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Found 151 results

  1. My biggest for the year 7.66g.Found under two slate tiles 13" down.
  2. A couple of days ago went to a new area, no diggings around, and no finesse to my detecting, I`m not working low and slow trying to hear faint changes in the threshold, I`m hooking in and covering as much ground as I can. Two days ago I hit a point oner that I thought for sure was a birdshot and yesterday I got this one. So for about nine hours detecting I got 2, the gold is hardly leaping out of the ground all over the place, but it`s a big area and I`m still young (i wish). 2.69 grams. Dave
  3. All Winter/Spring in Rye Patch this year was a tough deal fighting the ground noise. We knew we had to wait till Summer for the ground to dry out for some spots that hold the deep gold. Robin & I, were on and extended road trip that started for a few days in Laughlin, NV and a hunt out in the gold basin area. Then a short drive to Las Vegas for a couple days and then ending up in Reno stopping here and there for a hunt on placers along the way. During this time, a couple Buddies where sending me pictures of their Rye Patch poke. Braving the heat and with night hunts fighting off the Rattlers with some impressive pokes! While in Reno, they told me to checkout weather for the upcoming weekend! What Spring time conditions in June! 😳 We made our hunt plans. I got home and unpacked Robin's Jeep and tossed my Detecting gear in my truck and the next morning bright and early hit the road with some heavy rains on the California side of the hill on I-80. Rains, gave way to partly cloudy in speed limit East of Fernly, NV is 80 mph, what! My hunting partners Rudy & Steve caught me in Lovelock filling my truck up and off we went...arriving at Rudy's last spot of deep nuggets at 11:00 am. Rudy, deployed out of Steve's pickup like a seasoned Veteran and was on his little patch as Steve and I, was still gearing up! He had two nuggets before we hardly had our detectors tuned, each around a foot deep. I knew the area and gave Rudy a wide berth respecting his 23" biceps 💪 as he swings and extra large pick with rocks flying in all directions on each swing of his pick. I soon, popped two deep nuggets and Steve yanked out a fabulous 2 dwt Chevron. We had to run back to the trucks as a heavy downpour of rain gave us a break for a late lunch. Soon after, hit it again, or should I say Rudy with a couple more nuggets before we headed back to camp. Next morning, was more of the Rudy show! He called me over to his chewed up 20 ft long deep nugget Patch for a listen of a target! I stuck my coil into a 6" scrap and heard the classic nugget tone...we both smiled at each other as I gave a head nod of approval 😀. We now began a 30 minute dig through the shale. Rudy's pick at 15" had to give way for my special bedrock pick in the back of my truck. At 20" this target was screaming bloody murder on the GPZ, but so does a 2 dwt'er! Many breaks later and another 4" deeper we knew we were close. Rudy's pen pointer was pointing at the crevice in the bottom of the hole. Steve, finally works his way over to see what we are doing on our bellys with our heads in a big hole! I give way, as I heard his bench made pocket knife open up and Rudy moved his giant finger away from the pointed spot. A couple scraps and out pops the fruit to the effort of the dig! Over 8 dwts nugget, is sweet in any gold field new or old diggings. Steve and I, bowed to Rudy as the King of the short hunt weekend as he added a couple more before he finally let us pick up the scraps in his mini patch. He was laughing at our misfortune sipping a cold one in a lawn chair for a couple dinks! But, it's the hunt, the thrill. What a great hobby to keep your blood pumping...over 18 dwts on them coils. The trip home with a cold I picked up from Robin, hit me hard and so did the surprise snow storm on top of Donner Pass. Home safe and nursing my cold and wishing I was on the hunt, before the heat comes back to the high desert! Until the next hunt LuckyLundy
  4. Working for a living is getting in the way of fun. I'm in a gold ring slump. Last one was the day before Christmas. We managed to get to the desert finally after nearly two years of trying. Most stuff is from locally. A friend has three ranches he lets me hunt on. The gold is hard to find....I'm just happy just to get away for the day and try and find anything to be honest. The parks are good to me sometimes. Looking forward to beaches and tops of the Sierras this Summer.. And hooking up with some of you! Happy hunting fellas.. strick
  5. Just thought you guys would like to see some of the bigger nugs found in the last couple of months detecting in Western Australia.....lots of little ones but the bigger ones are still out there just fewer and further between
  6. Fred Mason has a story in the new ICMJ. Check it out at your local news stands or get a subscription from Chris Ralph. Let me just tell you that Fred has a picture of a nugget that covers a half-dollar coin. You can see some of the pictures here: Mitchel
  7. This is 10grams from a hillside with multiple sources. This is some specimens total weight about 12g(Cleaned)from a single deep hole below the reef line.Found with the 5000+14"round Elite.
