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  1. Lunk


    After being tied up last weekend, I was finally able to get out into the hills with the Equinox today, and decided to spend some time fine-tuning the settings on the Gold Search Mode. I also decided to give max sensitivity a go on the mildly mineralized areas and, while it made the Nox quite sparky, I had no problem sorting out the various noises and homing in on the gold. While gridding a small area that has been hit hard with various VLFs, the Equinox hit a solid, repeatable target that read 1-2 on the display - right in the small nugget range. Upon recovering the target, I found that it was indeed a small nugglet. 🤘 I checked the dig hole before backfilling it and still heard a nice, crisp 1-2; a little more digging and BOOYAH: another golden goodie! This process went on 3 more times, for a total of 5 pieces of gold out of the one hole...I like it when that happens! And just inches away, the EQX snagged 2 more nugglets. Needless to say, I’m astounded by the performance of this machine at locating some pretty tiny gold. Total weight 0.38 of a gram:
  2. Thursday I went out to a Southern California gold location with a couple of friends. The intention was to prospect hard all day but things didn't work out quite that way. We did get a chance to hunt on an old patch that had raked hills and then another area where a quartz stringer had been chipped at many years ago. My friends attacked the raked hills which they thought had been detected with GB2s. They had 7000s. (I had my 7000 with me but I wanted to swing something different!) I started out on some of the same little hills but quickly tired of nothing good and I headed for some areas that had not been raked. We spent about an hour at this location and we were about to leave when I got a signal on my 800. It was a 1. I did a bit of a foot scrape and pick scrape and it was still there. This time it was not foil. I scrapped a bit more and was encouraged by its depth of 4 inches. I came upon a piece of quartz and got it out of the way and the signal was gone. I swung and the signal was in the quartz but the rock was dirty. I put it in my pouch with the other trash. It weighs about a pound and a half. We left. About 2 hours later we stopped at another place to explore and I had time to pour some bottled tea on the quartz. I looked and tested and my friend had a loop and he said it is definitely gold. I looked and sure enough it is. I haven't been able to do a specific gravity test on it yet but I don't think there is much gold. Upon further testing the 7000 can see it from about 15 inches above on an air test and the 800 can see it about 8 inches. There are a couple of more dense masses in it somewhere but I'm just glad the 800 could see it. I was in Gold 1. Mitchel
  3. Hi guys, Ended up heading out about 3pm for a late afternoon detect with the Zed to a local spot of old timer workings. Within 5 minutes I had my first signal & it sounded good. So good I decided to do a short video clip so you could hear the faint but positive little signal in among the schist bedrock. After a bit of smashing & hard effort it morphed into a damn shotgun pellet. I ended up getting a few of those. They all sucked me in. After a few hours I had nothing to show for my efforts. The sun sets about 5.30 & it was approaching that time with maybe another half hour before dark starts to descend. I even got my share of large hot rocks that had me digging quite deep in glacial deposit material. From the last one of those I walked up to the top of a run of schist that the other side dropped off down into a deep tailing race. Tailing race to the right, glacial material to the left. I got a faint little hit & wasn't holding my breath with all the pellets that sounded exactly the same that I had been getting. Dug into it & it lived on to a bit of depth before the signal was out. Doesn't that schist just look so great for trapping gold. Might have to get the GM & GB2 into it. Ye Ha. Gold it was. Broke what was looking like going to be a skunk. Whew.... That was my lot. Happy with the find I high tailed it out of there. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  4. some noogies since last post and I also got some coin shootin in last weekend for about 3 hrs. Gold has been slow with a few skunks including today plus I got rained on and soaked....lol. First time I've had the etrac out for coins in over a year...wished the gold was as easy as coin shootin!!!!! Gold was got with the monster.... Coins were 1921s/1935 wheats,1919s Merc, 1899 V nickel,1898 Indian.....
