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Found 68 results

  1. This 9" Round High Frequency coil is only one month old. Bought it for my girlfriend but she doesnt spend any time detecting. I have used it a few times myself and works great but I think Im gonna stick with my Elliptical. Full 4 years and 11 month warranty left on it. Purchased September 2017. I have over 2100 perfect feedback on ebay so Im a trusted seller. Has scuffs and scratches from prospecting on rocks but that has no effect on performance. I love the external batteries on the HF coils. Can't wait till aftermarket starts selling even longer lasting batteries for them since they are so easy to swap out. $300 shipped, payment thru Paypal friends and family if you cant contact me on here you can email me directly at 57buick@comcast.net The picture shows it packed into the elliptical box but this is the round HF coil for sale. I threw away the original box, unfortunately. Includes the coil, the lower rod, the battery, and the attachment hardware. ready to go and fully charged. If you message me I might be out detecting, Ill get back to you by the end of the day
  2. Editors Note: this thread split from http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/4335-the-reg-wilson-gold-album/ Nice stuff again... I'm having cardiac palpitations seeing all this gold....lol I wonder if you could tell us how your sled was rigged up. That looks nice for some open ground. Keep it coming....
  3. https://www.whiteselectronics.com/product/6-concentric-gmt-coil-micro-tireur/ DETAILS Previously only available in Africa, this 6 inch “Micro Shooter” coil for White’s GMT has been made available for the general public as requested. It’s been called “The Patch-Killer,” “That French Coil,” or “I Can’t Pronounce the Name,” but tireur is French for shooter. If you are after every bit of gold in an area, this shooter coil belongs in your GMT’s arsenal. Specially-tuned for mineralized ground, this nugget-sniping loop is a beast on small gold. Coupled with the GMT’s high 48kHz frequency, it’s highly sensitive to the smallest flakes of gold your machine can detect. The small profile makes it ideal for detecting in brush or rocky hill-sides, and with the small detection window you can more easily pick through tailing piles and areas with bits of iron from past mining operations. SKU: 801-3250-1 $149.95
  4. Just curious. Excepting the Deus, which has no coil cable, what are people's thoughts on cable routing? There is the original "wrap around the rod" method. There are also a few detectors that route the cable up the shaft like the Minelab Explorer/E-TRAC/CTX series, the GPZ, Garrett ATX, and Nokta Impact. I am especially interested to hear what people who have used both systems think - pros and cons. I have a few thoughts but don't want to bias the responses so will weigh in later.
  5. I found this video that clearly shows why Concentric coils are better than DD's, This Guy is using a mid priced machine and two budget machines one costs about 200 bucks and the other is about 350.00 bucks both fitted with concentric coils, I have used concentric for years although I own a few of DD's I don't use them because they restrict any detector way too much, many people say you need a small DD for target separation well that is just not true in most cases and I find that they just don't work well enough along with the fact that they miss ID targets and lack the sensitivity of a concentric, Having proved this to my self using my GMT. J.
  6. Hi Guys & Gals, This is going to be pretty obvious to most of you out there & probably practiced by many. But for those of you who are new to detecting or haven't seen or twigged to doing this, then this is for you. If you carry a few coil options with you when out in the field or have a box of coils at home & have the coil leads just floating about in a spider web mess, this is the solution. Wind the cable around your hand starting from the where the cable comes out of the coil. Not too tight but tight enough so the wraps of cable will fit in between the "ear" lugs of where the coil attaches to your detectors lower stem. Remove the wingnut & bolt & fit the coiled up cable in there & refit the bolt & wingnut. You don't want to pinch or have the bolts thread tight or cutting on the cable so you may have to unwind a wind of cable. A picture tells a thousand words. In this case it is a 12x7 Nugettfinder Advantage & the little 5" Gold Monster coil. End result is a nice tidy bundle of coils. Also makes it easier to carry another coil with you when detecting without having to carry a backpack. You can just thread your belt, pick belt or even your harness through the loops in a position where the coil wont be in your way. Cheers & Good luck out there JW
