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Found 51 results

  1. This nugget is said to be the world's largest crystalline nugget. http://www.calaverasenterprise.com/sierra_lodestar/article_ca273814-da1c-11e7-b866-b37713f31b00.html
  2. Reg Wilson is a bit of a legend in Australian detecting circles and has kept a comprehensive photo collection of his finds over 4 or 5 decades. Now everyone likes gold images and stories - and there are plenty here! I've been offered existing topics to post on, but I believe the topic deserves its own thread to do it full justice. All images are those of Reg Wilson unless otherwise attributed. The album consists of hundreds of photographs of not only gold, but many gold detecting industry characters, some of whom are no longer with us, but who all contributed in their own unique ways to the great gold chase we still enjoy today. Firstly, a bit of background. Reg first shot to international fame with the finding of this 98 ounce piece which he named the "Orange Roughie" in 1987, decades later to be fraudulently rebirthed as the "Washington Nugget" By no means his first find, Reg was already a successful detector operator and at the time was testing a prototype GT 16000 for Minelab's wizz kid engineer Bruce Candy: Photo: Australian Sun Herald L to R: Bruce Candy, the late Doug Robertson, Ian Jacques, Reg, John Hider Smith. Reg recalled: "The man standing next to Bruce Candy is the late Doug Robertson, who with his brother Bruce worked the aluvials below the famous and fabulously rich Matrix reef at McIntyres. They had an old Matilda tank with a blade attached to clear Mallee scrub. Between them they had a wealth of knowledge of the northern Victorian gold fields. (Doug's name may have been Robinson. Memory is a bit foggy)" Ian, Reg and John were prototype SD 2000 testers in Victoria, AU and were collectively known as the "Beagle Boys" a name bestowed upon them by Dave Chappel, the publican of the Railway Hotel Dunolly. On any Friday night huge nuggets, some weighing well over a hundred ounces could be seen displayed on the bar. 120oz from Longbush. Found all on its own, finder anonymous: The playing cards and US currency indicate that the nugget has just been purchased by the late "Rattlesnake" John Fickett, a US gold buyer who bought many of the big pieces back then: Ian Jacques and Reg with 44 oz 1989: Ian Jacques with his SD 2000 prototype late 80's. Real prospectors don't use bungees All for now, but at least we've made a start - - -
  3. We'll i finally got to join the 1oz+ club!! My buddy Dave and i headed to Gold Basin for a half day trip. We hit our usualy spot and split up. I headed to a wash that i found a 5.4 gram piece a couple of weeks ago. I didnt hit the whole wash, so i figured id start where i left off. A bit later, i get a nice signal by a bush in the middle of the wash. It turned out to an 8 gram specie with some dark host rock mixed in. 10 feet away in the bank of the wash i get another screeming signal. This was the flat nugget, also about 8 g. I radioed Dave to tell him the good news. The next couple of hours there was nothing except a couple of meteors. I decided to hit the bottom end of that same wash on my way back to the truck. After a bit i get a nice signal in the wash, it was the .8g flat piece. The wash had widened out, and the bedrock was deeper, so i wasnt detecting to slow wgen i got a slight sound. I thought it was just ground noise because i was running the GPZ hot at 18 sensitivity and high yield and normal ground. I did a scrape and the sound was still there. I took about 6 inches off with the pick and the sound seemed more distinct. I fugured it wasnt mineralization but rather trash because the dirt was silt, not hard pack. I kep widening and deepening the hole and when i got to over a foot it was screeming. I was figuring tin can ir something. After about 6 more digs and around 2ft deep. I get it out of the hold. I did reach bedrock so i was feeling hopeful. It turned out to be a 1.41 (OZ) nugget and a pretty one at that, with a bit of quartz. I finally joined the club. I feel like i deserve a patch or something lol. I radioed Dave to tell him the good news, and he was eccited for me. (He was already a member pf the club) a bit under 2 oz for the day. I took Dave to the wash, with his big coil on the GPZ, to try to score him a big nugget, no luck. We packed up and headed home. oh and i finally paid for my GPZ in nuggets ...and some. thanks Chris
  4. A Lady decided to go out and spend $825.00 on a metal detector, And what an introduction in to the hobby, WTG Girl.
  5. You need to check this out - great story with some excellent photos! Every cloud has a silver lining – Discovering a Medieval Coin Hoard (Part 1)
  6. I was going through a couple of folders on my computer to see what was in them and came across this 72 page PDF. Apparently Thomas Jefferson Hurley in 1900 was a member of American Institute of Mining Engineers and American Geographical Society. The quick look I had at it, it looks like it mainly deals with gold found in the USA, so it may be of some interest to people in the States. I did a very quick google search to see if I could spot this PDF and didn`t find it, so I have uploaded it into the cloud and if you want a copy, be my guest. You can either look at it online or download it. It`s a 7.18mb download. I have no memory what so ever of how I came to have this PDF. Dave https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2EVZvrVlXTnX3E0bHpQT2Z1d00
  7. Want to see a big slug? http://earth-chronicles.com/science/in-the-khabarovsk-territory-of-russia-found-a-gold-nugget-weighing-more-than-10-kilograms.html
  8. For those interested in checking out the Worlds Largest Nugget follow this.. http://raregoldnuggets.com/blog/?p=377
  9. Customer sent these pics of a once-in-a-lifetime find. This is a dream for many coin hunters on the East Coast of the U.S.
