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  1. I was responding to someone on an Aussie detecting site about him wanting to know if anyone has a Tyger digger . I said I have one and find it useless in our soils ( even though we were told it was good in hard ground ) It is too hard on our hands so we had a handle extension welded on to it that did help , but the problem is we now have an Equinox. And the blade isn't long enough to get a clean plug . Well a Mr Roach ripped into me and said the Equinox goes no deeper than any other detector in the world and that I sound like one of those people that makes a mess digging a plug and blah blah blah he went on abusing me . Non Equinox owners just don't get it do they . 😂😂😂
  2. I have the pleasure of sporting the worst cold I have ever had. I should be doing battlefield metal detecting, but for the past 5 days I am just enjoying this cold.😡 So, not feeling like doing any real work or going anywhere, I decided since my beach hunts are over until fall, I would gather up and count and post all my finds for the whole season…. A season wrap up, if you will. Since I couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to do everything in one post I figured I would at least post the good stuff. So here it is – the Gold and Silver finds from last Labor Day thru this Memorial Day. I managed 36 beach trips, not sure how many hours but probably about 250 hours of detecting. The breakdown goes like this: Gold total – 36 pcs, at an average of 1 pc per visit. Silver total (coins and other) – 207 pcs, at an average of 5.75pcs per hunt. The breakdown for silver is: 146 coins consisting of 6 Half Dollars, 27 Quarters, 98 dimes, 15 War Nickels. The other items (rings, chains, earrings, pendants, odd broken pieces etc.… - amounted to 61 pcs. Coming later “someday” will be the clad count, and a breakdown of the junk items to show the ratio of good to bad that comes with the territory. It was a great season for me and I look forward to shifting gears and doing the battlefield hunting and maybe some cellar hole hunting if I get a chance. And since I have neglected my other hobbies, maybe doing some of those until Labor Day. Most of the gold was found because of the Equinox, probably 75-80% of it. Most of the silver was found with the GPX (at depth) probably 90% of it. Not a great comparison since I have found most of that gold in 8 visits and the silver was found with about 28 visits and I was specifically looking for deep silver, so I did not use the Equinox for that, mainly due to the fact that it was busy finding gold Seriously, I was too inexperienced to get that kind of depth out of the Equinox, as most of that silver was in the 14" deep range, basically sitting on a clay layer with the sand above it containing small wisps of very fine black sand. But that combination worked well for me and I'll probably stick with it for a while.
  3. Even though the Equinox handles the old school yards where they have discarded the coal waste for decades, it still struggles when the ground is saturated. I went hunting Sunday and the machine was very hard to hunt with, continuous ground chatter. Tried each preset program with both GB 0, manual GB and tracking and all displayed issues with this ground. Finally, I opened up the screen and the results were astonishing, continuous iron audio reports from the waste. Decreased sensitivity to 15 and increased the recovery to 8 and finally started finding non-ferrous items mixed in the cinder waste. Amazing just how fast this machine can recover amongst all the cinder. The ground really needs to be bone dry to hunt with a VLF machine of any kind but the Equinox did okay. My PI machine is still the raining champ when it comes to this type of ground conditions. Still waiting on 1st Texas and their new PI and I’m hoping it has some sort of discrimination feature.
  4. Hey Everyone...I hope you all had a great weekend hunt. At present time, I'm chasing buffs & V nics. I did enough silver and wheats since last year and I want to focus on different things one category at a time. This morning I was able to spend approx 3 hours at a 3-4 acre 1920's park until they took over the field for soccer. Got 6 nics and other goodies. There were just as many quarter signals as there were dimes and pennies signals. Tells me that it isn't getting hunted much, if any... right? In my quest for nics, I'm blocking out everything except 12/13 and 18+ and I have been doing well with the nics this way. If a silver gets in the way, then it's icing on the cake. What prompted me to write is this morning I dug a nic with an erratic signal and it got me wondering. It rang up as a weak 12/13. Threw it in AM and a 16 pops up, then a 14, but then drops back down to 12/13. Threw it in 10khz and the numbers didn't move much. I decided to dig which I normally would not do if it isn't a steady 12/13. But I did anyways, then out comes a bent, slightly cut Jefferson. There was nothing else in the hole after a 2nd sweep of the coil. This now makes me wonder if I need to open up the numbers a little more... like maybe 11 - 14? I don't want to miss that V or Buff. Thanks for stopping in and giving your feedback.
  5. schoolofhardNox

