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Found 65 results

  1. Hello, Ive been away working 2 jobs 16 hours a day for last 3 1/2 months. With only a couple days off a month. And it has been some hard times for my personal live losing my best friend, another good friend and my Aunt. but forward I shall keep going. Anyway on my very few days off I went detecting with Nokta Fors plus, makro Gold Racer & makro Racer 2 to find some bits of gold. They are all great gold detectors and I will get back out again soon for more. hope everybodys new years is starting off great. Good luck!
  2. Hi guys, A few days ago I went back to the spot where I had got 6 little bits of gold for .88 of a gram on my 2nd to last days detecting of 2016. It was an area I hadnt been to prior for about 18 months as I was no longer getting gold from it until I hit it with the Zed. So roll on 2017 & my first days detect. I got there & rigged up. It took about half an hour before I got my first very faint signal. It was down a bit into the solid schist that I had to smash out to get down in to the folds of the turned up on edge schist. Such a great gold trap. Gold it was Moved on & another very faint signal Again down in to the folds of the schist & in to a crevice Small bit of gold Then in to another schist crevice A tiny piece .04 of a gram Before I back filled the dig I scanned the hole, as I always do, & another signal. This time at the back of the hole Another small bit of gold Another faint signal. This time it was just in the gravel wash Slightly bigger. But not by much Then a signal right on top of bare schist bed rock. Must be down in it a bit. Bloody we go again. Smashing in to the hard schist. Not breaking apart as easily as the others & not opening up in to a crevice. Oh my poor pick. Took a while to get it out & luckily it wasnt too deep .03 of a gram Down in to the bed rock schist again Wee bit bigger. Almost a half grammer. .04 I stopped for a coffee & a bite to eat & took a pic of the total so far It was damn hot & I felt like packing it in but I had my coffee & wondered on down to another area of exposed bed rock. Got a slight hint of a break in the threshold. Backed up & scraped in to the up on edge schist. This one was getting down deep & giving me a hard time at getting it out Broke out the tweezers & coffee spoon to get in to that tight crevice that my pick point just couldnt get in to. Too worn down. Note in the foreground the up on edge fingers of schist bed rock. Mighty fine gold traps those. Finally got it out That was it. I was buggered after that one. So all up of absolutely flogged ground that even the GB2 & GMT weren't scoring any thing. I got another 8 bits of gold for 1.72 grams So off to a positive start with the Zed for 2017. YE HA Cheers all & best of luck out there for 2017 JW
  3. Hi Guys. Took the Zed for a late afternoon walk back to one of my well flogged patches. Took my spare pick after breaking my good old faithful Walco pick last time I was out. I continued on from where I left off the previous time. The ground was a little bit lively as we had a heavy down pour of rain during the previous night. The Zed was a bit more touchy but after several ground balances over the ferrite & a few auto tunes I got it to a manageable steady threshold with out having to change any of the other settings. 5 minutes in to it & my first very faint little signal. Couple of scrapes & it was out. Ten feet away & more of a hunch that there was a signal & not very convincing at that. Gave it a few scrapes & it improved very slightly but was now sounding like a very faint signal. So I scraped on down until I hit the schist bed rock. Which wasnt far down. You will just make it out in the pic Signal had really improved now so I scraped out two crevices that had opened out in the hole. I had brought a screwdriver today to scrape out just such crevices....& bingo. A sassy bit of gold Before I back filled the dig I scanned the hole & the dug out dirt pile. Another wee signal down in the crevice. Another little bit of gold Again I scanned the dig out pile & the fainest of signals & another tiny bit of gold I stopped for a bite to eat & a coffee before carrying on. Had a bit of a dry spell for a while before another very faint little signal. Again....down in the schist bed rock Tiny gold it was This a pic looking down slope of the exposed schist bed rock tilted up on edge. And this is looking up hill to the dig of the last wee piece of gold This is a surfaced area from the old timers. That little shallow gutter running up to the left produced many bits of gold for the GP 3000, the 4500 & now for the Zed Just to the right of that green bush (briar rose) is an old small throw out pile from the old timers & is where I got the next three tiny bits of gold from. I called it quits at that & had got 8 bits for a grand total of 1.34 grams Smallest was .04 of a gram & the biggest was two at .31 of a gram. Cheers Good luck out there JW kiwijw
