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Found 210 results

  1. The Minelab GPZ 7000 is an excellent meteorite detector. At the Franconia strewn field, the three small fragments shown below were "bread crumbs" that led me upslope to their larger parent individual; all were buried beneath the surface.
  2. Hey guys. I've done some searches on here but have not seen much on my issue. Not a major issue but one that I am noticing more and more. Recently I have noted that there is a slight delay in the response from when I press a button on the GPZ and when the display responds. (probably 1/2 second) Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. Hi guys, Mrs JW & I had spent most of Thursday doing some landscaping out the front of our place. We went down to the Shotover River & got some big slabs of schist for some path way stepping stones & did some tussock grass plantings. We had finished by about 3pm. Mrs JW said, "Do you want to go to ........ & do some detecting?" I hadnt been there for about 18 months due to not being able to get any more gold out of there so I sort of umed & arred....not sounding too keen on it. I was a bit knacked from wrestling with the slabs of schist & digging them in to place. "You havnt tried the Zed there have you?" No I havnt I said.....still not too keen. "I just want to get out of here & it is a nice place to be." she said. I couldnt argue with that so off we went. The last time I had been here so had someone else before me & had left big un filled holes. I was really pist off with that & the holes were still there. I pointed them out to Mrs JW. Oh...they are big she said. Not holding my breath I rigged up & got in to it. This area has had all the overburden ground sluiced off from the oldtimers right down to schist bed rock. I had done well here back with the 3000, 4500, GMT & GB2 until I was getting no more. Not 1 minute in to it & I backed up on what I thought was a very very faint signal on top of the schist bed rock. Well I'll be buggered. It was repetitive with each sweep. All be it ever so faint. Probably a lead pellet. Bit of a scrape of the top & it improved but was still in the schist. Down now in to the schist & getting deeper & better. Down in to a small deeper crevice in the schist. How small is that. You can just see it on the coil in the above pic. What gobsmacked me was the depth for such a small piece. A few minutes later. Another very very faint signal. Exactly the same scenario. Down in to a deeper schist crevice Then another faint signal & down in to the schist wash. Wasnt in a crevice or schist bed rock but down a wee bit. Still bloody small. Then it dawned on me that I hadnt got one crap target. Just gold gold gold. One after the other. Shows how heavily this ground has been detected. No crap signals left. I then wondered over to one of the unfilled dig holes & waved the coil in to it & around the outside. What was that?? A signal. I backed up & on the top outside edge of the hole was a definite signal. I scraped away at it & it was still there Gold it was. Another very small bit. You may just make it out beside the G on the coil. If you go... I walked back towards where Mrs JW was sitting waving the coil as I went ready to pack up & head off when I saw another shallow scrape from some one else in to the up on edge schist bed rock. Ha....they must have got a wee thin bit stuck in the on edge folds of schist. And as I do..... I waved the coil over there scrape. Well I'll be darned....a faint signal. Must me another thin piece jambed in there some where. They cant have re scanned there dig after recovering their target before moving on. BIG mistake. Well to cut a long dig short. It wasnt a shallow bit & I ended up having to smash in to the solid schist rock. No way I thought. Felt the pain for my pick....not to mention me trying to dig the bugger. Mrs JW was pissing herself with all the grunting & groaning coming from me. You may have to come back for it, she said. No way I said. This is going to be gold & I aint leaving it here. It still wasnt out at this stage. Look at all that smashed out schist. poor pick Oh well....back in to it Look at the depth in to that soild schist & Mrs JW having a good my exspense Finally it was out Ended up with 6 bits for .88 of a gram Now I realised that on my very first day with the Zed that there was something very special about this detector. For me it was the depth it was getting small gold at. I realized that any bigger gold would take care of its self. I cant fathom why there was so much bagging of this detector from so many when it first came out. I can only put it down to people being so stuck in their detecting habbit ways with the PI's. The Zed is a different beast & needs to be used as such. I guess I am lucky that & a bit of water has flowed under the bridge since its release & learning curves been learned & I have benefited from that. One thing that really stands out for me is from what JP said. Be conservative with your settings. When I first used it I had the threshold up a bit & the sensitivity to the point where it was running a little bit ratty. Just like I did with the 3000 & 4500. Getting that top end max out of it. The thing with the Zed is the faintest of signals still lift with the thing toned down a bit & so getting rid of that Zed warble, especially with JP's B&Z Booster system. The swing arm helps immensely too. I wouldnt be with out it to get that total coil swing control. Even & parallel to the ground. Mrs JW & I did go out yesterday for a detect with a bit of success. We are in for a few crap weather days so this will be my last report for 2016. Will do yesterdays outing in the new Year. Cheers guys. All the best to you all for 2017 Happy New Year JW
  4. I get GPZ signal responses on targets (gold or like-sounding pieces of lead etc), that are both high-low and low-high using the same settings. Can anyone educate me as to why both signals produce gold - even though the signals differ on similar size targets (mostly small), at the same relative depth? Thanks!