    Beach Hunt #7 Is In The Books

    Well today was beach hunt #7 with the Equinox. There wasn’t a lot of detecting room, with the way the tide was today. Also, a lot of people walking and laying out on the beach. It’s getting crowded out there. I was hoping to keep the streak alive today and I didn’t have to wait very long. First good target was the pink stone 14 K Gold ring. I almost didn’t believe it. That made the rest of the hunt less stressful and more enjoyable, as the gold streak would continue. But I didn’t expect to get too much more, but the finds kept coming. All the time I just kept shaking my head, I can’t believe what Minelab has done!!! 4 gold rings, some silver and a small amount of clad. The broken class ring was found in 2 separate holes about 60 ft apart. The breaking points match up perfectly…they were part of the same ring. The tiny targets were out in full force, as well as the pull tabs too. A small price to pay for the good finds that can come with it. Probably the smallest chain this machine can pick up. Had a hard time locating it once it was out of the hole. I was glad to get out today… a picture-perfect weather day!
  6. I will be going out into the real world detecting this morning, going to a freshwater beach....not and old beach but busy on the weekends. I have seen other detectors out there but nothing too fancy. We will see how the Nox does...I know lots of bottle caps.
  7. has anyone heard about when the 2nd wave of shipments is coming? Seems like all the folks that were going to get one on round 1 have all gotten their detectors. When can we expect round 2 to happen?
  8. riden2low

