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Found 97 results

  1. New member here and glad to be a part of this great forum! As someone who's looking forward to actually going out into the field with a metal detector for the first time, I'm interested in finding out how experienced nugget shooters actually "set-up camp," so to speak. Do you drive right up to the area you're going to cover in a 4-wheel drive vehicle? How close can you usually get to the exact ground you're going to search? Does anyone ever take a travel trailer out to those areas and stay a few days? Again, if so, how close are you usually able to get? Does anyone drive to the area in a 4-wheel drive and then ride to the site on an off-road motorcycle (or even off-road bicycle, if that's even feasible)? I'm interested in getting started in Arizona and Southern California but would eventually like to do some detecting in different regions of the West Coast up to Alaska.
  2. Go easy on me Steve, I just got an F75 and found silver in Cobalt Ontario. I have badgered/convinced my friend to head west into gold country next trip. So now I'm looking at GB2, GM1K, ATX?, GPX5K?, who knows? So much to learn but the gold is calling me! Would love to be you with a slew of machines to pick from, but I gotta start small then find enough to fund the good machine... or so I keep telling myself! There's been gold found in southern MN near Zumbrota, and whatever else is here is fly spec size so maybe the GB2 would be sensible to start with, that could be useful locally. The Gold Monster really appeals for just a bit more... The F75 sure beats my Vaquero, with my poor hearing seeing the numbers really makes a difference, so the GM1K has an appeal over the GB2. Might be coming through Reno in November for a gold detecting class, but that's up in the air yet. Maybe next year I'll have something to post here, it's my intent anyway! Do you ever show your collection? It would be an education for sure. Does Fools Gold count? Found a huge specimen that does bear some non-ferrous metal (silver, nickel, cobalt maybe) but I kept it for the huge face of iron pyrite. Not gold but it sure glitters!
  3. Pieter Heydelaar

    Just wondered if anybody here in the US knows of author and prospector Pieters whereabouts? Some old friends and I had a lot of fun prospecting Western Australia with them back in the mid nineties, while he and Debbie were living at Gwalia WA. As far as I know he left years ago. Steve: Apologies if this is off topic or in the wrong place, please feel free to move it somewhere more appropriate. Thanks! Juvenile fun in the "outback" Left to Right: Me, the late Jim Stewart, Debbie, Reg Wilson, Pieter Heydelaar, John Hider Smith. Pieter with a fuel tank off a Soyuz spacecraft. He had a good meteorite collection as well. A much younger me (with camera) and Australian detecting legend and prospecting buddy Jim Stewart:
  4. Gerry McMullen and crew are doing a nugget detecting class November 3 - 5 at Rye Patch. This is an excellent chance for anyone having really difficulty finding that first nugget to get some expert help. This class is usually for people who buy detectors from Gerry. However, I contacted Gerry and he does have spaces available and they are open to anyone who wants to participate for a fee. You can find details and contact Gerry about costs at http://gerrysdetectors.com/event/gold-detector-training-6/ It can be extremely hard to get that first gold nugget and it is impossible to overstate just how much it can help having people who know what they are doing take you by the hand and show you.
  5. I was out in a seemingly dried up creek panning for gold in southern Illinois. A lot of the local creeks going under the roadways were about dried up I noticed, even some rivers. I stopped at a creek out in the boondocks that was 40 feet wide and a gravel bottom but hardly had a trickle and a few inches deep of water flowing. I never expected to encounter quicksand in pea size gravels but in one area closer to the bank with seemingly no water present, I went in up to my shins unexpectedly. Being 500 feet from the bridge , on a Sunday, in the country,well screaming for help would not have worked too well with nobody around !! Fortunately, I got out ok and told myself, lets get outta here. No gold was showing up and I was kinda scared. Not worth the risk. I know when we were at Ganes creek gold mine they warned us not to go in areas where they were washing gravels by the big sluice. I never understood why until now. Be careful out there. Its not just quick sand but quick gravels too on what looks like solid ground. Has anybody else had this happen to them? How do you get out if you do go in too deep and nobody around to help you? -Tom
  6. Gold Tellurides

    Can a vlf or pi machine detect gold telluride? Does the gold telluride have to be in large concentration in a specimen for a detector to be able to detect it? Could a Falcon Gold probe detect a gold telluride specimen? Thanks! for any information or tips you can provide.
  7. Getting Too Old?

