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Found 116 results

  1. Woke up grabbed the 7000 and left for the day. It's what I love to do on my birthday. I called an old friend to ask if I could swing a coil of his land. Of course you can he replied. I haven't ever been there with a detector so what the heck. After my half hour drive a stepped out grabbed my gear got suited up and headed out. I stepped about sixty feet from my pickup and was mired in a patch. Four hours I was up and down like mad. Every swing yielded a nugget. I got tired after 3.3 ounces. Had to head home for a pint. Here's some pics VID_20170320_120017175.mp4
  2. Rain stopped about mid day so I shot out for a couple of hours in the arvo. Bang on 1/2 oz which brings the total for this spot to just over 5 oz so far. I can smell a big chunk hiding here somewhere.
  3. Hi all they small you get 10-15-20 each time but they add up. And they usually clean nuggets. All very shallow and fun to get. GoldEN
  4. Hi guys, I went off for a late afternoon detect yesterday back to the same area as my previous tiny tiny zed gold post as I hadn't finished there due to getting chased out by fading light. The beauty of going back over old areas is that there is very little to no rubbish. I did get a few tiny remains of some boot tacks but that was it. Not far from the last little bit I got the time before I got a sweet faint signal in some up on edge schist. Scraping away a bit of dirt I uncovered a small crevice in the schist that I was sure the signal was in. Right beside my pick point It was getting deeper & still in the crevise Finally it was out Never as big as the signal makes you think/hope it is going to be. Especially when you are getting down a bit. The Zed still surprises me at the depths it gets this small gold. This was getting down to about 6 inches. This is a view of the ground sluiced area & the schist the old timers exposed. The back filled hole is just past & under those two briar rose bushes just right of center. As you can see there is still a bit of deeper ground between the higher exposed schist. I scored some multi gram bits in those back with the GP 3000. My next very faint signal was right at the picks I thought. You will see that it is stuck in some lose material that is covering a crack or crevice in the schist bed rock. After a bit of scraping in that now exposed small shallow crevice at the bottom of the pic, I realised it was in a tight crack. that you will see above that first crevice & to the right. I ended up hauling a big slab of schist out as you will see by the large hole that created. My dilemma now was that the signal was dropping down deeper & deeper in to that crevice. I was lucky that about 5 years ago I had left a 5 foot crow bar hidden in the bushes not far away that I had used to leaver out some moranic boulders from where the old timers had stopped sluicing. I scored some nice bits of gold from doing that. So that bar was my Savior here, allowing me the power & leverage to shift these slabs of schist. My other dilemma was that this was not far from a cliff face dropping 80 meters down in to the river below & although these slabs of schist were solid were they weren't fractured. The fracture direction was like sliced bread peeling off & dropping to the river below. When I put the bar in to a crack & levered, the whole lot would move. My next move was to try to move that larger slab of schist at the top end of the pick head at that 90 degree fracture line by the picks point. Got the bar in there & yer....moved the bastard. Ye Ha Now I had the signal a bit more isolated in the middle of that hole. I just had to try & get to it without opening up the schist more & having the signal keep dropping on me. Other wise I was going to lose it. Here is an idea of how deep it was getting. You can see the original height from the dirt line on that back wall. You will also see from my shadow & where my detector is just where I was the 2nd pic below. Another angle. Note the drop off to the river down below. May not look far in that pic but the next one is from the same area but back a little bit. In fact, that ground you can see in the bottom right hand corner those gravels are on the same run of schist, the schist edge is just to the right & out a bit more Ok put you out of your misery.....Did I get the target??? After about an hour of careful levering prizing & scrapping with a stick I had the signal out. It wont pay off the National debt....but no catch & release. Boy ...did I work hard for that piece. I then moved on to another area & got three little bits out of this small surface area. All very shallow So all up 5 bits for .67 of a gram. Settings. High yield/normal. Audio smoothing OFF. Sensitivity 6. