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Found 34 results

  1. Late last summer I took my new Gold Racer to the park along with a conventional detector. I swung both, one in each hand. At one point I got a strong signal on the GR but nothing on the other detector. I dug it and found a one carat cubic zirconia on a silver tie tack. I took it home, and just before I left for my winter home in Mexico, I put it under the GR for an air test. It came up a unshakable ID50. Now ID50 is about what I would expect for platinum. I was way too busy to pursue it further at that time. Now all winter long I'm going to wonder: Why would anyone mount a cubic zirconia on a platinum setting.
  2. Because instead of 3 rings I got one. It's titanium. I was out at the beach this afternoon to hunt the squeaker low tide (-.05) and to see how the swell had affected the sand movement. Finally a cut has started to form and sand is headed back out to sea. My third signal on the Excal II and you could immediately tell it wasn't a coin. Bingo its a ringo. I wish it was gold but any ring is fun to find so i'll take it. In other news it sure seems like someone is seeding the beach with zincs. I dug many nearly new zincs today and only a few aluminum balls. Usually this beach will give me 25-30 aluminum balls of crap per couple of hours of work and I dug only 4 today. I did dig a quarter at nearly 18" on the excal which is pretty deep for what we do here. Since I got the ring early on all I could think about was matching Mitchel. Instead I harvested zincs all afternoon. By the way the waves were big today and the tide was sneaky. I got a little wetter than I had planned today. Dave (Skate)
  3. It has certainly been a while since I've had a ring and yesterday I got 3! As it turns out they are not that great but it means that the energy is back in the waves. The pan has water moving in it again. Get back out there fellas and gals if you are on the West Coast. The first ring was the titanium. It was just a low, low piece of aluminum sound in the sand where 3 hours before it was high tide with some larger waves of long interval. This set me to a grid pattern where I found some tarnished clad and eventually about 30 feet away another ring. It was so clean I thought it was gold. I was in one of those places with people around you put it in the pouch quickly. Same sound but in the gold range. (I think now it is not gold because it is so light and there is no mark but it feels like white gold.) It was getting late and I needed to walk a mile to get to my car so I swung on the 'line in the sand' that was holding targets and just before I got done back at my starting spot I hit the silver. It is about 7 grams so it give that great high sound on the CTX. I was doing a bit of 'don't dig the pennies' sort of hunt to save my back but I still ended up with $5 in change and a funky little brass/string bracelet. Three hours well spent. Mitchel
  4. I'm going to brag a little, as my staff at Gerry's Detectors Rocks in the DIAMONDS again. Ryan Jamison is not only my Video Editing Guru but an experienced Professional Dive Recovery Expert. His Find, Recovery and Return won the Best of Month and Best of Show. Not sure how to pull it direct from Minelabs site, but hope this shows the video, as it is cool. https://www.minelab.com/go-minelabbing/success-stories/-50-000-diamond-ring-recovered-from-the-bottom-of-the-lake-
  5. It was one year ago to the day on Christmas eve morning when I found one of my favorite gold rings at a local park/soccer/baseball field. Being somewhat superstitious I could not let the day go past without trying agin so this past Christmas eve I once again hit the park early in the morning. I've hunted this park many times and have cleaned most of the good targets so I'm down to digging almost everything that is not iron. This find is a good example of why you really should dig everything...I had the CTX in wide open screen and could barely hear this target in the 12.03 range. Target trace was weak and I almost passed it up because 99.9% of the time, a target in this range, that acts that way with target trace on is either "can slaw" or a thin piece of foil... But this time it was a nice 14K gold grill...my second that I've found. It's right at 8 grams. After I got it out of the ground I started passing it over the coil to see how it hit and depending on which way you were holding it would change the signal strength. It has a complex shape to it which also complicates the signal strength. I think it must have been upright when I found it about 4-5 inches deep in the turf. Anyway thanks for looking fellas and here are a couple pics of the ring along with the grill as well as some other jewerly finds from this past Fall/Winter. strick
