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Found 111 results

  1. Welcome To The New Tesoro Forum!

    Things have been very quiet at Tesoro the last few years. There was a lot of talk about a new model, the Cazador, that finally just faded away. We did finally see the Tesoro Mojave introduction, and while it is a great little detector certainly not anything cutting edge. Delays are nothing new in the industry and it is certainly possible the Cazador will still appear. The lack of communication however leaves one feeling like Tesoro is just coasting along at this point. It did not help that Tesoro apparently declined to keep sponsoring the Tesoro Findmall Forum, and so it was renamed the Beep & Dig Detecting Forum. That being the case I decided when I revamped the forums recently that perhaps a new Tesoro Forum was in order for those who felt abandoned elsewhere. And so with that, welcome to the new Tesoro Forum at DetectorProspector.com! Official Tesoro Company Website Tesoro 2013 Catalog Tesoro Metal Detector Information Magazine
  2. My detector failed a couple of weeks ago. I posted it off Monday last week and got it back Thursday this week. Took it out for a quick spin yesterday and all working fine. Thanks Minelab
  3. Dear Valued Members,For those who are curious about our company and team, here is a video about Nokta & Makro Detectors, enjoy! Dilek GonulaySales & Marketing Manager
  4. To all of you who followed my recent adventure to OZ you remember i did not have my control box when i arrived!!!! In fact, I didn't have any of my bags...they were still sitting in LAX. After Norvic and I went to pick them up in Cairns a week later I thought everything was peachy.. But alas, when Norvic and I were getting geared up to make a run to the goldfields...I couldn't find my 7000 control box anywhere--- (to make a long story short-I put this in chronological order) -Condor and i had our 7000's stolen in Yuma January 2017 I found a used one and bought it--- March Condor couldn't find a new or used one so i sent him mine to use while i was working at the VA in Dallas_(i didnt need it) Condor alerts me it is having a dropped pixel issue and Jaime Minelab USA says to send it in-----May 2017 Condor sends it in the whole rear end of the machine control box control brain and audio plug port Jaime is to send it back to me in Dallas I have a dedicated suitcase set up in my living room to place gear going to OZ with me i receive the rest of the detector back from Condor after he receives his brand new 7000 and i stuff it in the suitcase Jaime sends me my control screen--(now since Condor sent in in to ML i didnt realize when i got it i was still missing the control brain box and I had no reason to put the 7000 together because i was breaking it all down for shipping anyway) in the suitcase it goes! I get to OZ , June 3rd and my bags get there a week later!! grrrr.... Norvic and I decide to go for our first hunt and Volia!!!! I dont have a control box!!! What the heck--- I was in shock! I start contacting the airlines , but there is nothing they can do at this time... I contact Sara, Daryl, and ALL the staff there at Minelab AU-- they went to work immedately i got the news after Norvic and I got back from the bush that Minelab Au had decided to ship me out a loaner box for free! No deposit, not shipping, nothing---!!!! This was great news to me because i only found one nugget with his 2300 while it seemed like Norvic was finding a nugget every second or two with his ZED! I was frustrated to say the least.... my dream trip and no 7000...arggggh.. Norvic can verify how happy i was when i got the news on email right after we got out of the bush!!!! I was ecstatic!!! So now i continue detecting here and there around OZ with the borrowed brain (Lord knows i need a new one too---lol)--July-Aug 1 When i get back to the States Condor and i get to talking and he tells me that he didn't feel comfortable separating the parts to ship to Minelab USA when he sent in the control control screen so he just sent it all together... TA DA a moment of enlightenment...now we know for sure where the box went--- not stolen in the customs office, not left in my camper by mistake, it was at ML USA Thank you Condor for remembering things that i cant...lol We sent it in to ML USA at the worst possible time because they were packing stuff up to move to their new warehouse--and it simply got misplaced Jamie wrote me today and said they still haven't found it and she wondered if it would be OK to ship me a new one??? Really???? I was stunned again by Minelab !!! USA this time... I should receive my new control brain box soon I am blessed! A BIG thank you to MInelab, both Australia and USA-- you are truly the best company I have ever dealt with... Yes, i bought a Monster, and Yes, i will buy an Equinox!!!!
