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Found 30 results

  1. So I was on the beach yesterday just swingin' the DFX having a great time. Had my headphones on, minding my own business, when this foreign tourist (sounded like New York) walks right up to me and shows me some wire-looking stuff with a fish hook attached. She then asks me what to do with it. Really, lady? So I stop what I'm doing, take off my headphones, and politely suggest any one of several garbage cans conveniently located just across the dunes. She then asks me which one I use. Huh? Still trying to be polite, despite the circumstances, I told her "the one my bike is parked next to". She then says "I bet you don't throw your garbage away". Excuse me? I said "I bet I do" while I pull a handful of bottle caps and can slaw out of my right pocket and show her. She kind of sniffed and said, "Well maybe you do" and walks on down the beach without another word. What is it about swingin' a detector on the beach that makes people think they can say whatever asinine thing to you that pops into their silly heads? People that would never dream of going up to a complete stranger in say, Wal-mart, and making some rude comment, think it's perfectly fine if you have a detector in your hand. I have no problem with kids that want to "help" you dig treasure, beach bums asking for your crusty quarters, and the inevitable old salt with a story about the Hopeless Diamond that he dug on that very beach in '72. But going out of your way to ruin a beautiful day for someone else is just beyond me. Rant over. Thanks ya'll!
  2. Well, the Infinium arrived this morning, and I just couldn't wait to get some sand on the coil. So I headed for the closest beach about 1/2 mile from our house and hunted for about 3 1/2 hours. I didn't get past knee-deep as I was just trying to find some targets to dig and get used to it first. First impressions of my new Infinium: 1. I don't like the stock shaft at all. I'll be upgrading that thing ASAP. 2. Hip-mounting the control box is the way to go. My arms and shoulders are usually hurting after 3 hours of swinging the DFX, but after some food and iced tea I think I could take the Infinium out again! 3. This thing goes deeeeep. These are guess-timates on depth, but a lead sinker at about 10 inches down in wet sand? pull-tabs at 8? There were a couple of targets I just gave up on because my scoop wasn't up for it (gotta upgrade that too). The Infinium didn't find any gold or silver, but it found an abundance of junk, so the good stuff will eventually show up in the scoop too. Looking at my junk pile, I would estimate that the Infinium found me about twice as many targets as the DFX did in wet and damp sand on the same beach in the same amount of time. Yay! 4. Iron junk wasn't really a problem. I didn't try that reverse-disc thing on every target, so I dug two nails that I probably would have passed by with the DFX. One of those nails did that "double signal". I dug it anyway to see what it was. 5. I'll have to rig an external speaker of some sort on it before next summer. In Montana, people are not the top of the food chain, and I need to hear what's sneaking up behind me. 6. All that stuff I read about "hard to learn"? Nah, it seems pretty simple to me, but I've only run it at the beach, so that might be the reason. It is a little bit noisy in the shallow water, but when it hits a target for real, you know it! I was running the DFX pretty hot anyway, so I was used to it and it didn't bother me at all. 7. Gotta dust off that PADI card and probably take a refresher course at the local dive shop. This thing is going to be awesome in the water! 8. If there's a speck of gold left in a river in Montana, my Infinium is going to find it for me. It LOVES lead sinkers, which, from what I hear, are the redneck relatives of gold nuggets. The bottom line is that I REALLY like it. We all know it's a numbers game. So what I'm thinking is that double the pull-tabs will equal double the goodies in the long run. I can't wait to get in the water with it! Ya'll have a great weekend! Ammie
  3. Still trying to pick a water detector. Question for anyone who has used both VLF and PI. Would a PI machine really find deeper stuff in our fluffy, sanded-in beaches? I'm sure it would in New England, but in pure silica Florida sand? The more I read about the PI machines, the more I think I might be just as well off with an Excal 2. But if it means an extra 2-3 inches in depth on wet sand and in the water, I want a good PI. I don't mind digging at all. I usually run the DFX in modified relic mode and dig everything anyway. Some days targets are so scarce here that I would almost be happy to find a pull-tab to dig. Almost. Anybody? Thanks, Ya'll!
