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Found 71 results

  1. Hello every one i am honored to be a member in this forums and i am a beginner in this field . i want to know if any one have this machine Pulse Star 2 pro and has review on it . i am looking for treasures and relics . do you suggests to buy Pulse Star 2 pro or GPX 5000 for my search . http://www.tb-electronic.de/start/index2.html
  2. Blind Lead...

    I hit this pocket out hunting along a contact zone. I think it is native silver, but there have been no historical accounts of silver being found, only platinum and gold. Upon inspection with the microscope I can see gold popping out in a couple places. The large nugget was on the top of a vein of decomposing calcite and quartz, you can see on one side where the rock fell apart leaving some interesting formations. The large piece is 3/4 of a ounce and the foil like piece, that was found downhill, is about a 1/4 ounce. So this is most likely silver but anybody ever see platinum gold ore? The pieces came out very clean with very little magnesium oxide coating. The only thing that has my mind wandering is the fact that the source of platinum has never been found in the area, no historical accounts of silver being found and it came out of the ground really clean. Anybody see anything like this while out hunting for pocket gold?
  3. This morning I was reviewing another thread and there was a link to Steve's review philosophy. I encourage everyone to read it. It reminded me of an idea I have had for a long time about having an event (several events) with all metal detectorists and manufacturers products used to find professionally hidden and buried targets. You don't get to dig or recover the targets. You put a score on each hole like you do on a golf score card. Rules can be made to make it fair. Spectators would be encouraged as the locations for these events could be elevated. The finals could be in a stadium depending on EMI! haha The idea is that there could be events and at each of the events there could be courses and each of these courses could have holes. Some of the courses could be coin only, gold only or relic only. Some of the 'holes' would have gold nuggets, hot rocks, coins, rings, etc. Some of the events/courses would let you use your own detector and some of the events would be using the same detector ... like some of the auto races. Some of the events could use discriminating detectors and some would be size and depth competitions using PIs. Some of the events would be set up like panning contests. I think everyone gets their own ideas. You get people and kids out early to find things. What would we get out of this as the metal detecting community? Competition, advertising and exposure of detectorists skills and manufacturers products that could result in better equipment. What would be a possible negative? Some of us would rather keep ourselves invisible to the public at large. Some of that would be lost. What say you? Mitchel
  4. Gold Tellurides

    Can a vlf or pi machine detect gold telluride? Does the gold telluride have to be in large concentration in a specimen for a detector to be able to detect it? Could a Falcon Gold probe detect a gold telluride specimen? Thanks! for any information or tips you can provide.
  5. Lu found a pick on one of our outings to Quartzsite. We are trying to do a little research on it. I found an eBay item that had a similar mark but the seller does not know anything about the maker. The mark is a Y P with an anchor between the two letters. Does anyone here know about this mark? Mitchel
  6. We hear about the hot PI detectors so many have to nugget hunt with. Maybe if you don't have far to travel you may not carry a backup. I myself it's a long trip to nugget land in the sky so I have a backup and another backup. What I'd like to know from you is your backup another PI are a VLF ? Whatever you carry have you had the need to fall back on it ? Chuck PS What I read on here it sounds if all own GPZ's.
  7. Hello there, After few months of heavy used at waterfall, beach and dirt, I'm happy that the MX sport didn't have crack, leakage issue . I'm still learning the language of the MX sports.. Still didn't understand about the threshold, what it use for, what does it tell me when the hum disappear in a brief of time especially at high mineralized ground like beach. And I still not confident using the relic mode, too much information its giving out for me . Thank you very much. HH
  8. I've been using the tesoro lobo for 8 years now with great success. I'm ready for something different with a little more depth. I find gold nuggets and quartz/gold. Most of the Au/quartz comes from taillings and when they go quite I rake and find more...sometimes. I've been looking at the ATX but read it has trouble finding Au/quartz. I understand size matters on ability for any detector. 2000ish is my budget and that can buy a lot of rakes. I'm just not 100% I like the way it sounds and I'm sure we can get along just fine. Discrimination is not that important, I hardly use it. Any info would help thanks.