  6. I found this a little while back with the Omega 8500. I don't use the Omega very much but I had it out standing behind the door for some other activity and it was the one I grabbed when I headed out the door. Not very big, only 4.05 grams of 18k gold. Took the picture with my Fire tablet so the detail isn't the best but hey, we all like looking a gold even if the detail is a little fuzzy. HH Mike
  7. I haven't been able to get any nuggets in the last couple of weeks but I did get a couple of nice rings. The little ring is 14k with little diamonds in a heart shape. The yellow ring is a large topaz cocktail ring. It is 14k yellow and white gold with diamonds. The total weight is 10g. Mitchel
  8. Finds first: So back at the end of June I scouted a new park and potential jewelry patch but due to oppressive heat and drought conditions in July and most of August I've only been back three times since then. In addition to climate, my detecting time has severely been cut because jiu jitsu takes over our family life 4 nights a week as my kids and wife found themselves addicted to the dojo and choking people. I'm a bad influence, I guess. Two weeks ago (my last real 6 hour detecting session) I ran into another detectorist at this park working his Ace around the same goal net I worked back in June. Soon we were chatting and then kinda hunting together as he sort of followed me around, which was slightly annoying when I'm used to being alone, but that's me, not him really. Anyway, while we were hitting various spots around the park I picked up a small 10k ring at the edge of one playground. 4th hunt here and gold! 1.4 grams 10kt (unknown triangle mark) We finally got more rain and I went back to this patch a few days ago. I went to one of the softball backstops the other detectorist and I hunted around a few weeks back. I was mindlessly pulling square tabs three feet from the backstop fence, trying to reduce the trash load, when to my surprise gold #2 appeared - 7.4 grams 14kt FG mens band! Boom! 1 hour 45min into the hunt. Same tone as the older style square pull tabs and just about into bottlecap range. In fact, I dug a few square tabs that while on the surface sound and VDI the same as the ring. That's without headphones and using the module's external speaker, btw. After 5 hunts of maybe 35 hours I am pleased with the new patch so far. Almost two dozen junk jewelry, over $25 - 30 in change and one silver ring, one silver dove pin (no picture) and two gold rings. Both rings taken with Deus 4.0 11" coil, full tones, 0 discrimination, 0 notch 18khz. Thanks for peeking and good hunting to you.
  9. "the principle that supposes most future events are likely to balance any past deviation from a presumed average" Must have been a treasure hunter who ever thought of it. Got a nice 14K band at the park Saturday. 12.30 with the CTX 4 inches deep. I love it when the gold finally pops up after all the junk you dig. I look at every older park and assume that there is gold in it somewhere....Heres to your next gold find strick
  10. I was wondering how long it was going to take? My last good gold ring was the day before Christmas...before that I was averaging at least one every month or three. I'll admit I didn't detect as much as I should have this past winter due to being busy with work related stuff. I've been hitting a new park that is really large/old and full of people. It is a target rich environment but I know there is a very large metal detecting club in this city so I always figured it's been hit hard. There is lots of untouched old aluminum still in this park. I've been there twice....Last week I was way in the back corner minding my own business when here comes the grounds keeper in the city truck. He gets out of the truck and walks up to me eyeballing the ground where I've been digging. I take off my headphones and first thing out of his mouth is " which detector you using? " I show him the CTX and he tells me he has an Etrac. We talk for 20 min and we exchanged info on good spots to hunt etc... This park has potential for old gold. but I need to hunt it when there is not so many people there. I did find a very deep 14k gold hoop earring which hit loud and clear like a Orbit sprinkler head would. It's hollow but still weighs over 4 grams. I might practice smelting this earring some day. On July 3rd I told myself that I was going to the beach early morning on the 4th no matter what the tides looked like. I really just wanted to dig in some nice soft sand for a change. So I load up the TDI and CTX and leave home at 430AM and get to the beach right at sun up. It's my first trip the the beach this year and I was wanting to try out my new elliptical coil