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  5. Finished night shift had a camp then proceeded to me gold fields.Arrived late afternoon , a few clouds around, thought I would have a couple of hours to snag a peace. Fired up the z'd and started , holy the clouds were thicker than I thought , lighting every 10 seconds tied to put up with it , but gave it away.Anyway went to sleep early and woke early moon was awesome and bright was about 3am had the usual coffee and breakfast and off . About HR later got a faint signal . Yep gold , little peace ,wet grass was not helpful 😏 10mins another tiny peace . Then another even smaller. Went back for smoko and thought I would have a look a some new ground . 2 hrs later had a target, πŸ˜„Sounded awesome and as I had taken about 3" off still there. Then out emerged a nice 9.5grammer . That was it I was done still 36degrees and humid as. Will get bac when cooler! πŸ˜ƒ Was the first hunt for awhile due to the heat ! Good luck out there people. Regards Sqizz
  6. Even though the temps here have only been in the low 30`s, for weeks now there has been no wind and no cloud so you get to about 10AM and it`s quite unpleasant outside. I went out for a 2Β½ hr detect yesterday at the closest goldfield to my house and when I had been there about 15 min I got this one. Really deep in a old diggers mound. I took the picture with the microscope because it`s hard to see the gold in this piece, but it should clean up well in the acid. It sg`s at 1.1 grams. cheers Dave
  7. Hi all like clean shiny colour. Keep some small ones in acid bath for a couple weeks.: GoldEN
  8. It's been a while since I posted any gold finds, so I thought I better let you all have a look at some of what the GPZ 7000 has found in the beat-up old placers of southwestern Arizona before making my way northward. The mighty Zed: Pictured is 3 ounces of the good stuff. It was unseasonably cool and wet this winter, and is just now warming up to the temperature that it should have been a month ago. Not complaining...just saying. 😊 Also saw a few critters. The weather has been so perfect lately that I really don't want to leave. Even mom got into the action this winter after a 4 year hiatus; her story here: Well, until next winter, so long sunny AZ!😎
  9. G'day you lot, Mrs JW had an all day wedding to video on Saturday so I made my escape up in to the hills for the day. My plan was to detect untried ground higher up on both sides of a little gully that the old timers had turned over & I had done quite well on in their throw out piles. I had also found a wee patch up out of the gully on one side but it didn't live & was just a little isolated patch. After a few hours I had zilch gold & quite a bit of rubbish, & I had tried both sides above the gully floor. The grass growth had dried off a bit & although it wasn't a billiard table like it usually is this time of year it was the best It had been all summer for detecting. So I ended up getting back down amongst the old workings & the gully floor. The dry grass folded over easily with out falsing signals. I got an extremely faint hint of a signal on the top of an old throw out pile. The pile was all small shattered gravely schist. Good looking stuff. The signal was beside a little thyme bush. So I smashed that out of the way & the signal was now centered right where the thyme bush had been. It was getting down about 6 inches & the signal was still there. I wasn't holding my breath as it could still be a boot tack or something other than gold. A few more scrapes & it was out Ye Ha Then about 15 feet away beside a sarson stone I got a very faint hit. Dug down beside the stone & the signal improved. I then had another sarson stone on the other side of the hole. After digging down a bit, I backed up on to my dig out dirt & there was a signal in the dirt. It didn't seem to be as strong as what I was getting & I thought, that cant be the original signal. I ferreted about in the pile & got the signal on to the coil. beauty. Not satisfied that this was the original signal I stuck the coil back in to the hole. Bingo....stronger signal still in there. I was getting down a bit & the other stone was now getting in my way. I was having trouble pin pointing so I went back to my wagon & got the Gold Bug 2. My pin pointer & discriminator. It was only just getting a slight hit. So a bit more digging & it was telling me exactly where the target was & it was sounding GOOD. You will see those small thyme bushes to the right of my pick belt. They are on top of the old timers throw out pile & the first bit I got was just back a bit out of this photo. And this is why the signal sounded GOOD to the Bug 2 Now I know what you are thinking. That is the same bit as the first bit you bugger. You just turned it over. But no. Here is the proof I stopped for a coffee break & then got back in to it. I ended up back in the floor of the gully & I came to a spot where I had got two bits with the 4500 & 14" Elite