  9. G'Day to our American Friends from Australia, i am new to your forum and new to Gold detecting, the little amount of detecting I have done has been very successful in finding dozens and dozens of 22 bullets along with the odd can pull tag. I live in an area renowned for Gold, but I am starting to question the advise I have been given by the sales people, it's fine to have a detector that will pick out the smallest gold, but to my way of thinking you need to be in an area that is isolated, Can you advise me on detectors that are designed to highlight small nuggets but larger that a 22 bullet, I am thinking that if a detector is less sensitive it would miss some of the trash, your thoughts are appreciated. Cheers.......Aussie
  10. While we are on this beach hunting topic, what do you guys do for keeping your keys, wallet, cell phone safe while you are beach hunting? Do you leave this stuff in your car under the seat, or wear a waterproof plastic bag around your neck with your valuables in it? Where can I get a waterproof neck pouch? Zip Lock bags are NOT watertight. I found this out the hard way with my cell phone. I will be out in a waist deep river with a black bottom next week using my sucker stick to get the placer gold in between the river bottom cemented cobbles. What to do with my keys, wallet, etc? If I accidentally drop them in the river, I will never see them again for sure. -Tom
  11. Hello. I am very new to MD. I am looking at buying my first one and looking for any advice on what to get. I will be detecting on lakes, beaches and in the piney woods of texas. Ground is going to be a mixture of hard soil some soft and beach sand at times. It will be in creek beds,lake water and every once in a while the beach. I am not looking for the cheapest but not the most expensive either. My budget will be some where around $200.00 and $800.00. I have looked at the Garret AT pro. And the T2 SE. But if their is something different or better please share and let me know So what do you guys think.
  12. Hi, hoping one of the Gold Bug Pro brains trust could give me their opinion please?I'm new to detecting & was wondering about the ground balance number and the ground phase number in the middle of the screen. In order to ground balance I'm pumping the coil up and down whilst pushing the GG button and most often the ground phase number and ground balance number match closely pretty quickly, however.....once I get started sweeping again the ground phase number (in the screen centre) jumps all over the place. Is this normal? Or should after I've ground balanced, the phase number pretty much remain the same? I've read through the manual and I think I'm doing everything correctly, just not sure if an erratic phase number is right? I was in all metal mode, both dials at 12:00 and up on dry sand. Thank you
  13. I have recently been through a whole house fire and am looking to see if there is a metal detector that would help locate my wife's fine jewelry that was sitting on a countertop in the kitchen now that the kitchen is in the basement with the second floor on top of it?
  14. Hi Y'all! Great forum! Sorry if this has already been covered a zillion times, but..... I'm self-employed and am fortunate enough to be able to live and travel in an RV full-time. I live on a barrier island on the east coast of Florida during the winter and travel in the summer/fall/spring. My main places are Florida, Tennessee, and Montana (home of most awesome grandchild on earth). I love to metal detect. I don't have much room to store those 10 different detectors that I would love to own (RV). I have room for 2 or 3 at the most (if I want to have clothes and shoes too), and am loathe to part with my antique DFX, which has been my buddy for 10 years. Even though it's great for dirt-diggin' in Tennessee...and not much else. I've tried it on the beach here and it doesn't seem to like that wet salt sand very much. It positively seems to hate that mineralized dirt in Montana too. Maybe I didn't have it set up right. I've been researching for weeks and here is what I've almost decided on. If you guys could tell me if I'm on the right track, I'd be very grateful! 1. Garrett Infinium LS- Double duty for the beach/salt water hunting + a low-cost PI machine to find me tons (LOL) of 1+ gram nuggets in Montana. I usually dig everything at the beach and targets of any kind are few and far between in the places we camp in Montana. (Yeah, I kinda know where to look-presently working on a ghost town/mining camp book). I'd also kinda like to try sniping in some of those 38 degree creeks and rivers (certified diver/have wetsuit/will travel). Hubby thinks I'm nuts. 2. Gold Bug 2- Maybe I could go back over those tailing piles in Montana and find those hundreds of -1 gram nuggets that the Infinium will miss. 3. Keep my friend, the DFX. Every time I think of selling it, it tosses me a merc or two....no joke. Thanks, guys!
  15. Just some good advice if you ever sell some detecting equipment, always purchase extra insurance. Priority mail covers only 50 bucks !! Bought this great Detech coil spiral wound from a friend....was in perfect condition but I found it a bit heavy for all around use. I decided to sell it to a fellow who "was" going to use it back in Virginia for relics as its a double d coil and would have worked out fine if it was not " DESTROYED" somewhere by usps . So, if you're shipping something over 50 bucks buy that extra insurance....I am hoping it still works, going to give it a try tomorrow and see....looking at it I doubt it.......Insure, insure for sure next time!
  16. Hello folks, It's been a long time since I've used my GPZ because I had to move away from the Redding area where I was using it regularly. It makes sense to sell it and use the money for a new computer and engineering software for my business. The machine has around 200 hours and works perfect. It still has the original skidplate, so that gives you an idea of the minimal wear and tear. Can you please recommend a fair asking price so I can then put it in the classifieds with pictures? Thanks much.