  5. I just saw a picture of a gold nugget found with an 800 that is a specimen greater than 15 ounces and it has more than 5 ounces. (I know exact numbers but it is not my nugget.) This is the largest nugget I've heard about so far. Has anyone heard of a larger nugget? Mitchel
  6. AU_Solitude

    Weekend SDC Butter

    Better than the skunk, but not by much of a margin. Worked an old tertiary river bench for a few hours and managed to pull these two pieces from behind a protruding knob of bedrock. Both were only between 1-2 inches deep in compacted gravels. I continued to work that immediate vicinity with no success; they didn't have any other friends, at least not that the SDC could find. Combined weight is 0.17 grams.
  7. found these little guys and had fun! thanks RT for all the help and info!!!!!!!!!
  8. Lunk

    Eqx Nuggets

    So I headed to the hills yesterday to get acquainted with the Gold Mode of the EQX 800. Equipped with ear buds and the WM08, I used Gold 2, and only deviated from the factory presets by adjusting the volume to 5, the tone volume to 5, and notched in the 0 segment on the discrimination scale. The ground mineralization was a little too hot to run max sensitivity; backing it down to 20 quieted the ground nicely, but still allowed the targets to really pop. I chose an old thrashed patch that I’ve worked with many detectors in the past, including the Gold Monster last summer. Seems someone had been detecting the area recently , as they left their excavations open. I powered up the EQX, and performed a noise cancel and auto ground balance. Not 5 minutes into it, and the Nox got a nice hit in the bottom of one of the shallow dig holes; scraping out an inch or two revealed a bright little nugglet. Just a few feet away I got another good response, this time in virgin ground. After removing the overlying carpet of moss, the target was still in the ground and much stronger. Digging another inch or two into the weathered quartzite bedrock, and the target was out: another golden bit.😉 After hitting a small patch of tiny foil bits, the ground yielded one more yellow goodie. During most of the hunt, I was running in all metal, unless I got into a healthy patch of hot rocks. They read a consistent -7,-8,-9 on the EQX display, wheras the nugglets were at 1 or 2. Iron falsing on square nails and such was much higher at anywhere from 11 to 35, and was easy to identify because the numbers weren’t consistent and wouldn’t pinpoint. All up, 0.25 of a gram.
  9. I haven`t been putting up any finds lately because I`ve been in a bit of a drought but I like posting pictures of gold so here is a couple of quartz specis I found about 200 yards and 4 years apart out at Moliagul. The one on the right total weight 980 grams with about ½ gram of gold and the other 250 grams with about 1 gram gold. Dave
  10. My first time nugget hunting with my Equinox 800 - full story here:
  11. Steve Herschbach

    Great Gold & Australia Photos

    I like some of the creative photography experiments here with gold nuggets and more.... https://www.instagram.com/goldsweeper/
  12. With summer on it’s way, its back to work for me at my seasonal job. 😩 But the combination of Minelab’s Gold Monster 1000, GPZ 7000 and the warm, sunny weather of the desert southwest all made for a nugget shooter’s paradise this past winter. Super-sensitive VLF technology along with the deep punching power of ZVT made finding gold of all sizes, types and depths a wonder to behold - and all from old patches. Total weight: 6.5 ounces troy.
