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Found 273 results

  1. Hi guys, I have done a goggle search on this & have come up with nothing. I thought I saw an article on here about it but a search showed nothing here either. I thought there might have been something printed on the box to help out.....but no. Is there any thing I need to know or is it all pretty easy really? Thanks for any help or advise. JW
  2. Found A Virgin Patch

    Went out detecting this morning. Have been trying to go find new areas to detect. So have been reading,researching, and mapping. For the most part I've been going to pounded out workings. It was not working for me. Was going on a 2 week drought. It was starting to make me wonder what the heck I was doing wrong. So this new area I had in mind had favorable geology to me. It looked right. But no evidence of any serious mining activity. But it looked and felt right. So I headed up this dry gulch. Sq nail, sq nail, Square nail. Then wire, bullet, nail, and tin. I was like here we go again. I decided to get out of the dry creek. I had saw this saddle while scouting the area earlier. So I gave it a walk to. I got to the area. Went thru the auto tune and ground balance procedure and started swinging. The ground was still wet from the recent rains. So I worked in High Yield, Normal ground, and no smoothing. I also turned my threshold down a bit. I swung for about 25 minutes, Then I hit the biggest nugget of the day first. I did eventually go into Difficult ground for awhile. And also low smoothing when the detector starting getting noisy. But would switch back and forth when conditions allowed. There was not any dig holes in the area that I seen. So it seems I'm the 1st in the area with a detector. One of my most fun days detecting ever.
  3. Bogene's Settings

    Back in the 4000 days and older gent named Bogene (in his 70's I believe) came up with a method of detecting that is basically turning the threshold off, screwing the gain and stabiliser up, and detecting like that. I've had a dabble with these settings but could never get my head around the no threshold part as it just sounds so damn wrong after being used to threshold since Jesus played fullback for Jerusalem. Yesterday we were detecting and old spot and it was noisy. I turned the audio smoothing to low on a few occassions, but don't really like the dullness it gives so went back to the off position, and played with the tuning on several occassions to make a smoother threshold. I had 9 little nuggets in an area I've had the SDC on recently and eventually decided it was a perfect time to try Bogene's setting on the GPZ. I started with High Yield and Difficult, threshold to 1, gain to 20, audio on 8 and scored one of the smallest bits I've ever found. I showed my mate and that was my first Bogene nugget. I tried normal but the ground wasn't that forgiving so eventually settled on threshold at 7, High Yield, Difficult, gain at 20 and audio at 8, and commenced to get another 14 bits. The detector is pretty much dead quiet, except for a very faint hum through the B&Z booster, and the signals are more like a mouse squeaking until you get the coil directly over the target. i found that on the faint ones, a large hole started got the coil closer and the target easier to find. On one signal we were digging I put the coil away from the hole on the ground and it squeaked. I scuffed the ground and moved the coil. That was the next target and next nugget. I would have thought that the coil would have to be over a target to get them, but brushing past some rocks and grass tufts produced a single squeak at times and some moving around of the coil produced an obvious target. I also found while experimenting that the 27 and 28 numbers I was running the threshold at are not the best for small nuggets and 26 seems to be ideal. 25 is where the threshold is in and out, but 26 seems to be the goods. I'm certainly not going to be using this method as my preferred setting, but it makes me wonder whether it might be an advantage on areas that people are having to run high smoothing on, so maybe someone who is having this difficulty might be able to try it out. BTW there is a picture of the nuggets for the day on my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/GoldCityDetecting?ref=hl Cheers.
  4. My 7000 Has Died

