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Found 85 results

  1. This is an open thread for any good/bad Australian picture of gold or video adventure! Post away mates. Mitchel
  2. G'day All, here are my finds from our trip to WA last year, using my GPZ7000.
  3. Hi all Some nuggets from trip with gpx5000. Best part was this cute Echidna. GoldEN
  4. But it doesnt fit to good, maybe not... . Got out for a bit of detectin...El Gran pepita de oro came in at 12 grams , and the little guy ended up being a little over 1 gram.... Got another 3.5 grammer, but didnt get a pic of it... Low n Slow..... Fast and Furious Dave.
  5. Hi all here another little good/fun day with 2300. My personal best with 2300 -23 pieces. Settings no threshold and on 5. GoldEN
  6. Hi All all came form old diggings from one hole.Lot of rubbish but lucky to get a first gold specie and then persisted to get the rest. 2300 In action Golden triangle gold GodlEN
  7. Giday All, Has been awhile since I was able to get out and hunt (due to insane hot weather)😡.Anyway the temperature was forecast to be 35-6* so I got up early (3:00am) drove to the goldfields. 2 and a half hours later, just on daylight I was there. Got rigged up and headed off, another 2hrs got a different variation in the threshold, not like GN , not like a faint target , any after a couple of swings and a foot scrap I thought I would scratch off a couple of inches, another swing 😃👍target , 10mims digging still in the hole. 15 mins was out , I thought got be half ouncer ! But no was a nice 5.5 grammar😃 Another hour and then a little peace Bye now it was getting hot , so walked back to another little spot I have been wanting to check out and sat on a log had a drink and said to myself it's to bloody hot now , 10mins and a little .3 grammar showed it self . With that I was done . Got back to the car and it was 42 * . And only 11:30 . I had planned to camp and do two days but with temp rising called it quits and headed for home. Regards, Squizz
  8. Hi all I am new on this Site but many Aussies here know me by name GoldEN or real name Enio. I also detected and camped with most of them.Great bunch of people. This hobby gave me not just few nuggets but some memories from trips and some lifetime friends. For me this is what detecting is all about.Gold is just a bonus. Detect mostly in Golden Triangle in Victoria Australia. Dream is to detect to another Holly grail of detecting here -WA. Its on my bucket lsit I detect with gpx500 but last few months i use sc2300 most of detecting day. its fun and proven goldfinder. I hardly ever go home without few nuggets in a jar.They might me smallkl but they all add and trill of chasing and digging them out makes it worthwhile. My phone camera has been broken so i couldn't post some photos. No wi fixed it so i might go through some older photos and post. For start one nice specie found in Moliagul -home of the biggest nugget ever found. Part of fun when detecting is come across all sort of different creatures. Well met our Blue Tongue Lizard: GoldEN
  9. Hi All Few with 2300 and that posted specie before acid bath. Biggest 1.5grams Love to find old buttons. GoldEN
  10. I realize things have been a bit wet underfoot on the West Coast but here in central Victoria I have been in a real drought. I have been finding point oners but yesterday I got one over 1 gram. The 7000 with 14" coil I got this at the limit of the detector using JP`s conservative settings. It was 12 or 14" deep in very hard ground and goes a whopping 1.7 grams Dave
  11. Hi all son went out the other day down here in Victoria (Aussie) land In a well detected area. he was using his gpz7000 with the 19 inch coil, general gold mode and difficult ground mode he said it was a wirey sort of sound, thought it need to be investigated. with his pick he scrapped off a layer of dirt, then he said it sounded better.. after digging down 24 inches this is what he was rewarded with.
  12. Hating the lightning! I couldn't hear signals any longer. I had to leave after a great day in the rain diggin. I dug all the .22 slugs from three counties and a half ton of canslaw. Finally a bit luck. The J shape is 12.2 DWT and a total of 16.1 DWT. I'm happy for the day.
