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Found 270 results

  1. GB2 Gold

    G'day you lot, Now that we are well & truly into daylight saving, which gives us an extra hour of daylight after work in the evenings, & with the evening daylight increasing as we head into our summer it gives plenty of time do do evening detects localy around the Queenstown area. So one night after work this week I decided to take poor lonely neglected Mr Gold Bug 2 out for an evening stroll to some old exposed bedrock workings where I just knew there had to some small tiny gold hanging out in the schist cracks & crevices. Full max sensitivity, Low mineralization & Boost. Ground balanced with a slight rise on the downward pump. So running flat out & hot. I wasn't long into it when I had my first sweet little Zip Zip. Flick into discrimination & still zip zip. A few scrapes & it was out It was the right colour Not long after another sweet zip zip. Opened up a bit of a hole. Ended up with 3 bits out of that dig of which I didn't get a pic. Dont know why. From the 2nd pic above, with the river way down below, I moved along that flat bit beyond the scoop to where those three raised bits of bedrock schist are. I got a zip zip from the rubble in the middle one. A sassy bit of gold. Got two more signals from that same dig that both turned into lead fragments. Carrying on slowly over the bedrock I got a signal that lived on down a bit into a schist crevice. A tiny bit of gold This just carried on happening. I ended up with 11 small bits for just over half a gram before I decided to call it quits & head home. I did get my share of shot gun pellets & rubbish. A lot of it I chucked over into the river but some ended up in my pocket. It was a fun couple of hours. I do have a bit more to tell about a bit of a wake up call that I was greeted with at this spot. But that can wait for another time. Will tomorrow be my christening of my 19" coil?? Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  2. Mrs Bada Bing is sick of hearing about this and doesn't fully appreciate the skill involved. I thought I would throw it out here for the connoisseurs who can appreciate the skill level required for such a feat. I use oziexplorer to map areas on my tablet so I have a moving map of the area I am detecting. I create the maps and calibrate them and 99% of the time they are spot on. Anyway, I head out to a historical lease. Map says I am right on top of it. Jump out and find a tiny bit in 15 mins. Then a half hour later I find a really really old dry blowing spot on a creek line, it was so old and weathered you could hardly make it out. Found 2 bits of rubbish which confirmed it was an old dryblowing then pinged 8 bits for about 5g in 10 minutes. It was the first really hot weather here and an approaching thunderstorm stopped me from detecting further so I jumped in the car and headed off to meet the other blokes who were coming out for the weekend. I arrive at the designated meeting point and checked my map. It was like 500m north/east of where I actually was - I thought that's strange. Then the penny dropped - I wasn't anywhere near the historical lease, I was on some random spot only the old timers had been ......... no tracks, no dig holes. I will be heading back to plunder and pillage with the 23 and 7, hopefully there is some bigger stuff deeper in the creek. Pure skill? I think so. Cheers BB
  3. My Rye Patch Hunt

    Last week I had the chance to hunt with Lucky and Rudy at Rye Patch in Northern Nevada. My wife and I flew in to Sacramento and drove to Rye Patch for our club (WSPA) annual outing. This is my fourth outing with the club at Rye Patch. I found my first Rye Patch nugget with a GPX 4000 at this outing.in 2014. The next two years was a skunk. Last year I watched how the new GPZ 7000 was preforming compared to GPX 5000. I purchased the GPZ 7000 and it made the outing a more fun outing. With a little pointy fingers and detecting tips from Lucky and Rudy our trip was a very enjoyable one. First picture is Lucky and me holding the two largest nuggets we found. 4 grams and 3.3 grams. The hole is where I got the 3.3 gram nugget 18" deep. The last picture is my wife with one of her nuggets she found with the SDC 2300. Its nice being back in Hawaii warm weather until the next season.