  8. Was working one of my go to areas in the Southern Calif desert and managed to get 4 little ones for one gram total. Just as was packing up my gear I almost stepped on this little guy out for a later afternoon crawl.
  9. I forgot how long it takes to get to the campsite in the Dale. The wind was howling much of the time. Anyway, I found a five gram bit of the San Bernadino Wash meteorite...I had sold all the first pieces I found , so this is just big enough for me to cherish... I also found a 1.2 grain an area that had not yielded any is all good. We had a good time for a very short trip... fred
  10. So you have the best detector with the arguably deepest punching coil there is. I've been throwing it around since it came out. In the beginning I had it on for as long as possible but it was late in the season over here and the summer heat halted the crusade. I had not had a single signal .. nada, niete, halemaal niets (well one then - a f&*@ing tree root... on my first day out - see my initial run with gpz 19 thread). The season started a few months ago and I've become a bit more strategic with it. I was only chucking it on when I knew or thought we were in deep ground. So I'm out with the boys and on a spot that has had a lot of gold come off it (a lot means a lot). The ‘girls’ decided they would sleep in as we detected until 1am the night before. "You snooze you lose" comes to mind so I'm up at 6am and into it with the 19". The area had a fair few hot rocks (even with the 19") and then I came across a confusing signal. Definitely not a screamer but got me mildly excited. Scraped away with the boot and the signal was gone. Bugger another bloody hot rock. The sound just made me hesitate and I thought just check it out. There was a small hot rock and I still thought there was something going on - it just felt wrong. I grabbed a few more rocks and found one with a signal. It was covered in shit and I was expecting to see the classic black of an ironstone hot rock. Rubbed it and it was a dark brown and I thought, "I'm in here". Cleaned it up on the spot as best I could and was scanning like a madman to see any speck of colour. After about 30 seconds of scanning there it was - the tiniest speck on the outside. Relief ....... I hammered the area for another half hour then went back to camp. Strategically making just enough noise to get the girls stirring, they arose. "Get any? The call comes from sleeping quarters. "Well yes I did", and threw it to him. The grim look on his face said it all - "he's beaten us". The specie's from this spot had generally been running at 1/3 of the weight of the specie. This one was 68g so the prediction was a 20g specie. The plot thickens........... At the end of the day the boys were a bit demoralised as they had nothing to show, and of course I reminded them of this fact. Out of interest I threw the specie down for my mate to check with his 4500. Barely a murmur, you would walk over it with the 4500. Initially, the look was one of OMG, I can't hear this specie and I could have walked over 30 of these today and would never have known ...... Then it turned too - "mate there's a gram in there at most". They kicked back laughing and joking for the rest of the night happy in the knowledge my potential win was actually a huge loss. I got home and went through the specie procedure to estimate the weight (great calculator at Whoops, it's 20.9g of gold ......... I gave it a whack. There is gold all through it ...... I just about cried laughing and fired off a few pics for the lads to digest. The worlds biggest and best detector with the largest coil with massive depth gets a bloody floating specie ..... the irony is, well, ironic. Cheers BB
  11. Got out Saturday for a day hunt at Gold Basin, Arizona. Ended up with 3 Gold Nuggets, and a few meteorites, wish the weather stayed like this all the time ..... Dave.
