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Found 34 results

  1. Hi all, some of you have known me for many years as Mlgdave, owner of Goldbay.com and now I also own The Colorado Quartz Gold mine in California and ramping back up to run and mine 140 and 180 feet underground. This week me and my partner worked an old stope and found and extracted a killer piece! (more to come) I am living at the mine full time and should have some good stories and finds for you guys over the next few months/years Mlgdave
  2. Southern California Desert, GPZ 7000, settings high yield, normal ground, high smoothing, sens @9 rest at default. It was very windy so the audio is a no go.
  3. Awoke to a light coming down from the attic access this morning. So I blew out the candle put down the beans, grabbed up the MD and headed up to the surface. Had no idea what I intended to detect in all this snow, perhaps pennies from Heaven. Wasn't long though before I got my first good signal and started digging. Was working this claim on the divide between the Stanislaus and Mokelumne rivers last "Fall" when winter set in and had to lay over for a spell. Don't know exactly what I have detected here but it appears to have crash landed during one of the big blows. I have included a couple photographs so you will be aware of what is headed downhill with the coming of "Spring". The triangle pictured in the snow is a log cabin roof with access on the opposite gable. The green object in the other photograph hit in the "tin-foil range" but does not taste like metal. I knocked on what appeared to be a tank hatch but got no reply. Just I started to rebury the thing it started to hum the Marine Corps Hymn at which point I returned to the cabin for some push-ups. In what range would a person expect to get for an empty 300 gallon propane tank at depth?
  4. Gold Lake Area Update

    Here is a picture taken on Gold Lake highway today. April 30. Looks to be awhile to get up to the prospecting and detecting areas there.
  5. Latest News! Cheers,Ig Today! 2Days Ago:
  6. Oroville dam Update! At 18:40 he shows ya his "goldpan"! Cheers,Ig
  7. I keep reading stuff printed in papers or on other media that is perhaps at best on the verge of sort of true. They are getting desperate for readers / viewers and seem to want to say dang near anything for eyeballs. I heard some funny stories at the GPAA show of folks trying to sneak into the construction area below the Oroville dam spillway - convinced there will be gobs of gold all around because they saw it on TV or in a newspaper. Here are a few recent story lines: "Gold hunters in the area tell the Chico Enterprise-Record the floods have "rearranged the rivers" and "move things around." That means gold veins that have been hidden for 200 years are suddenly exposed." "According to CBS San Francisco, the floods also swept gold out of abandoned mines and washed it downriver. " "While KCRA reports that gold can simply be picked off the ground following major flooding, the best prospecting will come in the summer months when the water has receded." C'mon gents! We need to head off to those hills if the gold can now just be picked up off the ground. No doubt gravels have been moved around, gold deposited into crevices and new paystreaks formed. But gold veins hidden since before the 49ers arrived now revealed? I'd guess there are not many. Gold washed out of abandoned mines? I'd guess not much. Gold can just be picked up off the ground? I am sure there are a few new sunbakers sitting around here and there, but not many. I do agree that the best prospecting will come in the summer months when the water levels go down and some good gold will be found, but the media is gone bonkers about saying anything to attract attention.
  8. LOL @Digger Bob making the most out of a big dam problem --- http://www.krcrtv.com/news/local/butte/paradise-prospector-a-golden-opportunity-at-the-damaged-spillway/370298858
  9. A comparatively minor storm has just passed through, and although we are not at flood stage anywhere, all the rivers are rolling along at a fast clip with every little drainage flowing - even stuff that almost never has water. Small streams that are normally just a trickle are already full of water. Any good sized storm could bring another round of serious flooding because everything is pretty much full already. The ground has no capacity to absorb any more water. The storm coming in late Sunday through Tuesday looks to be a fairly powerful and wet one. Been watching it on the weather forecast and every round of modeling seems like they are upping the amount of rain and the impact it will have. The forecast I look at is currently calling for over 2 inches in Reno and around 5 inches in Quincy. Caltrans is warning the Northern Sierra counties: "there will be heavy rain and high snow levels resulting in increased likelihood of flooding of rivers and streams."