  4. Saturday just gone our weekend weather forecast was not looking good with snow down to 800 meters up in the hills & rain elsewhere. I got up earlyish & looked out the window towards the western horizon. Black ominous clouds greeted my glance. BUGGER! Couldn't even see the distant hills/mountains. But as often happens those clouds just don't seem to come any closer to us but I wasn't holding my breath due to the forecast. I made no rush to get ready to head on out but waited it out for a few hours. By 11am things hadn't got any worse so I made the decision to give it a go. I was dying to try out the 19" coil but it was getting a bit late in the day to head to where I wanted to with the 19" coil. So I made the call to go closer to home & up into a bit of tiger country, which wasn't 19" coil friendly. Not that we have any tigers in NZ, or any other nasty stingy bitey things for that matter that can kill or make your day very unpleasant. Tiger country just being the type of country that tigers could easily hide in. You know, long grass & bushy scrubby country. It was in fact the very first place I swung the Zed when I got it. Being old ground that I had done well on with my GP 3000 & the 4500. The Zed scored me some more as well. That was using conservative settings. I had gone back there about a month ago with hotter settings expecting to get more. You may recall in that post that I had detected all morning & into the afternoon & had got no gold. After a late lunch stop & moving on to a spot further on I checked my settings. I always detect in High Yield/Normal & discovered that the Zed had gone back into the default setting of Difficult Ground. OH NO. So I had been in Difficult all that morning. Switched back to Normal & was on to gold in 5 minutes. I didn't have the time to go back over the mornings ground but thought that will be a good test in these higher settings & in NORMAL. Here is that past post. So anyway, I was off back to this spot to see the difference over this ground in NORMAL & not DIFFICULT. But the same hotter settings. 5 minutes from pulling up at the vehicle track end before the walk in, it started raining. SH!T..... There was a bank of black cloud enshrouding the southern end of the mountain range. Looked to be snowing up there. Bugger. I have come this far. Stuff it...I am going onwards. I packed a rain jacket, decided to leave the monster behind & hit the walking trail. The rain eased off but it was quite a bit cooler. By the time I got to the spot I was rugged up in winter garb. A biting cold southerly direct from Antarctica as this mountain range is the highest land mass between here & Antarctica. Snows up here any time of the year. The annual mean air temperature up the tops here is ZERO degrees Celsius. That is freezing point in our language. Got to the spot, rigged up & into it. Checked all my settings, Auto tuned, ground balanced over the ferrite ring & I was away. I started detecting down an old very shallow wash gutter from the old timers from their ground sluicing. They had dug it to bed rock, which wasnt very deep, throwing the dirt up on one side. Scanned those piles & got nothing. Wondered on down the gutter itself sweeping over the schist bedrock. Got a faint sweet signal next to a large slab of schist on the gutters bedrock bottom. Scraped away the shallow top soil & grassy bits to expose the schist bedrock. Can you see how tiny the gold is? Here you go. You will notice how the schist bedrock is layered. I stuck the coil back over the bedrock & got another sweet little signal. Scraped away at the schist but signal still there. With the pointy end of the pick I smacked it into one of the folds of schist & peeled up a layer. That got the signal out. . Another tiny bit Again I stuck the coil over the schist & another little signal. Peeled out more layers of schist. Notice the peeled up layers above the detector. Yet another small bit of the good stuff. It might not look like a gutter in this pic....but it is. This is looking up hill. That was the end of that wee little find & I had a bit of a dry spell after that. I was heading back up to my pack for a coffee when over the old working ahead of me wonders this young bloke with a Minelab over his shoulder. I got a bit of a fright as I had seen no other vehicle parked down at the end of the vehicle track & so thought I