  12. I realize these are nowhere near as impressive of some of the great finds that are shown here, but I got these three in a 4½ detect today with the 7000 ◕‿◕. Dave
  13. Hi guys, It has been a while since I took the Zed for a walk as I have been a bit preoccupied with other matters. In the last couple of weeks we have been touched with the finger tips of winter tapping on the door. A couple of dustings of snow up on the hills & frosts now becoming the norm in the early hours of the mornings. This pic taken from work last week. A few weekends earlier a local photographer captured an amazing photo of the Aurora Australis (The Southern Lights) Taken from the road going up Coronet Peak. His picture was printed on the front page of our local newspaper which I have scanned to show you guys. It was taken at 9.30pm. What appears to be cloud on the left hand side is actually the core of the milky Way. The mountain range in the back ground left of centre is the same range as the pic above with snow on it. Any way.....Saturday dawned cold & frosty & I had packed the night before for an early start as I had a 2.5 hour drive ahead of me. I also had to be mindful that it was opening day for the duck shooting season & with such clear skies it wasnt looking too good for the duck shooters. My thoughts were that they might turn to blowing away a few bunnies instead so i was going to have to be careful up in the hills. I wanted to go back to a spot where I had recently got 8 grams in 9 pieces & due to a bit of grass growth reckoned there was more to be got with the grass dying off a bit & now being able to get the coil closer to the ground. I got there & rigged up. The grass had died off quite a bit but I was lucking out on any gold. The odd bit off rubbish.....but goldless. After a few hours I stopped for a coffee break & then carried on up a small gully. There was still a bit of dense grass growth in this gully but I quietly pushed the Zeds 14" coil through the grass, flattening it down carefully so as to get no falsing. Easier said than done but I thought I heard a signal up against a sarson stone. I was in highyield/normal sensitivity on 8. I ended up turning & rolling the sarson stone out of the way. I dug down a bit to clear the grass & get the coil down on to the ground. The signal improved but was a horrible sounding signal. Had wire or nail written all over it. But I carried on digging down on it. Down about 6" the signal cleaned up. Down 8" & in to quartzy schist gravels. I then got in to a softer white type schist clay. That seemed a bit strange for up here where the bed rock is schist or a rotten schist which the gold is usually trapped in. I was having trouble pin pointing the target so I reverted to using the Gold Bug 2 with it little 6x3 sniper coil to pin point, lock on to the target & then flick in to discriminate. Signal still sounded good...well not ferrous any way. Could still be lead or a .22 shell. The signal was out. Ye Ha 1.38 grams As I do I stuck the coil back down the hole before back filling. What was that. Another faint signal. Again I used the Bug 2 to get a better location of where the target was. it was hard up to the left in the bottom of the hole. So I had to widen the hole. Signal was out & was a 1.02 gram piece. Again I stuck the zeds coil in the hole & another signal. I just layed in to the dig & scraped out a heap more dirt. Signal gone. Backed up on the pile & pinged it. So...three bits from the one hole. Stuck the coil down the hole again....but that was it. Stuck the GB2 coil in & nothing. Waved the Zed over the dig out pile & another hit. Making 4 bits for a total of 3.2 grams. That was it & that was also it for the rest of the day. I went on in to the dark with head lamp but that was it. I was destined to get no more. Beautiful sunset. Still had the 2.5 hour drive home. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  14. Hi everybody, finally got around to giving a few iron coated bits an acid bath, They look alot better than the ugly bits that went in initially. Cheers Dave.
  15. Hi all, I want out yesterday to an area that has some gold , but also lots of trash....i dug a lot of trash. Deep nails were my nemesis with the GPZ, but I did manage to dog up these 5 nuggets. Largest was 2.7 grams. Thanks, Chris.
  16. Got out Friday, and decided to use the good ol Boat Anchor 19 " coil on the ZED. After finding the Specimen Gold, and into it 2 hours, my Bungee broke, and I had to go to my backup bungee, and also switched back to the 14". I was using the High Yield Mode with the 19" coil, since the soils here are not to bad, and I seem to get a little more depth using the 19" with High Yield. Dave.
