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Found 46 results

  1. Received an email from Regis Resources tonight concerning an increase in sightings of wild dogs and two close call incidents over the last few weeks. As of tomorrow an intensive baiting and track 'em and whack 'em program will start between King of Creation mine and Garden well mine on the Erlistoun / Bandya boundary. Also, due to some numpty flapping his gums in the Laverton van park "if my dog takes a bait I'll shoot the station owner" the new station owners are exercising their right and from now on no dogs are permitted on Erlistoun station without prior written consent. Sorry folks, not my doing blame it one idiot and his big mouth.
  2. Popped a stack of camels the other day and stole a back strap off a young cow. Normally I hang them for a week or two to age but I went and caught up with a tour group that day and we knocked off the whole back strap that night. No washing up that night, all plates were licked clean
  3. Hi everyone just found this on Parks Victoria web site and thought i would share for anyone who may be interested to know that could be planning a trip down under who here in Victoria In Aussie land does the Gold Prospecting Tours Even us Aussies may be interested to know who do the tours I was looking at the fees.. not cheap! guess these are the only gold propecting tours that have all their paper work in place The only ones who are licensed and insured to take people on tours.
  4. My first 3, For our American friends will add a kangaroo the next opportunity that arises. Pls add some of yours ! Australian Bustard, Dingo, Spider ( I am watching you )
  5. Hi folks, for those making the trek this year and who plan on detecting on Erlistoun Station. Ownership has changed hands and it is no longer held by Grainger Pastoral Co. I will still be here as on site manager so it's business as usual as far as I am concerned. We are a prospector friendly station and all we ask is to please let us know if and when you'll be on the station. Feral control is on going so for safety reasons, it helps if we know where you are and you know where we are. Please take out what you bring in, don't bury your rubbish. Please keep off station roads when wet, that wheel rut becomes a water channel, that water channel becomes a creek.... Please respect leases and know where you are and have 40E's and permissions in order. Please respect cattle and infrastructure, and no firearms or shooting under any circumstances. At this stage I am not sure on the new owners policy regarding bringing dogs onto the station but I will endeavour to find out ASAP and update it here. Correspondence can be sent to: Steve Fisher, P.O. Box 189 Laverton W.A. 6440 Ph :08 9037 5951 (after 6pm) Email: Alternatively I can be contacted here on this forum
  6. From or click images below for larger views...
  7. Hi all Well l have 2 days of work to go and then was going to have 3 weeks of dectecting, but along comes Debbieee ! Tropical cyclone Debbieee Cat 4 predicted by the time of land fall , with 400mls of rain ,now have to make it home in time to prep , it's Sunday night here , suppose to cross the coast early Tuesday morning? Nth Queensland weather gotta love it ! Away I will get a couple of weeks in looking for the yellow 🙂 Hope all the path are safe and prepared. Regards Squizz
  8. " is a funny game they play, these people who live and breathe gold and search for it every day. They look for something that might not be there but if it is could change their lives forever."
  9. This is an open thread for any good/bad Australian picture of gold or video adventure! Post away mates. Mitchel
  10. Quite often l have seen detectorists arrive at a new spot full of enthusiam and upon arrival jump out of the car, grab their detector and race off hurrying here and there like a headless chook swinging aimlessly in their excitement to find that first elusive bit of gold. Only to be dissapointed at the lack of gold finds and quickly ready to write the area off and move on. I speak from experience because l was one of those. However several of those spots kept calling me back. And when I did return it was with a contolled enthusiam. Instead of jumping out of the car and racing around I took the time to look about and read the ground. I took the time to get the detector running smoothly and most importantly I took the time to carefully detect the area I had chosen, thouroughly working the area in a unhurried manner. And on most occasions I was rewarded with gold. Yes gold from an area I was too quick to write off initially because I was in too much of a hurry to properly access the potential that was right in front of my nose. So all l can say is slow down, plan you attack and have patience and work the area properly and don't be too quick to write a spot off or you will leave it behind.
  11. QED

    The new compact, super light PI from Ballarat, Australia. This machine uses any Minelab PI compatible mono coil and is dynamite on small as well as larger gold. It is almost totally unaffected by EMI enabling it to be used near or practically beneath power lines. All hand built, on a limited production scale, this little beauty is creating great interest in Australia, where it can handle the highly mineralized soils. The outlet for this detector is Goldsearch, in Dunolly, Victoria, Australia.