  5. Here is a video of the Signal Response of the GPZ 19 Coil. I have also tested the 14 on this patch but didn't get round to videoing that test session but when l get time l will do a follow-up vid. But l can honestly say the 19 smashed the 14 for signal response I'm afraid l probably had the audio about 2 units too high as l wasn't sure how well the gopro would pick the sound up. Settings used were JP recomended settings with a few minor adjustments to suit the conditions. Cheers
  6. Nenad had a new Gpz coil cover. Just saw it online.
  7. Is there anyone out there who is willing to explain a little more in depth about the Sensitivity setting in the GPZ7000 and how works in relation to the other settings? Or perhaps point me to an existing discussion? I don’t feel I know enough to use it correctly and I know it's obviously important. Thank you in advance. David
  8. Hi guys, As a lot of you will be aware the New 19" Zed coil has been getting a bit of a bashing on some forums. Namely in Australia where the coil has been out for a bit of time now. Not only that, but personal attacks on one person in particular. Jonathan Porter. A person who many of us have a lot of respect for & a person who has shared much over the years that has benefited us all in our pursuit of detecting for gold. I know he has personally helped me immensely over the years both with his unselfish sharing of what he has learnt by not only posting up on forums but in his videos & personal emails & products. It is all very well & good to voice an opinion on a product, good or bad. If bad then hopefully the bad has some credibility to it & that the manufacturers sit up & take notice. But when that bad is directed to an individual, & continues to be directed to that individual in a relentless barrage then it is no wonder that that person clams up & goes silent. As has happened in the past. For the benefit of you guys in the States that maybe dont frequent the Aussie forums, I put up this link. Best of luck out there JW
  9. Just recently we were detecting (all experienced detectorist) in the grasslands of California, with two GPZ's, one had the stock 14" coil and the other had the 19" coil and two GPX's one had the 17x13 Evo and the other had the Minelab 12x15. Towards the end of the day, we decided to perform a test. We buried about a 9mm slug 14" deep. I went over the target with my GPZ, HY, Normal, Sen 15, Smoothing Off, and barely heard the target. Same settings with the 19" but much better results. Heard the target about three inches above the ground. Next, the GPX with the Evo coil in Sharp, General, don't remember the gain but a smooth threshold with the gold screamer, and no signal. The next detector is the one that is really giving me heart burn, the GPX with the 12x15 commander in Sensitive Extra, General, don't remember the gain but a smooth threshold with the stock battery. It gave an obvious signal about 5 inches above the ground. I could not believe how loud of a target response this stock GPX gave. After hearing the results from the GPX, I increased my Sensitiviy to 20, but there was too much ground noise to hear a target. I also tried different ground and gold modes with the GPZ, but nothing compared to that GPX. I wish we had more time to really investigate, but we were all tired, and the sun had already set behind the mountain. Is this just one of those scenarios that we must except and move on, or is there some credibility here??? Has anyone done similar tests or can give some suggestions? Still scratching my head, Brian.