  17. I got out to Tarnagulla today for a detect and I got 2 little specimens and then I finished off the day with this beauty. I was using the 7000 with JP`s recommended conservitive settings and this sounded like a very deep target. I was surprised when I moved it about 5" down. What really excited me about this one was I did some testing and the 2300 can get it at about 8" and the 7000 can only get it at 6". That in itself told me there was a fair bit of gold in it. I suspect a 5000 would struggle to hear it. This speci is predominately quartz but it has a thin layer of ironstone around it. In the first 2 photos are the only two pieces that are readily visible but under high magnification there are at least 100 pinpoints of gold visible all around it. I have no idea how much the ironstone mucks up the SG, but the sg for quartz says there is 28.649 grams of gold in this piece. I`m not going to drop this one in acid till my mate waves his 5000 over it. I`m hoping there is going to be a heap of gold visible once the ironstone is gone. cheers Dave
  18. This is a specimen I got last week with the 7000 and 14" coil at about 5-6" and it readily sticks to a magnet. The total weight of this piece is 0.85 gram so there is not a hell of a lot of gold in it, and I figured the 19" coil would struggle to hear it, but with JP`s deep gold settings, the 19 can hear it about 4" away . It should look good when it`s been acid cleaned.
  19. So some of you may have seen my piece I put in the thread about 'What are your detecting goals' as I was happy I had reached the goal of getting a nugget over 1 gram (it's sad but you have to start somewhere ). Well 24 hours later and I've got another. 11 grams is the big one. 6 is the littler one. And 3 smallies which have been my standard fare. Its been a beautiful weekend here in Northeast Victoria for Easter. These beauties have topped it off. Happy Easter everyone.
  20. Hi all, just thought I would share my find for my first day detecting of 2017, nothing big, but it's a start Cheers Dave.
  21. Today I went to an area that I recently gained access to. I looked at imagery to see where the old workings are. I picked a spot where a drag line and wash plant had been though. As I was driving in I noticed a lot of the ground had all of the rocks racked off. I figured who ever did it had to have found something. So the tailings will have to wait. I decided to run the SDC 2300 over that ground. After digging the 10th piece of shot I got another signal about a foot away from one I just dug. It was real hard to pinpoint and find but the sun hit it right on the coil and I knew it was a little piece. Finally I found a nugget in New Mexico. Nothing like others recently on the forum but I was pretty jazzed. My first desert piece.
  22. Hi guys, Mrs JW & I had planned on going on a 4 wheel drive trip up & along the tops of a block mountain penny plain ( Our plan was to get off early Saturday morning, do one of the trips & spend the night in a little old gold mining town. Do another trip Sunday & then head home. Well things turned to custard & we ended up having to do a few things before heading off. We didnt get off until after midday. It wasnt going to be a detecting mission but part of the trip was to scope out new areas. I wasnt even going to take any detectors but Mrs JW said you would be a fool not to as you never know what you may come across up there. I had done a google earth fly over & there did seem to be a few areas of disturbed ground. So I threw in the Zed & GB2. Due to our late get away we decided to head to the little old mining town & explore around that area, go to the pub for a meal & then do our 4 wheel drive trip on the sunday & then head home. So after checking in to our cabin at the camp ground we headed off to explore. Driving down the main road we passed this hydro power station dam. This is one of two dams blocking off the mighty Clutha river. Gold all the way from start to coast. It is the longest river in the south Island & the largest water volume river in New Zealand. We had a very average summer with river levels staying up but the last couple of months have been pretty dry & the lakes & rivers have dropped quite a bit. Below this dam the river was down a good couple of meters from normal. Exposing a lot of bed rock. There would have to be gold in there. Under claim unfortunately. After getting off the main road & crossing over the river we hit a single lane dirt track that followed the river for quite a long way. We came to two graves on the side of the track in the middle of now where. Known as "The Lonely Graves" Lonely Graves The Lonely Graves at Horseshoe Bend are a poignant reminder of the tragedies that went hand in hand with the achievements of Central Otago pioneers. This touching story has become firmly entrenched in local lore. The Lonely Graves are alongside the Clutha River 8km southeast of Millers Flat; turn off SH8 by the Millers Flat Bridge. Horseshoe Bend goldfield was home to about 2000 miners and shopkeepers in 1863. By 1865 the population had dropped to 72. Legend has it that near the end of 1865 William Rigney, an Irish miner at