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Found 33 results

  1. This is an added document that arrived with my Equinox. Extremely important. Out of the 8 USB chargers in my house, none were UL certified. Trip to Wal-Mart is in order.
  2. Samsung Power Usb Fast?

    In the manual minelab say 5.0v 1a Can wecharge the nox with samsung fast charging Phone 5.0v 2.0 a ?
  3. I just ordered one of these as an experiment. In theory I can put regular AA batteries or rechargeable batteries in this power pack, and use it to run the Equinox as an external battery pack in case the internal battery goes dead. The question of course is how long will it power the Equinox depending on the batteries used? I always have a ton of AA batteries around, both alkaline and rechargeable, so this seems like a cheap experiment. Report back later. "This compact, portable USB power bank allows devices to be charged from 4 AA batteries while on the move. Ideal for smartphones, tablet computers and many other devices. • Powered by 4 AA batteries • Features a battery level indicator (green for alkaline and blue for rechargeable) • Power supply: 4 x AA batteries (not supplied) • Output voltage: 5Vdc • Output current: 800mA • Dimensions: 79 x 34 x 34mm • Weight: 40g" EMERGENCY USB BATTERY POWERED POWER BANK
  4. Dose anyone charge their gpx 5000 with solar panels?? Please and thanks
  5. Nox Battery Charge Time