    This was really encouraging to me Luke, Goldmaster V/Sat is the only detector I own. That, plus not doing much detecting equals no gold. But, on the other end of the scale I find lots of nails. lead shot and small bits of other metals and hot rocks.
  8. How Do You Buy ?

    I walk into a major electronics store here or see their ad it's says Good Better Best. I'd say most of us try to stay in the income level we're in. This wholes true when we are looking for a detector to buy. This may not whole true anymore with the price drop of some high dollar detectors that we see coming on the market. When we see a price drop we also see that product put in the price range of more buyers. You're not a good buyer anymore you've gone beyond that and you find yourself buying the best. It may been a hard push to get there but you know that detector will be the best for you for years to come. In 91 I put down 725.00 dollars for a at that time was a high dollar detector but it still detects The thing is all these years later for almost the same money I can buy a detector that will run circles around my old one. That's my thinking but I want to know yours. Chuck.
  9. In the process of finding the right person to mine with... any advice from those who have been there and done that would be great. Thanks. Small Scale Mining.
  10. I always know that in ancient time people love to underground there tressure on earth but now a days we all love detecting that treassure yesterday i test a box of iron filled with full of crap item like copper alluminum iron scrap the i burried it at depth of 2ft dpth u all will amaze at max teknetics t2 atpro ctx3030 come up to detect it with ease t2 has upper hand on all of it nice clear audio ctx shows target sepration nice and smooth at max has not any problem it detect and make a loud clear audio but i am amaze after see the reading clearly
  11. I've got the Mxt All Pro but originally bought it so I could do both park, beach and gold prospecting but Now that I've got the GM1000 and sdc for gold I'm not so sure that the Mxt is the best machine out there for coin hunting that's also an easy to use machine? What are your thoughts or suggestions for a great coin detector?. Thanks again mate
  12. Where Would You Go?

    Hi ya'll! I have a question for you. If you could go detecting anywhere in the lower 48 and stay as long as you wanted-where would it be, and what would you hunt? Not looking for anybody's top secret honey hole, just a general area. I'm planning our trip next summer with the small toyhauler and ATV. I'd like to try hunting some different things in some different places. Already got South Beach/FT Lauderdale on the radar, as well as tons of places in Montana. There has to be something fun in the 2500 miles in between! Thanks for all suggestions! Ammie
  13. Hi all... I assume Chris Ralph will be the first to ID this as he's our resident Geologist and lives in the Silver State (Nevada) but will in Gold Basin today, I was working at push with a huge heap of mine tailings near by and ran across this. I've never seen native silver in quartz before and it's too shiny (hard to tell in photos) to be lead in my opinion... any thoughts? PS: I just noticed we have an actual geology/mineral section, sorry, I should have put this there, feel free to move it Steve. Thx Jen
  14. Hello every one i am honored to be a member in this forums and i am a beginner in this field . i want to know if any one have this machine Pulse Star 2 pro and has review on it . i am looking for treasures and relics . do you suggests to buy Pulse Star 2 pro or GPX 5000 for my search . http://www.tb-electronic.de/start/index2.html
  15. Blind Lead...