Horseshoe bend gold diggings, came across the body of a young, good-looking man. The police were called and permission was given for the unknown man to be buried. A funeral was held and attended by everyone from the diggings. William Rigney arranged for a pine slab to be erected with the words: “Somebody’s Darling Lies Buried Here.” William Rigney died in 1912 and according to his instructions was buried alongside the unknown man. His headstone reads: Here lies the body of William Rigney, the man who buried Somebody's Darling." The Original pine slab head board now in a glass protection case And William Rigney's Sunday dawned with a slight frost but a clear blue sky day. We were off. Climbing up we leave the green farmland pastures behind getting up in to the tussock covered natural Central Otago high country. A wrinkled landscape This is the track cut down to the schist basement bed rock & shows how little ground cover there is. Wish there was gold there. The Zed would be in its element And in the distance a beautiful lake way up there. We were the only souls up here. BIG open country. Makes you feel soooo small. Just stunning. We left the lake behind & decided to shorten our trip due to our late start Saturday. We were going to carry on along the ridge of this penny plane block mountain but we had done a lot of driving & decided to head down the other side to another valley system. We passed some of the disturbed ground I had seen on google earth. It sure did look like old workings & digging piles. So we stopped for a look & the gravels were all water worn quartz gravels. I broke out the GB2 & went for a wander. No joy. I wonder how the old timers did. May have been very fine gold. At the end of the workings it looks like the gravels have been quarried now for the road/track gravels. Heading on down the other side the country became littered with schist tors & rocky out crops. We ended up going to pass not too far away from some old workings that I had detected as few years earlier & done ok on. Mrs JW said why dont you have a go with the Zed. There is still a few hours of day light left. Not needing any encouragement we turned left of this dirt track & on to another even rougher dirt track that climbed up to these workings. Got there, rigged up & not even two minutes in to it. BANG....a very faint signal. The grass growth had dried off a bit & so was good detecting conditions. Down beyond those pesty pellets & the signal was still in there. YE HA. You beauty A nice little speci 5 feet away another faint little signal. It too lived on down past those pellet depths. Note the bit of quartz. Another sassy bit of gold. Small but at good depth. High Yield/Normal Sensitivity 6 I was getting the odd pellet with that sort of tell tale double hit signal. So I tried changing settings to eliminate those. Tried a few different settings. Left the sensitivity on 6. Signals dried up so didnt really persevere for too long & went back to high yield/normal. Not long after a very faint signal. Should have changed back settings & had more of a play over this signal but the day was running out of day light so I didnt. This signal was down a bit A nice rough piece of gold with a small bit of quartz Another very faint signal that lived on down & got better Another nice little specimen piece I was on a roll. Very faint signal. Down a bit. Signal still in the hole. I went & got the bug 2 to pin point it better as the ground was hard. No signal with the Bug so still down a bit more. I pulled the bug out & rested its coil on the out side edge of the hole &...what was that....a signal on the bug. Probably a pellet. Scraped away a bit & signal still there. Flick in to discriminate, signal unchanged. Oh well...wasnt iron & getting down a bit for a pellet. May be a .22 lead bullet head. But no...a piece of gold for the Bug 2. What a hoot. Back in to digging the hole deeper until the bug got a hit on it & it didnt discriminate out. Bugs little gold hole to the left. GPZ hole deeper & signal finally out. A nice piece. Again,had a bit of dirty quartz attached There were a few smaller bits that could easily have been pellets & with that double hit signal & then it was getting dark & still a fair drive home. What a great 2.5 hours of detecting. 9 bits for just over 8 grams. I was happy with that. Cheers & Good luck out there JW
  23. Got a text yesterday from my buddy Chris, who said dude, get your , and lets get out there !!!! ( Well something like that , hehe !!! ) . I told him I can only hunt a half day, even though today was just a great day for a full day of hunting today, darn it !!!! Ended up finding almost 10 grams today.. :) . The large piece was a little more than a foot down, and just made a break in the threshold, I kicked some dirt out of the way, and it made the nice mellow weewoo sound, and I was like . Some digging in the side of a wash a little more than a foot down, and got a ..... maybe a foot away I found another small nugget right on top of the ground, and found another small piece in another wash. I also brought home a new pet, and the good ol U.S. deserts give them away for free, as you can see in the picture, he is enjoying his new home.... I have been bringing baby dinosaurs home in the backyard for years, but they never grow up , they just make babies in my back yard and eat the spiders... Dave