    Just wandering how long it takes to fully charge the equinox battery?
  6. Thanks Steve! Just wondering how that would work for a carry on on an airplane, I don't trust check in with anything electronic plus from what I've read, lithium battery items aren't allowed in check in so want to make sure it's travel worthy. I figured there would be headphones as well since bluetooth isn't an option for submersion. Thanks!
  7. Has anyone tried using a Lithium Li-ion battery in their Gold Bug Pro? I thought I would order a few to see what they're like, they are yet to arrive. These are the ones I ordered out of interest https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Brand-NEW-Etinesan-9V-3600mWh-lithium-li-ion-rechargeable-li-polymer-battery-for-Microphone-GPS-remote/32811854849.html It seems like they would provide long life power for the Bug and they charge using a USB cable so I could use my phone charger in the car to charge them up if i'm out and about. If they work out I'll get them for my Carrot too
  8. I was delighted to discover that the 12-volt vehicle charger for the GPZ 7000 also fits the the rechargeable battery of the Gold Monster 1000...buh-bye inverter & alligator clips!
  9. I need to replace my original Minelab rechargeable C batteries. I have used a set with 6000mAH and they work great, Now I see that 10000mAH C batteries are available and much cheaper than the 6000aMH I purchased 2yrs ago, has anyone used these and is the run time longer?
  10. So rather than spend $200 for the XP branded case I thought I could do better. So first I bought the Plano model 108442 gun rifle case for $70 shipped on Amazon
  11. I know it is ok to use the 3030 battery in the GPZ. Is it ok to use the GPZ battery in the CTX? I am thinking the larger battery would help with balance when using the large coil. Any thoughts? Norm
  12. Anyone know of any 1.8V AA rechargeable batteries with a high mah for sale? Trying to find something hotter to use in my TDI SL. Or how to go about using 4 of the Panosonic 18650 3.7v 3400mah batteries in the 8 battery box? Still waiting for Whites to have an upgrade available.
  13. We have some detectors that have a battery pack that has to be charged in the unit and others that can be removed. The only thing I dislike about the batteries that can't be removed is when this happens you don't have a working detector anymore. I know most have a long charge life but all have a limit on how long that will last. Now give me a detector that a battery pack that can be removed to be charged and have a pack you can drop in to keep detecting is in my opinion is the best way to go. I'm sure everyone has their opinion and I'd like to hear yours. Chuck PS At this time I have just one Scuba Tector that batteries can't be removed
  14. however, being somewhat 'thrifty' I have often gleaned over the thought of using a rechargeable alternative. My brother, who is thriftier than I, not long ago told me about rechargeable alkaline batteries and their abilities. I have experience with both the normal NiCd and NiMh rechargeable varieties each type having their pros and cons and the biggest being the lower operating voltage when fully charged of about 1,2 volts. Alkaline in my experience initially will be in the 1.6+ voltage range, much better for my LST and GM4. I guess my question might be, why did the Rechargeable Alkaline alternative never get advertised or promoted? I believe they may be a worthy consideration but, " anyone out there ever go this route?"
  15. Wondering if anyone's using the GoldScreamer power packs for their gpx? Thinking I may have to go that route very soon....if you do how do you like the system? Has anyone had any bad experience with using it as its not an official minelab battery.
  16. Hi , Could someone point me in the direction of a decent set of rechargable batteries for the 2300.... i have the charger i got with it... i threw the batteries that came with it away....
  17. Just thought I would share my wireless setup for anyone thinking of trying this. I have used Avantree Saturn Pro (Low Latency) bluetooth Transmitter/receiver and some Camcorder batteries. I have also got a couple of Lipo batteries from my RC which run the 5000 really well as they keep their voltage for longer. The leads I made myself with genuine power plugs and a deans RC battery plug and a 1/8 audio jack so as to go straight into bluetooth wireless module. These little module are very good and are lasting well over the 8 hour mark on a charge, and their size and weight make them very versatile. The 7200mah pack and wireless module come in at 325 grams with leads included this lasts about 5-6hours I have made up a couple of 3400mah packs with 18650 cells and these weight 180 grams with module and leads and lasts about 3 hours. I have a 5000mah Lipo hardcase which weight 200 grams with both wires and module, this goes for 7 hours before the low voltage alarm comes. Lipo batteries aren't for everyone as they can be a little volatile, but I am yet to have one explode and treat them with care when charging with a good lipo charger.
  18. I have a claim that has lots of very tall thick brush. Tired of getting caught on all the branches. So I ordered a Gold Screamer battery kit for my 4800. Since I am very protective of my GPX I thought I would ask for reviews from others before I used the Gold Screamer. Anyone have any problems using it with there GPX? Thanks in advance. Steve
  19. There appears to be a new genuine by Minelab smaller battery option available for the GPX series. Oddly enough it is not on the Minelab site and no reference to it anywhere except one Australian dealer http://www.minersden.com.au/minelab-gpx-small-lightweight-battery/ Part number 3011-0332 and less than half the weight, 18.6 wH good for around three hours.
  20. Anybody try this is it new? Any info? https://www.reedsprospecting.com.au/shop/detail/eq-spirit-battery-special/ From https://www.reedsprospecting.com.au/shop/detail/eq-spirit-li-ion-battery/ : This battery is designed to function with all of the Minelab "gold" detectors. Voltage can be adjusted to suit each type of detector. It is possible to use the battery as standard, but it is recommended that you attach the battery to the detector and run it using the Wireless LINK. The headphone or speaker jack is inserted into the LINK and the detector is free of cables. The LINK and the battery are re-charged separately. The sound quality of the battery is very high. The battery is re-charged with standard Minelab GPX chargers. If you need to buy the chargers when you buy a battery we are selling the chargers at $60.00 for both the 12V and 240V. There are Noise Cancelling Headphones that work with this battery as well.
  21. Hi guys, Two of my sons are down visiting for a couple of weeks. I took them out for a days detecting up in the hills. Brent used the SDC 2300 I was using my 4500 with the coiltek 14" elite mono. Aydin with the gold bug 2 was the only one to get any gold. 3 little bits. The first didnt even register on my scales which weigh to 100th of a gram. The 2nd bit added to the scales & they flickered between .03 of a gram & zero. With the third & biggest bit added the scales settled on .06 of a gram. So 3 for the Bug & NOTHING for the Minelabs. On finishing for the day & getting back to the wagon Aydin discovered that a battery door had fallen off & a battery fallen out. He didnt know at what stage that happened so there was no going back looking for them. My question is, What individually do the two batteries power. Does one power the circuitry of the detector & one the headphones? As the detector still operates on the external speaker with just the one battery on the right hand side looking at the battery compartment. We are planning another few days out & I am wondering if I can get away with just the one battery. I might have to try & make something else up temporary to hold the 2nd battery in place until the new battery door arrives. That or break out the GMT for Aydin to use. He got the bug 2 sussed real quick. Cheers guys. Good luck out there JW
  22. Has anyone heard of these batteries? If so, where are they available? I read a thread on Findmall (White's main detector forum) and it sounds like these batteries can give an edge to a detector. Also, it is claimed they last a loooong time.
  23. Does anyone know the part number and or the manufacturer of the connectors on the end of the Minelab gpx battery cable ? It looks like a common 5 pin mic cable. I make my own cables have so since the sd's. Thank you Kenny