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Found 47 results

  1. Just thought I should introduce myself. I am a new member on this forum. I have been a member on the Finds Forum and the AHRPS forum for some time, and I just found this forum. I live in Corvallis, Oregon. I belong to the Beaver State Coin Shooters metal detecting club here in Corvallis. I do mostly coin and jewelry hunting at local parks and schools. I retired from Oregon State University in 2001 after working 30+ years there. My other main hobbies besides metal detecting are fishing, hunting, and traditional archery.
  2. New Member

    Hey Everyone, New member here and just wanted to check in. Not a new guy at detecting and I love detecting the SoCal beaches near where I live. It's awesome exercise and the occasional good find is what keeps me going. Best of luck to all and thanks for having me!
  3. Hello all! I'm from Austria and I'm sorry for my bad English. At the age of 47, I'm only starting metal searches, but I have not yet decided on a device. Also wait for the Equinox and hope that it is good for my area, coniferous forest, old ways ....? I think field is a bit different than dense old forest. There were Celts, Romans, knights (Middle Ages) but also heavy fighting in World War II. It is very important to me that I also choose as a beginner a good machine suitable for this type of hunting. Tips from Pofis as most of you are, I gratefully accept! Unfortunately, the detectors here in Europe are a lot more expensive than, for example, in the USA, but that's just the way it is. Many greetings, Legolas!
  4. Hola a todos, perdonen si no es el lugar correcto, pero estoy buscando y no veo la sección de nuevos miembros. Mi nombre es Luis y soy de España. He estado siguiendo este foro durante mucho tiempo y me gustaría seguir aprendiendo de todos ustedes como usuario registrado. Gracias y saludos. Perdonar mi inglés, estoy usando un traductor
  5. G`day Steve, i`ve been following this site for some time now and would like to compliment you on a great forum, with many very experienced prospectors visiting this site, i would very much like to pick all of your brains,but would also like to input my 'take' on things as i see it, i can be quite controversial at times so be forwarned. Anyway congrats again and continue the good work!!!
  6. Hello!

    Greeting from Leicestershire in the UK. Bit of a Minelab buff, got a GPX5000, CTX3030 & Explorer SE . Just bobbing around looking for info on the Equinox & this place popped up. Will post some pics of proper old stuff if you like!! lol
  7. Hello all from Delaware new to forum and been hunting treasure for about a year. Also I am looking for a Sunray FX-1 if anyone should have one or know of one.
  8. New To Detecting

    Good morning all, I just joined this site, as my wife and I have taken an interest to detecting. We enjoy riding out to remote areas on our ATVs and decided detecting would enhance our fun. Looking forward to learning this new hobby and the adventures that follow. ;)
  9. Hello!

    Hello all, New here to DetectorProspector and thought I 'd introduce myself. I do enjoy hitting the beach from time to time and hope to be able to learn here as well as contribute a little too. Got my trusty X705 and try and hit the beach once a week or so. Cheers all G
  10. Saying Hello

    Hello all. New member here to DetectorProspector. I enjoy Metal detecting for coins and jewelry as well as getting up in the mountains prospecting and sluicing. I hope to get out alot more, and be able to contribute to this community in a few of the great forums on this site.. Thanks and happy hunting to all. G
  11. Hi All

    Just new to the forum hi to all. Just thought i would share a nice little photo of my work on Saturday. GPZ 7000
  12. Hello From Aus

    Good day or evening to all wich ever the case may be. Have been haunting this site for a while lots of good impartial info. Been detecting for just over a year an this has been my go to particularly for info on equipment. Thanks Regards Lp
  13. Dear all, thank you for beeing here in this great Forum. My Name is Silvanus (Chris) and I am from Germany. I am searching with a XP DEUS since 1,5 Years. In previous times I had a Minelab Souvereign GT and a XP Goldmaxx Power V4. I am very intersted in roman / celtic as well as medival relics. I am quite often in the USA for visiting my brother in Virginia. The civil war is also very interesting for me. Maybe I can find some information here what is allowed and what not. If you have any questions what is possible in Europe (Germany) let me know and I will help. best regards from Nürnberg (Germany) Silvanus
  14. What Was Your 1st Detector?