on the TDI.... so I went down to the the wet sand and hunted up and down for about 40 min....the coil works just fine but theres not many targets plus the sand is soft in some areas and the tide is in...I decide I need to change tactics if I want to be successful....so I go back to the truck for the CTX. The beach is starting to get real crowded as I am seeing people rushing to get good spots on the beach. It's only about 8am, I'm working the towel line and I'm already having to zig zag between people putting up tents etc.. But I'm having fun and digging lots of coins and a few trinkets. Ironically there is not another hunter to be seen. About 9am the beach is getting really crowded so I decide to call it quits and start detecting back to the main entrance. There is a city volley ball net the only one not being used near the entrance and as I'm going along directly under the net I get a faint deep nickel sound. I'm hunting with wide open screen and digging everything. I kick off about 6 inches of sand and sweep the coil again and this time it shows up loud and and clear as good target. One deep scoop of sand and in my scoop is a 18K white gold mens wedding band!.....Back home by 11:30 am just in time to get ready for the afternoon barbecue. Then it happens.....I started feeling guilty while looking at the ring. It fits me perfect and I remember the time when I lost my wedding band in Maui... The ring is pretty well worn.....probably a working mans ring I'm thinking....someone that has been married for a long time... I've been looking on Craigslist lost and found for a couple days...but nothing...and now the guilty feeling has subsided and the Pirate in me comes back to life.... SO THIS SUCKER IS MINE! strick
  11. The old faithfull patch where I found the 2 cent coin is still giving up the odd piece of silver jewelry and silver coins and wheats now and then, plus junk jewelry. Some of these rings and pins come from the school patch I work a few times in the evenings. Today I hit a four star park I never hunted before but have been eyeballing for a few years, so couple pieces from there in the picture. I took photos of that hunt because it was a scouting mission with good results. I'll post about it when I get more time. Not much remarkable, IMO. No gold yet... worst drought yet.
  12. If the honeymoon is over and your bestie just isn't giving up the goods anymore, here is my advice: 1. Start shopping for a new detector. Make sure your old friend is in the room while you discuss the merits of various new machines with your significant other. 2. Watch other machines in action on youtube videos. Make sure computer screen is in line of sight of old friend. 3. Loudly announce when you go out to hunt the beach that there's going to be "only a few more trips with this antique". 4. Dig up 22kt pendant with diamonds on 3rd target. It's marked 916 on the back. Too bad the biggest diamond is missing. Might have to take the old DFX out again tomorrow.
  13. Good day to all wife love the Seaside and so do I but with a detector so we did spend the week end on the coast i did 4 session (had to spend time to eat some Fisha and Chips too) So 2 night sessions 1 morning and 1 late afternoon before we hit the road back to London which was a good move because ewe had :NO TRAFFIC at all ,CTX on my Harness a S&F LOWEPRO with home made bungee and Voila i did put the machine on max out managed some deep stuff and quiet happy with the result ,i am enclosing some pics the silver 6 pence comme from the cracking layers of clay and was stuck in one crevasse .Impossible for objects to sink in...........few copper/brass shrapnells a rifle complete amo and then 5 min later the 9ct 1.8gr with 6 small diamonds ring.not much for 13/14 hours but i had fun and perfecting my digging technique I was happy because i was swinging super wide as the beach was HUGE....will i go back yes with my PI with i need to use for the first time Enjoy RR
  14. School Patch

    Took my two boys (they make the perfect cover) to an elementary school playground today, Sunday. I had found a silver ring here a few weeks back. Decided to run Deus 4.0 around the place. More or less walked random wavey patterns in the courtyard between the building and the playground when not tending to the needs of the youngest. Just sitting ducks for any detectorist. Almost every target was an isolated signal surface to 8". Took the 62' quarter at 8" - which was an unexpected coin. Only one good ring. The gold plate ring is a Lord Of The Rings copy. I've barely made a dent in the courtyard. Still a practice field, BB courts, another original playground, and the loading zones. Hopefully there is some teacher/parent gold lurking around there. Keep on swingin!