  13. Here's a few pics of some gold found with my gpx 5000. Everything was found around the goldfields of Western Australia and everything bar the big specie has been found since December 2016. the big specie ended up crushing out to 13.5oz of gold
  14. Hi all, finally got to take me new GPZ out for its Maiden run. To my girlfriend and her daughters out with me, but had to promise to take them to see the snow in the mtns after. I hit a wash I had found a couple of specks with my GMT, but struck out with my ATX. In 5 minutes I had my first signal, a sub gram specie at about 6 or 7 in. A few moments later hit another subject gram piece. A few minutes later dug up a 2+ grammer. Then I was notified by my girlfriend that the kids were cold and wanted to leave. Lol that was quick but I was happy with 3.5 grams for the day. Better than I had been doing. The next day was to be a more serious day detecting. Met up with my buddy Dave and headed out to a new area. Walked a few washes for nothing then got a high pitched signal. Dug up what may be a small meteorite. I don't have a picture but Dave might. Then found the tiniest speci with the smallest speck of gold visible. Wow! the power of the GPZ. After basically striking out Dave and I decided to head back to and area we had done ok. Which happens to be near the wash from yesterday. So I got right back into it and was back on the gold. I have to say this was the first true patch I had found. Tried to radio Dave and tell him how I was doing, but he was out of range. When I got up to about ten nuggets I got a call from Dave and he said he had no luck. So I told him there was still 40 or 50 yards left of this was. Told him to start at the top and we'd meet in the middle. He even picked up a couple I missed. I ended up with 20 nuggets for the day, and Dave got 9. Best day ever detecting. 13.6grams for the day 17grams for the 2 days. I'm on a quest to pay for my GPZ and 17 grams takes out a big chunk. Completely amazed at the power of that detector. I'm sure there is still some gold left in that patch. Can't wait to get back. Chris
  15. Hi guys, After working on my schist columns all day, & Mrs JW had a wedding to video, I buggered off at about 5pm & headed back to where I got those last 8 little bits. I planned on going a bit further over from where I had been going the last couple of times. Still, the spot I chose was an area where I had done well with the GP 3000 & 4500 but was no longer getting gold there with the 4500. I dont think though that I had used the Elite coils here. Any way......I parked up & walked to the spot. Got rigged up & hit an area of semi exposed bed rock schist that the old timers had surface washed. Not even a minute in to it & I had a soft faint signel. Scraped about 1.5 inches off it & that lifted the signal So I laid in to the dig with a bit more effort. Next minute. Oh b**tard. Shite bugger damn. Those last few times that I had been smashing into that solid schist to get a few signals out had taken there toll on my pick. I knew I felt the pain for my pick at the time. Didnt I say so. What do I do??? Pack up & come back later with another pick?? Maybe I will just keep detecting & mark spots where I get a signal & then come back & dig them. I picked up the head of the pick & had a go at scraping & digging as best I could. So...scrape scrape dig dig...wasnt too bad actually. Down in to the schist bed rock which was actually quite rotten & soft & broke out easily Ye Ha. A nice little bit of the good stuff. Not five feet away, another very faint signal...I think. Some times you just think you here a slight hiccup in the threshold or just a hunch that it was a signal as it isnt all ways there with each sweep of the coil. I gave it a few scrapes any way. The hint of a signal improved so I kept on going down in to the schist bed rock. Into a few crevices A small bit of gold And again Another small bit This just kept on happening & no crap signals. All gold. Have detected here so often that there is no crap targets left. Bonus now. Look at the depth. I was lucky that this schist was rotten & soft & peeled away easily Nice piece Deep in to another schist crevice Loving the no crap tagets. Just GOLD The signals just kept on coming Thought I saw a bit of rusty crap come out of this hole, as it was a loud sharp signal as well But no Actually got two bits out of that dig Down in to a deep schist crevice Time out & a look at the finds so far In to the schist bed rock again The hand was getting a bit sore as some of these digs were quite deep And getting deeper But still the gold was coming & all off thrashed ground. Loving the Zed. Two bits from this hole Well it was time to head out & back to the wagon. All up 13 bits for 5.33 grams. Sure beat the other days 57 bits for 4.55 grams The Zed just keeps on blowing me away. What a machine. Thanks guys. Best of luck to you out there JW kiwijw
  16. Got to get out today with a friend today for a few hours, I dont think I have been that wet since I was 18. Managed to squeek out 3 nuggets for a little over 4 grams total before heading back home. Gotta admit the ZED held up pretty good being soaked hunting in the rain.... Dave