    I hit this pocket out hunting along a contact zone. I think it is native silver, but there have been no historical accounts of silver being found, only platinum and gold. Upon inspection with the microscope I can see gold popping out in a couple places. The large nugget was on the top of a vein of decomposing calcite and quartz, you can see on one side where the rock fell apart leaving some interesting formations. The large piece is 3/4 of a ounce and the foil like piece, that was found downhill, is about a 1/4 ounce. So this is most likely silver but anybody ever see platinum gold ore? The pieces came out very clean with very little magnesium oxide coating. The only thing that has my mind wandering is the fact that the source of platinum has never been found in the area, no historical accounts of silver being found and it came out of the ground really clean. Anybody see anything like this while out hunting for pocket gold?
  16. This morning I was reviewing another thread and there was a link to Steve's review philosophy. I encourage everyone to read it. It reminded me of an idea I have had for a long time about having an event (several events) with all metal detectorists and manufacturers products used to find professionally hidden and buried targets. You don't get to dig or recover the targets. You put a score on each hole like you do on a golf score card. Rules can be made to make it fair. Spectators would be encouraged as the locations for these events could be elevated. The finals could be in a stadium depending on EMI! haha The idea is that there could be events and at each of the events there could be courses and each of these courses could have holes. Some of the courses could be coin only, gold only or relic only. Some of the 'holes' would have gold nuggets, hot rocks, coins, rings, etc. Some of the events/courses would let you use your own detector and some of the events would be using the same detector ... like some of the auto races. Some of the events could use discriminating detectors and some would be size and depth competitions using PIs. Some of the events would be set up like panning contests. I think everyone gets their own ideas. You get people and kids out early to find things. What would we get out of this as the metal detecting community? Competition, advertising and exposure of detectorists skills and manufacturers products that could result in better equipment. What would be a possible negative? Some of us would rather keep ourselves invisible to the public at large. Some of that would be lost. What say you? Mitchel
  17. Lu found a pick on one of our outings to Quartzsite. We are trying to do a little research on it. I found an eBay item that had a similar mark but the seller does not know anything about the maker. The mark is a Y P with an anchor between the two letters. Does anyone here know about this mark? Mitchel
  18. We hear about the hot PI detectors so many have to nugget hunt with. Maybe if you don't have far to travel you may not carry a backup. I myself it's a long trip to nugget land in the sky so I have a backup and another backup. What I'd like to know from you is your backup another PI are a VLF ? Whatever you carry have you had the need to fall back on it ? Chuck PS What I read on here it sounds if all own GPZ's.
  19. I've been using the tesoro lobo for 8 years now with great success. I'm ready for something different with a little more depth. I find gold nuggets and quartz/gold. Most of the Au/quartz comes from taillings and when they go quite I rake and find more...sometimes. I've been looking at the ATX but read it has trouble finding Au/quartz. I understand size matters on ability for any detector. 2000ish is my budget and that can buy a lot of rakes. I'm just not 100% I like the way it sounds and I'm sure we can get along just fine. Discrimination is not that important, I hardly use it. Any info would help thanks.
  20. G'Day to our American Friends from Australia, i am new to your forum and new to Gold detecting, the little amount of detecting I have done has been very successful in finding dozens and dozens of 22 bullets along with the odd can pull tag. I live in an area renowned for Gold, but I am starting to question the advise I have been given by the sales people, it's fine to have a detector that will pick out the smallest gold, but to my way of thinking you need to be in an area that is isolated, Can you advise me on detectors that are designed to highlight small nuggets but larger that a 22 bullet, I am thinking that if a detector is less sensitive it would miss some of the trash, your thoughts are appreciated. Cheers.......Aussie
  21. While we are on this beach hunting topic, what do you guys do for keeping your keys, wallet, cell phone safe while you are beach hunting? Do you leave this stuff in your car under the seat, or wear a waterproof plastic bag around your neck with your valuables in it? Where can I get a waterproof neck pouch? Zip Lock bags are NOT watertight. I found this out the hard way with my cell phone. I will be out in a waist deep river with a black bottom next week using my sucker stick to get the placer gold in between the river bottom cemented cobbles. What to do with my keys, wallet, etc? If I accidentally drop them in the river, I will never see them again for sure. -Tom
  22. Hello. I am very new to MD. I am looking at buying my first one and looking for any advice on what to get. I will be detecting on lakes, beaches and in the piney woods of texas. Ground is going to be a mixture of hard soil some soft and beach sand at times. It will be in creek beds,lake water and every once in a while the beach. I am not looking for the cheapest but not the most expensive either. My budget will be some where around $200.00 and $800.00. I have looked at the Garret AT pro. And the T2 SE. But if their is something different or better please share and let me know So what do you guys think.
  23. Hi, hoping one of the Gold Bug Pro brains trust could give me their opinion please?I'm new to detecting & was wondering about the ground balance number and the ground phase number in the middle of the screen. In order to ground balance I'm pumping the coil up and down whilst pushing the GG button and most often the ground phase number and ground balance number match closely pretty quickly, however.....once I get started sweeping again the ground phase number (in the screen centre) jumps all over the place. Is this normal? Or should after I've ground balanced, the phase number pretty much remain the same? I've read through the manual and I think I'm doing everything correctly, just not sure if an erratic phase number is right? I was in all metal mode, both dials at 12:00 and up on dry sand. Thank you