  4. Thought I would share my first hunt for the alluvious , with a break in the weather, I headed out early Sunday to an old patch , confidence high for the new year. Was looking for to trying out some different settings ( JP's advice ?) . Well I had found some bits there before but after about a ten hour session had been SKUNKED ?. JP's settings had worked though I managed to find a pocket full of old shot gun pellets. Set up camp , as I pondered on the day's events under a awesome bright three quarter moon, couldn't help thinking need a change of plan . The next morning up early coffee and of to another patch, well I was confident as still had settings close to those advised by Master JP ?Ten minutes and then I got my first mellow signal a nugget I thought, was excited ? Scraped about 2" off and checked target moved , after sorting out found a JW special .12 of gram ? First gold of 17 yeah . Had a break, back to it , about 20mins later had a faint repeatable signal , was fairly broad, might be GN , I took a scrape and signal improved , then started to dig , down 1foot still in the hole ?Sweet I was on to something ? 10mins later and a large hole approx between 1.5 to 2feet deep signal was out,so was I of breath and hot as ! Was a nice 14.8gramer?. I then got my breath back and backfilled the huge hole ? Continued to proceed toward some more open ground about 300 meters away where a mate had found a couple of peaces . Blow me down was there for 3 minutes and was on a target, different signal mellow but broken , like wire . Turned out to be a little specie .By this time I was out of water in me camel back and it was starting to hot and clouds building , making detectin a bit difficult due to noise. Called it a day and made tracks for home , happy for the first outing of the year ?. I would just like thanks to all that have been posting settings and GB control as has been interesting to read and apply. To those who doubt it makes much difference, the only thing I regret was not having a camera to take a picture of the depth of the hole in hot ground where I got the 14.8 grammar ,with just about JP's settings ?Thanks mate! Best luck to all for coming year, Squizz
  5. Got out today to the Pahrump / Johnnie NV area today. Still new to the GPZ , since selling the GPX 5000 not to long ago. But learning from everyone here sharing their experiences and settings on the GPZ got me on top of a little gold today. I have to say, Im pretty impressed with this machine. Its got me on some good gold and meteorites in the short time Ive had it. Dave
  6. Blood, sweat, tears and a million dig holes! I, remember many of them. It's the hunt for them and the sweet sound in my headphones, that I cherish! Until the next hunt...when ever this rain ends? LuckyLundy
  7. Hi guys, After working on my schist columns all day, & Mrs JW had a wedding to video, I buggered off at about 5pm & headed back to where I got those last 8 little bits. I planned on going a bit further over from where I had been going the last couple of times. Still, the spot I chose was an area where I had done well with the GP 3000 & 4500 but was no longer getting gold there with the 4500. I dont think though that I had used the Elite coils here. Any way......I parked up & walked to the spot. Got rigged up & hit an area of semi exposed bed rock schist that the old timers had surface washed. Not even a minute in to it & I had a soft faint signel. Scraped about 1.5 inches off it & that lifted the signal So I laid in to the dig with a bit more effort. Next minute. Oh b**tard. Shite bugger damn. Those last few times that I had been smashing into that solid schist to get a few signals out had taken there toll on my pick. I knew I felt the pain for my pick at the time. Didnt I say so. What do I do??? Pack up & come back later with another pick?? Maybe I will just keep detecting & mark spots where I get a signal & then come back & dig them. I picked up the head of the pick & had a go at scraping & digging as best I could. So...scrape scrape dig dig...wasnt too bad actually. Down in to the schist bed rock which was actually quite rotten & soft & broke out easily Ye Ha. A nice little bit of the good stuff. Not five feet away, another very faint signal...I think. Some times you just think you here a slight hiccup in the threshold or just a hunch that it was a signal as it isnt all ways there with each sweep of the coil. I gave it a few scrapes any way. The hint of a signal improved so I kept on going down in to the schist bed rock. Into a few crevices A small bit of gold And again Another small bit This just kept on happening & no crap signals. All gold. Have detected here so often that there is no crap targets left. Bonus now. Look at the depth. I was lucky that this schist was rotten & soft & peeled away easily Nice piece Deep in to another schist crevice Loving the no crap tagets. Just GOLD The signals just kept on coming Thought I saw a bit of rusty crap come out of this hole, as it was a loud sharp signal as well But no Actually got two bits out of that dig Down in to a deep schist crevice Time out & a look at the finds so far In to the schist bed rock again The hand was getting a bit sore as some of these digs were quite deep And getting deeper But still the gold was coming & all off thrashed ground. Loving the Zed. Two bits from this hole Well it was time to head out & back to the wagon. All up 13 bits for 5.33 grams. Sure beat the other days 57 bits for 4.55 grams The Zed just keeps on blowing me away. What a machine. Thanks guys. Best of luck to you out there JW kiwijw
  8. Just looking through some old pics and came across this one from a few years back... Some gold found by a couple friends that mine near Fairbanks, Alaska. Don't recall the total, maybe 10-15 ounces in the pic. A little motivation for everyone...
