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Found 67 results

  1. Just a reminder. Minelab offers a 15% discount on any Minelab metal detector from the MAP (minimum advertised price) to active or honorably discharged members of the military. Proof of past or active service is required and must be verified by providing a copy of a DD 214 or Military ID to qualify. The discount applies only to a metal detector purchase - parts and accessories do not qualify. With discount the $799 Gold Monster 1000 is only $679.15. The Minelab GPZ 7000, normally $7999, ends up being $6799.15, a savings of $1199.85
  2. Do you use a Fisher metal detector and want a chance to win a new Fisher metal detector? We give away a free metal detector every month! All you have to do for a chance to win one is be featured in our Find of the Day contest. Here's how it works. Send Fisher a direct message at our Facebook page with the following information: 1. Picture of the find, preferably with your detector in it too. The better the picture the better chance it will be selected and featured as a Find of the Day. 2. Tells us what it is. We have to know what your find is in order to feature it. (The more information you can provide the better. Country of origin, time era, what it’s made of gold, silver, brass, etc. Any information you have will help) 3. Tell us what detector you were using (Sorry, but it must be a Fisher model) 4. Tell us what country it was found in. Featured Find of the Day posts are not selected by how impressive the find is, as we believe all finds are impressive in their own way. This way a handful of clad coins can be selected one day and a Roman brooch or a Civil War belt plate could be selected the next day. If your find is posted on our Facebook page you are automatically entered in a random at the end of the month and one lucky winner will win a brand new metal detector! Good luck! Steve Herschbach with 4.95 ounce gold nugget found with Fisher Gold Bug 2 (14" coil) at Ganes Creek, Alaska
  3. For those that do not know vanursepaul is in Australia for a nearly three month long adventure, with gold prospecting at the top of the list. Imagine his distress when he arrived in Australia and the control box portion of his new Minelab GPZ 7000 was missing from his luggage!!! This on top of just having his previous GPZ 7000 stolen over the winter. The solution to this serious problem is buried deep in another thread but I thought it should not go missed by people not following that thead, so here is a copy of Paul's post today at
  4. Steve has been in the forefront of calling for lightweight PI detectors with decent depth and perhaps even - up to now mostly unavailable - discrimination. Maybe there is one more "pulse" in that direction now. First Texas has hired Alexandre Tatar - a French Physicist and electronics designer. Alexandre is an avid detectorist of long standing who has began years ago to study and develop PI detectors. He brought one such platform to prototype stage, but after having earlier failed to make a commercial launch of an original design, he has apparently been head-hunted by First Texas. here's a google translate version of a document he posted a while back on the "Manta" website. who knowa if this can go beyond slimming down and improving exsisting platforms - time will tell. Here's what Carl Moreland of FT posted about it on another website "Yes, we've hired Alexandre. Yes, we are working on PI. I was personally working on PI before hiring Alexandre, but now we are seriouslyworking on PI. Sorry, cain't say much more about that, and cain't offer up any ETA's, mostly cause I don't know myself."
  5. This guy spent 10 years or so studying and modifying PI detectors - mostly Eric Foster machines. A couple of years ago I came across some posts on the Geotech forum about a new PI detector called the Manta, developed by this Alexandre - who is a physicist and electronics developer (with a good day job!). I sort of filed the info away as the project seemed likely not to be developed into a marketable machine. Fast forward to the end of last week. I had called someone at First Texas to ask a few questions about the AmeriTek program. The conversation got around to when FT would deliver on their much rumored new technology. Of course, I got nothing concrete - I didn't expect that. Imagine my surprise when - as he started talking about the strength of their engineering team - he mentioned that they had recently hired Alexandre Tartar! Wow. That tells me a lot. We have all wondered when FT would bring out PI detectors, maybe that day just got closer? Here's a link to his linkdin page - where it says "Physician" - I think he means "Physicist" - the French word is "Physicien".
