FBS might be the king of silver, and now I could sense true multifrequency finally coming into its own on a machine both hot on gold and with incredible unmasking capability, the two areas where BBS/FBS are weakest. At the very same time, it matched the best single frequency machines for maximum depth, but while delivering more accurate target id results. My first real Silver Finds Post put it like this: ”I am not trying to prove anything per se here, but what I saw convinced me Equinox has that little bit something extra I have been looking for in a coin detector. It is not purely a depth thing but a combination of depth and speed that seems to pull silver out of places where I had not been having much luck for three years with quite a few VLF detectors.” Despite all the talk about hype I purposefully undersold Equinox since day one except to state I believed it would be a best seller. Pretty safe bet there. Performance though I purposely understated and evaded. My belief was that I would be immediately be discounted as a biased shill. The best way to proceed then, given my faith in the detector, was to just sit back and let others “discover” it. Finally, after some months, that is where we are now. Enough people who really know what they are doing in circumstances similar to mine are seeing the same things I saw, and for the very same reasons. There are those who have not laid hands on an Equinox who continue on telling those who are actually using the detector that they know its “just another same old same old”. This leads to a bit of frustration on the part of those who know better. And with that long introduction, my favorite video so far. Not because Deus is involved in the discussion because that does not matter. Deus is just a stand in for any detector that can only run and process one frequency at a time. The bottom line is Equinox has a technological advantage over those detectors, and anyone that thinks this is just another VLF detector like the last couple dozen to hit the market honestly is pretty clueless at this point in time. Maybe this video will help them take the blinders off. This is the video I would like to have made but figured I was not the right person to do it. Great job Scott!
  8. Silvers And Relics Today..

    Went to a iron loaded colonial site and pulled a few today..
  9. Took the EQ800 to a spot that petered out long ago, and had a pretty good hunt. HH, Cal
  10. I look at the equinox and its depth capabilities in my soil with different recovery speeds.. I have seen some saying it has no depth but don't find that to be the case in my soil at all.
  11. I am so happy to have received my new Equinox 600. Maybe when the snow melts and it gets warmer I can get out and hunt with it. Here's the unboxing video I made:
  12. Oldy but a Goody ! Cheers from 20f Idaho. Ig
  13. I am going to put some videos done by different purchasers here for folks to watch. Just be mindful of the model being shown in videos. Good Equinox assembly video
  14. This is good video. Shows part of Equinox's performance for sure. Mr Steve seems has already posted. Sorry. He may delete. Good video though.