was here all alone. He had come from further up the hill. He came up to me & said. "Are you John?" A bit reluctant to say yes, thinking who the hell are you & why do you ask type thing. But I said yes & who are you. He replied saying "I bought a signal enhancer of you a few years back". Oh ok I said. Didnt you buy two, one for your brother or a mate. Yes he said. And with that a 2nd bloke appears. After a bit of small talk he asked I I had got anything. To which I said no. And in return he said they had got nothing either. I didn't have the heart to tell them I had thrashed the place over the years & done ok. Almost 2 ounces all up. And this is a little pile of fines that I got that you may recall a post I did on a little glory hole that I found. Where I got out of one crevice 52 detected nuggets on the first day followed by more on two other trips back in & these fines were from the dig out dirt that I back packed to the nearest water hole to pan out. They had been detecting just a bit further up & were heading off due to getting nothing. So off they went. I had my coffee & got back into it. The old timers had really thrashed this slope with their ground sluicing & exposed a lot of bedrock. I waved the coil over this big raised slab of bedrock. Targeting that fracture line through it to see if there was any gold caught up in just such bedrock cracks & fissures. There wasn't in the crack but I got a signal just to the left of the coil. Scraped away the bits of lose rubble & was into a dirt clay layer with the signal still in there. A few more scrapes & it had moved. A sassy bit of the good stuff. I then ended up where the two guys had been detecting as I could see the odd scrape mark. Not detoured I just carried on about my business. Got a faint hit on the bedrock. . Down into a bit of a hollow. Out popped this This carried on for a few more little bits. The other guys were swinging GP Extremes with 12 inch Nugget Finder coils. I ended up with 7 small bits for just .77 of a gram I was pretty happy to get what I got considering the last time here when my Zed went back into the default setting of difficult I got nothing . So Normal made the difference. Cheers guys Good luck out there JW
  5. We had a club outing at Rye Patch! Even our little group showed up in in force to see if we could pickup where Rudy and I, left of the week before. Our little group of detectorist have dozens of nugget finding spots in Rye Patch. Some with names we give them, so we can keep track of where we are located with the use of our radios. It’s kind of like Fishing, if they aren’t bitting at one spot maybe somebody at another location will sound off to come their way. Jack Rabbit, 4-Corners, October and Crossroads or some examples of where we might find the nuggets wanting to end up in our pokes. This trip, we had a few guest Club members, with us on each day. Some needed a few pointers with their settings and others only needed a pointy finger! As usual, October is a transitional Month for the North Western Seasonal change. Cold, Windy, smoke one day blew in from Northern California Fires making me think there was a local fire very close by. With extreme dry conditions with the wind, it made metal detecting difficult with static EMI’s. But, we fought thru Mother Nature elements and she rewarded us for the effort. This Tail Gate photo, was one day we had a late lunch cooking up a couple dozen brats. Only 6 pokes in the photo, as everyone else was hunting different location...just more Brats for us to eat, lol. We had a great time with our hobby and enjoying each other’s company! Just wish I could have ended up with the total Party’s Tail Gate photo with everyone’s pokes on it...maybe next time! Rye Patch still has nuggets to find and it continues to produce smiling faces. Until the next hunt LuckyLundy
  6. Took a break from chores and getting the cabin ready for winter, and got a couple afternoon sessions in with the Monster. Went to a decomposing granite knob I first hit a couple summers ago, digging along the edges and got a few. Then I removed some sagebrush and exposed a couple crevices where I scraped out little guys like this: The other deeper crevice was really fun! Ended up with just a tad over a gram for 2 afternoons of playing. Worth MUCH more in fun! :-) Will be getting snow soon, so not many more days to get out!