  6. A few manufacturers have online warranty registration pages: Fisher Labs Garrett Metal Detectors Minelab Teknetics White's Electronics
  7. Minelab welcomes John Wilson "kiwijw" to Treasure Talk I look forward to reading his first blog entry!
  8. We hear a lot about how manufacturers could do a better job communicating with customers. Well, I think the same can be said of metal detector dealers. Just once it would be nice if a dealer contacted me to explain why something is being delayed or even the fact it is being delayed before I finally give up and call to nag them. I am not going to mention the products or the dealers as my intent is not to pick on anyone in particular. I am sure we all have examples. We contact dealers to say we are interested in a product. First off, it is stunning to me how many dealers don't even respond to an email inquiry! In the case of product that is not yet available, we can put down money, or get put on a waiting list. And then wait, and wait, and wait. In the case of product delays the only way I ever hear about it is on the internet, on forums like this. Are dealers afraid to be proactive and contact me to say the item has been delayed? I will be less upset if I am kept informed, even if there is no reason other than that there has been a delay from the manufacturer. Keeping me in the dark is what makes me upset. Or are they just too busy? Too busy looking for new customers to worry about the one they already have on the hook? That does not sit well with me either. Want to do a better job in your business? Keeping customers up to date on what is going on with their potential purchase is low hanging fruit. I could say more but that's probably enough. My goal is not to bash dealers but just to point out an area where the ones that care could possibly be missing an opportunity to rise above the rest. There is a huge difference between being an engaged dealer for a product and just being an order taker. If all I want is to order something then I can just do that on Amazon, and that is why Amazon is killing off a lot of retail business. The ONLY reason to deal with a retailer is for expertise, service, and the experience itself. Retailers that don't get that simple fact are going out of business in the next decade.
  9. Discover Magazine Some of you might remember a publication called "Discover" that White's Electronics used to publish. It featured customer finds, treasure stories, and all-around good info on metal detecting. Back in the 90's we stopped making it, much to the disappointment of some of our long-time customers. Well... we realized missed it too! So we're proud to announce the re-introduction of Discover magazine. As a part of our mailing list you have exclusive access to a free digital copy, which you can read online, print out, and share as you see fit. Get your free copy here. We'll try and send one out every 2 months. Thanks for supporting an American brand, and know that we will always have your back as a valued customer. This publication is just one small thing we can do to show our appreciation! Discover Magazine May/June 2017 Discover Magazine March/April 2017 Discover Magazine January/February 2017 Sincerely, White's Electronics
  10. For their looking out for folks with problems.
  11. Something I've been thinking about is "growing the hobby." It's kind of a tricky thing. For detector manufacturers to survive, there is a need to expand the reach and interest in metal detecting as a hobby. But, the catch 21 is that there are less and less relics and old coins to dig each year. The more people get into detecting, the less old stuff we find. And the finds are what get people into detecting in my experience. It's a lot harder to get excited about finding 37 cents at a park than it is to find a trime or a colonial buckle. In talking to old timers, the "good ole days" seemed to be the 70's, 80's and early 90's - when silver was easier to find and every site wasn't pounded to death. That's why making detectors that out-perform current machines is so important. A deeper, better discriminating machine can breathe new life into old spots, which is what most manufacturers should be working on. What do you think about introducing the hobby to new generations? Would you prefer it stay an "old guy hobby," or would you like to see the younger crowd pick up where you leave off? How do we deal with the fact that each day, there is less treasure (including nuggets) to find?
