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Found 48 results

  1. Discover Magazine Some of you might remember a publication called "Discover" that White's Electronics used to publish. It featured customer finds, treasure stories, and all-around good info on metal detecting. Back in the 90's we stopped making it, much to the disappointment of some of our long-time customers. Well... we realized missed it too! So we're proud to announce the re-introduction of Discover magazine. As a part of our mailing list you have exclusive access to a free digital copy, which you can read online, print out, and share as you see fit. Get your January/February copy here. We'll try and send one out every 2 months. Thanks for supporting an American brand, and know that we will always have your back as a valued customer. This publication is just one small thing we can do to show our appreciation! Discover Magazine March/April 2017 Discover Magazine January/February 2017 Sincerely, White's Electronics
  2. Ok Steve you really know something about new machines at 2017 ;) I was hear about new AT PRO 2 from Garrett but what more?
  3. This is good.
  4. Is it legit? From Farcebook: Monster 1000 Gold. The machine is currently know: - ease of use Quick and easy installation Fully Automatic-operation - working principle: V LF (extra sensitive) - 2 factory rolls in the bag
  5. Back in November there was interest stirred up by reports of a dedicated gold nugget detector being made for XP for sale in Africa - the Depar DPR 600. Details were confirmed later by GaryUK who is tied in with XP and has tested the unit (and stars in the video below). The main news he related was that XP intends to market a version of this dedicated nugget detector outside Africa in 2017. The machine will be a very limited version of the upcoming DEUS V4 update. In fact I think the testing of this unit in Africa was key to the development of the V4 update. The new machine will come stock with the V4 high frequency coil and looks a lot like a DEUS. However, the software will be locked into several versions of the Goldfield program and will not have any functions needed for anything except nugget detecting. Final features may vary in the final US/UK version but here is what Gary says about the DPR 600: The DPR has no pinpoint mode, no expert menu, no multi-tone, no notch, no coin mode, no non-motion menu, no user updates (USB download will only support bug corrections). The current DPR version has no wireless headphone support, no headphone controller, does not support the DEUS coil with lower frequencies (only works with the two HF coils) and only supports 3 high frequencies, not 4. The DPR has a 2 year warranty the Deus has a 5 year warranty. These details were gleaned from Garys post on his forum but it may not be visible to people who are not forum members as I am currently. Andy Sabisch has also confirmed the existence of this new model planned for 2017 at Findmall. The bottom line is this machine will resemble a DEUS and will have a very limited feature set focused on nugget detecting, but at a lower price. No idea on price or availability for as we all know the V4 update is running late. There is nothing here per se for current DEUS owners because the V4 update will give a DEUS owners all the features of the new machine plus tons more. But for somebody looking for a very light weight nugget detector this new machine may very well offer an upgrade over existing single frequency models. I have always thought the DEUS was overpriced for people who just want to nugget detect, although it does have the capability. A dedicated nugget detector at a price more in line with what you expect of other VLF nugget detectors could be a very good move for XP in my opinion.
  6. Hello Dear Valued Members.We are proud to announce that Nokta &Makro Detectors has been certified as a Research & Development Center by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in Turkey.On behalf of my team and company, I want to thank all who have supported our company to grow at a fast pace and to develop new technologies and products. We owe where we are today to our valued customers!Best Regards,Dilek
  7. The Ultimate Throwback Thursday Discover Magazine Some of you might remember a publication called "Discover" that White's Electronics used to publish. It featured customer finds, treasure stories, and all-around good info on metal detecting. Back in the 90's we stopped making it, much to the disappointment of some of our long-time customers. Well... we realized missed it too! So we're proud to announce the re-introduction of Discover magazine. As a part of our mailing list you have exclusive access to a free digital copy, which you can read online, print out, and share as you see fit. Get your January/February copy here. We'll try and send one out every 2 months. Thanks for supporting an American brand, and know that we will always have your back as a valued customer. This publication is just one small thing we can do to show our appreciation! Sincerely, White's Electronics P.S. - We plan to hide a clue in each issue. First 100 folks to find it and mail us an envelope with the answer will get a free prize. Think you can you find it? Good luck and happy hunting!