    I was one minute into the day when the 7000 lost sound to the WM12`s. This has happened before but restarting the detector always fixed it, but this time the detector wont power off either. The only way I can turn it off is to unplug the battery. Tried everything, turned off the GPS, plugged in 2 sets of headphones, did a full detector reset- Still no sound and wont power off. I phoned Minelab, they seem to know what`s wrong with it and only want the back end of the detector back, not the coil or shafts or battery Thank goodness there is still 5 months of warranty on my detector.
  5. We'll i finally got to join the 1oz+ club!! My buddy Dave and i headed to Gold Basin for a half day trip. We hit our usualy spot and split up. I headed to a wash that i found a 5.4 gram piece a couple of weeks ago. I didnt hit the whole wash, so i figured id start where i left off. A bit later, i get a nice signal by a bush in the middle of the wash. It turned out to an 8 gram specie with some dark host rock mixed in. 10 feet away in the bank of the wash i get another screeming signal. This was the flat nugget, also about 8 g. I radioed Dave to tell him the good news. The next couple of hours there was nothing except a couple of meteors. I decided to hit the bottom end of that same wash on my way back to the truck. After a bit i get a nice signal in the wash, it was the .8g flat piece. The wash had widened out, and the bedrock was deeper, so i wasnt detecting to slow wgen i got a slight sound. I thought it was just ground noise because i was running the GPZ hot at 18 sensitivity and high yield and normal ground. I did a scrape and the sound was still there. I took about 6 inches off with the pick and the sound seemed more distinct. I fugured it wasnt mineralization but rather trash because the dirt was silt, not hard pack. I kep widening and deepening the hole and when i got to over a foot it was screeming. I was figuring tin can ir something. After about 6 more digs and around 2ft deep. I get it out of the hold. I did reach bedrock so i was feeling hopeful. It turned out to be a 1.41 (OZ) nugget and a pretty one at that, with a bit of quartz. I finally joined the club. I feel like i deserve a patch or something lol. I radioed Dave to tell him the good news, and he was eccited for me. (He was already a member pf the club) a bit under 2 oz for the day. I took Dave to the wash, with his big coil on the GPZ, to try to score him a big nugget, no luck. We packed up and headed home. oh and i finally paid for my GPZ in nuggets ...and some. thanks Chris
  6. Hi Guys & Gals, Well.... as of today I am the proud (I hope) owner of a 19 inch dog , mans best friend, coil for my Zed. This will be very very very interesting. Cant wait to get out there this weekend to give it a spin. Watch this space.... Ye Ha. Good luck out there JW
  7. Overall, the GPZ is an awesome tool and I have been extremely happy with it since I purchased one about 6 months ago. But I thought I would gather what things people wish would be included as a future option/improvement such as software upgrades/gps options ... etc. Maybe I will forward the link to their marketing department (since I hear engineers are so difficult to work with ;p) Please list only your top 3 wishes for improvement/options/upgrades in order of priority ... if they are the same as others then that is fine. It shows we want similar things. My wish list: 1) smaller coil option - anywhere from 8-11" 2) software update allowing storage of a secondary settings (similar to GPX5000) 3) maybe a clock on the front screen
  8. Scored A Few

