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Found 44 results

  1. After taking delivery of my new Gold Monster 1000 a few days ago, I was finally able to get out into the hills with it this afternoon. Most of the ground I detected was mild enough to use the deep all metal search mode and a manual sensitivity of 10; other areas were pretty mineralized but tolerable using the sensitivity plus setting. Pictured are 3 nugglets and 3 flakes recovered with the 5-inch coil.
  2. It has certainly been a busy year for me so far, with not as much detecting time as I would like. Still, I have been getting out a little and thought it was time to share a few photos. My first couple bits were found with the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 on some scouting runs. I am liking this detector as a grab and go unit for checking areas out quickly. I am not trying to hunt for max performance but instead looking to cover a lot of ground quickly to check things out. I have learned the GM1000 auto sensitivity actually suits me well for this. I just fire up the detector in all metal mode, full volume, and start with auto sensitivity set at Auto+1. Then I just start swinging. If noise intrudes (usually in salt areas) I will back down to Auto+0 (there are just two Auto settings available Auto and Auto+1). Once the GM1000 gets out and about people will no doubt note the Auto settings are not the hottest. Which is why I like them. The GM1000 is a super hot machine already, so I am looking more for stability than anything else, and know it will pop hard on any small nuggets I get over. If I were pounding a patch hard I would use manual sensitivity and push it high, but that would introduce noise and require very careful hunting. For me however the GM1000 serves best as a light weight quick and dirty way to check new areas - just grab and go. I posted previously about finding a nugget using Auto sensitivity which is where I learned how useful the setting is. Here are two more small nuggets located using Auto+1. Both nuggets banged hard, one at maybe an inch and the other at about three inches. I am not trying to promote or to push the use of this setting, I am simply reporting what I am doing and you can decide for yourself if it is useful for you. 0.1 gram and 0.4 gram nuggets found with Minelab Gold Monster 1000 running in Auto+1 sensitivity I did finally get a GPZ 19 coil for my GPZ 7000 and it was time to give it a go. I tried one area I had hunted before in case a larger deeper nugget was lurking. My first lesson with the GPZ 19 was not how large and deep a nugget it can find but how small and shallow! The only thing I had missed and left to find was this less than 0.1 gram nugget. It was practically on the surface and so gave a small warble when it got close to the coil winding. I was surprised and impressed the coil can find gold this small. The next location is one I scouted with the GM1000 and found the 0.4 gram nugget. The spot got my interest so I went back with the GPZ 7000 and 14" coil to hunt it. Turns out it was a nice little patch with some chunky gold! The ground was deep so I mounted up the GPZ19 and hunted it again. I did come up with one nugget I missed before, whether from sloppy detecting or just a little too deep I do not know. It was a little 1.2 grammer at around a foot down. I continued hunting outside my area and came up with another at 1.3 grams. GPZ19 Nuggets I had removed the Minelab skid plate that came with the coil and replaced it with the closed Nugget Finder cover. I like this cover for uneven ground as it does not get hung up of rocks and sticks as much, but it does rapidly collect a pile of debris! The coil did false if banged on a rock and would require care in rocky ground, though I was running it as hot as ever so that contributes to it. I usually hunt grassy and sagebrush country and it does well here just gliding on the grass, though if the grass is deep it will ride up on it above the ground. Still, the larger size gave me this feeling that I had a little extra insurance in that regard and so I used it to hunt over low brush where it might reveal nuggets hidden when others went around the brush. False signals from banging a rock aside I do think the coil actually runs a bit smoother with my Insanely Hot settings. The GPZ19 is slightly too heavy for me for general use in hilly terrain and too large for a lot of the sagebrush areas. It is just the ticket however for covering large open terrain and that is where it will see the most use with me in the future, or for pounding old deep patches. The extra pound was not quite as bad as I was expecting and in flatter ground just my regular bungee setup sufficed. I did try out the Hipstick though and think it a better option for long hours with this coil. Well, lots of info there I hope people can get some use out of. It's always nice to be out prospecting whether or not I find any gold - but gold does help! 24 grams or about 3/4 ounce with largest nugget 4.5 grams or just shy of three pennyweight.