  5. https://www.minelab.com/usa/go-minelabbing/news?article=320105 02 Oct 2017 KellyCo Authorized Service Center Closure Minelab and KellyCo would like to announce changes with our Authorized Service Center Program. Effective immediately, KellyCo will no longer service Minelab Metal Detectors. Minelab would like to thank KellyCo for over 6 years of dedicated service and customer care afforded to Minelab and its customers. Although, no longer a service center, KellyCo remains a dedicated and premier Authorized Dealer. Moving forward, Minelab will be the central contact for all Warranty and Non-Warranty repairs, with two Authorized Service Centers, ASC West and newly added Detector Central . Please contact Minelab directly for all service issues (in and out of warranty) as well as Technical Support. The Americas (North & South) Minelab Americas Inc Sales, Support & Service 123 Ambassador Drive, Suite 123 Naperville, IL 60540, USA Customer Care: 1-877-SOS-MLAB (1-877-767-6522) Toll Free: 1-888-949-6522 T: 1-630-401-8150 F: 1-630-401-8180 E: service@minelabamericas.com for Service E: info@minelabamericas.com for Consumer products
  6. From https://www.whiteselectronics.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/2017_5.pdf, page 3.... "NEW MACHINE ON THE HORIZON? Rumors have been swirling about what machine White’s will release next. Some speculate that it could be a 12kHz “MX Maxxx” sold with a $200 higher price tag. Others imagine White’s going back to its roots, releasing an old-school BFO machine that weighs 8 lbs and runs on 4 C-cell batteries. Inside sources seem to point to some kind of mid-priced, high-performance detector aimed at customers who need a deep-seeking machine at an affordable price point. Only time will tell."
  7. Minelab Military Discount

    Just a reminder. Minelab offers a 15% discount on any Minelab metal detector from the MAP (minimum advertised price) to U.S. active or honorably discharged members of the military. Proof of past or active service is required and must be verified by providing a copy of a DD 214 or Military ID to qualify. The discount applies only to a metal detector purchase - parts and accessories do not qualify. With discount the $799 Gold Monster 1000 is only $679.15. The Minelab GPZ 7000, normally $7999, ends up being $6799.15, a savings of $1199.85
  8. Did anybody but mine lab show up at detectival? Would like to hear some about them.
  9. New Minelab Go-Find 66?

    The boys at the MD Hunter Blog, a Russian based website, are reporting three new Minelab Go-Find models. The Go-Find 22, 44, and Go-Find 66 Don't pay attention to the photo there - these guys make up their own when they have nothing else to work with. Some of their posts really are just entirely made up stuff, so you have to be cautious. Then I saw this photo from Minelab's Facebook Page taken at Detectival... Clearly a lineup of Minelab demo units. Several Equinox models, a couple CTX, even a Gold Monster. On the far right there are three Go-Find detectors. Two might be mistaken for the old Go-Find models, but not the third one. It is gray in color and looks to be a more "adult size" Go-Find. Yet no commentary from anyone who was there that I can find anywhere so far. Weird.
  10. I read this article in Harvard Business Review. It was published in 1999 and applies very much today. The article is by Donald Sull. No it is not about metal detecting. However, it pertains to the companies we love. Hopefully some of them will take time and read the entire article and learn from it. Some of you may find it interesting. By Donald Sull “One of the most common business phenomena is also one of the most perplexing: when successful companies face big changes in their environment, they often fail to respond effectively. Unable to defend themselves against competitors armed with new products, technologies, or strategies, they watch their sales and profits erode, their best people leave, and their stock valuations tumble. Some ultimately manage to recover—usually after painful rounds of downsizing and restructuring—but many don’t.” You can read more on the Harvard Business Review https://hbr.org/1999/07/why-good-companies-go-bad
  11. Although this post has some relevance to the threads of excitement regarding the just announced Minelab Equinox (wonder what Chevy thinks about that name...), it really isn't directly on topic so I started a new thread instead. You'll see the relevance in my final comments, after the 'facts'. Just back from Colorado and I mentioned in another thread that part of my trip was attending two events by Denver's Eureka Treasure Hunters Club (http://www.eurekathc.org/): The monthly (2nd Friday evening) club meeting and the annual Coinhuna -- free(!) hunt for members only. I slid through a loophole(?) to get to participate in the latter. There were 50-60 attendees of the club meeting and a similar number for the hunt, and most were overlap = same people. Being a detector zealot (thanks