    What was the 1st metal detector you ever owned? Brand & model. How many detectors have you owned?
  15. Ecuador

    Anyone on here in Ecuador?
  16. G'Day, My name is Dave and I am another one from downunder, I have followed the forum for quite some time now and I thought it was time I joined.I have found the content to be of a very high standard.Keep up the good work Steve as I see you run a tight ship mate. Cheers Dave
  17. Introducing Joejoe

    Hey all,,, Just wanted to introduce Joe to the forum members-- He is from Milwaukee and a VA travel nurse like me.... Many different interests--- Check in with him and see if you can network some fun times! va nurse paul
  18. I see on the oz forum that today (or is it tomorrow) (in Oz) is JP's Bday... since I straddle two worlds (in my dreams) I wish you happy birthday today and tomorrow! and many golden days ever after. fred
  19. G'day Steve & All, it all started when I was very young, my Dad would take us camping, to a little Town called Heathcote in central Victoria in Australia. Where I would spend most of my time down at the creek panning, that was how I became hooked to this great hobby. Over the years I built my own rocker cradle and Various sluices. Then technology took a big leap into the electronic prospecting side of things and I ended up buying my first metal detector. It was a little Garret ground hog (international S.3) (which I still have today) it ran on 2x9volt batteries. With this little detector I found my first multi gram nuggy and many more followed. As the newer technology came out I/we would update till finally my current GPZ7000. Thanks All for reading my story on how I started out in this great hobby in search of the elusive yellow. Cheers to All. Mike.
  20. Hi Steve,is there room for another Cheechakos on that yacht? Signed up a long time ago, but have never posted till now. You put alot of work into your own forum with constant new interesting topics that I have been following for several years. I take my hat off to you mate. Just abit about me for members that don't know me, I prospect in far North Queensland Australia with the rest of our crew,the Goldhounds. I am also a published author. Cheers Dave.
  21. Good day to all.Many people would know me from another Aussie forum.The name Deutran is colour blindness to Green.My name is Steve and my wife is Carol.We have been detecting in the golden triangle for quite a few years currently using 2x Gpx5000's with 2x 14"Elites and a NFevo 14"x9".We live in the west of the triangle and regularly detect Wedderburn,Inglewood,Kingower,Stuart mill and surrounding areas. Hope to gain further knowledge from this forum and contribute anything I learn or know that may help.
  22. Hi Everyone

    I joined a couple of weeks ago so I thought I should say hello. I have been watching this forum for a few years and I would like to congratulate Steve on what he has achieved. Over the years I have owned 9 Minelab detectors, a Whites GoldMaster, a Garret A2b and for a very brief time a QED. I Don`t want to get into a whole thing here about the QED, so let`s just say the detector wasn`t for me. There are people about the place that have way more experience than me that can give their opinions about this detector. Again I say, I wish Howard nothing but success with his venture and congratulate him on the effort he has put in. I probably wont ever post much, because I don`t have a great deal to say, but I do read this forum quite often. thanks Mr X
  23. Gday All

    Hi guy's, joined the forum yesterday and so far I like the look of things here, still having a bit of a play and a FIDDLE. I love the like at the bottom of post a big thumbs up for that as I suggested this on the 4ummer but it was knocked back. Most of you guy's may know me (Hobo's gold) so I will post Video's and pic's for you to enjoy. A thumbs up Steve. Regards Johnny
  24. Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone I dropped in here for the first time today, had a look around and I thought it looks good, I may stay for a while and kick the dirt around with a few good friends in here. If it is alright with you guys??? wombat
  25. Woke up Friday to snow and packed and icy roads. Got to work before they closed all the roads behind me. I was like 5 minutes ahead of the road closures. If I'd known that I'd stayed home. The temps dropped so low this weekend I didn't get out. Ground would have been frozen. Hoping for a better weekend next week as I found another hot spot to hunt that I think will be productive. Hope the rest of you got out for a chance at silver or gold. HH Mike