    Coil Compatibility

    Any one know if the ctx coils interchange with the equinox beside the mounting on the shaft?
  9. I have the Nox 600 and love it. But is there any way to keep tones from Park 2 which I like when switching to Park 1, Field 1 or 2, or Beach 1 or 2 ?
  10. With my previous detectors, the last few hunts here were anything but productive yielding no more than 2 to 3 non-ferrous targets. Despite a knee high Rye cover crop that I was not expecting, I was able to make a few finds from this heavily worked old home site. It was a quick hunt of only and hour or so due to the cover (I'll be back) but the Nox and I were able to come up with 7 non-ferrous including a 1895 IH penny. The button came up first and only 20' into the field from where I always park. This entire area leading into where the old home sat in the field has been gridded with every detector I have had in the last 12 years. Toward the end of the hunt I head off to the side a bit where numerous IH pennys were found in the past and the Nox did not disappoint. With a full walk around signal bouncing from 17 to as high as 21 depending on angle of approach and centered, out one popped from only 2-3" deep. The Racer 2 did well in this spot and all those finds were shallow as well. IH The 800 handled the iron here exceedingly well. Field 2 Sensitivity 20-21, Auto GB, recovery 5-7 depending on the iron and IB 0-1.
  11. I posted this on the Minelab Equinox Parts & Accessories thread but wanted to make sure it was seen so here is a new thread on the subject. I took the basic price list informations, spruced it up, and added the prices from a couple U.S. retail websites. All the MAP or Internet Prices for all the Equinox accessory items except the 15" coil. EQX 06 Double-D Smart Coil (includes skidplate) Part No. 3011-0333 $179.00 EQX 11 Double-D Smart Coil (includes skidplate) Part No. 3011-0334 $229.00 EQX 15 Double-D Smart Coil (includes skidplate) Part No. 3011-0335 Unknown EQX 06 Skidplate Part No. 3011-0376 $10.00 EQX 11 Skidplate Part No. 3011-0377 $18.00 EQX 15 Skidplate Part No. 3011-0378 Unknown USB Charging Cable with Magnetic Connector Part No. 3011-0368 $20.00 2-Way USB Car Charger Part No. 3011-0375 $20.00 4-Way Universal AC Charger Part No. 3011-0374 $40.00 WM 08 Wireless Audio Module (includes Charging Cable) Part No. 3011-0371 $259.00 Minelab Bluetooth / apt-X Low Latency Headphones Part No. 3011-0370 $139.00 Waterproof Equinox Headphones Part No. 3011-0372 $149.00 Headphones (wired) 3.5mm / 1/8-inch Part No. 3011- 0364 $30.00 Headphone Adaptor Cable 3.5mm (1/8-inch) to 6.35mm (1/4-inch) Part No. 3011-0369 $40.00 Screen Protectors (Set) Part No. 3011-0379 $12.00
  12. Had some business to do out in the country over the weekend and hit a recommended spot that produced in the old days. It's been hard, hard hit, so hard hit it was left to wither away. I don't mind taking a crack at those kind of sites. At any rate, I gave it a try for a few hours and was pleasantly impressed with what I was able to dig up on this site left to die. I think I may have dug a half to one of those cheap stamped brass 49er buckles, but this one is a plain Jane. Also got a civil war era eagle button but it's seen better days. Some kind of neat buckle all twisted up, but the prize was a surface find - I believe that tiny bottle is an opium bottle? And of course, leave it to me to find a merc that's likely 100 years newer then the site!!! The canslaw was punishing!! Not too many small arms shells, zero shotgun shells (amazingly!) but some BIG OLD LEAD (bottom) !!! As large as a couple of those pieces are, there could be anything from a gold coin to a silver dollar still out there IMO 🤓 Aside from aluminum, not many conductors left! This poor eagle button: Felt good to get out!! I did a lot better at the sale I was picking stuff up from, but there's nothing like detecting old sites HH, Cal
  13. Tom and I got out for a few hours after work yesterday to one of his "back-pocket" spots that's been well worked over the years. It's getting stingy with targets, but I still managed to get a few keepers, including the oldest seated dime I've found, as my previous oldest seated was an 1840 half dollar, and an 1840 seated half dime. Hunted in Field 2, auto GB, noise cancel, 22 gain, 50 tones, multi-freq, default settings for everything else. If anyone has any idea what this do-hickey is, I'd greatly appreciate an ID. It's about an inch long, and the ID of the circle at the top is about the diameter of a U.S. nickel: Big ole piece of lead was super deep (and super disappointing at the reveal), two old pieces of green copper, we find at Spanish era sites. The large piece is 4.75" long, surprised that wasn't dug up long ago, but just goes to show that there's still potential for large silver, or relics to still be there. Nice old late 1700's/early 1800's flat button: And the grand finale - lol This seated dime was deep, came in as a high tone whisper, and even the pinpoint audio was weak/soft. I've been fooled with plenty of deep iron that sounds similar, but this sounded good enough to go for, took several shovel loads of dirt to get to it, and finally the pin-pointer was sounding off as I saw a dark black disc fly by in the dirt movement. I felt around for it, and located it, and before looking at it I felt it to see if it had a loop as I suspected it was going to be a button, no loop, OK, time to check it out and it was an 1838-O seated dime!! Thanks for looking and HH, Cal
  14. Well for me at least 😀 So another 2 hour hunt at the pounded out early 1700's Hole, abandoned prob around 1850 or 1860. I Kept circling in the general vicinity of the home site and found a few more buttons and lead bullets. I had a faint but audible signal which read 13/14 and from a good depth out came the little Georgian strap buckle. The buttons were reading at 9/10 in Field 2. The little buckle might not be a silver coin but I'm totally happy that I found it. I've never found one so small or seen one to be honest! I think the conical button might be militia issue as I've had them before with militia insignia on the front. I like that button because the shank is Wayyy off centre! I guess that one was made on a Friday 😁 I thought I might be out this weekend but its rain/thunderstorms both friggin days 😢 Good Luck to all who get out! I'm really starting to think this Nox 800 is going to be one heck of a ride! Oh, penny in there for scale. HH Sillllvar
  15. Seems none of the local area dealers had a Nox 800 so I saw that Cabelas did , so I ordered one. They said 4 to 7 working days for delivery....We will see. Looking forward to hunting with it.
  16. ..it finally arrived - happy like a little boy Will probably hit the beach with my son for some first tests this evening
  17. Hi, I thought the standard shaft would suit me OK until I started water hunting. There is nothing to choose from here in Australia that does not cost over $200 delivered I decided to give making one a try 1metre x 22mm OD / 20mm ID Carbon Fiber shaft $42.00 aud , 1x Pluggers Equinox shaft lower lock about $30.00 delivered , 1x 19mm poly pipe end plug $1.00 Drilled some 6mmm & 9mm holes I cut 120mm off the carbon fiber shaft and made a lead filled counterweight attachment for later on when the big coil coil comes out . I will not do Andersons or Plugger out of business but it will do me and will keep the standard 3 piece for travelling
  18. I got my new equinox 600 in and noticed the armrest strap is too short to make it back to the velcro. Basically it hits the velcro but only maybe a 1/2 inch. Anyone else with this issue and what did you do?
  19. Lunk