at least in part to some posters here who will remain anonymous), I spent some time walking around prior to the hunt to see what detectors people were using. I was surprised at the results of this informal survey, but maybe you won't be. NOTE: I did not do a scientific tally, so the numbers aren't 100% accurate, but they aren't that far off. I do know detector brands, although models (especially older ones) not so much. Here is my view and recollection. I'm assuming ~60 detectors were viewed (some brought more than one): White's (mostly TRX, IDX, DFX) -- 35. Garrett (AT Pro, Ace [various], AT Max, AT gold, older green models whose names I didn't catch/recognize) -- 15. First Texas (F75, T2, Gold Bug Pro -- that was me!) -- 4. Tesoro (Lobo Super Track, other I didn't recognize) -- 2. XP (Deus) -- 2. Minelab, Nokta, Makro, Bounty Hunter -- 0! Ok, what's up with this? First off, it was a competition hunt. But I only saw 9 of the long skinny rectangular coils, 8 White's Bigfeet and one Tesoro cleansweep. That still leaves a whopping 26 White's detectors with tyical general use coils. While in the Denver area I also went by Gold-N-Detectors (in Golden, catch the play on letters?). Now we may be getting somewhere. They have pretty much all of White's current models on display along with several Garretts and about four Tesoros. The only FTP I saw was a Teknetix T2 black. Didn't notice any other brands. They sell detectors at full retail with, AFAIK, no negotiating. So I'm sure not everyone at the club has bought their detectors at that outlet. However, there is a strong influence, and if you see one you like at the store you can just go online and get a discount. There is also a 'mentoring' effect. For example, a person shows up at the club meeting wanting to get into the hobby and is influenced by what detector to get based upon the possessions of the experienced club members. Does country loyalty also play a part? I think it does; just read some comments you see here occasionally. But that's not the whole story. Why only 4 First Texas detectors in the lot? Last I looked Los Banos and El Paso are still on this side of the wall. (oops, might get in trouble for that comment...) There are quite a few things that make the detectorprospector.com site unique compared to (or at least quite different from) other sites: 1) international participation; 2) dominated by gold prospectors; 3) more sophisticated(?) when it comes to understanding and using detectors; 4) more oriented towards the professional end of the spectrum than the hobby/weekender other extreme. Most if not all of these give Minelab (and probably Nokta/Makro) a bigger audience/following. Even if the Equinox is the best thing since sliced bread (and it might be; I'm not taking sides), I don't think it's going to put the other guys out of business. In fact, I doubt it's going to knock Garrett off the back cover of just about every treasure hunting magazine (and that includes ICMJ). There are more things that go into market share than the performance of the product, although it certainly is a big factor.
  12. Don't think I've seen this posted yet. https://www.minelab.com/usa/go-minelabbing/news?article=319086 06 Sep 2017 Minelab Americas relocates to Naperville, IL. Minelab Americas has moved to a new office space in Naperville, Illinois commencing Friday 1 September, 2017. The new office has premier facilities including sales, marketing and operations areas, warehouse and a brand new showroom displaying Minelab's extensive range of metal detectors. The new address is: 123 Ambassador Drive, Suite 123 Naperville, IL 60540 Our Minelab Americas phone number remains the same: 1-630-401-8150
  13. White's Electronics just started their fall "Garage Sale" with a number of what I think are some incredible deals. As an ex-dealer I should know! The main one that caught my eye is the White's GMT package, new with full warranty, for less than normal dealer cost. White's GMT Reg $799.95 6" Concentric Coil Reg $149.95 Digging Tool Reg $39.95 Backpack Reg $99.95 Total Full Price $1089.80 On Sale for $450 TOO LATE, SOLD OUT! I cannot see how anybody with even a thought of getting a GMT can get a better deal than this! If you check the Garage Sale link above you will also see the White's V3i at about 1/3 off plus other great deals.
  14. http://theleadsouthaustralia.com.au/mining-resources/minelab-continues-to-lead-way-in-search-for-gold/ Note the comment about what is coming out later this year.
  15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9Fp_V3TXDyaaUJDWVluUkVKOWs/view
  16. White's Electronics just started their fall "Garage Sale" with a number of what I think are some incredible deals. As an ex-dealer I should know! The one people here may want to check out is the V3i packages at more than 1/3 off full list price. This is pretty close to dealer cost! If you check the Garage Sale link above you will also see the White's GMT at about 1/2 off plus other great deals.