  9. Rob has posted a photo of a 1.2 kilogram (38 Troy ounce) nugget found recently with a GPZ somewhere in the Southwest U.S.
  10. Hi guys, Thought you would like to see this. Good luck out there JW :)
  11. With the winter months upon us, it's time once again for fun in the desert sun.? I spent a few days in northern Nevada en route to the big Q and managed to collect a half an ounce of golden goodies from old nugget patches with the trusty Zed. Where the damp alkali soil became too noisy for High Yield / Normal, selecting Extra Deep / Normal did the trick. At other locations, iron mineralization was the culprit and the High Yield / Difficult combo was the answer.
  12. Made trip out from PA, met up with Lucky who was nice enough to show us around. Great time and a gold fix that was badly needed.
  13. Send offs, my first summer in AK I found a 1/4 ounce nugget with GP extreme. Since then I had never found one bigger. This year I had to move out of AK. I went back to one of the places that I used to dredge a lot. I had found a few nice nuggets in there and last year I found a 2 penny weight nugget. So I went back this year and started where I had to quit last year and found these nuggets in my first day. The big nugget is almost 11 penny weight. I have been meaning to write this post for a while but didn't get to it.
  14. Detected some gravels from a hard rock mine near my cabin....used GB2 in Iron Disc due to lots of trash and iron. Lots of pyrite, some galena, and other sulfides(I think that's what they are?). Some small speci's and thin sheets after soaking in CLR. Still need cleaning, but will take care of them when I get back from wintering on the Treasure Coast of FL. Maybe I'll find a gold doubloon or silver piece of eight while there! Wish me luck! :-)
  15. Hi guys, Last sunday Mrs JW & I went for a hell walk in to a high country back gully. It had been a couple of years since I had been in there & 3 years since Mrs JW had been in there. Here first time & it sleeted & snowed on us. I have been in there several times & the walk in & out is always a bit daunting. I found gold each time & this time I took in the modded 4500 & the 11" Elite coil & was hoping for great things. My plan was to go over an area where I did very well on with the NF sadie, my 2nd time in thereThe sadie gold finds& the last time with the NF 14 x 9 which I did well with too.Back to the present. At this stage Mrs JW & I were still driving when Mrs JW took this picOur place is in behind that little lake you can see just right of center.These pics are courtesy of Mrs JW as I left my camera in the wagon in my hast to get under way. This pic was taken after about half an hour of walking Nice fresh green spring growth with new born lambs frolicking about.Up & up the old pack track before the saddleYou wouldnt want to fall off the track going through here. We reach the saddle after one & a half hours of up hill grind. Looking down the gully & the old turned over gully workings & sluicings higher up on the right. Hard detecting grounds. The things we do.Some of the sluiced areasDue to me having no camera on me no pics of the finds....of which there werent many. Total.... three small bits for the modded 4500 & 11" Elite on the same flogged ground that I smashed it with the sadie & the NF 14 x 9. But still gold all the same. Total weight for the three bits .75 of a gram Mrs JW caught me having a nap before heading back down. I was pocked. So was Mrs JW & she just sat there reading a mag & dozing in the sun. Oh ok...she came looking for me a few times & back filled a few holes. I am off tomorrow for another hunt. Cheers & Good luck out thereJW
  16. Some of Northern Nevada placers hold some true works of art! Most are covered by a tough coating of caliche, I always have a bottle of CLR in the back of my truck and at the end of the day's hunt they get their baths to show their special features. Most of these special chevron or other crystal type nuggets never make it home and end up with another prospectors poke/collection. My favorite are the nuggets that have crystalline features on both sides of the nugget. Here are a couple that I've found in the last month that didn't make it home with me. Until the next hunt. Feel free to show your favorite nugget(s) on this thread! LuckyLundy
  17. I used to be active on many forums and even a bit on Facebook for awhile, but I have slowly withdrawn from locations other than this website. It is safe to say that 99% of my internet activity going forward will be devoted to this website and forum. I have not posted on my Facebook page in over a year, have no Twitter account, etc. I really just do not use social media. However, I have been approving pretty much all Facebook friend requests for some time. That means my feed is getting all manner of posts on things I have no interest in and from people I have never met. The main problem though is people try and contact me on Facebook and I am rarely there to see the messages. I decided it was time to clean it up. I posted one last gold photo as a way of alerting people that the way to find me is via this website and forum. Here is the photo - a large California specimen surrounded by northern Nevada gold. Pretty much all found with the GPZ with the exception of one large nugget in lower left found with the ATX. The specimen weighs 8.75 Troy ounces and contains about 2.5 Troy ounces of gold.