  3. OK, I know people are probably tired of looking at my Fly-Poo gold, but check out the amazingly tiny piece in the middle that the GM1000 heard no problem this afternoon up at my "old reliable" bench! Again, I had to take out some brush and dig down a little to get these 6 little guys. Anyone who knows me, knows I love my GB2, but I think I'm starting to love the Monster's such a fun machine! 😃
  4. Hi guys, Headed out for 3 hours late this arvo to the spot where I left off on my last little finds with the GM 1000. In amongst the exposed bed rock schist that the old timers had sluiced down to & also in & around their tailings races. Didnt take long to get the first little hit on the drop off down in to a tailings race. Scratched it out of that crevice on that little ledge The next signal was down about three inches & I thought it was going to be bigger than it turned out to be. My next signal was in the exposed bed rock on the top edge of a tailings race or drainage channel that the old timers had carved out of the solid schist. A few scrapes & the signal was out It wasnt long until the sun would be going & I hit another signal just as the sky lit up in to a beautiful sun set. The signal was a small piece of gold. And the sky was a beautiful gold as well. Time to pack up & walk out. All up 5 tiddlers for .34 of a gram Deep All Metal Mode & Manual Sensitivity on 10. Cheers guys. Good luck out there JW
  5. I know it is really early in the bout. But possibly is the new kid on the block going to knock out the reining champion of many many years in the gold nugget VLF sport? I'm hearing so many good things about the GM 1000. And I'm really leaning on getting one soon. Hearing so many good reports from " Average Joe" dectectorists. I have had way more experience and success with Minelab detectors than any other brands. So I guess I speak Minelabbian better than anything else. My gut feeling thinks that we might be crowing a new Welterweight Champ. I guess time will tell?????
  6. I see customer deliveries have begun in Australia so the U.S. should be any time now. Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Threads
  7. Picked up my GM1000 from Gerry on Friday, then after doing chores up at the cabin got it out yesterday and today. Used the larger coil for scouting out a new spot and after a couple hours of no decent targets yesterday, went over the same area with my GB2. Still nothing, so at least I didn't miss anything in that area, but I wasn't real comfortable with the Monster yet. So today, after yacking with VA Nurse Paul last night and Scott T today...both singing its praises, I put the small coil on it and went to my "old reliable" bench to see if I could squeak out another baby nugget. Moved rocks and dug up some sagebrush....initially hunting with trusty GB2 to get a target, then compare it with the Monster. Wow, it could hear the Fly-poo AU I find up there, and the disc was pretty reliable! I found 3 pieces using the GB2 first, then once I was more comfortable with how the Monster responds, it sniffed out 6 more! I noticed on some "iffy" signals that the Goldbug heard, the Monster picked them up a bit better. I was using manual 10 sensitivity and All Metal/deep, and as others have mentioned, it does false if you hit a rock etc. Not using headphones and having no threshold hum was actually nice for a change too. Pretty cool machine....tomorrow I'm going to hit the hard rock gravels and see how it does. :-)
  8. I stand about 6 feet but the GM 1000 shaft is just too long. So this is what I done to make it right for me only. I first put the shaft together then put the large coil on. Then I slip the control head on and found if I put it just past the end shaft where the middle starts is just right for me. I then slip the arm rest where I wanted but this leaves the shaft hitting me when I swing my detector. I took it and cut off 5 1/2 inches. this still leaves 2 inches behind the arm rest. You can now unscrew the end shaft with arm rest from the other. You now have the control head with the coil on two parts of the shaft and the other with the arm rest. When you screw them back together you may have to adjust the arm rest a little. You will find the longest part with the head and coil is 36 inches. I buy gun cases for my metal detectors and most are 38" if not longer with three big pockets on one side. The cost runs about 79.but can get them on sale for 49-59. Be sure this will work for you before you make a cut. Chuck PS The end shaft is aluminum and you can knock the plastic plug out after you cut the shaft to put it in the other.
  9. Hi guys. This is my first ever bit of video footage I have ever done, saved to youtube & then had to cut, edit, & merge 4 different clips together in to one. So not sure how it will turn out. Footage is of a couple of targets I got using both the Gold Monster 1000 & the Gold Bug 2. I didnt mention in the footage the Gold Chance Indicator & what it was reading but you will notice that as both targets were non ferrous it was indicating to the right quite strongly. Even when the GM 1000 was in iron reject it was still giving an audio signal as well as indicating to the right. If it were iron then there would have been no audio signal & it would have signaled to the left. Cheers
  10. Hello everyone.. Im rookie starting out gold prospecting with a metal detector. I have always dredged for my gold and wanted to give metal detecting a go. So i have gotten the GM as my first gold prospecting detector and i would have to say im very impressed. Im happy with how simple it is even in our hot soil here the Dominican Republic. I had to switch from deep all metal to "Gold Mode" most of the time because of the ground noise. But it was manageable for a rookie like me just walk everywhere and just detect. Found a couple false signals but they was like pockets of black sand they appear while scraping off the overburden to reveal more the signal. So i have went to a place where some lady just walking by found a piece of gold since i dont know of no place here where people would metal detect since no one do nugget shooting with a prospecting machine. After about like 10 minutes i got a good signal and i dug my first gold nugget about 4" down. It weighted in at 1.4 Grams. After trying to search the are for 10 more minutes and not founding nothing more i left since it looked like it wanted to rain. So i have found my first place where i know i have found shallow gold. Hope i could start now a list of these deposit to revisit when i have a PI machine .