  10. Evening, I hope this makes sense. I have a GPZ and an SDC and they seem to work pretty good near power lines. Plenty of auto channels to try and find a quiet one. As these are the only detectors I have ever owned I am wondering if other detectors - older minelab and other brands - are as quiet around power lines? Especially the really big trans-country lines. The reason I ask is that I found a nice looking area today that has been worked 'in the olden days' and in the short time available (20 minutes) this evening I found quite a few shallow rust nuggets, small/nice sounding bits of lead and absolutely no tell tale signs of old detecting holes. All targets were so shallow that a Kmart brand detector could have found them. This is all within about 60 metres of some bloody big power lines. Would I be right in guessing older technology might not have been able to handle the EMI so this could be some new ground? Apart from the flogging it got 100 years ago Thanks, Northeast
  11. Found this nice 26 gram slug with my GPZ 7000 and GPZ 19 coil yesterday (Christmas Eve). I grabbed my phone and filmed some of it so will get to work over coming days and piece the footage together if it's not too shaky, so keep an eye out for a link on this thread depending on where I end up getting it hosted. There were some key points about this dig which ties in with all the advice I've given since the coils release, hopefully that will come through on video because it was a real eye opener. I will say this though, I specifically went out chasing this type of target so hopefully some of the Aussie baggers of the GPZ 19 coil will be reading this post, the GPZ 14 coil would not touch this target except for General Normal and that was only because I knew the nugget was there, localised ground conditions would not allow the use of Normal at this location. JP
  12. Not wanting to hijack the current "where is it in the Us thread", Phoinex, So far I`ve managed to rip the front transmit coils rubber bumper off on grass and have cracked the original skid plate also catching grass, plastic tape is not the answer. I`m very interested in your skid plate mod. Must do something before I rip original skid plate right off and go bare, which may not be so bad. But from our OZ 4Ms I`m feeling like the lone ranger re having success with the 19, although I suspect there are others, must be. It is not much less sensitive then the 14 and like you say with the assist arm is fairly easy to use, also the hipstick does a top job handling its weight,( with the bungy going through a ring fixed just under the LCD...thanks Fred) so much so it is my coil of preference on the flats at present. I am very positive it is not a dud, just ZVT is new tech and we "need" to learn how to use it. Be good to see the reports on it on this 4M once it gets about the US.
  13. I can't believe it, I got another morning to myself so went back out with the GPZ 19 coil and stuck to my "Boom or Bust" large nugget settings. 4 hours into it and just when I was starting to think I was going to go home gold-less I banged this 30 gram piece out in the open in among old dig holes. I've been over this dozens of times over the last 20 years with every coil imaginable, its one of my field testing locations so I am VERY familiar with the area. I know for sure I've been over it with the GPZ 14" too. Anyway here's the pics, and Norvic if your son has pipped me at the post yet again start your own bloomin thread!! JP
  14. Short video on my Tennessee 19" coil cover
  15. Yes its mild ground, little to no trash and no I'm not tellin where it is. Small 1/2 gram nugget Settings were auto GB HY, normal, smoothing off, threshold 17, threshold tone 46 rest is default.
  16. Hi Guys & Gals, Merry xmas to you all. Mrs JW's daughter & partner are down for a few days over xmas & we headed out to a secluded river beach for a xmas picnic lunch today. It was a stunning day. This view from our drive out to our spot. The crew The spot A few days earlier our plan was to take the "kids" on a bit of a ticky tour of the sites around Central Otago & then do a bit of detecting. More to the point MR's JW was going to take them on a ticky tour while I detected & they were going to call in later & do a bit of detecting after seeing the sites. We ended up doing quite a bit of driving off the beaten track before they dropped me off to detect. We came across these display pieces on our travels. Old dredge buckets & an old sluicing monitor. By then Mr's JW said to her daughters partner, Would you like to stretch your legs for a bit, maybe do an hours detecting then I will show you around. Yep he was keen for that. So I had taken the 4500 for him to use & I was going to do a few tests with that & a few other coils I had brought along to do try on those two bigger bits of gold I had got last weekend at this spot with the zed. As I was sure the 4500 should have pinged those two. My plan was to do that with the 4500 while they were away & when they came back I would use the zed & he the 4500. Anyway, I got him rigged up with the 4500 & the 11" Elite coil. The question he asked me was , Where havent you been......Over that side of the gully & around there. I said. he