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Found 12 results

  1. I have my 22 inch mono coiltek golstalker bobbin I want to replace it with 18 inch mono elite coiltek
  2. Which is more stable and accurate for the Gpx 5000 thank you
  3. 18" Elite Delivers !!

    Last few years I have been working a nice stretch of land with many small creeks and tribs feeding them. The primary large ones apparently are the ones that the early miners worked and the ones I have focused on. I would work the banks, tailing piles and pretty much clear any targets out of the way. Over the years I have cleared sections of trash and gold that stretch up to a half a mile long along the creeks. I have basically cleaned it up pretty good. I still have miles of creeks to clean up downstream of these creeks that are littered with tailing piles. But before i do that I wanted to purchase a larger coil to hit some spots that I cleaned up. Thanks to Luke I am now a proud owner of the 18" Elite that I am taking out his morning to hit some of those areas I cleaned up. Hopefully there are some deep ones lurking ... Friday Morning : Today was the day....was working a bench way above the present creek and after an hour in a spot I been with other coils multiple times , the 18" elite groaned with a nice sharp deep tone...digging down about 15 inches out came this nice little 4.27 gram placer nugget. Outside of it being a bit heavy...the coil is extremely stable in medium ground, I was running it hot 14 gain, stab 8, enhanced mode, the 4500 purrred like a kitty. I've dug some deep targets ...the key with these large coils is to go very, very slow and use a bungee support system...found I could swing this 5 hours without to much discomfort. Overall I am very happy with the Elite! Thanks again Luke!
  4. ATTENTION COILERS – NEW PRODUCT RELEASE!!! We are proud to announce the addition of a new coil to the Coiltek Goldstalker range. The 22” Goldstalker in a Double-D (DD) configuration. Compatible with all Minelab SD/GP and GPX detectors. Available for order at your local dealer today! For more information on this product and to locate your nearest dealer, visit our website here: http://www.coiltek.com.au/coils/goldstalker/22-goldstalker/
  5. Hello to all at Detector Prospector! Just started on this forum so wanted to say hi and say I have enjoyed reading the topics. I hope to post up some finds too when i do get a chance to have a swing... and also contribute in a beneficial way on topics (i hope!!!:)) Have a great day all! Trevor @ Coiltek.
  6. 14x9 Elite Coiltek?