  11. Hi guys, I ventured out for the day after watching the America's Cup yacht racing early in the morning our time so still had a good amount of the day ahead of me. Got to my spot which was old turned over dry gully workings high up in the hills. I have been down this gully a couple of times with the Zed before, but each time conditions have been different. Dry sunny & long lush grass growth....not too good for detecting, Dry sunny & grass growth non existent. Perfect detecting conditions except for heat & flys. Today was overcast, chilly but the ground was damp from snow fall last week but that had melted off except for way up top. So I was hoping the dampness would aid in better conductivity for deeper targets that had alluded me in the past. Trouble was the grass growth, although dying off was quite long. Should have taken the brush cutter. You will see the humps & hollows from the old timers turning this gully over. My wagon parked up the back. Had a bit of fun getting through to this gully as the shaded sides of other gullies I had to negotiate to get here were still frozen with a bit of permafrost. I have in the past found gold all up & down this gully. Both out of the old boys workings & turned over ground but also up on the hill sides out of the workings. Trying to find a run or lead but no joy. Just random deposits The most consistent being the gully floor the old timers turned over. Were I am parked is opposite one of the spots up on the hill side where I came across a wee patch. So I started there with the Zed. I actually started a bit further afield working my way towards the wee patch area hoping to stumble on to some thing. No luck there. Been there done that before but with the damp conditions you never know. I got to the wee patch area & really slowed down. Got a faint little hit. The ground was gorgeous to dig. Couple of scrapes & the target had moved. Bugger....wasn't going to be of any decent size. Story of my life. Could still be a shot gun pellet yet. But it wasn't. YE HA But look at the size of it...... I managed one more small piece with the Zed in this area but that was it for the Zed. So I brought out the Gold Monster thinking there could be some smaller surface to near surface dwellers that the Zed wasnt zoning in on. I left the GM 1000 in Deep All Metal Mode & sensitivity on manual 10 not knowing how this would handle the damp ground conditions. It was manageable but it was a bit more touchy than if the ground were dry. I just had to be a lot more careful with my coil sweep & placement. There was a bit more falsing signals than I usually get running in 10 on the manual sensitivity but I remained in 10 to have that hot edge & an actual signal was an unmistakable hit over the falsing signals. I was rewarded. But that too was the only bit I could wrangle out of this old patch area. So I moved on. The grass wasn't helping my cause, especially in the gully floor. I went back to the Zed battling through the grass. The grass itself wasn't too bad. It folded over quite easily with the weight of the Zeds coil without falsing but it was those longer dry stalky bits that were very stiff & wouldnt fold over. I swung the coil up on the side of a turned over pile. It was the face of a pile that I had done well on over the years with different detectors so I went carefully slow. Especially as I had those stalky bits to deal with. I got a very faint hit. Could have been a shoty pellet. You will see an old dig top right & to the right. They were both gold. As was this one. But again...oh so small. There isn't much bed rock in these workings but there are a couple of small stretches in the very bottom of the gully. I had found a few bits off to the edge of this bed rock with the Zed in the past. So I was keen to run the GM 1000 over it. Well bugger me.....I got a sweet strong hit. One scrape I was on the bed rock. Chances of it being a pellet? 50/50 but if you look hard you will see a dot of gold. If you are struggling to see it. Here you go. The only other chance of pinging some tiny gold with the GM 1000 was on the bald areas of the dig out piles. I say tiny because I have thrashed these from back in my GP 3000 days & small coiltek 10x5 joey mono coils. & the 4500 & NF 8x6 sadie. With good results. You will see a bit of past activity on that mound in the front. You may struggle to see it but center right you will see the Gold monster. I had got a faint signal on a mound back there. Couple of scrapes & it had moved. And it wasn't lead. It had been a long day, the sun was going down & temperature was dropping & the ground would be starting to freeze on the shaded sides & I had a few gullies to negotiate to get to the safety of the ribbon of tar-seal that would take me home. All up 3 bits for the Zed,on the left, & 3 for the GM 1000 for a total of .5 of a gram The things we do. Cheers guys. Good luck out there JW