  13. Hi guys, We had a public holiday today. ANZAC Day. Anzac Day occurs on 25th April. It commemorates & is a day of remembrance to all New Zealanders & Australians killed in war and also honours returned servicemen and women. ... The date itself marks the anniversary of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs) landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them. We will remember them. Lest We forget. I packed the GM 1000 & the EQ 800 & headed out in search of some small tiny gold that I knew had to be lurking within the folds of schist bedrock & cracks & crevices. The area wasn't overly friendly for the EQ's 11" coil so I started out with the GM 1000 & its 5" coil to get into the tight places. Sensitivity was A combination of Manual 10 & Auto +. Not 5 minutes into it & I had my first faint little signal. Down on to the schist bed rock & the target was out. A small piece of gold. Junk targets were very few. I got another good little hit in the folds of schist. Another small bit of gold. This was the start of a bit of a roll. Rabbit hole dig to the right & a signal dig on the left A small piece of gold. Most of the signals were very erratic on the gold chance indicator. Sometimes there wasn't even any movement on it until a few scrapes had been made. Ended up with two bits from that dig. But oh so small. Another good hit A better bit of gold. I then got a signal that had me into a couple of crevices in the schist bedrock. Ended up getting 3 bits from this little area. Tiny bit I then gave the EQ 800 a run & couldn't believe the two tiny bits I got with it. Full max sensitivity of 25 & multi IQ. Prospect mode 1. Can you even see it? To the left of the center bar on the E. Same in the below pic. I ended up going back to the GM. On my way back out I got a signal that turned out to be in a crevice that wasn't even visible until I dug into it & uncovered it. It was on a drop of down into a tailing race. A small bit of gold On my walk back to my wagon I took a snap of the autumn colours looking down the river. End result for the afternoon was 12 for the GM for .32 of a gram And two for the EQ 800 for .05 of a gram Grand total of 14 for .36 of a gram. Won't be quitting my day job. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  14. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFgzy3yZCA1FdeJcOEbOYMQ/videos Just thought i would post this up, i have been watching his clips for a while now, He is the most prolific gold finder with the monster i have seen, certainly shows how good the monster is at pinging those specimens and tiny flakes. I have been loving the posts by Kiwijw & Phrunt who have been doing well with the monster in NZ but i haven't seen much of the monster in Australia and more in the more mineralised ground until i came across this guy. Cheers,
  15. stumbled onto this bad boy about 4 hrs into yesterdays hunt. Today was all lead , lead, and more lead.....
  16. I finally got out yesterday for the first time since February I believe, rain and other obligations have kept me away. It's a very strenuous hike into a secluded spot - rope is necessary in a few spots - every time I go here, I always tell myself I won't touch it again unless I overnight it. However the draw of the yellow, even when I rarely break even with the cost of gas is too much to fight off.The weather was perfect. By the time I made it to my hydraulic pit I had maybe an hour and fifteen minutes to detect, fifteen of which I spent scoping out the terrain for what looked like good spots. I settled on what looked like a ground sluice blow out, or, possibly the end of a sluice run? Hard to tell. The area was probably 100 square feet of loose gravels that seemed to have spread out in a rather precarious position 3/4 of the way up the hydraulic pit. I spent about thirty minutes digging boot tack, iron scrap, and finally got this little bugger. The SDC nailed it on (2) at about 5 inches deep - weight is about half a gram. The rest of the short time I had there yielded nothing but iron. I hope to get back soon and really work this pit as it seems to be a relatively untapped spot.
  17. no longer a nugget virgin.....!!!! Pretty nice one too for my first imo....... VERY happy and it sure beats sluicing & digging!!!!!
  18. Summer has come early here in the Desert Southwest, Sunny Yuma. Mid 90's today, approaching 100 through the week, must be a climate change kind of thing. I had time to spare this morning so I took the Equinox out to an area of old Dry Wash tailings I found recently. I found a number of small pieces last week with the Z7000, so I wanted to see what the Z had missed. I fired up the Equinox in Gold Prospecting 2, "made sure recovery speed reset to 6", Sens at 22, notched out -9 through -6 which covers most hot rocks down here. I moved through the old coarse and fine throw-out tailings, low and slow. I had to double check a number of hard black hot rocks that tried to blow through my notch. They generally sound off in one direction only and are easily moved with a boot scrape. I started finding these tiny nuggets about an inch or so down, resting on a layer of red clay. The Equinox was audibly sounding off with a classic "Gold Bug II" kind of Zip tone, though choppy and broken at low and slow. Unfortunately, the Screen VID could not keep up. It was generally showing -8 of the red clay, but the audible target tone was breaking through no problem and was so crisp and clear that I knew I had to dig. I'm using higher end EarBud earphones plugged directly into the machine. What I've learned so far: 1. Higher recovery speed helps control bump falsing. It's still there, but manageable. 2. Don't rely on the VID to identify gold. Even when these targets were out of the hole, the VID ranged from 1 through 9. 3. The 11" coil is plenty sensitive on small gold. I don't see a 6" coil in my future. A solid 5"X10", heck yes. 4. The Equinox is as good as any VLF gold prospecting detector out there, if you take the time to know the machine and learn it's language. As always it helps to get the coil over some gold to build confidence.