  17. Hi guys, I had been dying to try out Davegolds (he is in Australia & makes & sells picks) new pick that he sent over the ditch for me. It looked the business. Cheers Dave I ended up going for a late afternoon detect back to the area of my last few finds posts & where my old pick broke. I wanted to go over the ground one more time & try a few different settings to see if I could squeeze out a few more bits. I needed to have an absolute smooth steady threshold, paramount, to hear those very faint whispers. There are powerlines very close by but they had given me no problems the last couple of times here with the Zed. I fired up the Zed, auto tuned, ground balanced, & there was this tick tick tick in the audio. I tried auto tuning a few times & I noticed I had to push the pad several times to get the auto tune to do its thing this had never happened before. After a few goes at trying to get this tick tick tick to abate I had no joy. It was more like an electric fence pulse than powerlines. Not that I had noticed an electric fence close by. I tried detecting with this interference but I needed that smooth steady threshold & this was doing my head in so I had to move to another area away from the interference. This achieved I found myself on ground that I didnt hold any hope of getting any thing on. I was on occasion still getting the odd interference which wasnt helping me. I was on solid schist that the old timers had exposed with their ground sluicing. I think the last time I had found gold here was with the Gold Bug 2. The ground was very uneven & awkward to walk on let alone poke & prod with the Zed's 14" coil. Even the 4500 & sadie coil was a mission to twist & poke & drag through the schist crevices. Hence the GB2 was a lot more suitable for this. Any way I gave it my best with the Zed.....& after a while I thought I heard a bit of a hiccup in the threshold. It was hard to be certain with the interference. But out came Daves pick to carve out some schist. made short work of that. I was now able to get the edge of the coil deeper in to the schist crevice. Yep....a definite signal. Was it going to be gold or a shoty pellet. Can you see it up & to the left of the G on the coil .14 of a gram This was too difficult for the Zed & me & as my inital plan was foiled by the interference I decided to call it quits. Oh least I wasnt skunked. Cheers Good luck out there JW kiwijw
  18. Hi guys, I think I put this link up a while back. Had a quick look but couldnt find it. So for a lot of you guys in the States I know you will be snow & ice bound & cant get out there so thought this would give you an interesting read & fill in some time for you. It will also give you a bit of back ground history on some one who is testing the QED. Enjoy. Good luck out there JW
  19. Or one of these might jump out and bite you! (sorry about the pic... better one coming)
  20. Hello, Ive been away working 2 jobs 16 hours a day for last 3 1/2 months. With only a couple days off a month. And it has been some hard times for my personal live losing my best friend, another good friend and my Aunt. but forward I shall keep going. Anyway on my very few days off I went detecting with Nokta Fors plus, makro Gold Racer & makro Racer 2 to find some bits of gold. They are all great gold detectors and I will get back out again soon for more. hope everybodys new years is starting off great. Good luck!
  21. Hi guys, A few days ago I went back to the spot where I had got 6 little bits of gold for .88 of a gram on my 2nd to last days detecting of 2016. It was an area I hadnt been to prior for about 18 months as I was no longer getting gold from it until I hit it with the Zed. So roll on 2017 & my first days detect. I got there & rigged up. It took about half an hour before I got my first very faint signal. It was down a bit into the solid schist that I had to smash out to get down in to the folds of the turned up on edge schist. Such a great gold trap. Gold it was Moved on & another very faint signal Again down in to the folds of the schist & in to a crevice Small bit of gold Then in to another schist crevice A tiny piece .04 of a gram Before I back filled the dig I scanned the hole, as I always do, & another signal. This time at the back of the hole Another small bit of gold Another faint signal. This time it was just in the gravel wash Slightly bigger. But not by much Then a signal right on top of bare schist bed rock. Must be down in it a bit. Bloody we go again. Smashing in to the hard schist. Not breaking apart as easily as the others & not opening up in to a crevice. Oh my poor pick. Took a while to get it out & luckily it wasnt too deep .03 of a gram Down in to the bed rock schist again Wee bit bigger. Almost a half grammer. .04 I stopped for a coffee & a bite to eat & took a pic of the total so far It was damn hot & I felt like packing it in but I had my coffee & wondered on down to another area of exposed bed rock. Got a slight hint of a break in the threshold. Backed up & scraped in to the up on edge schist. This one was getting down deep & giving me a hard time at getting it out Broke out the tweezers & coffee spoon to get in to that tight crevice that my pick point just couldnt get in to. Too worn down. Note in the foreground the up on edge fingers of schist bed rock. Mighty fine gold traps those. Finally got it out That was it. I was buggered after that one. So all up of absolutely flogged ground that even the GB2 & GMT weren't scoring any thing. I got another 8 bits of gold for 1.72 grams So off to a positive start with the Zed for 2017. YE HA Cheers all & best of luck out there for 2017 JW