  12. Hello Finally had a day off after weeks of work to go detecting. My partner and i both had new purchases to try. First i tried out my new 18" detech mono coil for my 5000. It is an amazing coil. Very very quiet in tough soil. It is really sensitive to small targets. I dug one gold piece today at .24 gr. In about 20 minutes of detecting. And some lead targets missed by my previous grid sessions with the coiltek 14 and 18" elites. The detech 18" is definitely a keeper for my arsenal. Next was the amazing performance put on by my lovely partner and her new gold monster. I let her find quite a few undug targets at a site where we found hundreds of pieces of tiny gold in the past. Then once she had a few targets. I tried to follow her gold monsters performance with my makro gold racer running in all metal with sensitivity 75 and enough isat to run a smooth threshold. Any isat less then 7 dont work here. Blanks out the threshold constantly. In the end i could get a signal on 1/3 of her gold monsters undug targets. Mostly they were all a tiny break in the threshold. I also tried my disc 2 mode with the sensitivity turned up to where it gets sparky.(90) But they still just had a small beep. Her gold monster had a totally different reply to the undug targets. Very loud. Which i believe was already stated by steve in his report. We also had her try gold monster in many manual sensitivity settings in all metal. All the way to manual 10. But it is a little sparky up too high. Best manual setting for this site was 6. But the targets were either alot quieter or non existent with that setting. The disc mode was also applied and sounded off well on them. Just not as sensitive. The autoplus mode was definitely the best app for our conditions at the goldfield. The mineralization only made an occasional peep in autoplus. But was easily recognizeable. A few hot hematites sounded off. But they can be checked in a quick switch to disc. Then only once in awhile they would slightly ping only in one direction. So then we dug up the undug targets. Some were tiny birdshot but most were gold, missed previously with other detectors. Everyone of them amazed me how loud they were for their size. Especially the 2 that wont even weigh in the 10ths of grains. These targets were not right on the surface or i would have heard all of them with gold racer. They were deeper then gold racer could detect. I have mostly detected with vlf detectors for 32 years and i could not believe what i was seeing. It was actually pretty funny. Now i feel like i am running old school equipment with my gold racer. I am definitely going to be making the change to gold monster myself. No its not a zed or a pulse induction unit, but i am willing to put money on youll find gold you missed with whatever you are using now. If you already own a monster then take a look at the red dot at the end of the foreign writing and see how small it is. Thats how small the gold we found. Only it sounded like a shallow gram piece of gold. All the 18 pcs that gold monster found totaled only 1/2 dwt. Big money! I have seen the promised land and it is real and its called gm1000. Good luck
  13. Hi guys, Headed to a spot not far from home for a late afternoon detect with the Gold Monster. No two & a half hour drive one way today. Exposed schist bed rock.....seems a common theme with me this exposed schist bed rock......That is because the basement rock of Central Otago here in the South Island of New Zealand is schist & the gold just loves to work its way down in to the folds of the schist when the schist is tilted up on the pages in a book up on its edge. The perfect gold trap. Got a faint signal in this chapter of the book & peeled out a few pages to open it up & get at the signal stuck down in the folds A sassy bit of the good stuff. Not one...but two bits. Near the top edge of a tailings race I got another faint as signal. Scraped away a bit & it improved heaps & was still in the schist. A few more scrapes & it was out. Not a bad piece. No wonder it "lived" on down a bit in the dig. Not far along the same edge & right on the edge was another sweet little signal. I had to scrape it back from the edge so the target wouldn't drop down in to the tailings race. I was surprised at the depth this little piece actually was. It was more than a few scrapes in to the schist Half way down the drop off in to the tailings race I got a signal in a ledge. Again the target was further in to the schist than usual But out it came. The sun was going down & I had a bit of a walk back to my wagon but I managed one more piece just before dark. So I ended up with 6 bits for .4 of a gram. Wont be giving up my day job Cheers. Good luck out there. JW