  10. I got out to do a little metal detector prospecting in California yesterday, and got my first nugget of 2017. I've not done any prospecting for months and this was the first time I'd been out prospecting this year. It's been a rough past few months. Some of you may know why, my mom passed away a couple weeks ago. So I decided this would be a good time for me to get away and to take my dad as well for a short day trip to get away from things for a few hours. It was tough to get over the hill into California even on a sunny dry day - I80 westbound has been closed most of the last few days and they were diverting westbound car traffic at Hwy 20 and holding westbound trucks at the state line. A small section of a hill just east of Alta is just sliding down on the freeway like toothpaste. Caltrans clears off what flows onto the road and then more flows down. We were also in a stop and go traffic jam from mogul - just west of Reno - to nearly the state line as NDOT did emergency repairs on the Nevada side. However, once I made it in, it was a beautiful sunny day. In the gold country, I could see the rivers are all running high and water is flowing down every little drainage. I saw a lot of little mud and rock slides and places where erosion has done damage to the roadways. It was also very green in the lower elevations of the gold country as all the grass and little plants are springing to life. It's still full on winter here around Reno. I-80 west is finally open this morning, but the next round of storms arrives tomorrow (Thursday). I dug a lot of little bullet frags and bird shot, but it was great just to get out and stretch my legs. I think the little nugget I dug was about my 5th target. It weighs 0.2 grams. Not much but it is gold and now I have something in my bottle for 2017. Gotta start somewhere!
  11. The more experienced guys here know that when serious flooding happens, it renews (to a certain extent ) the river placers in the CA mother lode country. So although no one wants to see property damage or people hurt, the flooding is of great interest to prospectors. I thought I would start this thread to keep track of how the big rain that's supposed to be headed our way unfolds. Here in Reno the flood is not supposed to be quite the equal of what happened in 2005, which was really not that big of a deal - but I'm more interested in what happens in the mountains because that's what moves gold around. Flooding is hard to predict because a few degrees of warming can melt snow ad greatly increase the amount of water flowing through the rivers. in the next few days we shall see what happens.
  12. I am interested in hearing if anyone has had any luck detecting the Chocolates. West of 78/Ogilby. I am aware of both the mine and the bombing range, there are areas that are open. I have never seen or heard of a detected nugget, small gold that can be drywashed but has anyone here had any detecting success?
  13. Minelab has released what has been dubbed the "lifestyle video" which leans more to being a short travel guide about Placer County than about the PRO-GOLD Panning kit specifically. I am sure a lot of people here will recognize many of the locations. It is actually quite a bit of work doing a video like this but we had fun also so I am fortunate to have taken part. Thanks Minelab! The video also has an accompanying blog post by Chris Ralph at Minelab Treasure Talk.