  8. Today Teknetics is rolling out a small scale test program for direct sales of Teknetics detectors. It's very much a "test the waters" rollout. They have appointed five "Exclusive Reps" to offer the program to customers. I am one of the Reps. The program for now covers only the Omega8000 and the G2 (not the +) Here's how it works. The buyer places the order direct with Teknetics in El Paso, tells them who the referring Rep is (the pricing is only available with reference to one of the 5 Reps) and the detector is shipped by Tek direct to the customer. To order, contact Teknetics - Rubi Martinez (915) 633-8354 with my name (Rick Kempf) as reference - Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 5:00 pm MST. There are three different Om8000 packages and one G2 The pricing is extremely low. Omega8000 with 10" concentric oval - $375 11" dd - $400 1" conc. and 11" dd - $475 10" conc., 11' dd and 5" dd - $540 G2 with 11" dd $460 I am compensated by FT for orders placed naming me as the Rep.
  9. Here are some manufacturer specials running now. These are from the manufacturers and so I assume they are on top of any deals already offered by a dealer, but do check and make sure if considering a purchase. If anyone finds other deals go ahead and add them to the thread. I have not found anything for Garrett, Tesoro, Makro/Nokta or XP yet.
  10. Just in case you were wondering - from Year Company Announcement Feb 2015 Final complete.pdf in 2015: "Minelab launched the GPZ 7000 gold detector to the market in February. This is a significant new product platform that has taken five years to develop at a cost of over $10 million." The good news for Minelab is it has paid off as sales and profits for Codan have been up in the last few years after collapsing when the Africa GPX 4500 bubble popped. From the Codan 2016 Annual Report "while sales were strong in the developed world when the product was released last year, the most significant growth in our FY16 gold detector sales has come from the successful launch of this product into our African markets. The GPZ 7000® was launched in Africa in October 2015, and demand exceeded our initial expectations". Since Minelab's parent company Codan is publicly traded interesting tidbits can be found in their annual reports. A few more: "The GO-FIND® is now Minelab’s highest unit seller" "FY17 OBJECTIVES - Release two exciting new products – lower-priced gold machine for Africa and improved larger coil for GPZ 7000®.... Continue investment in product development to create next wave of new products in FY18." Nobody knows for sure how many metal detectors are sold worldwide but Codan alone currently does close to $100 million sales annually in detecting equipment. That does however include landmine detection equipment. Check out pages 19 and 20 of the 2016 report for more details.
  11. 41 pages packed full of photos and stories of metal detector finds
  12. "PITTSBURGH — An Australian company is suing French company XP Metal Detectors and Massachusetts-based Detector Electronics Corp., citing alleged patent infringement. Minelab Electronics PTY LTD filed a complaint on Oct. 19 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania against the defendants, alleging that they infringed on the plaintiff's patent through their distribution of a metal detector." Details at Case Docket and details
  13. "Minelab MEA General Trading LLC, the leading distributor of metal detectors and accessories throughout the Middle East and Africa continue to battle strongly against counterfeit products in order to protect their customers. On Thursday 13th October, 8am at Jebel Ali all seized counterfeit items from a recent action were destroyed and recycled in Minelab’s continuous efforts to locate, combat and terminate counterfeit products." Full story at
  14. Last week my brother's GP 3500 quit working right in the middle of a patch. We've tried new cables, coils, earphones and switches, so we know it is internal. Who repairs the older Minelabs-does Minelab or is there an independent repair expert out there? We've heard that Minelab doesn't support the older models, but don't know that for sure.
  15. Announced it today – three tones graphic screen under $100
  16. First Texas (Bounty Hunter, Fisher, Teknetics) has filed suit in California Central District Court against Deteknix for copyright infringement. The basic claim from here 20. First Texas engineers have investigated the Deteknix Quest and the software contained thereon. Based on their investigation, and on information and belief, the Deteknix Quest contains software that is substantially similar to, and copies copyrightable aspects of, the T2 Software both in whole and in part. 21. On information and belief, Deteknix accessed First Texas’s T2 Software and copied it off a commercial T2 product. On information and belief, Deteknix used nitric acid and/or certain other techniques to defeat First Texas’s access protection and copy the T2 Software off a commercial T2 product. This is of course a court filing, not a statement of fact - it is up to the court to decide and issue a ruling. Case progress at,_LLC,_et_al_v_Deteknix,_Inc_et_al
  17. White's has been advertising a "Garage Sale" of discontinued items including refurbished Detectors. I really don't need another Detector but couldn't resist ordering a refurbished White's Coinmaster GT with free shipping for $140.00. Probably just use it as a backup to my other detectors but I think it should work fine for parks, dry sand, and just general purpose detecting. I see on eBay their going for much more. It arrived yesterday in a brand new box, pretty cool. Might order another one as a Christmas gift for the Grandson.