  12. Got more than enough submissions, thank you!
  13. The July 2016 issue of the ICMJ magazine contains an article I wrote reprising my 2011 trip to Australia to hunt gold with Chris Ralph and Jonathan Porter. Subscribers can view the article online at There was of course a lot more to say about the trip than was contained in the article, and in particular I have a lot more photos to share. I kept a diary while on the trip, and this thread is intended to provide a much more detailed look at the trip. I will keep posting on this thread in a serial fashion similar to what I did with my Alaska gold adventures with my diary providing daily details. It all started in 2010 at the old AMDS Adventure Forum when I made this post on a thread: "Hi murph, You know, for many years it was my dream to go hunt nuggets in Australia. I got Doug Stone's books and read everything else I could and dreamed of those monster nuggets. But as years went by I read between the lines and figured it is a tough go to find the big nuggets in Australia these days. The fact is you only read about people making finds, but plenty of visitors to Oz find no gold. There is always the home team advantage. It is not so much what you know as who you know, and I'll always have a tremendous advantage in Alaska just because I've lived here all my life. Though I do have a few contacts in Oz that might give me a leg up on the average visitor. Still, it may be that my chance to visit Australia is coming as my circumstances have taken a turn for the better. So maybe in a couple years?" That in turn generated a response from famed Australian gold prospector Jonathan Porter: "Steve I will tell you this, if you ever decide to visit Australia it would be my pleasure to show you around. There is still plenty of potential here in Australia, the auriferous areas are just too extensive and in some cases very inaccessible so there just has to be good nugget patches waiting for someone gutsy enough to come along and swing their coil over that first lump. I intend to get into some tiger country this year and could do with a good partner who doesn't need a gold fix every day, interested? - JP" It turns out that JP and ICMJ Associate editor Chris Ralph had been discussing the possibility of a joint prospecting trip in Australia. I had met Chris previously when I had invited him up to visit my Moore Creek pay-to-mine operation several years earlier. A few messages were passed back and forth offline, and I was fortunate enough to be invited to join in on the adventure. Trying to pick the best time as regards weather was a big priority, and it was decided that the fall of 2011 would be the best bet for putting a trip together. Australia is in the southern hemisphere, and so the seasons are the reverse of what we experience in the United States. Our fall is their spring and we timed it to hit cooler temperatures that would be warming while we were there. Jonathan's advice was critical here. We wanted several weeks to give it a good go and decided the entire month of September 2011 would work well. That gave us plenty of time to plan and make arrangements so we put it on our calendars. To be continued.... Photo courtesy of Aurum Australis
  14. Here is a video of the Signal Response of the GPZ 19 Coil. I have also tested the 14 on this patch but didn't get round to videoing that test session but when l get time l will do a follow-up vid. But l can honestly say the 19 smashed the 14 for signal response I'm afraid l probably had the audio about 2 units too high as l wasn't sure how well the gopro would pick the sound up. Settings used were JP recomended settings with a few minor adjustments to suit the conditions. Cheers
  15. Went out yesterday with the Zed and 19 inch coil Golden Triangle. Running Jonathan Porter recommended settings with just a couple of minor adjustments to suit the area. Within 150 metres from car had already picked up a few shotty pellets and 22 slug. I then get a low tone clear signal no double tap to this one. Clearly heard well above ground level. Is it ground noise is it a tree root nah sounds too good. Dig down hit chunky fist size quartz at about 8 inches into clay signal still clear low tone but starting to get a wobble bit of a smile when the wobble came in. 12 to 14 inches deep scraping the bottom of hole out and there it is. Nice bit of gold. Later placed nugget on ground and swung over it what a change in signal. Less than half the original depth before l could hear it and just a warbly pathetic scratchy signal with no low tone. The response to the undug target absolutely smashed the response to the air test over the dug target. I'm happy. I have no dout the 14 inch coil would have heard it but also have no doubt the 19 was a far better louder response than the 14 would have given from past experiences with the 14. Cheers
  16. Hi there, Thought you guys might be interested in seeing this. You will be familiar with this crew from down under & their videos. Sounds like more are coming up. Enjoy. Good luck out there JW :)
  17. Picked this from another forum. Fred if you watch this be sure to tie yourself in a chair as I know you may start walking towards OZ. I know I want to go.
  18. G'day Norvic, or Goldhounds, or JP, ====(or ALL) I am making plans for a 3 months adventure next June, July, and August. Probably stay around Queensland for this trip...from Brisbane to Cairns ====but in the back country mostly-- I will go to the coast this trip though. I have heard too much about it not to see it. Sounds like a may have a Shelia running with me this trip-- which is OK, she gets more gold than I do!!!!! We need to rent a caravan or an off road camper of some sort..... what would you gentlemen/ladies suggest??? Maybe even buy a used unit and sell when we leave, or rent one from someone you may know who could use a little extra cash... Thanks in advance for your replies.... looking forward to hearing your thoughts... Hoo roo mates...
  19. Mark Hyde runs a very professional guide service. He does not hunt while on tour, rather he attends to his customers and teaches those that need help. Unfortunately he only does Tag-a-Long tours; that means you need your own transport. If you get on his list you must react immediately as he sells out very FAST! Tours are the best way for a novice to get on the gold in Oz... I have no financial interest in his operations... fred
  20. Not sure if this will work but this is about the Gold Police in Western Australia... Warning for prospectors as detectives seize $50,000 worth of illegally mined gold near Kalgoorlie
  21. OK, I am an Alaskan and so no stranger to foul language. This video is great just because it is real and yes, you do not want to watch if cuss words bother you. Me, I have to admit I just smile watching it. You have been warned!
  22. In the news this morning I see that a Crocodile has gobbled up a lady out for a swim and a Kangaroo beat up a bicyclist. Damn- I gotta go see that country!
  23. First day out and 6 pieces so far.... JP is a good teacher and has only thrown his pick in the brush 3 times! And I can't understand some of that Australian yelling, But i am sure it means I'm doing a great job.... One thing he especially loves is when I bump the coil on the ground to make it sound like a nugget..lolol...that really gets him singing... .then when I do my patented "high and wide"... sweep around the right side of my body.... he starts sounding like kinda like a bear growling and chomping his teeth... It's.kind of a rumbling noise that gets louder as he almost I worry he may have gotten too much sun today because his face was quite red at times...usually when I happened to repeat a move he just told me not to... So far I think we are doing great together and having a lot of fun....( But does anyone know, did JP always talk to himself.....?) Really enjoying it here.....If you are planning on coming down, now is the time...Just getting cooler and the dollar is strong!!!! So quiet and peaceful.... .I could stay awhile.... But don't tell JP that....I think He was already asking Frieda to get him some nerve pills.... Life is good! God is great!
  24. picked up a few king Georges along the swash line , the tides have been high and erosion fairly deep. Actually thought someone was playing a prank planting 5 cent pieces till I knew what they were.
  25. We have a meet every year with approximately 25 prospectors from all over Australia.