  17. hello masters. Electron and gold coins come out in the area we are in. Can you give me machine advice? maximum 1500 $
  18. So while lots of folks were able to make the Las Vegas GPAA gold show that concluded Sunday afternoon, many could not make it. This year the GPAA has experimented with a couple things including a live broadcast of interviews with various dealers and other folks. Some of it is pretty good, while other parts are so-so, but its easy enough to fast forward through parts you dont care about. There are a lot of interesting people at these shows and they got some very interesting and entertaining interviews. There are interviews with Bill Southern, the Pomrenke boys from Bearing Sea Gold, Shannon Poe from AMRA, Debbie Smikoski from Minelab (who talks about the GM 1000 with Kevin), Dave Variboff from Goldbay (who sells millions worth of gold specimens) and lots of other folks in the mining and prospecting business. On the second day, because they were running out of good people to interview, they even interviewed me. There is a lot of good information here and it is all saved, but the way facebook archives this stuff, its not that easy to find. So here is how you can find it if you want to look in - Go to: https://www.facebook.com/pg/GoldProspectors/videos/?ref=page_internal The videos are not fully labeled, but if you hover over them with your cursor and look at the length, the one that is 1:25:17 long is the one with me in it, I appear at the 45 minute mark, Debbie Smikoski from Minelab follows me at the 1:07:39 mark. A lot of the time before me on the video is Shannon Poe from American Mining Rights Assn. (AMRA). Other folks like Bill southern, Dave Variboff and others are all on the other videos from this weekend. Its worth checking out - its not all 5 star entertainment and information, but there is some really good stuff there.
  19. I found my first ringed bullet yesterday hunting one of our older parks and I'm trying to put a date on it. It's hard to find anything older then the 1880s around here although this park is showing some promise with this bullet and my friends 1836 Capped Bust Dime that shocked us last week. Any help identifying and dating this bullet would be appreciated. My best guess is that it's about 38 caliber and it weighs 12.46 grams or about 192 grains. Picked up a couple of Indians, a 16s wheat and a 1908 V Nickel that cleaned up pretty nice along with the bullet. Edit: I measured the ringed end and came up with 5/16 one way and a hair under a half inch the other. Bryan
  20. Well I for one, and possibly a few others here in the States, am looking forward towards a new gold season down under. I know this subject has come up in the forum before, Taking your detector with you overseas, but its not been a stand alone topic and I have been unable to dig it out of the old topics where this issue has been discussed easily. So I've brought it up this way so maybe it'll be easier for others to find in the future when the concern comes up. Our detectors and associated gear are rather a pricey point of pride regardless of whether your just coin shooting or going bush. I am asking all with experience in this arena to pitch a comment so as that future traveler can find a comfortable accommodation on how to carry their gear. My way is not the best way but it works well and I understand the risks. Having taken my gear, both prospecting and coin shooter, overseas many times now~ primarily to Australia but also Japan and Europe~ I simply break it down and pack it well in the suit case as check bags. I carry the control box with me on-board with my carry on and in the case of the Zed I tape off the contacts of the batteries and carry them as well and declare them at the check in, present them for inspection *sometimes they re-tape them*, and go on about my business. With the advent of lithium batteries its important that you do check with the air carriers you plan to use on any limitations and I suggest strongly that you discharge the batteries to at least 50% prior to travel. This lessens the chance of any problems with the batteries and its a feel good you can tell the front desk if asked. Lead acid batteries like the old Humpy for ML's older SD/GP series should just be purchased on the other side as they are cheap enough however I have gotten them thru in check bags as well in the past. Other power supplies can be treated similarly. Now having said that there is the type of luggage to look for when traveling. First off measure the longest and widest parts of your detector or other gear, like a small pick, so you can obtain the right size bag. Look for one that has a solid back frame, soft frame luggage will not do, or if you have the cash a hard case. Bear in mind that you want to keep all bags under 50 lbs or you will run into fees and in some cases not be allowed to take them at all. Hard cases and Otter boxes are heavy. Due to weight I've had to repack a few times right at the counter just to get things thru even wear extra coats and put socks in my pockets to get thru. In the case of Australia you will want two cases however one can be smaller. Also look for something with solidly mounted wheels and collapsible drag handle. Expect to transfer planes~ those wheels will be important. I also pack an extra belt into the outer pocket of one so I can strap them together at the soft handles for transport, notch it to fit ahead of time as you wont have your pocket knife with you when the time comes. The solid frame back is needed to protect from flexure and impacts as the baggage is handled~ and it will be~ and your cloths will be the packing. Got