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Found 36 results

  1. Hello From Aus

    Good day or evening to all wich ever the case may be. Have been haunting this site for a while lots of good impartial info. Been detecting for just over a year an this has been my go to particularly for info on equipment. Thanks Regards Lp
  2. Dear all, thank you for beeing here in this great Forum. My Name is Silvanus (Chris) and I am from Germany. I am searching with a XP DEUS since 1,5 Years. In previous times I had a Minelab Souvereign GT and a XP Goldmaxx Power V4. I am very intersted in roman / celtic as well as medival relics. I am quite often in the USA for visiting my brother in Virginia. The civil war is also very interesting for me. Maybe I can find some information here what is allowed and what not. If you have any questions what is possible in Europe (Germany) let me know and I will help. best regards from Nürnberg (Germany) Silvanus
  3. What Was Your 1st Detector?

    What was the 1st metal detector you ever owned? Brand & model. How many detectors have you owned?
  4. Ecuador

    Anyone on here in Ecuador?
  5. Hey everyone, Been stopping by the forum for some time, and now that the heat has chased me off my usual spot, I have some time to say hello:) I am new to detecting, mainly sluice in the past and now dry washing/detecting. I have yet to actually find any gold detecting, but I have been working some hard worked sites. I have detected the Weaver claims, GPAA claims in Black Canyon and Mayer without luck. The dry washer on the other hand has been successful everywhere I set it up. Not huge quantities mind you, but some color every time. I haven't given up on the detector yet. I am running a SDC2300 (fits my level of experience and love the compact size). What I have been impressed with is just how small and deep it picks up metal. I am sure this is nothing new for you folks, but I am talking about tiny metal shavings 6" deep and small 22 casings up to a foot down. I know this guy is touted as a small/shallow gold detector, but it truly does seam to find more than expected and advertised. I am running it on the stock setting with the Rattler headphone. The minelab headphone set kept falling off my head and the ear piece connector came apart on the second trip so I purchased the adapter and moved on. The other thing that impresses me is how it completely ignores hot rocks. I had first tried a friends Lobo up a weaver and I was loosing all kinds of time kicking around hot rocks about every four feet of travel. I am looking for cooler places to detect now that summer is upon us with a vengeance. There are not many GPAA claims in the higher elevations of Arizona.
  6. G'Day, My name is Dave and I am another one from downunder, I have followed the forum for quite some time now and I thought it was time I joined.I have found the content to be of a very high standard.Keep up the good work Steve as I see you run a tight ship mate. Cheers Dave
  7. Introducing Joejoe

    Hey all,,, Just wanted to introduce Joe to the forum members-- He is from Milwaukee and a VA travel nurse like me.... Many different interests--- Check in with him and see if you can network some fun times! va nurse paul
  8. Hi Steve,is there room for another Cheechakos on that yacht? Signed up a long time ago, but have never posted till now. You put alot of work into your own forum with constant new interesting topics that I have been following for several years. I take my hat off to you mate. Just abit about me for members that don't know me, I prospect in far North Queensland Australia with the rest of our crew,the Goldhounds. I am also a published author. Cheers Dave.
  9. Good day to all.Many people would know me from another Aussie forum.The name Deutran is colour blindness to Green.My name is Steve and my wife is Carol.We have been detecting in the golden triangle for quite a few years currently using 2x Gpx5000's with 2x 14"Elites and a NFevo 14"x9".We live in the west of the triangle and regularly detect Wedderburn,Inglewood,Kingower,Stuart mill and surrounding areas. Hope to gain further knowledge from this forum and contribute anything I learn or know that may help.
  10. I see on the oz forum that today (or is it tomorrow) (in Oz) is JP's Bday... since I straddle two worlds (in my dreams) I wish you happy birthday today and tomorrow! and many golden days ever after. fred
  11. Gday All

    Hi guy's, joined the forum yesterday and so far I like the look of things here, still having a bit of a play and a FIDDLE. I love the like at the bottom of post a big thumbs up for that as I suggested this on the 4ummer but it was knocked back. Most of you guy's may know me (Hobo's gold) so I will post Video's and pic's for you to enjoy. A thumbs up Steve. Regards Johnny
  12. G'day Steve & All, it all started when I was very young, my Dad would take us camping, to a little Town called Heathcote in central Victoria in Australia. Where I would spend most of my time down at the creek panning, that was how I became hooked to this great hobby. Over the years I built my own rocker cradle and Various sluices. Then technology took a big leap into the electronic prospecting side of things and I ended up buying my first metal detector. It was a little Garret ground hog (international S.3) (which I still have today) it ran on 2x9volt batteries. With this little detector I found my first multi gram nuggy and many more followed. As the newer technology came out I/we would update till finally my current GPZ7000. Thanks All for reading my story on how I started out in this great hobby in search of the elusive yellow. Cheers to All. Mike.
  13. Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone I dropped in here for the first time today, had a look around and I thought it looks good, I may stay for a while and kick the dirt around with a few good friends in here. If it is alright with you guys??? wombat
  14. Hi Everyone