  12. This is just me following a random coffee inspired thought. It sure seems to me there is a disconnect between what customers expect by way of communications from Minelab and what Minelab perhaps thinks they are delivering by way of customer communications. The current example of course being the Gold Monster 1000 and customer and even dealer questions about what's up with the where and when. Minelab overall probably thinks they do a pretty good job with communications. Lots of customers and dealers probably feel otherwise. Where is the disconnect? Having rubbed shoulders with some Minelab folks for awhile I can offer this. They are a very engineering driven company. Literally a whole bunch of engineers, all engineering away doing engineer things. And truthfully, just a generally nice bunch of people, fascinating to chat with. Most of you would really enjoy having the opportunity to meet and talk with them, and I am quite lucky in that regard. There is this however. How many of you know engineers? Have you spent a lot of time talking to engineers? They are not really famous for communication skills. They might think they are communicating, but they are speaking a different language. Their brains are often wired differently than "regular folks". Yeah, it is a cliche, but cliches are often based on a certain reality. Think of Minelab as a large box full of engineers. Maybe really nice engineers, but engineers nonetheless. Then you might understand the communication thing. It is not just Minelab either. Minelab comes off as Suzy Socialite compared to Tesoro for instance. The industry as a whole has been remarkably slow at embracing the internet for what are after all technology companies. Garrett probably has it figured out the most but even they have been weirdly silent on the AT Max since the initial intro blurb - no other sign of it on the website yet. If this all seems far fetched consider this. I just Googled engineer communication skills and got 42,900,000 results! I love this quote from this article "According to Weisman, engineers take a 67% risk of damaging important relationships with people every time they speak." There are some good tips in that article for the companies.
  13. This is good.
  14. I will start be saying is has been a pretty good year already with the release of several detectors. With out sounding too impatient, I would love to see Fisher release a new muti-frequency or PI type detector soon. What are your thoughts of this happening with the next couple of months??
  15. I woke up this morning hearing bells ringing and birds singing but no New Garrett Detector. This month of May is going to be exciting with all the new toys coming out. I guess we need to just sit back and wait. My trouble is that's one thing I'm not good at. Chuck
  16. Nothing but this video tease until May 6th however. The manufacturers are actually trying to make us all crazier than we already are. Steve to wife "they are driving me crazy!" My wife "that's a short drive honey!" Looks like an AT variant, in line with rumors and early announcement.... "One of the products sure to create attention will be a new All-Terrain (AT) product that is slated for a spring 2017 release. Just like the current AT Pro, AT Gold, ATX, and Pro-Pointer AT, this new machine will maintain its waterproof integrity while adding exciting new features, including built-in Garrett Z-Link Wireless Technology for headphones. More specific details on this detector and other wireless accessories will be made available in early 2017."
  17. In 2014 I posted a review of a detector by a company almost nobody here had ever heard of: If you look at that review of the Nokta FORS Gold you will see I had made several comments about things I think needed improving on the machine. Yes, I do that sort of thing. What amazed me is Nokta fixed every one of them, and in record time - I made a special note in the review about it later. It made a serious impression on me. What then followed was a quick succession of machines by Nokta and Makro, the sister company. Nothing earth shattering per se but top flight performance at aggressive prices and a willingness to try new ideas and listen to feedback. Frankly, it came on so quickly it actually turned some people off, and I saw complaints about too many machines too fast! The entire time that we are seeing this rapid succession of machines most of us are waiting on this or that manufacturer to deliver just one new machine. October 2014 to now, and I am looking at a machine in the Nokta Impact that frankly has no exact equivalent from many of the old school top tier manufacturers. Maybe you guys see no merit in being able to select frequencies but I am highly focused on replacing all my various VLF machines with just one detector, and it is most likely going to be a selectable frequency model that wins that competition. If Nok/Mak can get from FORS CoRe to Impact in three years the "Big 5" manufacturers had better get serious and quick about picking up the pace. The listen and bend over backwards to please attitude alone is getting a lot of fans willing to forgive in other areas. Next up we will no doubt be seeing PI models and multi frequency.... and who knows what else. People can and will argue the relative merits of the Impact versus the other top-of-the-line models, but just the fact the Impact is getting compared to the very best anyone else can make says something about how far this company has come. Anyway, I have my own ideas about the Nokta Impact and what I will be doing with it, and most revolve around the large coil. The main thing I wanted to note here is what an accomplishment this is a for a company almost none of us heard of less than three years ago, and what it means for where they will be three years from now. Congratulations to the Nokta and Makro team and most especially to Dilek Gönülay for an impressive job well done.
