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Found 23 results

  1. Multi Kruzer Video

    Video done near beach area.
  2. Took a field trip to field test the new Makro Multi Kruzer on the Spanish Trail: I tested the 2-TONE, 3-TONE and 4-TONE search modes exclusively. Out of these three modes, the 4-TONE is hands down the hottest, with 2-TONE and 3-TONE about tied. 4-TONE is extra sparky, and does it LOVE silver! I mentioned this in another post, but I did previously run into EMI issues on a consistent basis at one of these sites when I had my F75 LTD, and even after upgrading to the F75 LTD2, EMI was pretty noticeable, but tolerable. I was running the extra sparky 4-TONE mode on the Multi Kruzer, and it ran flawlessly, not even a hint of EMI (except when you set the machine down to dig). 3-TONE mode handles EMI better then 4-TONE, but 4-TONE is more powerful and hence, more susceptible to EMI. I had a great time, and I'm amazed at what was found from our "hunted out" sites. The Multi Kruzer in 19kHz 4-TONE mode is a confidence builder in that you do not feel you are not leaving targets behind, unlike I've experienced with some other detectors. Funny story - The site I dug the seated dime you'll see in the video isn't really a big secret, a couple dozen period coins (British gold coin, reales, seateds, IHP's, etc.) have been recovered at it. It's getting tough, the last time I was there prior to this trip, I didn't get any period coins. It has sea of nail environs, with myriads of shotgun, riffle and small arms shells to weed through. Just a few days before I went on my trip, Tom got a call from one of his detecting acquaintances that he saw the site and asked if he knew anything about it. Ended up that he and another guy detected it with a CTX and a Dues XP and got no coins. I went in and hunted right behind them (I could see their dig holes, as unfortunately they didn't even bother to fill them in) and managed to pull out a nice seated dime. The icing on the cake was that the dime was only a couple of feet from one of their dig holes Spanish Trail Multi Kruzer Road Trip Wrap-Up Video This is the same site I tested the Makro Racer 2 when it was first publicly released: HH, Cal
  3. http://www.makrodetector.com/gold-kruzer-metal-detector.html Makro Kruzer Color Brochure Makro Gold Kruzer Product Announcement
  4. https://www.makrodedektor.com/dosyalar/Kruzer_Detector_User_Manual_EN.pdf Note: Manual has had a few changes since this link above posted here initially. I don't know what the changes were specifically. My posting what I have here, based on a good source, actual proofreader for Makro/Nokta as far as their manual go. Gent does a great job too. This I copied from another site where this gent is broadcasting about this issue. TallTom Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > As posted on the main Kruzer announcement thread ( > by Rustic Charm), the Kruzer User Manual has > been posted at: > > https://www.makrodedektor.com/dosyalar/Kruzer_De > tector_User_Manual_EN.pdf > > For those who downloaded it on Feb. 7 or 8, I reco > mmend you download it again. > It has been updated. In fact, I just emailed anot > her suggested fix to Dilek, so it > might get another update quickly. (We'll see if s > he agrees with my change.)
  5. This video has English subtitle so make sure to activate that under options if you do not see them. From the Makro Kruzer Owner’s Manual Page 23: EXTRA UNDERGROUND DEPTH (E.U.D.) The target IDs of certain metals (such as gold) in high mineralization and under hot rocks or at fringe depths may be reflected differently on the device than what they really are. Based on the DISC. setting, you may experience a depth loss for such metals or the device may not detect these metals at all. The E.U.D feature of the Kruzer enables you to detect such metals deeper utilizing a different tone than the other tones of the device. When using the E.U.D, the device does not discriminate metals and it provides the same tone for all targets. You can use the E.U.D feature of the device 2 ways: Instantly or continuously. To use the feature instantly, you must keep the SELECT button pushed down, and to use it continuously you must double click the SELECT button. In both cases, the frame around the selected search mode will keep on blinking. E.U.D will not work in the GEN and BEACH modes. If you are using the E.U.D constantly, unless you turn it off, the feature will be active even if you change the search mode. NOTE: Because this feature enables the device to detect some targets that are normally masked by ground conditions and thus are undetectable, it is possible to dig more ferrous targets when using this feature.
  6. Kruzer Product Brochure