  14. Brandon, lost his case here in California. To me this is terrible. I guess this will go to the federal level now. http://www.courts.ca.gov/opinions/documents/S222620.PDF
  15. https://www.facebook.com/groups/270817552932590/ Ok, I'm going to try something here. I'm not sure it will transfer over to the forum or not. This is a VERY cool movie that was shot sometime in the early 1930's. It shows the road from Yreka (essentially) to Happy Camp, Calif. Note the narrow, one lane, rock slides, old cars and buildings, and especially, about half way through, a bucket dredge working the Klamath River. Note also the multiple tailing piles all along the river. There is no sound so don't try that. This was posted on a Yreka facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Yreka.News/videos?ref=page_internal I've no idea how someone found it but it shows how much has changed, and yet how little. Digger Bob
  16. Just returned from a few days WAY up north near Happy Camp, CA. We weren't detecting but looking for something valuable never the less. I've heard about what's referred to as "Happy Camp jade" since high school but never went looking for it. Finally got a local guide who took me and Miner John up into the mountains near Indian Creek to find some. And find some we did! Actually found a lot more than the pictures here but some of the pieces were literally boulders and too heavy to pack out. A little research shows this is officially called Californite, not a "true" jade, but a variation because of it's unique colorations. We were told on the other side of the creek from where we were is a huge boulder with spider webs of gold incased in it, but the water was too high right now to reach it. So, a fall trip is planned. Anyway, if interested, do a quick Google search for it. Very cool stuff. Going to cut and polish a bit of it later to show it off. Digger Bob
  17. A current and very well explained view of the current situation regarding suction dredging in California. http://www.goldprospectors.org/News/News-Details/ArtMID/3269/ArticleID/162/Dredgers-defend-mining-rights-in-California-Supreme-Court-
  18. The Gold Diggers

    This is a really great article from about three years ago profiling various people involved in gold prospecting. "An irresistible force is once again beckoning from deep below the Sierra Nevada foothills, as California prepares for its second gold rush. At the vanguard: A new breed of prospectors who are forsaking cushy desk jobs to go in search of untold wealth." http://www.details.com/story/california-gold-rush-wealth
  19. The rest of my story was delayed as DeathRay can truly appreciate because I spent 2 days hiking my gear out of the river at Green Valley. The Green Valley trail is a nasty piece of work and each time I've hiked it over the years I swear I'll never do it again. This time I mean it. Yesterday I hiked out with a little over 70lbs of gear, I thought I was going to die. I had to keep reminding myself how good the cold beer in my truck was going to taste at the end of this ordeal. Back to the story. Day 3: I stayed in the steep canyon between Euchre Bar and Green Valley. I found another nice gravel beach with decent shade and a quiet pool. I found a fair amount of flood gold high up the bank. I took one of the small Angus Mackirk drop riffle sluices and rigged it with a 1750 GPH bilge pump and 12 volt L Ion battery. I glued in V mat in the front part of the sluice and that area caught most of the flood gold. The drop riffle sluices need a lot of water to run correctly and just not compatible with this super fine flood gold I was finding. I wish I could have run that material through the Gold Cube sluice. But, that would mean another 30 lbs of gear. Day 4: I pushed on through the steep narrow canyon and reached the upper end of Green Valley. The going got a lot harder because of the shallow water. I spent most of the day roping the kayak down through the rocky shallows. As I pointed out earlier, roping the kayak down was not that strenuous, it's following the kayak on foot through the shallows that's a killer. The river was too shallow to float/swim, and too deep to boulder hop. Those river rocks especially the serpentine were slicker than elf snot. I tumbled too many times to count but managed to stay relatively injury free. At the upper end of Green Valley I found someone's camp though he must have been out for supplies. He had an impressive 4 ft hole going on the front edge of a boulder bar. He was obviously way more dedicated to his prospecting that I was. He was moving 100 + lb boulders with a digging bar and full size shovel. All I had was my trusty short handled spade and my detecting pick. Day 5: I continued through Green Valley and the going got steadily worse. Daytime temps were kicking up and shaded landings were scarce. I reached hard decision time. There are no trails out of the river until Pickering Bar/Touro Mine area below Iowa Hill. I knew from past experience that I was looking at 2 or 3 days of tough slogging in this shallow water to reach Pickering Bar. At higher water a good kayaker can make it all the way to Mineral Bar campground in one day, but this low water makes progress slow and painful. I was a half mile past Green Valley and opted for the known quantity of getting out at Green Valley. I started warping that kayak back upstream. At midday I found a small shady spot and pulled out to rest. As I explored around I found a section of bedrock serpentine and poked around in some depressions. Each pan had 30 to 40 colors of superfine flood gold. I'll post a picture of the results of a half bucket of 1/2 inch screened material. I had no whisk broom to really clean out the bedrock so I probably left behind more gold than I recovered. A gold vac and the Gold Cube would have made some impressive recoveries in that area. I gave the area a good go and found nothing remotely resembling a picker, just tiny flood gold. I still had a ways to go upstream and pushed on when the sun was a little more forgivable. I reached the last downstream trail access at Green Valley just before dark. More later...