    I have found tons of good info on the 14" round but have found none on the 14x9 elliptical. Anyone swinging this? The 14 round sounds amazing, its just the elliptical fits my detecting better. Steep narrow gullies.
  7. Hi all just moved into new house and found coiltek coil 1271 number on top of coil any ideas what this coil fits 15 inch.
  8. Yes it is so. You can read all about it on the MD-Hunter Blog. The coils will be for the series of TDI detectors. Coiltek makes great coils but again I'm left out in the cold with my MX Sport. Chuck
  9. Hello I made it back out again today but with a different strategy. Use a gpx 5000 armed with 2 new high tech coils from Coiltek instead of a vlf detector. Actually most of the area has already been grided with the vlf detectors. So it was time to see what the Coiltek coils could find. I already have been running the Coiltek mono elite 14" since last spring with great success. but now I have the 18" mono elite to add some more to the 5000 arsenal I tried the new 18" first today. It was a particularly bad emi day to start. so I ran the 5000 in finegold mode with some minor adjustments. Despite the emi, The 18" did a good job finding deeper targets. Managed to find 3 pieces of yellow with it. It gets amazing depth and once the emi settled down it ran very smooth in sens xtra. For a big coil it handles the mineralization very well. the smallest that I found was .3 gram. which seems to be on target with some results from Oz. It is only 10 grams heavier then the 14" mono elite. But you cant even notice. it is well balanced and is not nose heavy. And this is without a harness and running a gold screamer in the side pouch of box cover. All in all a great coil for sheer depth on smaller and bigger targets. Next was the 14" mono elite to see what it could get in the same grid. it is very good at finding tiny targets deep. I ran it in sens xtra with some tweaking. I managed to pull up 3 more with it. The smallest was .1 gram. the 14" is amazing aswell on how deep that it finds small targets. Both coils together brought in 1.5 dwt for the trip. I have tried other coils on the 5000 from Coiltek blitz coils to nuggetfinder 14" and 16". But it is very easy to see in person that something is going on inside the new Elite series that is making a real difference. Not just smoke and mirrors. It will interesting to revisit some patches from the past that produced muti ounces, to see what the new 18" elite can dig up. I will be heading to them soon. Good luck and Happy easter I did a couple videos that I will post aswell. Only bad thing was I didnt bring my speaker with me. Only had the phones. So you cant really hear the detecting. Just faintly from my headphones.
  10. Been reading a lot about the new Coiltek, Nugget Finder & now Detech coils of late. I haven't had much to do with any of these but have detected a small area immediately after 2 x GPX4500 with the Coiltek Elite 14" mono attached. Although not an exhaustive or scientific test the end result was I got 8 x subgram nuggets from the area with the SDC & the 4500's nothing. 2 of the subgrammers came from adjacent to their scrapings so they knew something was there but was still iffy enough to walk away from. I keep hearing or reading how these coils are transforming GPX's into SDC's or even GPZ's but this short "test", for want of a better word, put some doubts in my mind. I've got no doubt that there is improvement in the new coils in how they enhance the target information or audio response of the detector through better windings etc. but I'm not entirely convinced it's as substantial as some make out. My thoughts are it may be about 10% performance improvement (every bit does help regardless) & 90% of a placebo effect i.e. you buy a new coil excited by the possibilities of it's performance, you regain some enthusiasm & become more positive in approach even detecting more carefully + with more purpose - then when you find gold of course it's the new coil that done it right? Another thing that has me scratching my head is how excited people are about them finding very small gold. My smallest bit with a GPX5000, fine gold & standard 11" Minelab Commander mono coil was 0.03 of gram (I think about 0.46 of a grain) so they have always been capable of doing it even with an unfashionable coil (but still a good one). Like I said I'm not doubting that there are definite performance improvements, much like the introduction of litz wire, but I do believe a lot can also be attributed to a refreshed or reinvigorated enthusiasm too. New detectors could also have a very similar affect on us. What do the experts reckon?
  11. There doesn't seem to be much discussion about all these new coil models being released right on the tails of the GPZ release - Elite, Evolution, Detech... I know a lot of people here are using GPZ's and sold their GPX's, but really no one is saying much in the US on any of the forums at all. And the Elite has been out for enough time now that some people must have quite a bit of experience with them, yet all we hear is "they are great", nothing quantitative though. So I'm just going to pose some questions here that are driving me a bit crazy: What exactly is it that makes these coils so much better? And are they really so much better? The very few testing results I've seen have been almost entirely qualitative and that doesn't say very much. I mean...the GPX still works the same and thus the coil is still just a coil. How much better can it actually get after how ever many generations of previous coils we've already seen? Why were they coincidentally released right after the GPZ? If it was just 1 company I could buy into a simple coincidence...3 companies now...Are they all using different technology to make suddenly superior coils? How is that even possible given the simple makeup of a coil? If every manufacturer out there already knew how to make much better coils then why didn't we see them before the GPZ came out? What purpose would it serve for all of them to just hold back producing these together when they are in direct competition? Conversely, if they only discovered how to make much better coils after the GPZ came out then that means it only took them a short time to figure out how to make these, so why didn't at least one of them figure it out in the years leading up to the GPZ release if it was such a quick fix? I'm not saying they aren't better and great. I'm just saying we're being sold things that are saying they are better and great with no real evidence, no real explanation about why they are even different. We know they are heavier and slightly odd sizes...what else? I mean, I don't know a lot about coils but it's not like you can just add a ton of extra windings in and expect greater results - the machine itself is tuned to use coils with specific inductive properties right? Is anyone brave enough to tear one apart and see whats inside? I'm going to be buying a NF Evolution because the only way I'll get real testing results done is to do it myself but I don't have money for the other 2. If anyone else has a Coiltek Elite and someone else gets the Detech then I'd like to meet up so we can test all 3 against a normal NF/Coiltek/Detech coil on the same machine. Then also against the GPZ just for general interest purposes. I'll be posting it to my youtube channel if I can make this happen so everyone can see if I'm able to get these rounded up into one place. I'll be in Arizona this winter, let me know if anyone is interested.