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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys n gals.... well as I start accepting the fact that I'm going to be keeping Zeddie and selling my beloved GPX-5000, I have a quandry (peer pressure, being laughed at and being locked in the school lockers every day on the gold fields can be a very powerful thing ). Over the years, I've tried to sell coils individually on the forums and ebay and have been saddened with the lack of interest or having to sell them low ball. I've built up a HUGE coil (and extra goodies) collection on my GPX and am wondering what luck those of you who HAVE sold a detector on the classifieds have had with selling as a combo and not have to deal with the coil (and extra battery etc) selling separate or have you had more luck/made a better profit parting it out, selling a basic detector? I guess it depends on what your own tolerance is to spending the next 6 months flogging the coils off but do people buy GPX's really pay what all the extras we have are worth or have most of you just sold the package cheap to not have to deal with the dramas? It saddens me to sell it but alas, as both Jim and Chris say "a detector in the closet only finds dust". Jen
  2. I am looking for some advice, brands, ideas, etc on some equipment for cleaning some of the stuff I find. I am looking for a decent large magnifying glass on a stand that will let me use both hands to see items close up while cleaning them. Preferably with it's own lighting. I am looking for what folks use for quality picks with extremely fine points. I know (never clean your coins) is the mantra, but I am putting together a type set of the coins I have dug, and also albums of Indian head and newer cents, and since most are relatively worthless, I just want to purge them of all dirt and clean them up as best as possible for in the albums. any info is appreciated. Thanks, Rod
  3. Gold and mineral auction with lots of pretty nugs, could even be some from someone we know? I get catalogs from this auction company all the time and I thought this one would be of interest here, hope this link works its worth looking at; http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/24041/?utm_source=bonhams&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=STS_Gold_24041&utm_content=link3
  4. That speci I posted the other day, I finally took it out of the acid and the good thing about the acid clean is the before photos were taken with a 150 power usb microscope and that`s the only reason you could see the gold. When you were holding that speci in your hand it was so hard to see the gold, but now that it`s cleaned you can see the gold no worries at all.. The SG says this piece has 2.254 grams gold. The after photos were taken with a unwanted camera a forum member gave me. Thanks very much Steve it`s a terrific camera. ◕‿◕ And goldEn, this is how your speci came out as well. Dave
  5. Hi Steve. That raisers another question. Just when is a "good" time to sell gold? Gold, unlike money in an interest bearing account or other investment just sits gathering dust. Nothing of a profit or loss made until sold. If it is gold found, detected or dredged, then all it owes really is the cost of time energy, effort & equipment used in its finding. The gold can sit for years just gathering dust. Nothing realised until turned in to cash & not much else can be done with it, cant eat it or drink it, except drooling over it So when is the "right" time to sell? That would come down to each individuals wants & needs relating to a cash injection at a time or certain times in there lives. If gold isnt your living, as it isnt mine, then I am just sitting on it for that rainy day or for that cash injection sometime in the future. Maybe in retirement....who knows. Others may be different. If you want a new car, or boat, new detector. Maybe cash the gold in & put that cash into another investment, property etc...something that is going to give you a more regular return than the gold just gathering dust waiting for that "right" time. Gold up....gold down....gold up....gold down. Haven't sold...haven't sold. Gold still just sitting there gathering dust....but sure is pretty to look at & the memories of each piece found..... I am sure that when you sold in 2003 you were happy, & I am sure you did something sensible with the money. We arent future tellers & know one really knows accurately what the gold price is going to do. How many times have we seen or heard that the price of gold is going to go through the roof. Usually the opposite happens. To me a good time to sell is when you need the money.....for what ever. You can always go out & find some more gold. That is the fun part of it. I am going out now for a quick swing in the cool of late afternoon here down under. Good luck out there JW
  6. Hi all Couple found with gpx5000. Couple grams of gold and came nice after the acid bath. GoldEN
  7. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1Location-GPS-coordinates-29-GOLD-NUGGETS-fossicking-Georgetown-QLD-Minelab-RFDS-/222335915222?hash=item33c440d4d6:g:VTwAAOSwMVdYIwYS Enterprising fellow, wonder how many times he`ll sell the coords.