  20. Hello all, I got out today with one of my friends and we went exploring. We were moving up a wide draw that had water running in it and came up on an inside turn where we found evidence that someone had been playing around recently. There was a black plastic gold pan lying near the creek by some cleaned out cracks. We had not found any gold yet so we decided to stop for a bit and see what was in the area. Chris used his small pick and scraped out a few shallow cracks that had moss covering them. He then panned the material out to see several pin point bits of gold. The area was worked all around by the old timers but I am pretty sure the fine gold is what they were recovering. I continued to detect near the water's edge and finally got a soft signal on the bedrock, but It turned out to be a tiny piece of lead. While on my knees and looking at the bedrock in front of me I saw what I thought was a boot track in the bedrock. In the split second that my mind was telling me one thing I was thinking another. This is pretty hard bedrock and there should be no print. Looking again I realized that was looking at fossilized ground. Checking closer I could see lots of prints embedded in the rock. I don't know what many of them are but it sure was neat seeing them like that. After playing around and taking some pictures we decided to move on and see if we could find a piece of gold a bit larger than what was in the pan. As we were going up the public side of the draw I spied a digging up the hill on the private side. We checked out our location on the phone and have it earmarked for a possible trip in the future if we can gain permission from the owner. We were real close, however without permission it was a no go for me. I would appreciate any information that anyone can offer as to what the names are for some of these creatures we found in the rock. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS TRINITYAU.COM
  21. We knew it was going to rain like a cow peeing on a flat rock so what to do? My brother-in-law Bryan and myself are vacationing in Northern California. With a deluge forecast for yesterday, there would be no forays with a detector so we loaded up in the truck and headed to Old Sacramento. The railroad museum there is one of the largest in North America. Go early because you can spend a whole day in there easy. The massive amount of railroad iron there will delight any man with even a passing interest in the Iron Horse. We eventually got too hungry so we ducked around the corner to an old saloon from 1877. It has good sandwiches, great beer, and a hot Latina barmaid wearing fish net stockings! After sating your raging desire for comestibles, liquid refreshment, and eye candy go back around the corner to the state history museum. (editor - emphasis added) Upstairs they have a decent gold display. Some wonderful specimens of the yellow metal there. What's not to like? Just saying if you are in the area you won't regret going..........
  22. anybody tell me a good metal detecting club in n. cali??? I live in trinity county...
  23. http://www.icmj.com/news-detail.php?id=288&keywords=Suction_gold_dredge_miners_WIN_on_federal_preemption
  24. Dear Ray Schulze, We have just come into written correspondence from the District Attorney of Siskiyou County which is rejecting to prosecute suction dredgers without a permit as a result of the recent Third Appellate published Decision. This should go a long way towards prompting California to establish a reasonable set of regulations and permitting system in time for our 2015 season. Watch for more on this in our November newsletter. I want to thank everyone who has been responding to my requests for more participation in our ongoing fund-raiser which will end this coming Friday with 3 ounces of my gold nuggets to be given away. The really good news is that Jeff Kuykendall, owner of Proline dredges, is so impressed with our efforts, he has offered up one of his brand new Super 4-inch suction dredges as a prize to be used in our New 49'ers Legal fund-raising efforts. That's a $4,800 dredge! Garret Electronics has also offered up a great prize! We are really on a roll! So how about this for an incentive: If we receive 100 or more legal contributions between now and the close of business this coming Friday, 31 October, we will offer the 4-inch Proline dredge as our grand prize in the next legal drawing which takes place on 27 February, along with twenty 10th-ounce American Gold Eagles. Come on, you guys; let's celebrate our our wins by making this the most productive legal fund-raiser we have ever done! You can find out more about the gold nuggets we are giving away this Friday, and how to contribute, by going here: http://www.goldgold.com/klamath-river-gold.html Thanks very much for all your support, you guys! Dave McCracken The New 49'ers Legal Fund 27 Davis Road Happy Camp, CA 96039 The New 49er's, 27 Davis Road, Happy Camp, California 96039, USA