coil. The signs of my back filled hole were still there & for no reason I scanned over it. As you do. Well bugger me...a little hint of a signal at the back of the old dig & up against the bank of the little gully wall. This was the start of the dig & I was into that nice gravely schist. I remembered that there was bed rock not too far down & that was where the gold was sitting when I was here with the 4500. I got to the bed rock & the signal was still there Not too sure if it was bed rock or a buried sarson stone, but then the signal was out. A nice little piece. Ye Ha. I went & got the Bug 2 before back filling & bugger me... Not one tiny bit but 2 Wondering on down the gully floor I got another sweet little hit. Scrape scrape & it was out. I managed one more bit but it was dark by then so no pic. Well that was a bit of fun. I called it quits at that as it was 9.30pm & I still had a two hour drive home. So all up.....two for the Bug 2 & six for the Zed for a total of 1.95 grams. . Cheers guys. Good luck out there JW
  10. HI all, Nice flat nugget. GoldEN
  11. Hi guys, A couple of sundays ago I went out to a local spot 15 minutes from home. I wasn't really expecting to get any thing, bad attitude I know. It was more for the walk & to get away for a few hours in the cool of late afternoon after doing choirs around our property. I hadn't been over this area with the Zed, so you never know what may turn up. I got a very faint whisper in this up on edge schist bed rock that the old timers had exposed with their ground sluicing. I was expecting a shot gun small is that??? .04 of a gram Then another faint signal. Again in the schist bed rock I was operating with a nice back drop up on an old high terrace. Another faint signal lead to two tiny bits from the same little schist crevice. I called it quits at that & quite chuffed that I got any thing at all. But oh how small. My 2300 hadn't even pinged these bits. A grand total of 4 bits. One at .04 of a gram, Two at .08 of a gram & one at .09. Making a total of .29 of a gram And an old button Cheers guys Good luck out there JW
  12. Hi All, All with with Gpx5000 and 8 inch coil: All couple grams: Enjoy GoldEN
  13. Hi All just to get an idea of type of gold is found in some goldfields in Queensland, Australia.Found with 2300. Flat piece has 0.8 grams and was given as a present to me from a detecting mate Ruffles. (probably as a present i didn't go with them hihi). GoldEN
  14. Hi all Checking some nuggets from past trips and making some photo to share:Enjoy. All couple grams each. GoldEN
  15. i though this piece on the left was a particularly interesting specimen because it is so deceivingly light! Believe it or not, both nuggets are nearly identical in weight, at just under 3 grams (with the bigger crystalline looking piece actually being slightly lighter)... At a glance you would assume it was 2-3x bigger. It almost reminds me of crumpled aluminum foil that is loosely balled up, but if you really press on it it will get way smaller. Just a cool piece I thought I'd share.
  16. Hi all One of 6-7 species which came from same hole: enjoy GoldEN
  17. Hi all one with GPX5000 shallow gold. Is it me or i see like little small creature there?
  18. Hi all few with GPX5000 8 inch mono. Couple inches deep.
  19. Hi All enjoy to look at them : 1st 2.5 grams from Talbot goldfields .Had enough of detecting , was getting dark and got a signal 4 meters from the car. 2nd.couple grams 3rd couple grams 4th.Coiltek 14 inch mono 1.5 grams GoldEN
  20. Hi all interesting little nugget. too small for a pick hit:|
  21. Spot the gold in amongst this small mound of rabbit droppings ! No Aussie replies as you probably seen it on the Aus forums, Leave this to our northern friends Cheers Ashley
  22. Hi all some more with nice shape: goldEN
  23. Hi All Some flat ones and clean as gold :) GoldEN
  24. I got out for a quick 2Β½ hour detect today at a spot where most times I come home empty handed but I know of some nice pieces that have come from there in the last 5 years and I got this half grammer. It`s not so much the size of the piece as the signal it gave off. I run a very low threshold, if I turn down the threshold just 2 numbers I can`t hear it, and this piece came through as very soft electrical interference. From the signal I was getting I had no idea of size or depth and I was disappointed it was only down 6" in super hard gravel. I was hoping what ever it was, it was going to be much deeper. But any day I come home with a rattle in the jar is a good day. cheers Dave
  25. My mission to pay off my GPZ is off to a good start. Saturday was out for a few hours and picked up 8.2 g. Then today made it out, and got 10.6 g big one was 4.2 g. I was amazed at the depth of the 3 gram nugget. Just been hitting old patches mostly, with a couple of stray nuggets here and there. cheers. Chris