  19. I've been laid up for over a week with the friggin flu, but JW's finds with the Equinox inspired me today. A sunny 78 degrees in the Desert Southwest, so I decided some fresh air and detecting were in order. I picked a spot for easy access and easy walking, not wanting too many challenges to my recovery. An old hillside placer that we had found a number of tiny nuggets with the 7000 seemed like a good prospect. I plugged my earphones directly into the the Nox and ran the Gold 2 program with no discrimination. I jacked the sens to max and just puttered along, low and slow. I picked up these 4 micro nuggets for about 2 hrs effort. None of them registered a VID, just a barely repeatable tone. The biggest was down maybe 2 inches and gave a nice steady hum. The others were less than an inch, just a squeak of a tone. The hillside was fairly flat, so I was able to manage some decent coil control, otherwise the Nox at full power will false with every bump. You'd have to be pretty bored to make this kind of detecting a habit, but it served its purpose today.
  20. Well it’s not as good as last year, but here’s a couple pounds from this season.
  21. Last week, my son and I went on another “Treasure Coast” trip, this time armed with our new Equinox 800’s. Our last trip to St. Augustine had me finding the only “old coin”, an 8 Reale, that I was sure was authentic, but my 21 yo son had the opposite opinion. For the last 6 months, I have been hearing it from him about my “lead slug”. Fast forward to last week. It’s about 11:30 pm on 3/27, and he comes up from behind me and tells me he found a “fake” coin, and jokingly accuses me of planting it, so he could have the heart attack/heart break of finding a worthless piece of junk… So, Sam pulls the “coin” out of his junk pouch so we can both give it a better look. Upon inspection of the coin, its mint appearance gave the impression of a newly minted souvenir, but the coins details were so fine, and weight so heavy, we really did not know what to think. Back at the hotel we researched, compared pictures of actual coins, and did everything we could at 3 am to prove or disprove its origin. The next morning we went to the West Bay Trading Company in Vero Beach to have the coin seen by folks who know much more than we do. The guys at West Bay were really helpful, determined that the gold content is just under 90%. 21 carat (by all records we found, 87.5 % was what the coin were supposed to be), Both Ron and Scott looked at the coin in disbelief of the condition, and determined that it was indeed genuine, and Scott, with his loop, discovered that the date was an over stamp 1787 over a 6. We were advised to have the coin graded and slabbed, and that is where it sits now. Needless to say, we had a great trip. The Equinox has proved to be a great, fast, deep machine. Small brass/bronze/copper bits at 8 to 12 inches ring up VERY loud and clear on the wet sand (Beach 2), leaving no doubt that you have a non-ferrous item under the coil. Yes, aluminum rings up as well, but as we all know, that is just the cost of doing business… Battery run time is all of 10 hours plus, the wireless headphones worked well, the backlight on its lowest setting is perfect, and the machine preformed very quietly in the dry sand, and even in the surf. Very happy with the Equinox!
