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Found 235 results

  1. Hi All I was hoping some of you might be able to clear somethings up for me please. When you GB, Do you do the "walk and sweep" method and then "ferrite balance"? or Can you only pick one method? IF only one method allowed, then how do you decide which one to use? Also, is there any "list" so to speak of showing different gold modes and ground types combinations to help know what depths and sizes you are targeting? Eg, HY/Normal = ? Hy/Difficult = ? Hy/Severe = ? General/Normal = ? General/Difficult = ? General/Severe = ? ExtraDeep/Normal = ? ExtraDeep/Difficult = ? ExtraDeep/Severe = ? I have found "info" regarding settings for large deep nuggets but what if I also wanted to check for small shallow gold? What settings would suit small, shallow bits? Sorry to ask so much in one go :)
  2. Overall, the GPZ is an awesome tool and I have been extremely happy with it since I purchased one about 6 months ago. But I thought I would gather what things people wish would be included as a future option/improvement such as software upgrades/gps options ... etc. Maybe I will forward the link to their marketing department (since I hear engineers are so difficult to work with ;p) Please list only your top 3 wishes for improvement/options/upgrades in order of priority ... if they are the same as others then that is fine. It shows we want similar things. My wish list: 1) smaller coil option - anywhere from 8-11" 2) software update allowing storage of a secondary settings (similar to GPX5000) 3) maybe a clock on the front screen
  3. It's been and extreme wet season in my hunting areas for months! Back in the day when I dredged, I'd be jumping in the creeks hitting my known gold lairs. But, and extreme wet season for chasing nuggets with a metal detector isn't necessary for success. Wet soil means extra hot ground as we fight the minerals in the different soils of our goldfields. I swing the GPZ 7000 and like many High Yield/Normal is my favorite setting when the ground permits a smooth Threshold. But, for months I've been stuck in High Yield/Difficult. Using Difficult, means some different gold tones to store in your mind too. Our entire hunting group this year has had to simmer down their SDC 2300 and GPX's to combat this wet season soil conditions. In these hot soil conditions expect numerous hot spots of minerals that sound like a likable target. You have to check these spots out! Mineralized hot dirt most of the time will not get louder as you dig a couple inches. Hot rocks can/will get louder as you dig, but most of these spots you can try to ground balance out before you dig deeper...some! A real target will sometimes fool you in hot soils. It's may sound good as your digging it and out of the hole. But, in the pile hard to hear and may sound like hot soil. Kick your pile flat helps to bring your target back to life. Who said, in metal detecting you'd need a Criminal Justice Degree in syphring out a true target and catching a sly nugget in hot soils...hard enough in good conditions! This trip, there was no skunks in our hunting party of 5, my two are top center and the big one was just shy of 1/4 oz 4.89 dwt. Until the next hunt! LuckyLundy
  4. I purchased my Zed in mid-2015, and since then I have complained about the display being difficult to see clearly. Then yesterday I realised that it is a "sunlight-readable" display, presumably similar to what is used on some of the later Garmin GPSs. That is, when the display is in full sunlight it can be seen very clearly. I'm assuming most people here probably already know this, but I've mentioned it in case there are one or two others out there who are as smart as I am and taken nearly two years to work it out. Col
  5. Got out Saturday for a day hunt at Gold Basin, Arizona. Ended up with 3 Gold Nuggets, and a few meteorites, wish the weather stayed like this all the time ..... Dave.
  6. This only fits the newer Minelab CTX 3030 and all GPZ 7000 units. Most people like me probably only want a replacement stand but for $15.00 with free shipping it is hard to complain. Except about the stand being so flimsy in the first place! Minelab Kit part #3011-0283
  7. I know how to use the GOTO function...what I cannot find is the STOP GOTO function. The only way I have found is to turn off the detector...any ideas??? fred
  8. Well I did it..... recent success in Gold Basin with my 5000 and Evo (some documented on here, some not) has allowed me to scrape together the pennies to buy my ultimate "significant other". I'm now the proud owner of a ZED with 19" coil and to help save my back, I picked up an over the shoulder boulder holder Mac Daddy coil suspension rigging. Some of you may recall my looking at it at the Minelab conference here in Lost Wages (Las Vegas). I've tried it on, it's incredible, hopefully it doesn't sound off too much with all the aluminum, lord knows I've already dug enough aluminum cans with the Evo, I'll let you all know how it goes. Sooooo prepare for some dumb blond questions as I go forward with Zeddie. Pics are my little x'mas in April picnic lunch outside my 5th wheel and the harness (the gal in the harness shots is not me, she's much more attractive) Jen
  9. Got out Friday, and decided to use the good ol Boat Anchor 19 " coil on the ZED. After finding the Specimen Gold, and into it 2 hours, my Bungee broke, and I had to go to my backup bungee, and also switched back to the 14". I was using the High Yield Mode with the 19" coil, since the soils here are not to bad, and I seem to get a little more depth using the 19" with High Yield. Dave.
  10. Does Minelab limit transferring the warranty to several new owners, or can you just transfer the warranty once?? Talking about the 7000. Also hearing from multiple sources Minelab doesn't really do repairs, they just mail new devices back to you if there is something wrong. ????