was off. I went back over the same ground & a bit further from where I got my finds last weekend. I snagged 3 more little bits. I then heard him call out & saw him waving his hand with fingers pointing up, signaling he had found a bit. Sweet as, I called out & gave him the thumbs up & then carried on with what I was doing. After a while I looked over to where he was & saw he hadnt moved very far but was doing a lot of digging & the detector nutting off. MMMmmm....has the bugger found a wee patch. Mr's JW came over to me to confirm that he had & that he was now going no where. So there went my plans to do the tests with the 4500. To cut a long story short he found 23 pieces for just over 9 grams. So that was the day. The next day they had the day planned doing other stuff so I headed in to the hills on my own for the day detecting. This was xmas eve day. Well damned if I didnt stumble on to a little patch of my own. After a couple of hours I had this. Before I stopped for a coffee break. To cut a long story short & save heaps of pics I came across a couple of little glory holes. The last one coughed up about 20 pieces & is still giving signals. I am going to have to go back & widen the hole. Down about two feet & in to that schist basement rock A few pics of the gold coming out of it. Just small. Smallest was .04 of a gram I did get a bigger bit on the opposite side of the gully. 1.7 grams I fitted the swing arm a couple of weekends ago but found it a bit of a pain when trying to pinpoint a signal when not using the swing arm & having it wave around getting in the way. Not sure if others of you find that annoying as the little clip thing is ok when just carrying your detector or not using the swing arm but it isnt very user friendly to quickly get the swing arm out of the way when really laying in to a dig when you have unclipped the bungy from the harness like when pinpointing or just swinging the detector one handed with out using the swing arm to check the signal. I then had a light bulb moment. What I did was to quickly wrap the bungy cord one lap around the swing arm & detector shaft & hook the bungy back on to itself to hold the swing arm at bay. Worked a treat. Simple to just unclip it & hook the bungy back on to the harness when carrying on detecting with the swing arm. So all up 47 bits for just shy of 10 grams. YE HA. The Zed strikes again. Cheers guys Good luck out there for 2017 JW kiwijw
  17. Well, I would love to say that it was me who was the first to score gold with my new coil.... But alas..... Klunker bloodied it with with 3 nuggets totaling about 5dwt. They were roughly 14" deep...or 355.56mm for you Aussie friends He had no problem using the coil without a bungee or hipstick.....but I haven't figured out how he does that! Good job Klunker!
  18. Hi there guys, We had some pretty radical weather for summer....or supposed to be summer. Woke to this friday morning. We had our xmas work "do" on friday which involved white water rafting down the Shotover River, that snow was going to make for rather chilly water, followed by drinks & dinner afterwards. Mrs JW had a wedding to video on saturday & I wanted to be bright eyed & bushy tailed for a detecting mission on saturady. So we were very well behaved on the drinking side of things. I got off earlyish saturday morning which dawned a nice summers day. Bit of a surprise following the last couple of days. Got to my detecting destination & went to a hill side slope where I had scored a nice little patch out in open country with no old time workings, back in my GP 3000 days. It was hard going as I had thrashed this area & it is where I got those good sized slugs in my avatar. I finally got a mellow double blip signal. Was it going to be a pellet or gold. A few scrapes & the signal was still there. Down about 4" & I was feeling confident. YE HA. Small bit of gold That was it. 3 hours of detecting for just that one bit. It was getting bloody hot so I decided to move on to another spot where I had done well but my last few times there I had got nothing. I hadnt been there for a while as it can have long grass which doesnt help. Got there & rigged up. In 5 minutes I had a signal that wasnt a double blip & it wasnt screaming, so hopefully not a .22 casing. Wasnt holding my breath though. Top soil was about 6" deep & then in to a bit of shattered crumbly schist. Signal still in there. I was getting a bit excited now. Had to use the pick end & smash in to the schist. Signal still there. Oh boy.....this has got to be gold now. Surely. Notice the broken out schist YE HA 4.70 grams my biggest for.....goodness knows how long At about 300 mm, 12" Then 6 meters away & no further crap targets I got another good hit. In to the shattered schist again & signal still in there & sounding bloody loud. No pellet this sucker & I doubt it is going to be crap now that I am smashing out schist What this.....Kinda surprise?? You bloody beauty. 5.98 grams. Yer Baby At 200mm I was surprised that I hadn't got that with my 4500 & a number of coils that I have thrashed this area with Oh them now Well that deserved a break & a well earned coffee Back into it & a faint double blip. Some thing small & some thing very close to the coil. Damn....shot gun pellet?? couple of inches down & Same again...but down 4" & in to the schist again And again Oh...ok...again. Another double blip Once more That was it. I was bloody hot & decided to call it quits. Had it been cooler I would have gone on until dark, which is after 10pm. I was pretty well satisfied so ended at 7pm So all up 8 bits for 12.10 grams. Thats my best haul for ages, & off thrashed ground. The mighty Zed doest it again. Cheers guys Best of luck out there JW