  7. Hi there team, Mrs JW & I made a late decision to head out on Sunday for half a days detecting. Well...Mrs JW just came along to enjoy the spring sunshine while I detected. I had all intentions of trying out the 19" coil on some "likely" ground. When we got there we discovered that the lambing ewe's were in my chosen paddock. BUGGER. Oh well.....I had another "likely" spot in mind. Drove up & over to that area......and again there were lambing ewe's in that paddock. There were other options but they weren't very 19" coil friendly. I made the decision to just stick with the 14" coil & head to an area of turned over gully workings from the old timers that I have absolutely hammered with all my detectors & coils over the years. Had even been over it with the Zed were I did snag a few more. But I hadn't been over it with the Zed & the high sensitivity settings. Admittedly I wasn't holding high hopes. Got rigged up. Checked all settings. High Yield/ Normal, 18 sensitivity. Auto tuned, ground balanced over the ferrite ring & into it. Targeting the old throw out heaps I had a signal in 5 minutes that didnt give me that double blip hit that is usually a shallow small shot gun pellet. The signal was virtually on the top of an old throw out heap. Notice the humps & bumps of the turned over gully. Couple of scrapes & the signal was out. A nice little piece of the good stuff Then about 2 feet up & to the right of this dig I got another faint little hit that sounded positive. This one was right on top of a throw out pile. Knock the grass tuft off & a few scrapes & it was out Another sassy bit of the good stuff. But oh so small. But gold none the less & no catch & release. I bagged it. I then wondered on to a long narrow throw out heap that I had absolutely thrashed over the years. Just so easy to detect being bald on top. Starting at one end I got a lovely hit straight away. Very very faint though but I was pretty sure it was a signal. A couple of scrapes brightened it up. Then it was out. I took a few different angle shots. Notice Mrs JW out enjoying the spring sunshine. I actually got a second extremely faint signal right next to the first bit on the edge of the first scrape in the above pic. Another tiny bit. .05 of a gram to be precise. This shows more of the humps & hollows of the old timers dug out holes & throw out piles. Looking down the throw out pile. Notice that small piece of quartz rock below the pick handle towards the bottom right. I got another nice faint signal just above that quartz bit. Another small bit of gold That was it off this pile. I moved on to the next pile down & got a nice faint hit on the edge of the pile. Yet another small piece This kept on going for a total of 9 bits before I called it quits as Mrs Jw was making noises about heading off. I was pretty happy to have got any thing knowing how much I had been over & over this area. The GPZ just blows me away at the small gold this 14" coil snags. I don't know why I held off so long from trying these "insane" hotter settings. I always ran my GP 3000 & 4500 as hot as I could get them. I think I just got into a false thought mode with the conservative settings and that quiet mellow smooth threshold as small target signals just leapt out. But these hot higher settings just give so much more punch in depth & sensitivity. Ok......you have to really listen & concentrate to hear the faint whispers amongst the noisier chatter. But man....does it work. I had tried these hotter settings quite a while ago but I just couldn't get my head around the extra noise & as I was doing pretty good & was happy with the conservative settings. I stuck with them. It wasn't until Steve, in his wise wisdom & the way he says things that just make so much sense, like treating that extra noise as a "new" type of threshold as a target signal still lifts above it all. And boy....so it does. Thanks Steve. So the end result for the Zed & its 14" coil was 9 bits for 1 gram. Unbelievable Cheers guys Good luck out there JW
  8. Got the 7000 back yesterday after it died on me a couple of weeks ago, and today I managed to get these two. Maybe I should send it away for repair more often. Not every day do I come home with 1.7 grams of gold
  9. Greetings from sunny Yuma. The temps have just started to drop, still reaching high 80's by 11 AM, but the mornings are cool enough for a bit of detecting. I've been out for about 12 hrs total over the past week. We had just enough rain last month from a MicroBurst storm over parts of the placer areas here close to town. I found a couple washes where the big rocks had moved around a little giving me a chance to put the GPZ coil over some ground that might not have received good coil coverage last year. It paid off handsomely so far. I'm running my GPZ with HY, Normal, Sens 17, no threshold and using my old Etymotic in-ear monitors (earbuds). I'm looking forward to cooler temps and longer detecting days. Hey Beatup, you and Eric better hurry down here before I get all the gold. I don't know how we'll manage without NursePaul for comic relief.