  4. I went out this morning looking for what the storm has brought in. We had some waves in the bay up to 15 feet! When detecting after a storm it can be good but it can also be 'blown out' with very little pattern. I hunt for 'focused energy' and patches. This can take a lot of walking but can also result in rewards. My initial pass at the beach was along the cut (such that it was) which was mostly pushed over. The waves and tide had gotten so big that nothing stopped and it blew right over the blanket line. This makes for a good day if you are a beach comber but difficult for detecting. I kept walking and finally found a patch while the tide was still high. I came back to it an hour or so later when there was a bigger beach. The gird began and I was in a nickel, dime and quarter patch worth sticking with. This got me $18+ and a couple of keys. Then on one of my shallow penny hits I looked in the scoop and GOLD! Really? I put it back down on the beach and tested again and still penny on my 3030 ... must be gold plate. I'll check it when I get my glasses on ... time to work the patch more. When I got home I looked and J A 585 with a diamond ... maybe it was the size ... a penny won't quite fit inside it. It weighs 11.5 g. Yahoo, GOLD RING.
  5. Garrett AT Max At The Beach

    Garrett claims to have improved the salt water handling with the new AT Max model. Bottom line is the AT Max is a single frequency VLF so no reason to get overly excited. However, improved salt water stability over the existing AT models will no doubt be welcome.
  6. Hi all, I am looking for a simple and effective beach detector. If it wasn't too expensive that would be nice too. I used to use a Garrett Master Hunter so you know how long it's been since I hunted on a beach. I own two top of the line PI's but all the trappings required make it hard to just jump out of the car and detect. Any recommendations and why are appreciated. Feel free to move me if this is in the wrong forum Steve. Thank you
  7. This is crazy! A virgin beach loaded with silver, first with CTX and then with DEUS. Enjoy!
  8. Hi went out today on an average tide on a spot i am trying to hit hard at the moment had a brass ring 2 days ago and today i decide to focus on an area i havent done well yet ,large iron and mineralised concrete blocks fragment.....anyway found a 18ct weighting 3.06 grs considering that the river Thames isn't really famous for Gold i am happy with that one .I found 3 others on the low tide line but didn't have much hope today ,as the tide was crap.F75 rules with the small elliptical giving me amazing result .....the Deus havent seen much mud since i bought the Fisher ,all my other machines are taking dust ,with my settings i found 9ct ,14ct and 18ct gold so i am pretty sure i am well tune.The first gold bit with the F75 was a part of gold watch bracelet weighting 11.5 gr of 18ct :) Would love to try the Rutus on that spot RR
  9. Platinum and Gold 49Grams!!!! Jeez I'd have a heart attack Beach and Water Forum
  10. "A police station in Melbourne's east has been forced into lockdown after a couple brought in a 19th century cannonball they discovered buried on a beach. Fairlie Pirouc, from Croydon, was trying out a metal detector she bought for $75 from a community noticeboard when she unearthed the 3-kilogram missile at Mornington on Tuesday." Full story at http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-09-23/cannonball-found-on-beach-sends-police-station-into-lockdown/7873456
  11. Love the concept !!!!!!if it works it could be lots of work out but a wild harvest!!!!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Beach-rakes-Beach-trawl-thin-gold-chains-/1723648… RR
  12. I hit the same beach yesterday that I found the big mens class ring last week. The good karma must have come back to me for returning that ring to the owner as the beach gave up some nice goodies yesterday. A hat trick of gold......a 10k mens wedding band, a 10k ladies ring with three small diamonds and a beautiful 10k ladies broach/pin with a diamond and pearls. After a little research, the pin looks to be from the 1920's. And to boot, $11.66 in change. Klunker....I was looking for your initials "18k", but to no avail. I'll keep looking. Rob
  13. Headed to a local beach this afternoon for a much needed break and managed to swing for five hours. Picked up $13.75 in change, including a 1942 wheat penny, a large mens 10K gold 1976 class ring (which has initials, so I'll do my best to track down the owner), a .925 ring and .925 earring. The class ring has a gross weight of 17.57 grams giving it a pure gold content of 7.32 grams. Plus found some other odds and ends including three junk rings. Hunted with the CTX 3030 with the 17" coil. Not shown in the photo, 37 corroded zinc pennies that I pitched in the garbage. Good luck and happy hunting, Rob