  14. Greetings fellow prospectors! For a more than a year I have thought about doing up some Youtube videos on prospecting and I have finally gotten off my backside and done it! This is the first video of a 3 part set where I will be taking a look at Minelab's new Gold Monster 1000 nugget oriented metal detector. This part one video is an introductory discussion about its various features and settings. In the next couple weeks I will put up part 2 which will be on testing the GM1000 out in the field and then part 3 will cover some practical suggestions for prospectors on getting the most out of your Gold Monster 1000 and a discussion of some of the best kinds of places to use the GM1000. I will publish those other parts soon, but for now, here is the part 1 video. The quality here may not be perfect, but there is a lot of good information and content in this video. Additionally, now that I have the ball rolling you can expect other videos on different prospecting topics coming later once I have completed these 3. - Chris
  15. Hi guys, After last Saturdays finds with the Zed & GM 1000 I went to a local spot just down the road on Sunday for a late afternoon detect with the Gold monster. I went to some old exposed schist bed rock workings that the old timers had ground sluiced down to. I had done well here on small gold back with my GP 3000 & 4500 with my smallest coils. Coiltek 10x5 Joey Mono, Coiltek 6" round mono & the little Nugget Finder 8x6 Sadie coil. I had huge confidence that if there was anything left the Gold monster would sniff it out. I wasn't disappointed. It was never going to be any thing of size & wasn't going to be deep. The first bit was in fact a sun baker. Just in case you cant see it I was operating in Deep All Metal Mode, Sensitivity on manual setting maximum of 10. Due to our extremely mild ground I am able to get away with these hot settings as long as I keep the coil off the ground & don't touch the ground or any bushes. I get no ground feedback at all but if I do touch the ground or any thing I do get falsing signals. So obviously running the unit to its hardware limits. As long as I keep a very even & smooth coil sweep & placement & dont touch any thing I can detect in these hot settings all day & it really hits hard on the smallest of targets. I stick my finger in there to give you scale. I didnt take many pics but I ended up with 7 little pieces for a total of just .17 of a gram Detecting for this size gold isnt usually my cup of tea but it was a beautiful afternoon to be out there. End the day with a nice sunset. Our two ski fields are open for business now. The Remakables ski field opened last Saturday & Coronet Peak ski field opened today. So the snow bunnies will be happy. Tomorrow is the first race in the America's Cup where Emirates TEAM NEW ZEALAND Beat Swedens ARTEMIS in the challengers series to Challenge Oracle's TEAM USA for the America's Cup. Even if you arent in to sailing these boats are pretty impressive. Look at the speed they go Do they crash & burn?... Hell yeah. And when they do it all happens VERY quickly. A bad day on the water for team NZ. Oracle Team USA not exempt either Any way. Go Team NZ........ Good luck out there JW
  16. Does the 1000 ID all low conductors as possible gold? For example a beer pull tab and a nickel? Women's and men's gold rings? Is so what is the breaking point where it will not indicate a possible gold target?
  17. Finally received my GM 1000 today from Chris at Arizona Outback great guy vary easy to deal with and always willing to give advise when I speak to him on the phone. Put it together and put a set of new batteries in because I wanted to charge up the rechargeable battery pack put the larger coil on to start Took it out to an area on my property that I have been over countless times with the X TERRA 705 and had never even got a hit with the 705 turned on the GM 1000 let it do its noise cancel and started detecting had it set in the auto plus settings at first and started getting hits almost immediately some were pinging the gold chance meter and others were 2-3 bars on the gold chance meter the GM 1000 runs really quite in an area that is riddled with hot rock kind of surprised me as to just how quite it ran,really simple to set up and just start detecting the instruction manual well lets just say not vary informative but I kind of understand why after turning the GM 1000 on not a lot to understand as it is automatic once you tun it on I played with the sensitivity setting on it and found for me if I backed the sensitivity down 2-3 bars it seemed to give cleaner hits on targets haven't dug any of the targets yet that were pinging the gold chance meter yet but tomorrow I will dig them up and see what they are, here is hoping there what the meter is saying,just wanted to get a feel for the GM 1000 first and it was getting late so I just marked the spots and went on, over all I marked probably 30 spots that I want to go back and check out,will post more once I have had a chance to use the GM 1000. .