  19. Now that the feline is out of the sack I'll give you all 2 cents worth of review and opinion of the 19"GPZ coil. Evidence indicates that when VA Paul left Australia last year he snuck out all of the Australian nuclear secrets, their plans to hack the 2020 American elections, the formula for Fosters beer and a 19'' GPZ coil. He made me use the coil first to see if Minelab assassins where following us to recover their coil. In the short time I used the coil, this is what I learned. All indications are that it will detect deeper. Your pick must be further away and it is more prone to pick up incidental metal such as zipper tabs. 30% deeper is only 10% less silly than claiming 40% even if Ml. does add an *. It does run smoother. You can use somewhat "hotter" settings than the 14" but it will still give a good sounding signal on bits of hot ground. There may be a bit more sensitivity to EMI. You need to slow your swing down significantly and keep it parallel to the ground. This also makes it easier to stop your swing and reverse direction. It will false when bumped on something solid but not enough to be a concern. Pin pointing is a pain in the a-- (arm). I have become immune ti this pain from my having spent a year with the 7000. Did you notice the little tray on VA Pauls coil. DON'T LAUGH! It actually works for tiny finds. In Pauls' posted photos, only one of the nuggets might not have been found with the 14" coil. However the area has been covered many times with a stock GPZ. but I have not spent enough time with the new coil to make a definitive statement like "more gold" or "deeper Gold" But I believe those statements will come. It is just plain HEAVY. Unless you are built funny, have no common sense or your just plain not to bright (yup, that's me) get your self some kind of suspension system. no gold is worth screwing up an arm or a shoulder. In conclusion I will say that the 19" coil is not magic. if you are not finding gold with a stock 7000 the bigger coil probably won"t help. They are, to me, unreasonably expensive and the history of Minelab dropping the price of the 7000 so soon after it's introduction still doesn't set well with a lot of early buyers so I probably won't tie up winter time beer money on a coil I can' use until next spring.
  20. Field trips. If anyone in AZ wants to know how the 19" works before you buy one then let me know. I am going to be all over the state until the end of the month. If you have a good place to try this new coil out, I may be able to help you. PM me and we can work out the details. % This way you will know if you like it well enough to buy it. It's all about time now for me. I go back to work in about 4 weeks they say, so now is a good time for me. I have a few people already lined up, but I am interested in using it in different areas to get a better all around understanding and feel for it. I am going to be learning, the same as you would be. (Remember, JP says to have realistic expectations. If there has never been any big gold found in the area, chances are there isn't any.)
  21. Just received the beast in the mail today and it's heavy! I'll probably be looking like Popeye after a while swinging that beast. Thought it would be a little lighter than it is.
  22. This question has been touched upon in some other topics, but I still am not clear. The manual says that: a high volume limit will "allow a greater difference between a small and a large target". a low volume limit will "reduce the volume difference between a small and large target" If I want my small gold or large gold signals to stand out, I would think a medium to higher number would give the best volume response to really make a target stand out from ground noise. Just curious on the thoughts and experience of others with this setting.
  23. Ok, I am having a ball with the 19", getting to really like it. I suspect it is a more advanced coil then the 14", or perhaps it is just its size but it is as quiet as (keep settings JP conservative) and powerful. You have probably had those signals "disappear" with the 14" and you`ve had to widen out your hole to get coil in (signals still too deep to pick up on side). Well get ready for the 19" because you are going to get more, especially with the deep smaller bits around 1 gram. These occurrences or digs really push home the message air tests are totally meaningless when in the real world. Now to talk ML into making us say a 11x12 or such that if possible is as quiet as the 19"....................... maybe 60% lighter I never said that............
  24. Rob on Nuggethunting forum says he's get the new 19 inch coil and shipping out now. For you that has been waiting for it the waiting is over. Chuck