  14. Now have three beach sites with one thing in common. They are on old human activity sites with a long history of use for many different things, and they have a lot of iron trash from old buildings torn down there. The Makro GR sounds off nearly continuously in AM mode yet still finds coins, a surprising number of them, and some junk jewelry as well as pulltabs/larger foil, etc. These are popular beaches in continuous use by a lot of people for a very long time. They are hunted to death by the best machines in common use. That I was able to find coins in them was surprising, also surprising is that micro jewelry is conspicuously absent from the take. Most places I can find small gold no matter who hunts there, but not coins to any extent. These are the other way around. It has to be the sheer amount of iron trash. Prospectors are familiar with the problem and use vlf when they can, discrimination if they must, and various tricks to pull gold, but this is a slightly different problem. Here the sensitivity to desired target appears to be lost by the presence of so many cut nails and spikes and iron flakes that lie in and below the sand. The reason I think this is the case is because of the size of the foil I am finding. The reason I think it is not because someone else with a better skill set has pulled them out, is because I am finding pulltabs and all denomination of coins. Including quarters, which even the most diehard cherry pickers find hard to leave, along with pulltabs/nickels which should mean that at least medium size gold should still be there. In an experiment to see if high frequency was the problem, I ran the Compadre over one site today. Set to just reject some iron, what I found was...iron. And not much else, a few pennies. The machine ran nice and quiet and only the good sounding signals of proper shape/size were dug. Cut nails, spikes, bolts. Lots of them. The GR seems to have done a good job of taking out most available targets, targets that should not have been there at all and was able to leave the larger iron. But, it is not finding the tiny gold that should be there based on what was dug. Also, very small foil seems to be lost with it which is what leads me to believe the iron masking is strong at these particular sites and sensitivity to desired targets is lost. Tried so far is the small coils, high gain and low gain, discrimination, and the Compadre with a 5" coil. For the GR, the stock coil seems to work better, and medium high gain in AM mode. It just will not go small enough on gold to get the job done. It is of course entirely possible that this just is not doable in practical terms. It is looking for gold stud earrings in a relic site essentially, and that is a lot to ask. So the question really is, is it possible at all?
  15. .....the goodies start to show up. Hit a beach with some major erosion and found some nice items. 18K gold solid link bracelet, 9 gold rings - all 14k - two with diamonds, 4 .925 silver pieces and a 14K gold stud earring. As a bonus.....over $60 in clad. All found with a CTX 3030 (the one I bought from Steve........Thanks Steve!) Rob
  16. The only detector I've used is a GPZ 7000 chasing gold in the gold fields far from the coast with great success. Very recently we have experienced sum huge swells hitting the east coast of Oz, taking thousands of tons of sand away and possibly exposing sum lost treasures. It got me thinking can you kill two birds with one stone? Would there be any problems with using the Zed on the beach ? Is it overkill ? Should I buy a machine suitable just for detecting on the beach ? I know I would be digging big holes and every target because it doesn't have discrimination like sum of the other machines (its the thrill of the chase & the unknown that gets me buzzing) Any input you guys can give would be great !! Cheers ozgold
  17. Beach Scoops

    I think maybe I should have asked you all what you would recommend for a beach scoop before I purchased one. I looked on line a while and my thinking was the bigger the better. So I bought the 9 1/2 inch T-Rex. It didn't look that big in the picture but when I took it out of the box it was like "wow". Maybe I should have got the 8" model. I see how it got it's name. They told me the 3030 goes deep but I don't think I'll be missing a lot of targets on the first try with this thing but It may take a second person to operate it. Not only is it large but it's incredibly heavy duty. I looked at the welds on it etc and they are perfect. Between that and my big coils I best start working out. Terry
  18. picked up a few king Georges along the swash line , the tides have been high and erosion fairly deep. Actually thought someone was playing a prank planting 5 cent pieces till I knew what they were.