  10. I had 4-days for a hunt at Rye Patch which really ends up being a good 3 days behind the coil. My goal for this many days is always 1/4 ounce in the poke! First morning I, added 4 nuggets to the poke, but nothing all afternoon! What's up with that, not much weight but well over a pennyweight. A good nights sleep and off I went the next morning, which fell into late afternoon with only 4 more nuggets, but one was over 2 dwts alone. After soaking them in CLR, I tossed them on the scale 4.2 dwts! My goal was in site, as I plotted my battle plan for the next morning before I fell asleep. The next morning, I put my thoughts into action. I figured I only needed 1 dink nugget 2 at the most. Well I ended up with 3 and was happy that my scale didn't let me down, settling down at 6.57 dwts. No easy duck nuggets on this trip, all well earned with intense concentration and extra slow coil swing. The GPZ, is and amazing machine, but you still have to get that coil over that nugget...and there's the struggle! I hope my next trip is a no-brainer and the nuggets just jump on my coil. Set a goal for yourself and work hard to achieve it...Until the next hunt! LuckyLundy
  11. After 5 months in Europe day of detecting was long overdue. Picked perfect day and got few little ones: All very small and faint signals. Perfect day with a perfect company. Stay safe and dig everything. GoldEN
  12. Hi all, some of you have known me for many years as Mlgdave, owner of Goldbay.com and now I also own The Colorado Quartz Gold mine in California and ramping back up to run and mine 140 and 180 feet underground. This week me and my partner worked an old stope and found and extracted a killer piece! (more to come) I am living at the mine full time and should have some good stories and finds for you guys over the next few months/years Mlgdave
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/sep/25/sri-lankan-arrested-smuggle-1kg-gold-in-rectum-colombo-airport Gives new meaning to the term "butt nuggets".
  14. Finds first: So back at the end of June I scouted a new park and potential jewelry patch but due to oppressive heat and drought conditions in July and most of August I've only been back three times since then. In addition to climate, my detecting time has severely been cut because jiu jitsu takes over our family life 4 nights a week as my kids and wife found themselves addicted to the dojo and choking people. I'm a bad influence, I guess. Two weeks ago (my last real 6 hour detecting session) I ran into another detectorist at this park working his Ace around the same goal net I worked back in June. Soon we were chatting and then kinda hunting together as he sort of followed me around, which was slightly annoying when I'm used to being alone, but that's me, not him really. Anyway, while we were hitting various spots around the park I picked up a small 10k ring at the edge of one playground. 4th hunt here and gold! 1.4 grams 10kt (unknown triangle mark) We finally got more rain and I went back to this patch a few days ago. I went to one of the softball backstops the other detectorist and I hunted around a few weeks back. I was mindlessly pulling square tabs three feet from the backstop fence, trying to reduce the trash load, when to my surprise gold #2 appeared - 7.4 grams 14kt FG mens band! Boom! 1 hour 45min into the hunt. Same tone as the older style square pull tabs and just about into bottlecap range. In fact, I dug a few square tabs that while on the surface sound and VDI the same as the ring. That's without headphones and using the module's external speaker, btw. After 5 hunts of maybe 35 hours I am pleased with the new patch so far. Almost two dozen junk jewelry, over $25 - 30 in change and one silver ring, one silver dove pin (no picture) and two gold rings. Both rings taken with Deus 4.0 11" coil, full tones, 0 discrimination, 0 notch 18khz. Thanks for peeking and good hunting to you.
  15. Even though it`s still only spring here, it`s really starting to heat up in the after noon`s, and I just don`t handle the heat anymore like I used to, and I got these two as I was detecting back to the vehicle. All up they go 1.45 grams. My best result in quite a while
  16. So where are the posts from people using Fisher, Garrett, Makro, Nokta, Tesoro, White's, XP, and other brands of detectors other than Minelab? According to my last detector survey there are lots of Gold Bug 2, Gold Bug Pro, TDI/TDIPro/TDISL/SPP, and GMT/GM3/VSAT out there in particular. Yet when I review any metal detecting forums anywhere nugget finds posted with these machines are few and far between. Do people own these machines but don't use them much? Too shy to post? Intimidated by the "Minelab Mafia"? You people that do outings. What do you observe as far as detector ownership and people finding gold? How much success are people having with non-Minelab detectors? So where are you guys and gals? Do you exist and do you find gold?