    I joined a couple of weeks ago so I thought I should say hello. I have been watching this forum for a few years and I would like to congratulate Steve on what he has achieved. Over the years I have owned 9 Minelab detectors, a Whites GoldMaster, a Garret A2b and for a very brief time a QED. I Don`t want to get into a whole thing here about the QED, so let`s just say the detector wasn`t for me. There are people about the place that have way more experience than me that can give their opinions about this detector. Again I say, I wish Howard nothing but success with his venture and congratulate him on the effort he has put in. I probably wont ever post much, because I don`t have a great deal to say, but I do read this forum quite often. thanks Mr X
  15. Woke up Friday to snow and packed and icy roads. Got to work before they closed all the roads behind me. I was like 5 minutes ahead of the road closures. If I'd known that I'd stayed home. The temps dropped so low this weekend I didn't get out. Ground would have been frozen. Hoping for a better weekend next week as I found another hot spot to hunt that I think will be productive. Hope the rest of you got out for a chance at silver or gold. HH Mike
  16. Hello all.I wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year on behalf of my team and company.THANK YOU for a great 2016 and your support guys! Dilek GonulaySales and Marketing Manager
  17. Merry Christmas to all , may the day be full of joy and happiness with family and friends, I wish all the best of luck in your future endeavours.May gold come free and steady to all .? Regards Squizz down under ?
  18. Merry Xmas Gold Getters

    just wanted forum members to know that all of your finds and stories this past year kept me going and gave me confedence there is still gold in the ground. Been over a year since i was able to prospect and detect for gold,man thats to long,shoulder surgeries and work keep getting in the way. 2017 i hope to make a few trips to hunt the yellow stuff,in the meantime its nice to see what everyone has collected up this past year and shared with members here. May your presents be loaded with gold equipment and happy memories for the next year. Rick
  19. We're hoping to have some products that'll catch your interest in 2017, and I appreciate those of you who have helped out with opinions/thoughts/ideas. Thanks for putting up with old Spock on this board. Happy Halloween from everyone at White's Electronics! LIVE LONG and PROSPECT
  20. Hi From London (uk)

    Hi Just joined the forum and i thought it will be respectful to introduce myself :Rivers rat french chap living in London and sieving the mud of the river Thames for the last.......10 years i have been detecting for 25 years used lots of machine .Recently interested by gold nugget hunting and dredge(Which i can't use...). Et voila! RR
  21. Looking for other prospectors in norcal area for adventures, metal detecting,prospecting, get to the gold in remote areas,have tools and skills. Contact tee at teedouglas045@gmail.com
  22. Hello all. I haven't posted in a long time but have been busy! No hunting over the summer due to the wonderful Yuma weather we have. I started college in the fall so hunting didn't start until a few weeks ago. No sooner had I started the SDC up and it had problems. Bad falsing and audio cutouts/volume hi/lo variations. Tried different batteries and cleaning out skid plate w/no help. Minelab said send it back, again, and it's off. Not the same problem I had with first SDC in March, but similar and I'm really bummed as my winter break is over 11 Jan and so goes my hunting time. Fortunately we have a friend here that has a spare md for me to use (Thanks Condor/Steve!). Of the few times out, I did manage to find an old coin spill w/one silver Merc (1943S), an undated Buff and a 55 Lincoln cent. Jan school will be interesting since I'll be taking Geology 101 and my classmate is also my detecting buddy who is better known as Dad. I look forward to it but want my SDC back. Good luck and Merry Christmas to all!
  23. New Member sayn Hello

    Hello All, My Name is Adam Robinson and I live in N.California just below the Oregon border in a beautiful little place named Scott Valley, Siskiyou County. I'm 35 yrs old, have two children and a beautiful wife. I'm a 3rd generation miner and had been detecting with a friends MXT for a few years until i bought myself a Gold Bug Pro last year. I did pretty good last year with my Gb Pro and even better so far this year. Detecting has quickly become my favorite way to prospect and i border on obsession sometimes. I recently bought a used SDC that i should have by the end of the coming week. It will be my first PI and i look forward to learning a new machine. I mine year round and about half the time in or around water, underwater sniping is one of my favorites as well as trips deep into the wilderness in search of patches untouched by modern electronic prospectors. Last year was also my first year in my 35 yrs of life i joined an online forum or even frequented one. I have posted some of my finds on Treasure Net this last year and shall do so here also from now on. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge i have found on the solid forums such as this one and the ability for us as miners to share experiences and techniques. I've made afew friends along the way and look forward to making more. if your interested in my recent finds check out Featherdfishead at TNet. Attached is some of last years gold i'm getn red of to pay for my SDC.(not an Ad) Also, Tips and nuances people have found useing the SDC or Minelab detectors in general would be appreciated. I look forward to sharing my adventures - Happy Hunting! AjR
  24. Hi All Just joined here, I have been a regular on the Aussie forums for some years now & occasionally post on Arizona Outback & Nuggethunting. I use an SD2200d & an SDC2300 in North Queensland Australia. cheers Lee
  25. Hopefully this is the right place for introductions from fellow detector user's? I started detecting in the early 80's with a Dick Smith kit that consisted of a premade PCB and a bag of components. The PCB went together quite well but making the coil from the supplied wire was a challenge! It eventually worked and I found lots of junk and bullets in an old copper mine. I progressed to Minelab's Goldseeker 15000 and purchased it when they were still operating out of the back of a house in Adelaide. This machine was a huge step up for me as it actually found gold in my state (South Australia) in area's that are still mined today. From there the roller coaster ride has continued with the GT16000, XT17000, SD2000, SD2200, GP3000, GPX4000 to my current GPX5000. I have skipped some generations of ML's machines as finances and opportunities' dictated but feel that I have used a good spread of their offerings. All the ML machines have to date paid for themselves in gold found and usually the accommodation and general expenses as well! I still work full time and only get to the gold fields for less than 4 weeks a year so I'm looking forward to picking up my GPZ7000 in two weeks and giving some goldfields a thrashing I have lurked on the side of this forum for some time and find it to be a step above what I'm used to and hope that it continues to give balanced, thoughtful and appropriate information to fellow gold fossickers Cheers Peter