  10. http://www.kalminer.com.au/?news/australia/veteran-prospector-syd-pearson-tells-of-the-moment-he-found-a-43kg-gold-nugget-ng-b88491237z
  11. My brother and I didn't find any nuggets on Monday last, but he did find this two sided crevicing tool to add to the collection. We are going again today and hope to get a few pieces.
  12. "The largest hoard of gold sovereigns in Britain, found hidden in an old piano, has been declared treasure. The discovery was made in Shropshire before Christmas when the piano's new owners had it retuned and repaired. Shrewsbury Coroner's Court decided the find qualified as treasure, which means ownership now lies with the Crown. It will be offered for sale to museums. The tuner who found the hoard and Bishops Castle Community College, which owns the piano, will share a reward." Complete story and photos here
  13. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3291710/tank-collector-two-million-gold-bullion-military-vehicle/ Gold is truly where you find it...lol.
  14. This article has a listing of some amazing discoveries made with metal detectors... https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/2445640/from-ancient-coins-worth-1m-to-a-giant-10-pound-lump-of-gold-the-most-incredible-metal-detector-finds-ever/
  15. "A gigantic gold torc, so big one expert thinks it may have been worn to protect a pregnant woman, has been found by a metal detectorist in a ploughed field in Cambridgeshire. It was made from 730 grams of almost pure gold more than 3,000 years ago, and is regarded as the best found in England in more than a century." More at https://www.theguardian.com/science/2016/nov/28/spectacular-bronze-age-gold-torc-unearthed-cambridgeshire-field
  16. thought the forum would like this......onYoutube, link;
  17. http://www.minelab.com/anz/go-minelabbing/news?article=290610 http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/i-couldnt-believe-my-eyes-victorian-prospector-unearths-145ounce-gold-nugget-20160824-gr0g4h.html The weight of the nugget is 4121 grams so the weight in Troy ounces is 132.5 ounces versus the 145 avoirdupois ounces quoted in the articles.
  18. "The pearl was found 10 years ago by a fisherman who was unaware of its value and kept it as a good luck charm, Palawan official Aileen Amurao said." more at http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-37167179
  19. "It may be just a tiny gold bead - 4 mm (1/8 inch) in diameter - but it is an enormous discovery for Bulgarian archaeologists who say they have found Europe's - and probably the world's - oldest gold artifact. The bead, found at a pre-historic settlement in southern Bulgaria, dates back to 4,500-4,600 B.C., the archaeologists say, making it some 200 years older than jewelry from a Copper Age necropolis in the Bulgarian Black Sea city of Varna, the oldest processed gold previously unearthed, in 1972." Read full article at http://www.reuters.com/article/us-bulgaria-archaeology-gold-idUSKCN10L0YQ
  20. As posted on the Minelab Facebook page on June 21st....
  21. "Three amateur archaeologists recently found the largest Viking gold hoard ever discovered in Denmark. At 900 grams (1.948 pounds), the hoard consists of seven beautifully worked bracelets, six of gold and one of silver. The silver piece weighs about 90 grams." http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/amateurs-find-largest-ever-viking-gold-hoard-denmark-006118 https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/09/12/gold-diggers-buried-treasure-shows-vikings-hoarded-precious-metals/657229001/
  22. G'day, Further to the thread at There is a Facebook page just put up with more information about the finding of The Hand nugget. I could not see any reference made in any of the newspaper articles, from the time, about the Garret model it was found with ... might be some reference made later on. https://www.facebook.com/handoffaith/ Regards, Rob (RKC)
  23. "Gemologists in Sri Lanka claim that the largest blue star sapphire yet has been discovered in a mine in the country. The gemology institute in the capital Colombo has certified that the gem weighs 1404.49 carats and say they have not certified anything larger. The gem is valued at at least $100m and the current owner estimates that it could sell for up to $175m at auction." Rest of the story at http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-35226276
  24. Re: Norm Tyers big nuggett ozgold 041 on Fri Jan 01, 2016 11:39 am mark garrett wrote:if you new Norm he was and still is a good man My two boys and me visited him just weeks before he pasted away im so glad he let me talk about his find and video it for his family . this video is a a bit long but it is history . Nancy has a dvd I gave them . Here is a video of great interest for those looking for large gold nuggets! (Dingo Qld)