  22. Hi Guys. Took the Zed for a late afternoon walk back to one of my well flogged patches. Took my spare pick after breaking my good old faithful Walco pick last time I was out. I continued on from where I left off the previous time. The ground was a little bit lively as we had a heavy down pour of rain during the previous night. The Zed was a bit more touchy but after several ground balances over the ferrite & a few auto tunes I got it to a manageable steady threshold with out having to change any of the other settings. 5 minutes in to it & my first very faint little signal. Couple of scrapes & it was out. Ten feet away & more of a hunch that there was a signal & not very convincing at that. Gave it a few scrapes & it improved very slightly but was now sounding like a very faint signal. So I scraped on down until I hit the schist bed rock. Which wasnt far down. You will just make it out in the pic Signal had really improved now so I scraped out two crevices that had opened out in the hole. I had brought a screwdriver today to scrape out just such crevices....& bingo. A sassy bit of gold Before I back filled the dig I scanned the hole & the dug out dirt pile. Another wee signal down in the crevice. Another little bit of gold Again I scanned the dig out pile & the fainest of signals & another tiny bit of gold I stopped for a bite to eat & a coffee before carrying on. Had a bit of a dry spell for a while before another very faint little signal. Again....down in the schist bed rock Tiny gold it was This a pic looking down slope of the exposed schist bed rock tilted up on edge. And this is looking up hill to the dig of the last wee piece of gold This is a surfaced area from the old timers. That little shallow gutter running up to the left produced many bits of gold for the GP 3000, the 4500 & now for the Zed Just to the right of that green bush (briar rose) is an old small throw out pile from the old timers & is where I got the next three tiny bits of gold from. I called it quits at that & had got 8 bits for a grand total of 1.34 grams Smallest was .04 of a gram & the biggest was two at .31 of a gram. Cheers Good luck out there JW kiwijw
  23. Thought I would share my first hunt for the alluvious , with a break in the weather, I headed out early Sunday to an old patch , confidence high for the new year. Was looking for to trying out some different settings ( JP's advice ?) . Well I had found some bits there before but after about a ten hour session had been SKUNKED ?. JP's settings had worked though I managed to find a pocket full of old shot gun pellets. Set up camp , as I pondered on the day's events under a awesome bright three quarter moon, couldn't help thinking need a change of plan . The next morning up early coffee and of to another patch, well I was confident as still had settings close to those advised by Master JP ?Ten minutes and then I got my first mellow signal a nugget I thought, was excited ? Scraped about 2" off and checked target moved , after sorting out found a JW special .12 of gram ? First gold of 17 yeah . Had a break, back to it , about 20mins later had a faint repeatable signal , was fairly broad, might be GN , I took a scrape and signal improved , then started to dig , down 1foot still in the hole ?Sweet I was on to something ? 10mins later and a large hole approx between 1.5 to 2feet deep signal was out,so was I of breath and hot as ! Was a nice 14.8gramer?. I then got my breath back and backfilled the huge hole ? Continued to proceed toward some more open ground about 300 meters away where a mate had found a couple of peaces . Blow me down was there for 3 minutes and was on a target, different signal mellow but broken , like wire . Turned out to be a little specie .By this time I was out of water in me camel back and it was starting to hot and clouds building , making detectin a bit difficult due to noise. Called it a day and made tracks for home , happy for the first outing of the year ?. I would just like thanks to all that have been posting settings and GB control as has been interesting to read and apply. To those who doubt it makes much difference, the only thing I regret was not having a camera to take a picture of the depth of the hole in hot ground where I got the 14.8 grammar ,with just about JP's settings ?Thanks mate! Best luck to all for coming year, Squizz
  24. Got out today to the Pahrump / Johnnie NV area today. Still new to the GPZ , since selling the GPX 5000 not to long ago. But learning from everyone here sharing their experiences and settings on the GPZ got me on top of a little gold today. I have to say, Im pretty impressed with this machine. Its got me on some good gold and meteorites in the short time Ive had it. Dave
  25. Blood, sweat, tears and a million dig holes! I, remember many of them. It's the hunt for them and the sweet sound in my headphones, that I cherish! Until the next hunt...when ever this rain ends? LuckyLundy