  8. This is from the real experts in the UK for cleaning items hundreds or even thousands of years old. http://www.colchestertreasurehunting.co.uk/C/cleaning.htm plus previous thread on cleaning silver....
  9. Hello all, I have been having a little luck on the southern calif beaches lately, Managed to find this silver standing liberty half dollar along with a merc dime and a buffalo nickel. They are all in about the same condition being in the ocean and sand for who knows how long. Any ideas on how to clean them?
  10. I was thinking it would be interesting to hear your (other members) thoughts on cleaning your gold. One guy I used to hunt with felt very strongly that you should just rinse it with water, no further cleaning, and absolutely no chemicals. What I do, is scrub using a tooth brush (the same one I use daily ) and citrus cleaner. I then soak the gold in Whink for a day then scrub again with citrus cleaner. If it has a calcite/ caleche coating like much of the Rye Patch Chevron gold, I soak it in CLR. I like the gold to be free of any visible iron oxide, manganese, calcite, etc. But I don't like the gold to start getting polished edges and high spots, like what happens from handling it often. I like that natural dull finish it acquires from the Earths fine grit, sand, rocks, natural movement etc... I noticed this crystalline gold for sale on Ebay. It appears to me that the host rock was dissolved with a chemical that also began to soften the gold itself and polish it? Maybe Aqua regia (nitric acid and hydrochloric acid), but when the host rock was gone the specimen was then neutralized? It does look beautiful, but to me, unnatural. But who am I to decide what should be considered natural or not? Therefore, it is just my personal preference. But what are the majority of collectors looking for? To me, one of the most enjoyable nugget discovering experiences is when all you have left in your scoop is a hard dirt clod that ends up hosting a nice gold nugget. The next time that happens, I plan on gently removing the edges of dirt until there is proof of gold and then just save it in that condition (until some day I just get bored and decide to break it open ). Thanks all...
  11. The recent sale of a 75 ounce nugget for around $400,000 equates to over $5000 per ounce, even more considering the nugget is not pure gold. This illustrates something I have told people in my classes in the past. It is only half about how much gold you find. The other half is how much do you get for the gold you find? A person finding an ounce of gold and selling it for $3000 is more successful than a person who finds two ounces of gold and sells it for $2000 total. The first person may have a nice specimen piece and sells it to a collector. The second person has some small gold sold to a refiner. Just something to think about. We all want to find a lot of gold. But think also about the quality of the gold you are finding, and ways to sell your gold to obtain the best price possible. Currently I never sell gold for less than $2000 per ounce, and sell it steadily for that or more. Most of it is in the form of gold I package up and sell as panning gold though my old shop in Alaska. In fact, they are sold out and I need to ship them some more as soon as I make the time. Just one of many ways to maximize the value obtained for gold you sell. Mine I sell simply because gold itself holds no real value for me. It just sits in the safe deposit box doing nothing. I can't even show it off except for photos, and those are good even after the gold is gone. So my goal is to just get a price for it that I consider acceptable so I can use it to fund my prospecting activities, buy equipment, etc. I prospect as a for profit business and I have to maintain a positive cash flow to stay in the black. That being the case, getting top dollar is the name of the game. There is always the other strategy. Never sell it, until you die, then the wife or kids sell it for you! Chances are they will not get a good price for it though, so best you do it for them.
  12. I know I can look it up on the internet but I trust you fellas more then looking up random stuff. You guys are the pros so how do I do it? strick
  13. Seeking some wisdom from the pros.... Those of you that hunt gold for a living, when you turn your gold into cash, how do you report the income? What is the best tax strategy to follow. Is it better to report it as individual income, or is it better to run it through a business? HH Mike
  14. Would like to hear some methods you guys may be using forgetting that bright luster. some of my rock I have to use h.f.acid to remove rock, sometimes not always the gold seems to have gotten dulled by this h.f.and its harder to get luster back. I have tried vinegar and salt seems to help some, is there something better maybe? I haven't tried the fabric cleaning tool, l heard that works well some of the specimen pieces are pretty delicate, don't know if gun pressure is to much for these maybe. Any advice is much appreciated thanks. Rick.