  11. There are a couple excellent photos of this product at Nenad's website.
  12. New Treasure Talk blog at "The nugget was recovered at 22+ inches depth, weighed in at touch over 26-grams and was a beautiful water-worn crystalline “Herring Bone” nugget. A few days after Christmas I returned to the location and scored a fantastic 30-gram piece right out in the open with dig holes all around. I know for a fact that I have had my GPZ 14 coil over this exact ground, and only very recently. The signal was a real eye popper and what I would call an easy “dig me” response; more proof the GPZ 19 coil is providing an ‘edge’ over the GPZ 14 when the gold is present. On New Year’s Day I returned in 40 degree Celsius temperature and ‘nailed’ a solid little 12-gram slug at reasonable depth, taking my total for 12 hours detecting at this location to a tad over 2-ounces!" More from JP - Practical Tips For Using The GPZ 19 Super-D Coil
  13. Do these GPZ19's normally false at the slightest tap of a rock? I'm not sure why they put a scuff plate on it, you cant scuff with this and it gets VERY tiring having to run it 6" off the deck, seems if this is normal your giving up depth... this is 100x worse than the piece of junk Goldstalker falsing one I had. All settings the same, with the GPZ14 on no falsing at all, nice and quite... 19 all but useless... is it so hot of a coil that you need to babysit and carry it above all rocks? If that's the case it's going in the classified section, perhaps it's defective... thx Jen
  14. Still love my 5000 but it's sadly neglected as of late., the 7000 is just a beast! Walked onto another little run in a wash today in a totally new area. Scored 19 grams in nuggets plus two specimens. * Just belted the species and got 1.4 out of the little one and 4.6 out of the bigger one plus probably about another 3 or so grams in fines to be panned off. * Fly not included in weight
  15. Hots on the tiny stuff is not always good if it buries you in tiny surface trash. What say you GPZ 19 owners - can it be set to miss bird shot, tiny wire, or other small surface trash?
  16. I don't recall seeing any posts about the Severe setting on the GPZ. I know there are some tough areas in the USA and even more so in Oz. With the many varied operators on this forum I am curious to know when or if anyone has used SEVERE...if so, what were the results. enquiring minds, etc fred
  17. Got a text yesterday from my buddy Chris, who said dude, get your , and lets get out there !!!! ( Well something like that , hehe !!! ) . I told him I can only hunt a half day, even though today was just a great day for a full day of hunting today, darn it !!!! Ended up finding almost 10 grams today.. :) . The large piece was a little more than a foot down, and just made a break in the threshold, I kicked some dirt out of the way, and it made the nice mellow weewoo sound, and I was like . Some digging in the side of a wash a little more than a foot down, and got a ..... maybe a foot away I found another small nugget right on top of the ground, and found another small piece in another wash. I also brought home a new pet, and the good ol U.S. deserts give them away for free, as you can see in the picture, he is enjoying his new home.... I have been bringing baby dinosaurs home in the backyard for years, but they never grow up , they just make babies in my back yard and eat the spiders... Dave
  18. JW - I've been running WM12/Booster/Headphones for the last few months. (recently adding JP's booster) I like this and have tested this against the setup without the booster and did not notice much difference. I enjoy using the booster more as a volume control as adjusting headphone volume is a pain.
  19. Has anybody had problems with their GPZ 19" coil falsing when hitting rocks or brush? I sent one back to minelab that was falsing every time I hit it on a rock. Then I get a new one from minelab which they warranted out which I do appreciate minelabs warranty. So I go to try the new one out and that one does it again. What's up with that minelab doesn't anybody test the coils before they send them out?
  20. Hello everyone, I am a relative new owner of a GPZ, also my first minelab product. So I don't have much experience with all the different settings. I have been doing really well in the last 6 weeks, but I get the feeling I may not be fully utilizing the capability of the GPZ. I have read the posts on the "insanely hot settings" and a couple on the "low sensitivity" settings. I have a few questions. Do you have settings you like, and stick with? Are you constantly changing setting during a hunt? Are there specific situations where you adjust settings? Any surprises when experimenting with settings? I am in southern Nevada, the ground is relatively mild. Most of the gold is sub gram to 3 or 4g, with the occasional 10 grammer. I usually run relatively hot up to max sensitivity, I do get lots of warble. I understand the GPZ is relatively noisy (much noisier than my ATX) Is it beneficial to find the smoothest threshold possible? Thank you Chris Excited to learn what I can.
  21. It appears I am the only one that has a problem with the GPS software on the GPZ, JP and Steve do you use moving map software such as Ozies Oziexplorer, USA`s Fugawi etc? I note one of the Gold Hounds has such mounted on Mtrbike. I use and have used a GPS almost as long as a detector, to combine it with the detector is a logical step, to me that is. Not about safety from getting lost, is about lowering the amount of country to detect. Find a run of nuggets, clean up but which way to the next shed, if you`ve found that run on a fault follow the fault, but if there is no mapped fault, look back at two runs follow same direction, it`s there, it is not luck, there is a pattern.
  22. The Zed can find small gold. The large nugget in the center is 1g and the small one about 9:00 on the dial is about .05g. I'll have to get a scale to measure. I'm told that a Tanita is good. What is better?
  23. I got this specimen a few months ago and it`s currently in acid. I got it at a depth of about 5 or 6 inches with the 7000 and one of my mates who`s no slouch with detector, in air tests can hear it max about 1" away from the coil with a 5000. All these little pieces are connected electrically. Hopefully it`s going to look pretty good when it comes out of the acid. Dave
  24. Are there any updates for the aftermarket skid plate for the 19" and could you comment why the GPS should not be used on ZED?
  25. So I am working seeing if anyone has a good up grade to the zed 14" stock coil cover? I have been through two and not owned it a year. I bought a MJD coil cover and love it. I don't get the bump sounds from the grass anymore. Lately I've noticed that they aren't available so readily. I want the same quality and in the 19" cover as well. I don't want a tape on or glue on because I like my things easy to clean. Any ideas?? John