  18. Hi guys, Last Saturday I Headed to some old workings that I hadnt been to for about 4 years. I kept meaning to have a swing there with the Zed but always ended up going elsewhere. I did really well there back in my GP 3000 days & did ok with the 4500. The last time there with the 4500 I noticed how much the wild thyme bushes had taken the old workings over making detecting difficult. There was an area of exposed schist bed rock that the old timers had ground sluiced down to where I did well on with the coiltek little joey 10x5 mono coil on the 3000 & pinged more bits later with the 4500 & NF 8x6 Sadie coil. Just below the exposed schist bed rock it dropped in to deeper ground. It was here I was keen to try the Zed & also the GM 1000 in the exposed schist bed rock. I started off detecting with the Zed working my way towards this particular spot. I took about one hour to slowly work my way towards where I really wanted to be. I had got nothing. I got to the spot I wanted & was greeted with a lot of wild thyme growing in the exposed schist bed rock area. Bugger....that was no good for the Zed's 14" coil so I dropped down in to the deeper ground swinging real slow. Got a few signals that all turned out to be just rubbish.....& they sounded like rubbish too but you just cant really be sure. The only way to know for sure is to dig them. I carried on & then got a real faint hit. No double signal but just a real faint single soft mellow hit. Had that different.... more like gold sound. I scraped off a bit of the top soil & boy was it a dark rich top soil. MMmmm....this doesnt really look too good for being gold. In this area after a few scrapes you are usually in to rotten crumbly schist & then into rotten bed rock schist where the gold likes to be. Usually. The scoop is 12" long & at this depth I started getting in to crumbly schist. The signal was sounding really good at this point. Another couple of inches & I was hitting bed rock schist. Suddenly the target was out. Backed up on to the dig out pile. YE HA a .55 gram piece of the good stuff. I scanned over the dig out pile some more but nothing else. I went back to my truck & got the GM 1000. Got back down to the hole & waved it over the dig out pile. It nutted off. A tiny specimen piece. I was in Deep All Metal Mode & 10 on the manual sensitivity setting. I then stuck the 5" coil of the GM 1000 down in to the hole. There was a faint but obvious signal from the back left corner of the hole. I had to dig the hole wider & deeper to chase the signal. It was now booming. Crikey this was the loudest signal I had ever got with the GM 1000. I laid in to the dig & the target was finally out. No wonder.....Just shy of one gram at .92 Another little specimen piece You will see how much more I dug out the hole towards that thyme bush to get that piece out. While I had the GM 1000 in my hand I wandered up to the exposed schist bed rock. Gosh...straight away I got a sweet little hit. Look how small that is. Then another hit in the bed rock. This one was a little bit deeper. Kinda surprise top left I then went back to the Zed & battled with it through the thyme bushes but eventually got a faint hit. In to that dark rich top soil again. But then the signal was out. A tiny little specimen bit for the Zed I then had a dry spell for a couple of hours so I stopped for a coffee beak & then headed off to some old turned over gully workings. This are was pretty deep ground & I just focused on the old throw out piles with the Zed. Got a very faint hit on the edge of one. You will notice the humps & bumps of the old piles weathered down over the last 150 odd years. Gold it was That was all I managed to get though in these old gully workings this day. So packed it in & headed home just on dark. A total of 8 bits for just 2.05 grams. Three for the Zed & Five for the GM 1000. The Zed would have pinged that ,92 gram speci if I had of stuck the Zeds coil back in that hole. Which I did do before back filling. Cheers guys Good luck out there JW
  19. Hi guys, You may recall this post I did back at the start of May. Well there was more to the story at the time but I couldnt tell it due to the up coming release of the GM 1000 & an agreement I had with Minelab giving them first use of any material I sent them on the GM 1000 for possible use on the Treasure Talk Blog. I actually started detecting with the Zed & got a very faint hit. Dug down on it & it was getting deeper & the signal improving all the time. It got to the depth where I could not tell just where the signal was in the hole. So I grabbed the Gold Monster(usually I would use the Gold Bug 2) & put it in Discrimination Mode (Iron Reject where it makes no audio sound on iron) but still shows iron or probability of gold on the Gold Chance Indicator meter & would also give an audio signal on non ferrous. Here is whats what on the settings on the control panel & the quick start guide. On the screen of my detector you can see that I am in Iron Reject Mode. The battery is fully charged. I am in 4 on the volume & I was using the built in speaker & not the head phones. I am in full maximum 10 on the manual sensitivity setting. There was no audio signal due to being in Iron Reject Mode but you can see on the Gold Chance Indicator meter that it is lit up towards the nail symbol on the left side of the indicator showing it is iron (ferrous) Not to the right towards the gold bar symbol, (Non Ferrous) in which case if it were it would also give an audio signal. So if you are detecting in an iron trash infested area this would be the mode to use if you wanted to reduce the bashing your ears would get from all the iron signals & only hear the non iron (non ferrous) signals. This mode how ever will not give you as much depth or sensitivity as the Deep All Metal Mode will. Which is my preferred setting to get the maximum performance out of the detector & best chance of getting gold. This is why it was signaling iron. I then moved on further up this gully where I found those 4 bits with the zed & with the help of the Gold Bug 2. I wasnt very thorough with the GB2 & wanted to have a play with the GM 1000 both in the hole & I raked out the dig out pile & went over that with the GM 1000 & 5" coil. I went in to Deep All Metal Mode & remained in full maximum 10 on the manual sensitivity setting. As long as I didnt touch the ground with the coil the detector ran quiet until it got a target hit. If I touched the ground even slightly then I got a falsing signal. Obviously pushing the detector to its hardware limits. Hence raking out the dig out dirt. I couldn't scrub & push the dirt around with the coil like I can with the GB2 (within reason) with out getting false signals. But I am happy to just be very slow & careful with my coil sweep & placement of the coil to maintain that absolute maximum sensitivity giving me the maximum chance of pinging the smallest of gold, if it is there. Knowing that gold had come out of that hole helped. If I was general detecting with the GM 1000 & going a little bit quicker then I would back off the sensitivity to 9 maybe even 8 so the coil could rub the ground a little with out falsing. I do like pushing the limits though to get the best out of the machine but only to a point where the falsing isnt driving me nuts. I ended up with 12 more bits of gold with the GM 1000. So 16 bits all up out of this one hole. I actually dug more out of the hole so see if the small gold carried on producing.....but it didnt & the GB2 got no extra bits either. Using a plastic scoop to pass the target over the coils is a must other wise you will get false signals from your hand. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  20. Ok here's a youtube link..looks like Mexico is gettin them before us lol
