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Found 13 results

  1. One of these days I am anticipating getting the V4 update for the XP Deus and along with that the new 4.7" x 9.5" DD coil. This should be a great coil not only for better "see through" capability is thick trash but a very good prospecting coil. The V4 update is supposed to include the ability to use 15, 30, and 45 kHz but only with new coils designed to operate at those frequencies. The 4.7" x 9.5" coil is the first of the coils designed to work at the higher frequencies. The Deus running at 40 kHz with this new coil should be a formidable gold prospecting device for trashy locations in particular. I did not want to have to swap my 11" coil around with the new coil and XP rod assemblies are a bit pricey. The full rod assembly is $264 and just the lower rod is $57.00 I had heard about the Golden Mask Universal Rod Assembly for sale at http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Universal-Golden-Mask-Telescopic-Handle-/262465531900? for about US$120 plus US$30 shipping from Bulgaria so ordered one on May 31 and it arrived today just over two weeks later. There was no issue buying the item and the seller answered questions promptly. The bottom line is the rod is much higher quality than I imagined it would be. The tubes are carbon fiber. The armrest assembly looks like cheap plastic in the photos but is powder coated metal. The rod locking rings have rubber grip surfaces and are some of the best I have ever felt. The unit collapses to 21" and expands to 55" with a weight of 1 lb 1.8 oz without the included armrest strap compared to XP rod assembly at 1 lb 0.4 oz also without arm strap. Slightly more weight but also more compact when collapsed. The end is 5/8" diameter and same bolt as the XP. The rod is just a tiny bit loose in the XP coil ears but will work. It is a hair tight on White's coils but also will work. It would be loose on most other brand coils and bolt too small. However, many lower rods will swap out with the lower rod on this unit so should be easy to mate up with most anything. I am very pleased with this purchase.
  2. vanursepaul

    3rd Arm

    Well it is rainy so no beach today--- i go to work for 4 10s that means I will work thru the rain and then it will be beach time next tuesday!!! Here is a picture for us OLD 7000 users--it is a 3rd arm device the Army is prototyping to relieve weight issues for heavy weapons users (much heavier than the 7000) This is what happens when i have too much time...lol
  3. Aloha just bought an harness after searching everywhere in the UK i could locate one wich was multi purpose : Good for my CTX but also able to carry my deepstar on my chest ......i am really looking toward hitting the beaches .....i invested a fair amount of cash now its time to start digging......once i found a few gold rings i ll get a 15" coil for my deepstar and a CTX battery charger(another £400 i guess)but hey no guts no glory!!!! RR
  4. A prospecting supply company in Australia is selling what looks like a nice harness made for the GPZ 7000 and 19" coil, has anyone heard any good stories on this harness? Pics of New Harness Dave
  5. Now here is a cool harness for heavy detectors..
  6. Now this could be a new revolutionary harness. New Harness Link Dave
  7. Dingo Qld

    Harness Set Up

    Video of a harness set up to make it easier to swing your detector.
  8. This new shaft is supposed to have the ability to work with dozens of metal detectors. It has been delayed for some time but will supposedly hit the market in the next couple months for around US$130 plus shipping. Shipping might be a bit since this is from overseas unless somebody is distributing for Mars in the U.S. Anybody have any wild guesses where the inspiration for the design came from? More Information Mars MD Website The images on the website link above look small but are HUGE and so very slow to download. If you click on one you will se what I mean.
  9. mn90403

    Hip Stick For GPZ

    I've just been out in the field with the GPZ 7000 and I could not possibly use it without a weight assist. I'm using my HipStick that I use with my other Minelabs (3030, 5000). I use the 5000 harness but there could be others. It is simple to unhook and I don't feel like I have put on armour to go out detecting. JP has a video where he put it together for the 4000. The ProSwing bungee is the BEST. When going up or down a slope it can be adjusted with one hand to perfectly balance the coil. Without this my arm would be unable to prevent fatigue and tennis elbow from flaring up. I don't even need the extra arm which is good because I'm using that one for the pick. Here's the site to get one: http://detectoraid.com/ Mitchel
  10. For me a hydration pack is essential, even during the winter months when it is cooler out, plus I like having a bit of extra storage for lunch, phone, radios, etc since the truck is usually too far to hike back to for water and food. They also stay on me better than that Minelab harness. For the past few years I've used a Camelback MULE and a bungee for the GPX and liked it but I always wished it had front pockets on the arm straps so I could access things without removing the pack. I just got an Ultimate Direction Wasp to try out this year but now that I've received it, it seems a bit smaller than the Camelback and potentially a bit more flimsy. I detect 5+ days a week so I'm hoping it stands up to abuse, especially since the GPZ is even heavier now. Just curious what other people use? Anyone have a good hydration pack that is strong enough to support a GPX/GPZ and has easy access storage pockets on the front straps? Is there a better solution out there?
  11. Has anyone had any experience with the bungie, J-bar set-up on the 7000? I have used a Hipstick for many years and am curious to know if the new ML setup is similar. Thanks!
  12. I see all these bungie cord attachments, hip sticks, harnesses, and various other "detector-aids"... and it got me to wondering. If your swinging arm gets tired... why not just switch arms?
  13. Apologies again for a cross-post. TAMING THE SAVAGE ARMADILLO - Or as Steve once referred to it - a duck out of water. I posted already that the sling provided wasn't much help for me. Today I received my ML Pro Swing 45 harness. Oh bliss! It works very well to take the dead weight of the great Armadillo off my arm and shoulder. There is a nice shoulder strap and hip belt arrangement and a very clever adjustable bungee to hold the detector. Another feature that really works is the plastic J-strut which transfers weight from the shoulder strap,down to the back of the hip belt. Garrett should immediately rip off this idea, thereby returning the favor for ML's rip off of the Garrett Pro Pointer. IMHO. Meanwhile, I await the $2000 Garret LTX - a lean, mean 3 pound version of the Armadillo for skinny terrestrial bipeds like myself - we can call it the Roadrunner. If they do that I will become a dealer and sell them door-to-door!