  19. Went beach detecting with the old sovereign and it keeps on surprising how well it goes on beaches already swept with newer detectors . The same ground had been covered by a mine lab 3030. The sovereign had no problems picking up the silver ring at the bottom of the hole , I even dug a drainage channel to allow water to escape . After half an hour was about to give up when the ring popped out.
  20. Hello all OK. firstly not talking about dedicated beach machines like EXCAL II, CZ21, AND THE TIGER SHARK. What would be the best top 3 (decending order ) normal, single freq, prospecting, vlf machines that would be good on wet salt water beaches. I know they wont be as good or as ideal as a dedicated beach machine, but having this capability on a general purpose or prospecting machine would be nice. I'm assuming 14-15 kHz maximum freq, ruling out the AT GOLD, FORS RELIC & GOLD+.? I'm thinking:- MAKRO RACER 2, WHITES MXT & MX SPORT, GARRETT AT PRO, FISHER GOLD BUG/F19/T2, etc,etc. How much are they giving away to the EXCAL II or the CZ21? 20-30% in depth? Looking ahead, is this where the new multi frequency NOKTA IMPACT & FISHER CZX/MOSCA machines might be even better all rounders? thanks jim
  21. Not many finds posted lately so I thought I would share mine. Headed to Hawaii for a Spring Break Vacation in April. Took my trusty old Excalibur with me on this adventure as it is a really good beach/surf detector. With all the new detectors being released lately I contemplated getting something new for the trip, but decided that I don't beach hunt enough to justify it. Instead I replaced the stock S shaft with a new Pluggers carbon fiber four piece dive/balanced shaft that I purchased on Ebay. Normally I like a S shaft but the Excal is really heavy and the new shaft is a blessing. Liked it so much, maybe for next year I will add GG head phones and the PP mod. Really planed to get into the surf this year but end up with a bad case of ReanalGlacoma ( could not see getting my ass in the water) Alcohol may have been involved. So I ended up spending my time dry sand hunting. WOW the beaches seem to be really worked over this year and pickings were slim, not even a lot of trash. I did come up with the usual lots of clad and some junk and several cool relics but not much to brag about until the morning I happen to stroll down to the area the surfers head out from. I saw the beach had washed out about two plus foot overnight. I had been over this spot the day before and not much. But wanted to see if the wash out changed anything and to my surprise the area was loaded with coins ( still no silver ) And jewelry. Hit a nice little silver toe ring a few silver ear rings a silver clad ring and my first gold ring at the beach. The lesson here is anytime the beach changes dramatically get in there! Its kind of like taking a bulldozer to the tailing piles. Excalibur with the new shaft . Beach that washed out. Finds from the washed out beach.............And the fist gold from the beach. WooHoo HH everyone.
  22. Beach Finds

    I don't get to the desert as often as I would like and it seems lately my results haven't been what I like either. When I do get out several times a week it is here at the beach where I live. Last night I went out with my wife in the weeeee hours of the morning when the tide was low and we had a good night. These are my finds. I use my 3030 with the large coil. This lets me cover some ground but also find coins in the wet sand down to 14 inches or so. Most are not that deep. My best target last night was a moonshiner (on the surface) and didn't need any digging. The ring is 14k/7.5dwt with 3 puma type cats on it. The more I look at it the more I like it but it doesn't fit except on the pinky. You guys post so many of your gold nugget finds it was time that I show you what I find. Happy Hunting on the Beach or in the Desert.
  23. Hi Guys New to the forum and metal detecting. Trying to make a decision between the 3 detectors mentioned above. I'm going to be doing most of my detecting on the Northwest beaches. I will also be doing some park hunting and then once a year prospecting in Arizona. I may try a little prospecting in the Northwest too if I find extra time. Initially thought the Excalibur was the way to go, but then after reading posts on several forums I'm starting to have doubts about its durability. I'm leaning towards the ATX at this point, but would like to get some final input on these 3 machines before I make a final decision. Any thoughts and input would be greatly appreciated.