  18. Minelab has a new section on their online store dubbed Deal Of The Day with extra discounts on overstock or discontinued items. At the moment it is all clothing. Items are typically 40 - 50% off. Check it out at
  19. From the Codan news release at AXS Announcement - Minelab awarded $6.7m contract.pdf (copy below): "Cooperating with NIITEK Inc., the HDD will combine Minelab’s new Multiple Frequency Continuous Wave metal detection technology and NIITEK’s advanced ground penetrating radar." 31 August 2016 MINELAB AWARDED CONTRACT TO DEVELOP NEW HANDHELD DEVICE DETECTOR FOR THE AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE Minelab Electronics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Codan Limited, has been awarded a $6.7m contract by the Department of Defence to develop a new Handheld Device Detector (HDD). The funding received under this contract is to further develop a dual sensor metal detector which incorporates ground penetrating radar. It will partially offset the development costs of the product, and the project is expected to be completed by 2018. The development of the HDD builds on Minelab's success in technology development and product innovation for use in military programmes. Codan is particularly pleased to be of service to the ADF and to provide an enhanced capability that currently does not exist. Once the HDD enters into service with the ADF, we are confident that other militaries will seek the same level of capability, broadening our market for countermine products. The contract supports Codan's stated strategy of growing its profitability by improving and broadening our product offerings while ensuring our value propositions remain relevant and leading-edge. Previous to this award, in March 2014, Minelab was selected by the Department of Defence's Rapid Prototype Development and Evaluation (RPDE) programme to receive $1.0m in funding to further integrate metal detection and ground penetration radar technologies into a lightweight and compact mechanical platform. In December 2014, RPDE provided an additional $1.3m in funding, and Minelab subsequently produced an advanced prototype of the HDD. Cooperating with NIITEK Inc., the HDD will combine Minelab's new Multiple Frequency Continuous Wave metal detection technology and NIITEK's advanced ground penetrating radar. The HDD was designed taking into account the comprehensive requirements of the ADF, supplemented with feedback from Army User Groups. It will include advanced detection technologies as well as new standards of compactness and ergonomics. On behalf of the Board Michael Barton Company Secretary MORE INFORMATION ON THE NIITEK/MINELAB GROUNDSHARK
  20. I just looked over on my email and I have my Garrett searcher sent to my email address. It's free and shows finds that others have found. It has what's going on within the Garrett company and maybe a new detector coming down the pipes. Just go to the Garrett site and sign up and that's all it is to it. Chuck Garrett Searcher Fall 2016 Free Download Subscribe at
  21. ML's parent company, Codan issued their fiscal year 2016 annual report today - in it they announced two metal detecting product introductions for their Fiscal year 2017 (1 July 2016 - 30 June 2017). the larger coil for the GPZ (just FY 2017 - no date given) an entry level gold detector for the african market "at the end of 2016". I strongly suspect that this will be a VLF machine since the price point needs to be competitive with the current African market leader, Fisher's,Gold Bug. nothing new on multi freq. or VLF detectors mentioned. FY16 Full ASX Announcement Final Complete.pdf Minelab is the only metal detector company which is a publically traded stock (Codan) so they are legally required to publish accurate data.
  22. 25 color pages of metal detecting finds - free download at
  23. Available for online viewing at Here is the included specifications/price list: Note that the base MXT model that had an MSRP of $799 is not listed in the catalog. The M6 and Beachhunter ID are also missing - all three were listed in the 2015 catalog. The GMZ nugget detector and TDI Pro PI detector are not in the catalog but were not in 2015 either, perhaps because they are niche units? They all still appear to be available online in some locations. I am not sure if they have been officially discontinued but leaving these models out of the catalog sure sends a message. Here is the Fall 2015 specification/price list for comparison:
  24. I handed over the White's Instagram account to our engineering department for a while. Not as fancy as Minelab's, but we try and make up for it with hard work, fresh ideas, and heart. If you have an IG account let us know if there's anything you'd like to see while Jacob is in charge - White's Electronics Instagram
  25. Hi Steve Just wondering if there is any new news on the Fisher rumors that were being talked about 6 months or so ago. I.e. multi frequency units. Pi units, etc. Anyone feel free to chime in.