  18. Hey all, I have not had time to post for a long time so thought I would brag a bit about my GPZ finds. I have had the detector about a year now and these are my finds to date. I still run it flat out on Normal every chance I get and have been happy with it. I love this detector except for a while there I had tennis elbow from it. Had to start using the swing stick and that slowly got better and is now gone. I would like some opinions on what to do with the large one covered in what looks like ironstone. It is really solid right under the ironstone, not porous. I tried soaking it in CLR for a few days and toothbrushed it with absolutely no improvement. Should I leave it natural? Acid? other ideas? Thanks!
  19. I had my Sunday free so I went up to the Sierra to try to get one more trip before the snow starts. 5 hours total driving and 6 hours of detecting... Priceless! I have been detecting alone since the summer. I like not having any interference from another detector in the area but there is just something missing when you have to hike, eat lunch, detect and, in the case of this trip, fist pump over a nice yourself. That might just be me though. It took about 3 hours to find the first one which was the largest at 2 dwt. the total for the 4 pcs was 0.2 ozt. The last 3 were all within about 20 feet from each other and the 2nd largest was literally only about 1" down. I think the one on the bottom left looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull! I always look for shapes in my nuggets like some people look for shapes in the clouds! I didn't find the nickel on this trip but I did find it not too far from this spot. I was swinging for hours with not a single target and this nickel was all by its' lonesome! I suppose a miner or logger dropped it on accident. It was a beautiful day and I was really glad to have made it up there.
  20. This time of year in the High Desert you have to be and arm chair Meteorogist! It was the best, the type of Weather you can hunt all day without busting a single bead of sweat! 4 1/2 days of smiles before I had to toss the towel in and head back home to Robin. I couldn't establish any new ground on this hunt, but my old spots didn't let me down! My next few trips out to Rye Patch will be swinging for new spots to add to the old spots. Wish a Patch would replenish its self like a favorite fishing hole...well that would be to easy! Until the next hunt LuckyLundy
  21. The weather in Sunny Yuma by the Sea continues to suck. Decent morning temps, but 90 degrees by 10:00 am. I got my new replacement 7000 from Minelab a couple weeks ago. My original developed some screen issues and a broken battery clip. As most of you know, Minelab isn't repairing the 7000's, they are replacing them with new ones. I'm experimenting with a different super lightweight external frame pack for this winter's detecting. I've been going out for the past couple weeks for a few hrs in the morning working with the pack and setup to take the weight of the detector off my shoulder strap and onto the pack frame. I've about got the bugs worked out now so I'm looking forward to getting in some serious detecting soon. In the meantime, mostly because of the heat, I'm making short trips and using the Lucky Lundy mode of detecting. Super low and slow and replaced my reliance on the external WM speaker with IEM's (in ear monitor) type earphones. Lundy prefers the Grey Ghost traditional headphones I think, nevertheless the Etymotic brand 4S has 100 ohm impedance, so very close to the stock Koss headphones that came with the 7000, and no sweaty ears. No more 5 mile hikes for now, just working old drywash patches. The addition of max low and slow with the IEM's have resulted in some tiny gold. I count 3 that are .1 gram and under. I'm running maxed out sens with HY and low smoothing. It's really doing the trick based on these current results. I'm pretty sure the big ones with take care of themselves if I can just get the coil over them.