  15. Went to a park for one hour. First signal after turning on the machine while walking to the sidewalk. Didn't even have a chance to do a GB. It was less than stellar hunting after that. So typical - but motivation to keep swinging for the jewels! Keep Swingin!
  16. TDI Gold

    Revisited the bad lands today. This time settings were a little different. Still a lot of nails in this area, but this time I opted to hear only low conductors and it paid off. One 10k GF and a nice 10k class ring. And of course the double handfuls of beer tabs, beaver tails and pencil erasers. All in all a pretty good hunt. Todays settings were: gain 6 GB 6 delay 18 low conductors
  17. 14k at a baseball field .found three junk rings since then .you have to dig the junk to get the good stuff.
  18. Hi went out today on an average tide on a spot i am trying to hit hard at the moment had a brass ring 2 days ago and today i decide to focus on an area i havent done well yet ,large iron and mineralised concrete blocks fragment.....anyway found a 18ct weighting 3.06 grs considering that the river Thames isn't really famous for Gold i am happy with that one .I found 3 others on the low tide line but didn't have much hope today ,as the tide was crap.F75 rules with the small elliptical giving me amazing result .....the Deus havent seen much mud since i bought the Fisher ,all my other machines are taking dust ,with my settings i found 9ct ,14ct and 18ct gold so i am pretty sure i am well tune.The first gold bit with the F75 was a part of gold watch bracelet weighting 11.5 gr of 18ct :) Would love to try the Rutus on that spot RR
  19. Platinum and Gold 49Grams!!!! Jeez I'd have a heart attack Beach and Water Forum
  20. A decorative ring has been found in the Nottinghamshire woodlands by an amateur detectorist. "Mark Thompson, who spray paints fork lift trucks, was in the famous Nottinghamshire woodland for just 20 minutes when his metal detector sounded. The 34-year-old, who had only taken up the hobby 18 months ago, was expecting to find something innocuous. But as he shovelled the dirt, a glint of gold emerged on ornate piece of jewellery with a precious sapphire. Auctioneers have since told him that the precious ring could fetch between £20,000 and £70,000." The rest of the story and lots of great photos at https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2435181/robin-hood-sherwood-forest-medieval-ring-found/
  21. I found this nice little gold ring in a turf location Wednesday morning with my little buddy, a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV. It was about 1-1/2" down in the grass roots. I had the Tracker IV in Tone mode with the tone break point set on a zinc penny. It hit with a nice solid low tone. What is great about this ring is that I found it where I expected to find it. A great way to end the year. Oh yeah....eyeballed this pocket knife........ HH Mike
  22. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. Heres a few photos of some of my new friends. Nothing compared to those Aussie nuggets but some gold at least. All park finds and a few relics. I only was able to get out nugget hunting once this year but hope to get out more in 2017. The 7000 is getting rusty.....Thanks for a great resource Steve! strick
  23. Found this today while doing a little park hunting...... 414 grains of 10k
  24. "A Tudor ring found in a muddy field by an amateur metal detector enthusiast has sold for an estimated £20,000. Lee Rossiter, 43, almost threw the item away after a detectorist pal said he thought it was costume jewellery. Full story and photos at https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1980419/amateur-treasure-hunter-finds-antique-tudor-ring-with-ebay-metal-detector/
  25. I hit the same beach yesterday that I found the big mens class ring last week. The good karma must have come back to me for returning that ring to the owner as the beach gave up some nice goodies yesterday. A hat trick of gold......a 10k mens wedding band, a 10k ladies ring with three small diamonds and a beautiful 10k ladies broach/pin with a diamond and pearls. After a little research, the pin looks to be from the 1920's. And to boot, $11.66 in change. Klunker....I was looking for your initials "18k", but to no avail. I'll keep looking. Rob