bags, ok, so lets pack. A towel, pants or jacket is the first layer about an inch of padding off the rear frame. Now the coil/coils with clothes between them. Rods go in towards the middle. Use socks and shirts around the outter sides of the bag and between gear pieces. If you are taking a pick tuck it to the side and wrap it with jeans. *Just stick it down a leg and wrap the top well*. Your last layer will be mostly cloths about 4 inches thick and when I carry my pan it sits on top. As I said with Australia I carry two bags. I split my detector assemblies/gear and coil between them. Someone get nosy or a bag gets lost its only a partial loss and cheaper to replace than if a whole bag goes for walk about. Having stuff stolen is the Risk and should never be taken lightly. I know you wont like I wont.... its a pricey point of pride. The risk is also why I carry the control box. In the case of thieves they wont want the bits.... usually. Lost bags are in the next paragraph. Last point. Use those identity tags at the front desk and mark your bags with a distinctive bit of something ( ribbon, bungie, spray paint, ect). I have never lost a bag but they have wandered. That tag and bit of distinctive something, in my case its a chunk of black and white bungie knotted very securely to the handle, aid greatly in tracking down your wandering luggage. On the carousel at the airport all that luggage looks the same as well. Also TAKE A PICTURE of your bags and keep it on your camera or phone. Again if you have ever lost a bag when you go to report it they are going to give you a placard with a whole bunch of luggage and ask you what it looks like... if your bags are new then its confusing. Always expect to stay a day or so at your final destination. Why? Because if that bag(s) wander you'll need to stick around for them to catch up. Airlines have always been good about getting my stuff to me even if I have had to wait a day or so... dont get frustrated~ just keep it in stride, I know your tired and its been a long flight~ if you end up having to track you bags back to you. Its not the person at the kiosk who needs to be your lightning rod if things go poorly. Remember they work for a living too. Now having said all that there apparently are some new restrictions for carry on electronics so I will add this : Check your route and avoid any legs that go thru the middle east or Africa. Lately I've been flying Quantus out of Dallas to get to Sydney but there are alternate routes that take one thru Dubia and a couple of other spots. The A380 aircraft is a good ride, I kinda miss the 747, so plan appropriately as with the new restrictions you may be forced to pack everything in your check bags. Keep your self informed and pack well. All will be good ;) Thanks for reading. DD
  21. We all seem to use a fair bit of technology these days in the pursuit of gold and pleasure. We have detectors, maps, gps's, phones, books, scans, photos, videos, cameras, stories, etc. etc. not to mention our computers and drives we use to record and back these things up. Some are mobile and some stay at our homes and some are in the cloud. A few months ago one of my devices stopped working and I know I lost some data. It is data I may not 'need' but without it I don't have it as a record. I may have lost some find points for the Minelab 3030 on XChange2 because I didn't have a backup of the backup so to say. Steve sent me some private messages about it but I think it would be a good topic to help us review, store and share our data with someone or not lose it easily. What do you do with your computer backups? Do you just backup online? When you travel, how do you sync your data so that all files and pictures are current on your devices? How do you purge your duplicates so you don't run out of storage space on your external and internal memory? How do you prepare for a trip and what do you do when you come back from a trip? I hope to copy someone's procedure or modify mine to a more simple system. Mitchel
  22. I find myself nugget hunting alone all the time. The trouble here in Texas it's next to nothing in the way of gold to be found. You find most people coin hunting and some relic hunting. If you said anything about nugget hunting I'm sure they wouldn't know what you're talking about. I've got a nugget hunting trip plan and been talking with a friend in another state that did hunt but I don't believe will ever again. So tell me if you going it alone and if not then how. Chuck
  23. Weighs 69 Grams, reads below nickel on Metal Detector, does not stick to a magnet. Thanks for any help!
  24. Some may say that it's the detector in front of the guy and others may say it's the guy behind the detector. I say it's a little of both and the guy who will admit he may not know it all. Like another post this guy was asking for help to bring him up to speed on his GPZ. Oh don't get me wrong you do have to be where the gold is to start. Anyone who goes out and buys this hot new detector has to be willing to put in the time and make note of what works best. I say this has to be with you every time you go out in the field to detect. It's said the proof is in the pudding but in your case it's more gold found. A lot of you know Uncle Ron. Well at one time he had this old SD 2100 and found more gold than most with a newer detector. If you would have seen the coil he had on it you may had felt sorry for him and gave some gold to him. I don't know what he swings now but it was all about him knowing his detector and what it could do for him. I posted this just to give you more to think about to make you a better nugget hunter. Chuck.