  7. Those of you who have tried both the Detech and elite coils, (18 inch) how do they compare and witch do you prefer?
  8. I am being sarcastic but it is true. Back in the day when I had these on the shelf new they were hard to sell. Now you see them like this one on eBay going for crazy sums of money used. How is it there is a coil that goes for up to $500 used and not one of the aftermarket coil manufacturers will take a stab at it? Yeah, I get they need to be hand made and tuned but Jim Karbowski managed to do it and they retailed for $219.95 new. Was it black magic? A lost art, now known to none? The BigFoot is a 3" x 18" coil specially wound internally in a figure 8 pattern that eliminates electrical interference and allows the use of the front half of the coil for pinpointing with the DFX, which was designed with the coil in mind. The coils were hand made by Jim Karbowski who called his company Applied Creativity. They were sold exclusively through Jimmy Sierra. Jim Karbowski unfortunately passed away in 2007 and the coils now go for far more used on eBay than they ever did new. http://www.gazettetimes.com/news/local/obituaries/james-karbowski/article_c8505ae6-50ec-5639-8a21-33a96b718ad4.html The coils are labor intensive and despite lots if lobbying I never could get White's to make them. BigFoot Technical Report BigFoot Field Test Diagram (in Russian) More Technical Tidbits/Guesses This report on coils has some interesting notes on figure 8 coils on pages 4 and 5. It mentions that the field reverses from front to rear and this is true if the 14 khz BigFoot is used on the MXT. The DFX is specially designed to compensate for this and so has uniform responses front and rear. There is also a more conventional elongated DD design made by Tesoro called the Cleansweep. The BigFoot has a soft spot in the detection pattern in the middle where the figure 8 crosses over. The Cleansweep DD design is easier to make and eliminates that issue. The problem for me was I really got addicted to the DFX ability to trigger just the front half of the BigFoot for quick pinpointing - it is so good it is better than most dedicated pinpointing devices. No, you can't have mine, not even for the absurd price of $500! Oh yeah, beware. There are at least three BigFoot versions for different frequency White's machines. The most sought after are the DFX/MXT versions but there are others, and they do not go for as much. Here is a real beat up one for the old Eagle II I have been lobbying Makro (gave up on White's years ago) but they have not bit - yet. Sure would be a great reason to buy a Racer, having a coil like that for it! Here is my BigFoot and a friends in the U.K. on our MXTs. And here is the same one on my old original White's Vision when they first came out.
  9. A guy has a bunch of Bigfoot coils on ebay. None of them appeared to be sealed. One of them has a picture of the insides. For your viewing enjoyment.....the inside view of a Bigfoot coil.
  10. I myself when I get something new like a coil for one of my detectors I think all is well. Well my thinking has just been shot down. I've had this 7 inch coil from Detech not too long but never really checked it over but I won't do that again. What I found was the nut at the coil didn't have maybe but one turn on it. I know that this could come from any coil company and I was lucky that it hadn't gotten wet. I do find that the Detech 7" coil works great on my MX Sport and I don't regret buying it. This is just to let you know when you think you know everything you really don't. Chuck
  11. Regardless of the "Machine" your swingin' now! What coil was your favorite? My Favorite is below .Nugget Finder Advantage 3 spoke's the whole range... ."What a Ya Reckon....1:57 "Only Fools Reckon" and at 3:58 "Oooooo! How good is that Coil" "Are you Downgrading your Optimism? 2:33 I hope you Enjoy this "dig" as much as I do! Cheers! Ig
  12. Over 60 grams in the specie. One happy customer, this coil ended his Zed envy. GPZ 5000
  13. Hello I made it back out again today but with a different strategy. Use a gpx 5000 armed with 2 new high tech coils from Coiltek instead of a vlf detector. Actually most of the area has already been grided with the vlf detectors. So it was time to see what the Coiltek coils could find. I already have been running the Coiltek mono elite 14" since last spring with great success. but now I have the 18" mono elite to add some more to the 5000 arsenal I tried the new 18" first today. It was a particularly bad emi day to start. so I ran the 5000 in finegold mode with some minor adjustments. Despite the emi, The 18" did a good job finding deeper targets. Managed to find 3 pieces of yellow with it. It gets amazing depth and once the emi settled down it ran very smooth in sens xtra. For a big coil it handles the mineralization very well. the smallest that I found was .3 gram. which seems to be on target with some results from Oz. It is only 10 grams heavier then the 14" mono elite. But you cant even notice. it is well balanced and is not nose heavy. And this is without a harness and running a gold screamer in the side pouch of box cover. All in all a great coil for sheer depth on smaller and bigger targets. Next was the 14" mono elite to see what it could get in the same grid. it is very good at finding tiny targets deep. I ran it in sens xtra with some tweaking. I managed to pull up 3 more with it. The smallest was .1 gram. the 14" is amazing aswell on how deep that it finds small targets. Both coils together brought in 1.5 dwt for the trip. I have tried other coils on the 5000 from Coiltek blitz coils to nuggetfinder 14" and 16". But it is very easy to see in person that something is going on inside the new Elite series that is making a real difference. Not just smoke and mirrors. It will interesting to revisit some patches from the past that produced muti ounces, to see what the new 18" elite can dig up. I will be heading to them soon. Good luck and Happy easter I did a couple videos that I will post aswell. Only bad thing was I didnt bring my speaker with me. Only had the phones. So you cant really hear the detecting. Just faintly from my headphones.