  22. Hi guys, Due to the building of our new house I had really put detecting on the back burner. Especially in the last 6 mohths. The building of it has certainly kept me a very busy boy over the last 18 months. I started it in may last year & worked on it full time living off savings. It is a 2 bedroom unit with its own single internal access garage. The two bedrooms & bathroom are upstairs above the single garage & an open plan lounge dining & kitchen area down stairs that opens out on to that patio with the pergola. As in the picture. Behind that & the double garage at the far end is the main 3 bedroom house. I worked on the main construction & getting the whole thing closed in & weather tight & got the unit liveable so Mrs JW & I could move in to the unit & so stop paying rent. That was early in the new year. At that stage I went back to full time paid work & so finished off the rest in my after hours & weekends. So detecting took a back seat. I did all the building myself except for the tin cladding & tin roof. Did all the interior & exterior just went on & on. I finally finished all the patios & pergolas on Saturday just gone & Mrs JW had a wedding to video on the sunday so I bailed for a detect & a day off from building. Now.... I have a confession to make...... A month ago I bought myself another 4500. It has a two piece carbon fibre upper shaft. Great for breaking down in to a smaller package & into a back pack. The standard minelab battery. A smaller coiltek Lithium Ion battery pack (used once). A small handicam battery set up that Velcro's on to the side of the detector control box. The usual minlab stuff that comes with it. 11" DD commader coil, headphone,, harness etc. It also came with a coiltek 14 x 9 goldstalker coil, 24 x 12 UFO coil & also the older NF fibreglass elliptical coil which I think is 16x 9. Probably wont use any of those coils though. Also has that plastic coil lead guard protector where the coil lead goes into the control housing to stop those false signals when you bump the lead on your hip while detecting. Also a Velcro wrap to go around the lower coil shaft to cover & protect the coil lead from falsing on bushes & bumps. Now for the crunch......It has the Woody front end gain mod done on it. That costs A$1800.00 alone. I paid NZ$2100 all up & free delivery. It is in immaculate condition & runs so smooth & stable. I can operate the gain in the highest setting & she just purrs. I got up bright & early sunday morning, sausages, eggs, chips & a coffee for breaky. Made up a smoko bag & thermos & I was off. I went to an old haunt that I hadn't been to for a few years. Once there it wasn't to bad a walk to get to the old workings. It was an area where I was getting no more gold although I hadn't tried the 11" or 14" coiltek Elite coils on there. I wanted to target some exposed bed rock & some old throw out piles from the old timers where I had done well on back with the 3000 & little joey mono coil & the 11" commander mono. I rigged up with the little NF Sadie coil to start off on the bed rock & an old throwout pile where I got quite a few small bits with the 3000 a joey back about 6 years ago. Been over it heaps since & nothing more. Rocked up with the Sadie & the modded detector & a faint little signal greeted me. Of course I though Shot gun pellet. The throw out pile The signal. How small is that? .05 of a gram. It was a long time between finds but I scoured the sides of an old ground sluicing channel & scored two more little bits I then wondered out of the workings & into some more deeper ground on the fringes. Got a loud signal & dug down a bit out popped this The biggest bit for the day. just under 1 gram. I then stopped for a coffee & put on the 14" Elite. Went back over all the ground plus out into the deeper ground on the fringes. To spots I had got gold in the past.....Nothing. After a couple of hours & getting a bit wiped out I stopped for a late lunch & another coffee & put on the 11" Elite. Off we go again over some old hot spots but nothing. I saw an old shallow scrape mark from some one that must have done that a while ago as it had grass growth back in it but it hadn't been filled in. For no reason I scanned over it, as you do, & just below it I got a nice soft mellow signal. No way I thought. So dug down on it. You will see the old scrape mark above the fresh hole And bingo Wondered on & another nice signal Another sassy bit of the good stuff And another All up 4 for the Sadie & 4 for the 11" Coiltek Elite. Making 2.5 grams total. Not much but gold off ground I have absolutely thrashed with all coils, the 3000, 4000 & my old 4500 until I was getting no more. This bad boy 4500 rewarded me Cheers guys Best of luck out there JW
  23. I just got back from a week up in Northern Nevada prospecting. Just over half an oz of nice small rough nuggets. The biggest was just over 2 dwt. The deepest was about 6 inches but some were right on the surface. Well, hell, I can only get one picture to upload, the biggest nugget. Will try again later.
  24. guys left a few for me! :-) Was at Rye Patch and vicinity while the Nugget Shoot was going on; didn't participate in event, but met a lot of nice folks who were down for it and will next year for sure! Got some nice nuggets, several while wandering looking for new patches, but most at known areas.... that 7000 is an amazing machine! Unbelievable how it can still sniff out some gold in obviously pounded places! Here's some pics...had a great time: beauty of the high desert, comradarie of other prospectors who love the hobby as much as I, and the spiritual time of solitude....oh, and the AU! :-)