  24. Hi Guys, Mrs JW was up in the North Island visiting her daughter in Napier for a long weekend. So I again made the most of being home alone & headed off up in to the hills & stayed in an old timers rock hut shelter. Not quite the Hilton but out of the elements....but not by much The things we do....Bloody gold.... Well....Saturday was a tough day. Bit like the last Saturday when I only got 2 small bits for .3 of a gram. I went over a few spots where I had already been with the Zed but the grass growth had backed off a bit & it was easier swinging for the Zeds 14" coil. I was having no joy what so ever. So in a last ditch effort for Saturday I headed back to a patch I got on to just before Xmas day Where I scored this lot. . And a day later cleaning up the crumbs this lot with help from the Gold Bug 2 I thought there must be a few more pieces I can wrestle out of this patch. This patch area was no bigger than 5 meters x 5 meters. It was hard going but I finally then got a faint signal that stayed in the ground after more than a few scrapes & then down to the bed rock schist when the signal was finally out. YE HA.....A bit of GOLD. Unfortunately that was it for Saturday. I was thinking....oh boy....not a repeat of last weekend. So it was off to the rock hut shelter to cook up a meal of steak, eggs, fried potato chips, broccoli & cauliflower with some fresh mushrooms that I came across out in the field. We dont do it tough out up in the hills here. LOL After that & a couple of cups of coffee I hit the sack for an early start in the morning. What a great start to the morning. After a breakfast of sausages, eggs & spaghetti washed down with the usual couple of coffees, I was off & in to it. I decided to go for a long hike to a spot I hadnt been to for a few years. I had done quite well here back in the GP 3000 days with the little coiltek 10x5 joey mono coil & the Nugget Finder 12x7. After that I had got nothing more. Not even with the 4500 & an array of coils. I dont think I had the Elite coils over this patch although I had not far away when I did get a few bits of gold. On getting to the spot, which had a few turned over shallow prospect holes & a bit of a run where they must have got on to something. It wasnt in a gully but just out in open flat ground. Unusual. Starting at the top end of some of the prospect holes & throw out piles I slowly wandered on through them as I had got gold here before so kept a slow, low & carefully controlled coil sweep. I got my share of pellets as you do but I then got a signal beside a tussock the signal stayed in the ground for a bit of depth. Signal out, but look how small. Not much bigger than a pellet. But no catch & release. This then was the start of a few small bits Then on to a deeper signal. And a bigger bit of gold Scanned the hole before back filling & there was another good signal still in the hole. Ended up with two bits out of this one dig Still the signals kept coming I would just like to take the time to show you my digging patten in this next dig. To the right is the first scrape of the top layer of grass sod. Signal still in the ground so I go 180 degree's to the first scrape & dig out the pile to the left. Down a bit & signal still in the ground so I then go 90 degree's & keep on digging that pile in the foreground. Signal out. Retrieve the signal. In this case it was a bit of gold. Ye Ha I then back fill the hole, after re scanning, in the reverse order of digging. Ending up with the grass back on top of the dig hole. So nice & neat & hopefully the grass will keep on growing Well...the small gold did keep on coming & I ended up with 18 bits for 5.3 grams off an area no bigger than 4 meters x 4 meters. The tussocks at the top is where the first bit was got & the rest in the area in the foreground. There were more bits found after this pic was taken, but all in that area. Then it was over. Good fun while it lasted. Cheers guys. Good luck out there JW
  25. This Rye Patch trip, I was fighting snow and wind going and heading back home! Pulling a 30' Toy Hauler in the windy flats of Nevada and the snowy Donner Pass has to be one of my favorite things, NOT! Geez, bring the drought back, lol. Rye Patch, is always a fun trip and you always run into some great people trying out their luck in the open vastness of the high plains. Our hunting party had 4 experienced hunter and one brand new prospector armed with and SDC 2300. This time of the year, we run around and detect tons of new spots with the hopes of finding a few in the wet, hot soil conditions of this desert region. Training a new gold detectorist on unproven ground is a challenge, "dig everything that beeps" as we cover hundreds of acres with our coils a day. By golly, if he didn't go home with 5 hard earned nuggets. No skunks amongst the Veteran Prospectors either! We eat and drank like Kings, oh Robin was our Queen and all of us slept like babies. Here's our poke...Until the next hunt LuckyLundy