  21. Hi guys, first Treasure Talk blog. Probably nothing you dont know already about the GM 1000 & what has previously been said about it. Steve H's blog & reviews are priceless & says it all so I have just focused on my first couple of outings with it with out getting in to the technical side of things.. Remembering that our ground it extremely mild (will no doubt be different for you guys in highly mineralized ground) & I was able to detect in manual sensitivity set on maximum 10. As long as I didnt touch the ground or bushes it ran dead quiet & hit hard on the tiniest of targets. If I touched the ground or a bush it was a bit prone to give a false signal. Touch sensitive. But I do like to run as hot as I can to get the full max depth & sensitivity & just had to be careful with my coil sweep & placement. My first day out with it was in deep ground that I have thrashed with my other PI detectors & the not really the ideal ground for the GM 1000. The first picture is the hot rock (green schist) below the headphones, that I talk of in the blog. It sort of wasnt put in the right place. Good luck out there JW
  22. Here is my review on the GM1000 if your interested, I posted it n my FB a few days ago but thought some people here may be interested and no I don't keep the machines I test and no im not a minelab "only" detectorist :) Well first off, very impressed overall with the Minelab Metal Detectors Gold Monster 1000. I tested the machine out in WA with our mineralised soil and it performed better then any VLF ive ever used. It detected pieces of gold smaller then a 5000 with a sadie coil and in fact smaller then the SDC, basically pin pricks of gold! but thats not what i see as this machines "selling' point, the descrimination features of this machine are outstanding and the main reason i believe people should add this machine to their arsenal of prospecting gear. Unlike the GP-X/Z range of detectors there is no hum of the threshold, just silence and when it detects a piece of metallic rubbish when the machine is set to descriminate, unlike the the GP series of detectors with a DD that "blanks" out the middle of the signal, the Gold Monster completely removes any audible signal that rubbish(tin etc) has been detected. You still get a visual on the screen indicating you have walked over a bit of rubbish but no annoying booming signal blasting your ears every 10 seconds. There is a little indicator on the screen which shows a scale with "unlikely gold" & "likely gold" at either end. This is what shows you that a target has been found as well as a signal and although Aluminum & lead will show as "likely gold" 90% of rubbish targets will be removed by the descriminate feature on this machine. Making this machine perfect to clear out those rubbishy areas that are avoided like the plague on the goldfields all over Australia and im sure the world. This is what i believe is this machines strongest selling point & the reason i will be adding it to my prospecting gear & will have in the car at all times whilst out having a swing. Of course with the size of coils available its going to be sensitive but how sensitive it was to tiny pieces of gold amazed me, having something so sensitive there had to be a give on the negative side somewhere and that of course is with depth...this machine will not be pinging targets at depth...unless of course its a 10 ounce nugget a foot down lol but pinging a gram nugget 15cms down would be almost impossible but as i said thats not what i believe is this detectors selling point. Being able to turn the detector on in the front yard was an added bonus i forgot completely about after using the GP series for many years & i could see the detector being used for coin shooting etc as well as you can run the machine in "all metal" and it will detect everything that comes its way and at better depths I believe it will handle salty ground quite well so using it for crevices etc around the shore line of the salt lakes is a possibility. Also having the coil waterproof to 1m makes this a viable option to "crevice" under the water line on the east coast to be able to identify possible crevices to suck clean and run the cons, not to mention finding areas that "pool" lead etc as where the heavies pool so does the gold! It would also be fantastic to go over old timers dry blowing piles that have weathered down over the years...i reckon you could pull little specks of gold out of those piles all day long ! In the end i was very impressed with the machine as a whole, this is not a replacement or even a competitor to the GPX/GPZ machines and nor has it ever proclaimed to be but it def gives you an edge being able to detect certain areas of the goldfields which have previously been basically ignored by the masses ,the few people that persist and clean out a rubbish area are generally rewarded for the hard work they put in, having this machine at your disposal will enable you to tackle these areas with a bit more ease and a lot less stress & annoyance! The weight of the machine was as light as they come and a really cool feature i hope they add to the GPX/Z is the additional charger that has positive and negative alligator clips so you can connect directly to battery to quickly charge on the fly! One negative was the shaft didn't "shrink" up and stays extended ...pain in the bum for fitting in the car but this can be rectified by using a GPX shaft I believe. Special thanks must go to Matt, Tracy & Pockets @ Finders Keepers Kalgoorlie for enabling me to test the machine. If you need prospecting gear you cant go wrong with Finders Keepers Steve Nugget in the Hand Prospecting
  23. I would think there are some corners of the globe where the monster has shown up...It would be nice to hear from those folks. Not taking anything away from the reviews by Steve, Lunk, and Jonathan. It has just been quiet for a while now and I still don't have mine...