    After being tied up last weekend, I was finally able to get out into the hills with the Equinox today, and decided to spend some time fine-tuning the settings on the Gold Search Mode. I also decided to give max sensitivity a go on the mildly mineralized areas and, while it made the Nox quite sparky, I had no problem sorting out the various noises and homing in on the gold. While gridding a small area that has been hit hard with various VLFs, the Equinox hit a solid, repeatable target that read 1-2 on the display - right in the small nugget range. Upon recovering the target, I found that it was indeed a small nugglet. 🤘 I checked the dig hole before backfilling it and still heard a nice, crisp 1-2; a little more digging and BOOYAH: another golden goodie! This process went on 3 more times, for a total of 5 pieces of gold out of the one hole...I like it when that happens! And just inches away, the EQX snagged 2 more nugglets. Needless to say, I’m astounded by the performance of this machine at locating some pretty tiny gold. Total weight 0.38 of a gram:
  20. After work a quick 2 hour hunt with the Nox 800. I hunted in Field 2 . It ran really steady. The last time I was there I had 3 or 4 non ferrous items in 6 hours of hunting. I feel that if I had had a full day I would have had a heap more targets with the Nox. Guy's with the few hours I've had with the 800 I am already impressed. The very smallest button was a 9 on screen and I can safely say that I would not have found that with my explorer %100. The tone was low and soft and deep! The circular bronze item is a first for me here in the US. I've found these before in the UK. I believe it is part of a specific kind of woven button. Another Wow moment was the shell casing. It was a high number mixed in with a pile of iron sounds and numbers. There was so much Iron in that spot I knew again I would not have detected the target. Back out again on Friday after work 🙂 I'm not going to lie, its a learning curve but I think I did ok for the first couple of hours. All the best Sillllvar
  21. First two pics are from previous hunts at a fresh water beach with the ID Edge. Found an area where the sand moved out a bit and made some older finds. The 2 large rings had been in the water quite a while the small one is a newer drop probably from last year all marked 925. and today's very first finds with the Nox. Small Sterling Silver bracelet and the usual stuff. The melted car looks a bit like a Delorean that perhaps did too many time travels and the large metal ball.. I have no idea what that's from. Perhaps a weight from a fishing net?
  22. I had about 90 minutes around lunchtime on Sunday, while my wife and son were out shopping, to hit a couple of the vacant military family housing units within walking distance of our house. THese houses are scheduled for demolition this year, and were built between 1958-1964. Two small front yards on Park 1, NC, GB Auto, 20 sens, APTX LL phones, Ferrous 1, 50 tones, 3 recovery. I actually ignored what were likely pennies after the first half hour. Looking for better. Ended up after 90 minutes with one Silver 1951 Quarter, 2 wheaties, four clad quarters, six clad dimes, one nickel, and six copper pennies. The unusual was a 1940's-1950's US Air Force button, and a Fleur de Lise (sp?) Large button from the front yards. Happy to have hit silver again within 3 minutes walk from our house, and a military bottle opener as a final bonus! Lovin this 600, and can't wait for the 800 I still have on order! 10 days to go before we move from this base in Florida to Oklahoma. Hopefully, virgin ground on base there as well!
  23. schoolofhardNox

    Beach Hunt #8

    Possibly my last beach hunt until fall. They don't allow detecting while the public is using the beach, once they open for the season. Today I tried 2 beaches, but quickly left the first one to go back to a more reliable one. It was a good move. The gold streak continues with 2 (possibly 3) gold items. I found some nice silver too, including a beefy .925 Academy ring. Great day to be out detecting and I finally found my first gold chain with the Equinox!