    Hello all!Here is a link to our product brochure post on Facebook.The brochure will be available for download on our web site tomorrow as well.https://www.facebook.com/makrodetector/posts/1217049895094024
  7. First one here a beach and field. The second video is I think 2 folks each using Multi Kruzer.
  8. Law 7.77 of metal detectors states that in order to get something, you have to give something up. (What are you giving up from Gold racer to Gold Kruzer?) What edge / advantage will the predecessor Gold Racer have over the soon to debut Gold Kruzer? Is the Gold kruzer undeniable the better machine? The MSRP on the Gold racer is more expensive when you dont count in the nice addons the kruzer has. The gold kruzer is bundled with $119~ wireless headphones in addition an extra 7.5"x4" Waterproof DD coil. My fever is getting me all itchy and I wanna pull in a Gold racer before the kruzer hits the streets. Have I gone too far with this gold racer fever?
  9. These are the coils for the Makro Kruzer and Multi Kruzer. Makro Gold Kruzer coils are not compatible and the exact coils available for the Gold Kruzer may differ. The Makro Kruzer and Multi Kruzer come stock with the KR28 7" x 11" DD coil. The Gold Kruzer comes with a 5.5" x 10" DD coil plus the 4" x 7.5" DD coil (yes, the Gold Kruzer includes two coils). Kruzer & Multi Kruzer optional coils (not compatible with Gold Kruzer): KR13 13cm (5'') DD KR18C 18cm (7'') Concentric KR19 19x10cm (7.5''X4'') DD KR24 24x13cm (9.5''X5'') DD KR40 40x35cm (15.5''x14'') DD
  10. 30 minutes with English Subtitles
  11. Dilek at Makro has given the go ahead to share field test information on the new Makro Kruzer series. I was asked to field test the Makro Multi Kruzer. I only received the detector last week, so I've been working hard to test the machine as much as possible at various sites (salt water beaches, relic sites, parks, etc). Here's a quick video I did of some of the testing, hopefully this will answer some questions you may have: HH, Brian
  12. thesearchermag Published on Jan 26, 2018 speed and depth bench test
  13. Makro Kruzer Series Makro Multi Kruzer Multi Kruzer Display & Controls Multi Kruzer Display Splash Gold Kruzer Display & Controls Gold Kruzer Display Splash Details on the new Makro Kruzer series here
  14. Makro has just introduced a new lineup of metal detectors waterproof to five meters (16.4 feet) that includes a new prospecting model - the Gold Kruzer. The Gold Kruzer is no doubt based on the earlier 56 kHz Makro Gold Racer but at a slightly higher frequency. The Gold Kruzer only weighs 3.0 lbs and runs for up to 19 hours off the built-in rechargeable LiPo battery. The stock coil is a 5.5" x 10" DD coil with optional coils available. The Makro Gold Kruzer comes with 2.4 Ghz wireless headphones and has online firmware update capability. The new Gold Kruzer will sell for $749.00 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The new Makro KRUZER series also includes the new 14 kHz Makro Kruzer as well as the Makro Multi Kruzer, which can run at 5 kHz, 14 kHz, or 19 khz. Series features (not all apply to Gold Kruzer): IP68 Rating - Up to 5 meters (16.4 feet) waterproof! Advanced Beach Mode Proven Discrimination & Unmasking Ability Especially In Iron Infested Sites Ultra Past REcovery Speed In 3-Tone Mode New! E.U.D. (Extra Underground Depth) Function Suited For All Terrain Including Salt Water Beaches Enhanced EMI Suppression Six (6) Search Modes Adjustable Target ID Depth Lightweight 1.4 kg / 3.0 lbs 2.4 Ghz Wireless Headphones Included! Built-In LiPo Battery Offers Up To 19 Hours Of Operation Ability To Power / Charge The Battery With A USB Powerbank Optional Waterproof AA Battery Pack Five (5) Optional Coils To Choose From Including A Concentric Coil Online Firmware Update Capability Makro Kruzer Color Brochure The new Makro Kruzer series will begin shipping in February 2018. Click for larger view...
  15. New Makro Kruzer, Makro Gold Kruzer, and Makro Multi Kruzer metal detectors!
  16. Check this out. http://www.findmall.com/read.php?100,2383839