  22. Hi guys, The other night after work I took the Gold Monster & EQ 800 for a walk. I was keen to try some comparisons. Got to the old workings & fired up the EQ 800. All was good for a few minutes & then all of a sudden the thing went crazy. Noisy as & VDI numbers all over the place. Lifted the coil up in the air & no difference. Waited for it to settle down...which it didn't. WTF. I checked my settings. Backed the sensitivity from 25 down to 15. Still no change. Did a factory preset. Was ok again for a little bit & then Bang....same thing again. I thought the worst.....that something had gone wrong with it. Didn't think it could be EMI as there is nothing out there to cause it. On getting home later I saw that Steve had done a post on interference from mobile phones. MMMMMM....maybe....although I had never had that kind of reaction like I had with the EQ that night. I do use my phone for taking photos & I do get a bit of a reaction on my PI's & the Zed when a txt comes in or a phone call. But nothing like what happened on the EQ. Well the EQ 800 was unusable so I tried the GM 1000. No problem with that. It just purred away. Sensitivity on Auto + as it was hitting better than manual 10.. got a faint as little signal. Then another Gosh...dont sneeze. Then a better signal. A bit deeper & it was still in there. Bugger the EQ, there went my comparison testing again. So I just kept going with the Monster. Another signal Another small bit of gold All up ten little pieces & no junk It was just going on dark & I decided to pull pin. I got the EQ & tried it quickly & it had settled down. Maybe it was some form of EMI. Blowed if I know from where though. I like how the EQ 800 headphones, through the cable, fit the Gold Monster. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  23. beatup

    Little Speci

    Out yesterday and found this nice little Yuma gold specimen ,not a big find but a nice one just a bit over 2 grams
  24. I woke up Sunday all motivated to find some gold, I’d been looking forward to a prospecting outing with KiwiJW for some time, he’s been a very big mentor to me and has answered every question I’ve had with a very detailed and easy to understand answer, which is fantastic as I’m very much a beginner, but an eager one at that. I sent John a TXT message asking if he wanted to go on a hunt, I was pleased to see he replied with a YES. We arranged to meet at a location to give it a shot, John recommended I put the 5” coil on my GM1000 for the task at hand, I’ve barely used my 5” as I always thought I’d have more chance with the bigger coil. He decided to use his GB2 so we were both on a different detector. Both our Equinox’s stayed in the cars as the big coil was no good for the task at hand, come on Minelab, we want the 6” coil now!!!, and while you’re at it, make it with a solid base cover please. We had some serious terrain to get through before we got to the location where we started to detect, as we headed down to the area the rocks were covered in moss and I took quite a nasty fall, landed flat on my back and winded myself, not a great start to the day but up I get and off we go, after all, we are on a mission. John gave me a rundown on what to do and how to do it and off we went detecting in the creek, I tried to stay on the opposite side of the creek to John so I didn’t get in his way, not long after we arrived we were walking along the creek, detecting in the areas John indicated would give us the best chance, and I could hear John’s GB2 making noises that even sounded good to me and very much like my Gold Bug Pro sounds. He had what appeared to be a target, I ran across with my GM1000 and tried to find the target that he was getting… nothing, not a signal at all on the GM1000 in Auto+, he hit the area a few more times with his pick and said now try it, still nothing, I changed to manual 10 and there it goes, sounding off on the target with a good positive reading on the indicator. I now really understood why John told me I should be using the 5” coil, the smaller the better for this job and why he mostly uses manual 10 if the location allows it. He kept digging for some time, so long I went back to my detecting thinking it can’t be anything as he’s been on it about 10 minutes chunking away the rock and still got nothing. How wrong I was, all the sudden I hear John yell out, got one! So I ran back over and it was massive, the biggest nugget I’ve ever seen in person, it was big, but very thin weighing in at 1.52 grams. We guessed the nugget was up on its side which is why the Monster struggled in Auto+ as I was swinging directly over the top of the area with the coil flat, where as he was able to use his tiny little 6.5” elliptical coil on his GB2 to really get down into the crack so he was hitting on the target sideways, the likely orientation of the nugget, I didn’t know to do this at the time. Being the beginner trying to follow all the rules of detecting I suggested he check the hole again, and bang, straight away, another target, I stayed around to watch the