  14. A very detailed and informative article by Nenad Lonic. "In the ever growing market of accessory items available for your detector, the one product that has experienced somewhat of a revival is the humble search coil. There is a myriad of coils available on the market for your gold detector these days, which has lead to endless questions on various forums, blogs and social media groups begging the question: “Which coil should I buy?” So my aim for this article is to inform you about coils in general, what makes them different, what various types of coils are good at and why having a wide selection of coils isn’t a bad idea." Read the rest here
  15. Detech 7in. DD Coil

    Detech I just wanted you to know I ordered your 7 in. DD coil for my MX Sport last week and I got it today. It looks finer than fog hair and solid as a rock. I had to put it on right away and fire up my MXS. I had to check the sen and depth with both looking great. Hope to get in the field soon but now it's colder than a well diggers butt and until it warms up I won't be going out. Just too young and tender !haha Thanks for a great coil and White's also sent me their calendar for 2017. Chuck
  16. Well, it looks like Garrett finally has the New ATX coils added to their web site! http://www.garrett.com/hobbysite/hbby_atx_searchcoils_en.aspx Beav
  17. Hey y'all-------this is the link to a bunch of pictures and one video of the coil repair---- It isnt the prettiest job but it will hold up now! We used a piece of a PVC gutter downspout my buddy found while we were prowling thru the hardware store trying to find something that would work and hold glue--(Thanks for the tip on nylon--) Anyway, once we finally found that piece it was pretty simple,,,if you lived in a bigger town you may be able to find standard PVC L-brackets and that would save a few steps! Total cost was about 12.00 usd..... plus the fun we had making it...lolol---- (Grumpy Old Men) Thanks again for all your alls help in this 705 adventure!!!! Paul https://picasaweb.google.com/104592762424805629687/705CoilEarRepair?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCKS_4ZfMhpqnSA&feat=directlink
  18. The article was written by Chris Ralph on the pro's and con's of big coil nugget hunting. Thanks Chris for writing a great article that for most of us brings back the trouble and at the same time the good side of a big coil. I liked it when you said you pinpoint several targets and then change to a smaller coil so to keep the size of the hole down. When that pick almost comes back in your face from that hard ground you want that hole as small as possible. Never was a price said about the cost of owning a big coil. You did see a picture of Chris holding the GPZ 19 inch coil with a bigger than big smile on his face. Here he's holding a coil costing more than a lot of detectors I own. Thanks Chris Chuck
  19. Steve, I still have my old White's Goldmaster V-Sat. It's the same one I used when we hunted together at Crow Creek. I have two coils for it, the original coil it came with and the very small one that is used for tight places and bedrock. This is the coil that White's first put out when we lived in Alaska, small and black with no markings on it. Steve Houston introduced it when he came to Alaska on his promotional trips. I don't use the original one because I find it impossible to ground balance with that coil, so I am limited to just using the small one. That's ok by me since most of my limited and sporadic nugget hunting is in bedrock areas. The problem I am having is that I constantly get false signals and lots of other noise whenever the coil comes in contact with anything. If I bump rocks or brush, or if I even brush it up against wet grass it will false signal. this makes it impossible to "scrub" the ground as you advise people. I am wondering if this problem might be in the settings on my control box, perhaps I am choosing the wrong settings? I have tried just about everything I can think of, but it does this all the time and is very annoying. Is there anything that you can think of that I may be doing wrong?
  20. http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/blog-detection/en/update-deus/deus-product-information-and-news/ There you go lads, interesting ideas. I like the idea of the battery in the stem, something I wondered the never done in the first place. Should make buying new coils a bit cheaper. The pointer looks good but cant see how it would work wirelessly 20 feet under water though?
  21. Who would like the idea of the 14" coil being made in the open web design like the 19". I wonder if there is any reason why Minelab didnt do this, or if they could/would. It would have to save a bit of weight...wouldnt it?? Cheers. Another question....while l am on here. I have the opportunity to purchase a 2nd hand Zed. Is the warranty transferable from the original purchaser, from new, to me? Thanks. Good luck out there JW :)
  22. Z 19" Rumour

    A "reliable" source has informed me one of this 4M members has received a Z 19" coil, names are withheld to protect the guilty.
  23. This topic is about what coil you would like to add to your coin hunting coils. Most coils that come with a new detector is a large DD coil. White's has a concentric coil that is a 9 inch and I think is a great coil. Now myself want a 6 inch concentric coil to go with my MX Sport. It's been said that the DD is more in demand over concentric What I want to know from you is just what you want in a small coil. That being a DD are the same in a concentric coil for coin hunting. If you just want to say DD or Concentric that's okay. For fun go look at the Garrett AT Pro coils offered. Chuck PS Myself I don't like a DD coil for coin hunting at all other maybe on the beach..
  24. Well I'm mostly healed from knee surgeries and decided it was time to get back at it. Despite all the smoke in the air in siskiyou county from the gap fire, it was not too bad outside. I headed out to an area that is one of many areas that ill be detecting this winter. it is not a well documented gold area, but it has good coarse gold. Most of the diggings in the area are shallow, but there is some good deep ground for pi detector work. For today I brought along my trusty friend Makro Gold Racer with the new 5x7 eliptical coil. I ran it about the same as other coils. in all metal and some isat adjustment. The place is plagued with alot of small iron and the little coil did a great job of sniping good signals out of the junk. it is extremely sensitive to micro sized targets and fits nicely under the bushes and between the rocks. it has a really nice sensitive tip for pinpointing. . all in all the 5x7 eliptical performed very well and would be a great accessory to hunt especially in the iron areas. well I ended up finding 16 pcs and 2.5 dwt for the little coils debut. I cant wait to try it out some more.Good luck