  17. This is generally the size size of the stuff I get now. I occasionally get maybe a 2 grammer but it`s quite a while since I got anything bigger. I have no doubt the 7000 is a deep punching detector, some of these small pieces it amazed me how deep I got them, but it constantly mystifies me why the bigger stuff just doesn`t seem to be there. Anyway I am pleased when I come home with a rattle in the jar. This lot goes 3 grams cheers Dave
  18. Made it out for a half day this past weekend, covered a lot of ground, but was worth it. The biggest was 5.4g and was over a foot down, 3 inches into hard caliche. Loving the GPZ. Did well with the meteorites as well. Chris
  19. Sunbaker Nugget

    Quite apart from the fact that you don't have to dig it up , but just pick it up, there's something special about finding a "sun baker" gold nugget. This one weighed 3.8 grams, and was recently found in the Pilbara in northern Western Australia. Can you see it?
  20. I live in the Southern California just north of Los Angeles. Its been HOT, real hot the last few weeks and I wanted to get out detecting but the idea of hunting new patches in air temps of 100 degrees or more just did not seem appealing until this morning. We have had a few wild fires spreading around the Los Angeles area and even thou they are many miles from me, the wind was blowing the smoke in my direction. That was enough to get me driving out to the gold fields. I arrived at the area I wanted to start swinging my zed and decided to change up my settings. Im a smooth threshold person, cant stand a chattery threshold, but since I was going to be covering old ground I decided to turn up the settings as far as I could and see what happens Sometimes it pays to step out of your comfort zone, 2.26g .56g .05g
  21. I haven't been able to get any nuggets in the last couple of weeks but I did get a couple of nice rings. The little ring is 14k with little diamonds in a heart shape. The yellow ring is a large topaz cocktail ring. It is 14k yellow and white gold with diamonds. The total weight is 10g. Mitchel
  22. It's been a slow go this year as I explore completely new locations off the beaten track (which usually means a skunk) or finding the last few nuggets in well pounded patches. Get them fast or get them slow however - they still add up. This hunt was almost entirely with the GPZ19 as I had a large area to grid with minimal chances of gold plus I wanted to get more hours in with the large coil. It has gone from a coil I thought I basically would never use to one that I will be using more often going forward. The coil seems to run slightly smoother with my Insanely Hot Settings as it reacts a bit less to near surface mineralization and hot rocks. The coil does have more issues with alkali ground than the stock coil, but the new Patch Mode (Locate Patch) seems just right for the 19" coil at a lot of places I hunt. The GPZ19 is great for covering large open areas where I think nuggets will be few and far between. In other words, I am looking more for ground coverage than depth - extra depth is a bonus. The Gold Monster 1000 was a great aid in pinpointing. Not so much for when digging a deep nugget (though it is helpful for that) as for making short work of the ever present surface ferrous trash. Nothing like a 19" DOD coil for chasing tiny brown ferrous bits in brown dirt, and that GPZ19 coil will hit little trash far better than one might think! Anyway, just a few nuggets adding up to almost 3 pennyweight (4.4 grams) this outing. Largest nugget 2 grams. The four on right were found with GPZ 7000 and two on left with Gold Monster 1000 (10" coil). Click photos for larger versions. The larger Gold Monster nugget has some nice character in closeup....
  23. G'day all, this was a nice surprise, a 3.1 gram nugget and an 11.5 gram specie with 5 grams of gold in it. Found with the mighty GPZ 7000 and pin pointed with the SDC 2300
  24. From our local New Zealand online detector fossicking forum. http://community.paydirt.co.nz/t/garden-carats/1903 Good luck out there JW
  25. I went out to Gold Basin last Sunday for a few hours. Covered lots of ground and was able to dig up 3 nuggets and a meteorite. Gold Basin is finally showing me some love. One was a nice 1.4 gram heart shape, and the other was a 2.5 gram specie. 4.2 g total. Chris