  18. We have the New Garrett AT Pro 2? coming in May. The new Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is said to be available in May. The new Nokta Impact is now shipping to dealers and will have widespread availability in May. And finally, the new XP DEUS HF elliptical coil is supposed to ship in May! Looks like something for just about everyone there. Not sure about the Garrett but look for more from me on the Minelab GM1000, the Nokta Impact with large coil, and the Deus elliptical coil when the time comes.
  19. Ready for download Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt 2017 Edition
  20. Tough choice which sub-forum this goes. Technically the eggs have coins inside, so this one seems good. White's has expanded its Easter Egg Hunt this year to cover more ground. Top prize is an MX Sport. Rules and map here - contest is USA only!
  21. Discover Magazine Some of you might remember a publication called "Discover" that White's Electronics used to publish. It featured customer finds, treasure stories, and all-around good info on metal detecting. Back in the 90's we stopped making it, much to the disappointment of some of our long-time customers. Well... we realized missed it too! So we're proud to announce the re-introduction of Discover magazine. As a part of our mailing list you have exclusive access to a free digital copy, which you can read online, print out, and share as you see fit. Get your free copy here. We'll try and send one out every 2 months. Thanks for supporting an American brand, and know that we will always have your back as a valued customer. This publication is just one small thing we can do to show our appreciation! Discover Magazine March/April 2017 Discover Magazine January/February 2017 Sincerely, White's Electronics
  22. Ok Steve you really know something about new machines at 2017 ;) I was hear about new AT PRO 2 from Garrett but what more?
  23. Is it legit? From Farcebook: Monster 1000 Gold. The machine is currently know: - ease of use Quick and easy installation Fully Automatic-operation - working principle: V LF (extra sensitive) - 2 factory rolls in the bag
  24. Back in November there was interest stirred up by reports of a dedicated gold nugget detector being made for XP for sale in Africa - the Depar DPR 600. Details were confirmed later by GaryUK who is tied in with XP and has tested the unit (and stars in the video below). The main news he related was that XP intends to market a version of this dedicated nugget detector outside Africa in 2017. The machine will be a very limited version of the upcoming DEUS V4 update. In fact I think the testing of this unit in Africa was key to the development of the V4 update. The new machine will come stock with the V4 high frequency coil and looks a lot like a DEUS. However, the software will be locked into several versions of the Goldfield program and will not have any functions needed for anything except nugget detecting. Final features may vary in the final US/UK version but here is what Gary says about the DPR 600: The DPR has no pinpoint mode, no expert menu, no multi-tone, no notch, no coin mode, no non-motion menu, no user updates (USB download will only support bug corrections). The current DPR version has no wireless headphone support, no headphone controller, does not support the DEUS coil with lower frequencies (only works with the two HF coils) and only supports 3 high frequencies, not 4. The DPR has a 2 year warranty the Deus has a 5 year warranty. These details were gleaned from Garys post on his forum but it may not be visible to people who are not forum members as I am currently. Andy Sabisch has also confirmed the existence of this new model planned for 2017 at Findmall. The bottom line is this machine will resemble a DEUS and will have a very limited feature set focused on nugget detecting, but at a lower price. No idea on price or availability for as we all know the V4 update is running late. There is nothing here per se for current DEUS owners because the V4 update will give a DEUS owners all the features of the new machine plus tons more. But for somebody looking for a very light weight nugget detector this new machine may very well offer an upgrade over existing single frequency models. I have always thought the DEUS was overpriced for people who just want to nugget detect, although it does have the capability. A dedicated nugget detector at a price more in line with what you expect of other VLF nugget detectors could be a very good move for XP in my opinion.