  17. Discover Magazine Some of you might remember a publication called "Discover" that White's Electronics used to publish. It featured customer finds, treasure stories, and all-around good info on metal detecting. Back in the 90's we stopped making it, much to the disappointment of some of our long-time customers. Well... we realized missed it too! So we're proud to announce the re-introduction of Discover magazine. As a part of our mailing list you have exclusive access to a free digital copy, which you can read online, print out, and share as you see fit. Get your free copy here. We'll try and send one out every 2 months. Thanks for supporting an American brand, and know that we will always have your back as a valued customer. This publication is just one small thing we can do to show our appreciation! Discover Magazine September/October 2017 Discover Magazine July/August 2017 Discover Magazine May/June 2017 Discover Magazine March/April 2017 Discover Magazine January/February 2017 Sincerely, White's Electronics
  18. Win A Coiltek Coil Contest

    Got a email asking to enter the contest. I don't have a Coiltek coil,but thought I would pass on the info. http://www.coiltek.com.au/more/latest-discoveries-competition/
  19. On Tuesday, August 29, 2017, History Seekers welcomes guest Thomas Boykin, project manager, of White's Electronics, Inc. We will be discussing what detectorist want to see in the next generation of metal detectors. This is a great opportunity for loyal listeners from all experience levels to have input. Get your questions and suggestions ready, due to call volume time will be limited to approximately 30-40 seconds. Tune in live on Agust 29 at 9:00 PM Eastern / 8:00 PM Central directly from our web page under the media section (historyseekers.net) OR directly via www.spreaker.com/historyseekers How to win the White’s MX SportBe sure to like the History Seekers and White's Electronics, Inc. Facebook page to stay up to date on this show! Thomas Boykin from White’s Electronics will be on the show Tuesday, August 29, 2017 to talk about your suggestions as well as to give away an MX SPORT! Here is how to enter to win: 1. Go over to the Whites web page and request a free catalog. Be SURE to enter a valid email (must be the same email used to submit step 2). Request here: www.whiteselectronics.com/request-catalog 2. Submit your suggestion for features/abilities that you would like to see on your next detector. You must submit a brief suggestion to info@historyseekers.net . You must also include your correct shipping name/address/telephone number (contact info in case you win) 3. You can make multiple suggestions but only ONE entry is counted for the drawing. 4. All entries must be received at least 3 hours prior to the start of the History Seekers Show (9:00 PM EST) to be entered in the contest. We will be talking about suggestions made and taking callers to discuss your thoughts on them on air. A winner will be announced by White’s at the end of the History Seekers show. If the announced winner did not properly qualify a runner up will be chosen later at the discretion of White’s Electronics. In the event that the show must be rescheduled for any reason, the contest would be rescheduled and announced later. This contest is not connected with Facebook. It is free to enter with no purchase necessary and void where prohibited. If you would always like to see these types of contests be sure to click on History Seekers and Whites Facebook page then click the follow and select see first. This will ensure that you always get notified of events on both pages.
  20. https://metaldetectingforum.com/showthread.php?t=251368 My condolences to his friends and family.
  21. Dear Valued Members, This is to inform you that my team and I will be attending the Detectival Rally in the UK between September 15 - 17. We are inviting all who are planning to attend the event to visit us in the main marquee to meet the team and to learn more about our company and products. THANK YOU! Dilek Gonulay Nokta & Makro Detectors
  22. Received a coupon for $100 worth of accessories from White's. Never had this happen is this rare or random? Either way, I like it.................
  23. Hi Everyone just wondering if there has been any information leaked out about the new Minelab detector/ detectors that are due for release on September 16. Very interested to see what it's going to be! And how much of a game changer it's going to be. love to hear any information or theories. Cheers
  24. Hurricane Harvey

    Long time no post! Been busy with my new responsibilities at White's. Just wanted to let you know that White's is donating 10% of all factory internet sales from 08-28-17 to 9-04-17 (through whiteselectronics.com) to the Red Cross to help them with the current crisis in Texas. I'm very surprised the flooding is so underreported in the news - few people realize how bad things are down in Houston right now. I guess politics is a bigger sales tool for some of the networks. Anyways, even if you don't need anything detecting-related please donate blood or help the Red Cross in their efforts - https://www.redcross.org/donate/hurricane-harvey?campname=Harvey&campmedium=aspot Steve if this is not kosher I apologize. I have some friends down there and just wanted to spread the word. They need all the help they can get right now.
  25. Not ready yet. Info https://metaldetectingforum.com/showthread.php?p=2817409#post2817409 Actual site http://parts.minelab.com