  24. I just read one report by an Aussie dissatisfied customer. What a surprise. We heard the same things about the initial release of the SDC 2300 and the GPZ 7000. As I recall our moderator took a fair amount of bashing from his reviews of the previous machines as well. For Pete's sake, it's a VLF and in OZ it cannot hope to equal pulse induction in hot ground, nor does it claim to. It's an entry level machine ostensibly targeting the African gold rush. Its price point and turn on and go features have a place. As Steve as said time and again, when considering VLF, there really are no groundbreaking technology innovations available for this platform other than ergonomics and simplicity of use. I've tried my hand at VLFs over the years and I liked the Gold Bug II for a very narrow purpose, small, shallow gold in relatively quiet ground. I sold it in favor of the Deus. I don't think the Deus, at least the 54Khz 9" round, is better than or even equal to the GBII for that purpose, but it is more versatile and I'm sticking with it. Get ready for the Minelab bashing to begin.
  25. One of the guys at my workplace has been tagging along on some of my recent gold trips and has thus been inspired to purchase the GM1000 from a local dealer as soon as it became available. As a first outing we went to a claim I am a partner in for some detecting. We went as part of a group of 5 that had 4 different types of detectors with them. We have detected this river claim extensively and unless there is a flood that moves some material and exposes bedrock we don't find a lot anymore. Consequently we often dig by hand and scan the bedrock that we expose to recover the gold. Once at the claim three guys got to work digging a hole while myself and my friend with the GM took off up the creek in order for me to teach him how to use a detector. The plan was for me to use the GM1000 for a while and get him to watch me work while I told him what I was doing and then gradually hand over to him. First gold came after about two steps in a bedrock crevice. I had detected a small nugget in the same crevice before on a previous outing but obviously the GM was more sensitive and had managed to find something. There were two tiny prices in the crevice. We continued up the creek and found a few pieces here and there, all were small to very very small. Some bits well below 0.1g. After about half a dozen bits I left my friend to carry on on his own and joined the other three guys with digging the hole. After a couple of hours the man with the GM returned successful, he'd found his first three pieces of gold and was very happy. After that I got my hands back on his detector and found more pieces up and down the creek. The main points of interest with using the GM1000 I found are; Pros- #easy turn on and go operation #very sensitive to small gold #light weight #quite reliable ferrous / non ferrous indicator #lack of threshold easier for amateurs to interpret #clear signal from targets #excellent pinpointing Cons- #picks up hot rocks #signals when entering water #sensitive to coil and coil cable banging (although, what detector isn't) Generally I think this detector is a top performing VLF that is ideal for hunting gold in bedrock crevices or other shallow ground. Ideal for getting the last scraps from gold producing areas. Not so good for outright depth or areas with a lot of hot rocks as, despite the ferrous indicator, they still make a signal to burden your ears. Much of the gold that we got with the GM seems to have been quite small and other detectors simply missed them. We were calling these pieces monster flakes! Clarifications, Detector was run in maximum sensitivity in the deep / all metal setting. Bedrock is generally un-mineralised with isolated bands of noisy rock. 5 inch coil was used.And the total loot in the picture below, biggest bit is 1.39g (found with SDC2300 but anything could have found it). All but I think three pieces were found with the GM1000. If you have any questions I will do my best to answer.