retrieval of this one, and tested it prior to retrieval on the Monster and was giving a good full bars on the indicator. Up comes John’s second nugget shortly after. John's nuggets, look at the size of that thing! Now I was really getting motivated, I kept my Monster on Auto+ as there was a bit of instability around his GB2 with it on manual 10. We walked along a bit and John said, That spot over there looks good and explained why, so off I went and virtually straight away, I had a good signal so I dig for a bit and found nothing, and moved on to an area next to it, John came over with his GB2 and I said I had a good signal but couldn’t find anything, he got his pick out and scraped away some of the gravel and said, try again. I did, and managed to narrow down where the target was, scooped up the gravel into my scoop and waved it over my 5” coil and bang, it’s in the scoop. John talked me through narrowing down where it is in my scoop and after a few minutes my first nugget of the day and the biggest I’d ever found by a long shot. We rechecked the area and nothing so continued on. At this point I had a smile on my face like the Joker that couldn’t be removed. My first nugget of the day After climbing over a few waterfalls while John was giving me further instruction of where to look I found another signal in some schist, there wasn’t even a crack in it, this was a solid bit of schist in the creek but it was giving a good signal, normally I would just walk away thinking some sort of false alarm, he instructed me to hit it with my pick and break it up a bit, and I did, shortly after a nugget was visible in the rock, retrieved it, rechecked the area, still had my perfect full positive signal, smashed some more rock out, another nugget, and again, this process went 6 times! I got 6 nuggets out of this bit of rock! Unfortunately the 6th nugget which was only tiny was washed away during retrieval by the fast flowing creek and I just couldn’t find it after that. My schist glory hole! We walked along a bit further and decided it’s time to try out another nearby area as this was more an educational journey for me so we decided to take the high country goat track back to avoid having to walk the creek again, this possibly turned into a harder walk than the creek itself but it was an adventure! I managed to lose my scoop during this walk back to the cars. My Nuggets from the first creek My nuggets in the Vial, John's directly on the car bonnet, his was bigger so harder to lose We arrived at the next creek and found an apple tree so had a snack and then walked up the creek doing a bit of detecting, then John said, there is plenty of old mining workings up that hill there, want to go up? I of course said yes so we climbed up. I was amazed at what I saw, there was water races, and piles and piles of rocks and various workings, even old rock structures they had made, this looked like it went on for many KM’s along the creek side high up in the hills. John said now there is all that bedrock here, let’s go detect that and pointed out what I needed to look for. He specifically said target the cracks in the bedrock as gold gets stuck in them so that’s exactly what I did. I found a further two nuggets right near each other in cracks in the bedrock. There wasn’t many targets up there in the small amount of time we were searching and it was getting late. John just found some junk unfortunately. I feel a bit bad as John spent so much time helping me he didn’t get that much time detecting to find targets himself but he did get BY FAR the biggest nugget of the day and another decent size one so that’s some consolation, by weight our day was very similar. We headed back down and John knew a shortcut to get back to the cars so we took it and it worked out well, we were back in no time, the walk back was also very educational for me. John pointing out various old timer workings and explaining it all, I learnt a huge amount on this adventure and I am very thankful to John for taking me along and sharing his wealth of knowledge on the area’s gold mining and metal detecting techniques. I feel like now I can actually metal detect for gold, and do it with some success. The Gold Monster 1000 is a perfect beginner’s machine, and as it seems great for the experts too. Regretfully I had to take off home at this point as my 7yr old daughter was waiting up past her bed time for me to get home so she could see if I found anything while I was out with the guy who she sees in all the forum photos finding gold all the time and wonders why daddy can’t do it! She’s quite the keen little prospector too. My wife and daughter were shocked when I showed up rattling my vial with 8 nuggets in it, weighing in at a mighty 2.167 grams. I just had the time of my life! If you look closely in the vial there is actually 9 in there, I'm wondering if the tiny one is the one I thought I lost as I don't know where it came from A huge thank you to John (KiwiJW) for a wonderful educational and successful day out! Freshy washed nuggets, ready for weigh in!