    Made it out for half a day yester to an old patch. My buddy dave let me borrow his big coil for the GPZ and i wanted to give it a shot. Good news, i scored 3 nuggets with it, bad newsI have a 9 in metal plate in my hip that sounds off every time i moved the coil to my right. Almost impossible to hold the coil far enough away to avoid the signal. Put heavy strain on my back trying to do that. So I switched coils and tried bumping up the sensitivity to 18 ground normal. I managed to get a couple more pieces. 4.6 gram total. Big was 2.2. I had found out my girlfriends brother is a closet prospector lol. He watches all thr shows but has never found any color. So i lent him my GMT and taught him my dig, rake, detect technique and he got 7 pieces for about a gram and a half. We werent getting cell service where we were and he didn't want his wife to worry, so we packed in early at 1:30. I text my girlfriend we were on our way. She asked why so early, and i told her Jason got sick. She text back with concern asking if was the heat? I replied "hes got a bad case of gold fever" lol in which she replied that i am a dork. I guess i am. Chris
  9. With several GPZs working in a small area, is there a recommended auto tune procedure to tune each other out? Norm
  10. Hi guys, in your opinion, what is the best vid on youtube for someone just starting out with the gpz? Maybe something that walks you through the start up settings and stuff.
  11. Hi guys, After seeing Jens success on using Steve's insane hot settings on her Zed & the result she shared with us I just had to give them a go. I had tried them in my early days with my Zed but could do with out the brain hemorrhage dealing with all that noise. Besides......I found the Zed deadly on the conservative settings & they pleased my state of mind so I have just stuck with the lower sensitivity. Usually 4-8 range. Due to our insanely mild ground I can run in High Yield/ Normal all the time & soil smoothing off. I went back to the last area I detected a couple of weekends ago where I found a 4.39 gram piece. It was an old patch area where I had done well on back with my GP 3000 & 4500. Getting well over one ounce of gold off it. Previous to getting the 4.39 gram piece with the Zed I had got no gold from the area with the Zed on two previous occasions. The other weekend conditions were just ideal, with very low grass growth due to winter conditions & the sheep had also been in the area & chewed what grass there was, right down. The ground was also quite damp with deep penetration resulting in better & deeper conductivity. I always believed there was more gold at depth in this location & just because I had got none on my previous two times with the Zed, until that 4.39 gram slug, I still believed there was more there.....& still do. So on Saturday Mrs JW had a heli wedding to video up on top of a snowy mountain peak up behind Queenstown. So I had the day to myself & decided to head back to this area & try these insane hot settings. My last time there two weekends ago I got rained off after getting that 4.39 grammer. So I had not finished detecting the entire area. The only setting I changed on my Zed was to crank the sensitivity up to 20 & turn down the volume on my external B&Z booster to try to save a bit of my sanity & stop the brain hemorrhage. Taking on board what Steve had said about using that noise as a "new" threshold & believing that a target signal would leap out above it all. I didn't have long to wait for that first signal. I started off right where my back filled hole from the 4.39 gram piece was found & detecting very slowly & rubbing the coil softly across the ground I kicked a rock out of the way. Slowly rubbed the coil over where the rock had been sitting & got that unmistakable beautiful soft mellow wee you signal. Gold just written all over it. I was 100% sure it was going to be gold straight off the bat. So I thought I would try a few different settings. High Yield/Difficult....in fact I tried them all.....& none were as good as High Yield/normal. If I didnt know the signal was there then high Yield/difficult would have struggled to have had me pull up. This was after the first scrapes Just hitting the rotten schist bedrock which wasn't far down & signal still in there. You will notice broken crumbly schist peeled out in the pile. Close up Down further & signal still in there. The rock beside the coil is the rock I kicked out of the way that the signal was under. Had I not kicked the rock aside I wouldnt have got the signal. Target out....and I wasn't wrong about my 100% prediction I carried on across the slope & after 5 minutes of slow methodical coil control & sweeping I got the faintest of hits through my "new" threshold between two rocks. I hooked one of the rocks out & scraped out some dirt. Signal had moved. Can you see it on the coil?? .05 of a gram. The next signal took a bit longer to come & was quite deep. I was just about to get the Gold monster to pin point it & to see if it was ferrous or non ferrous. When suddenly the target was out. Just at that moment my phone rang. Needing a breather I answered it. It was my youngest son, Aydin 22, calling from Brisbane in Australia. I told him I was detecting & just had a target out in the dig out dirt but hadn't located it yet. Is it gold he asked. It sure was. With that piece I told him it was time for a coffee break. I told him I always tried to get a piece of gold before stopping for a coffee. He laughed saying that I must go for some long hauls before "earning" a coffee break. He wasn't too far wrong with that comment at times. We had a bit of a chat & then we hung up. I wondered on towards my wagon still swinging the coil. Not 10 feet from the last pieec I was pulled up by another signal. This time I did get the Gold Monster involved to pin point & see if it was ferrous or non ferrous. Non ferrous was the call. And it wasn't a piece of lead or a bullet casing. So on that note I was thoroughly deserving that coffee break. Half an hour after my coffee I was on to another sweet signal. And another sassy bit of gold Then things dried up for me. I re detected the whole slope again from top to bottom this time & nothing more. Carried on into the dark, but that was my lot. I was getting a bit frazzled from my "new" threshold so called it quits. Still had a 2.5 hour drive home. So all up with the sensitivity up at 20 I got 5 more bits off this absolutely thrashed slope that still produced for me. 2.38 grams. I can hear Norvic saying "wait until you get the 19" coil" Yes I am looking. That was Saturday....there is still Sunday....but that can wait for another night. Cheers all. Good luck out there JW
  12. I went to a spot in Tarnagulla today where years ago I got a deep 5 grammer with the 5000. I keep telling my self "if there was one deep bit there there HAS to be more". Because today I was going after deep gold I strapped on the 19" coil and I got this little piece at about 3". In the second picture, the 2 bottom pieces are the 5 grammer I got years ago and I have no idea if I broke it or if it broke a million years ago. Todays piece goes a whopping 0.21g. I think that`s a pretty good score with the 19" coil. I would have liked to stay out longer because I was really enjoying the day, but at about the 4 or 5 hr mark the 19`s weight really starts to tell on me.
  13. Hi guys, looking for some advice. I have been lucky to have a 3km river section in north queensland mostly to myself for the last 6months...it takes an 90mins to walk in one way...so the few ounces have been well earned! A couple of small patches off to the side of the creek, the rest has been bits from the shallow creek bed. All pieces with my gpz 14 inch combo. I run it in normal high yield until the constant hot rocks slow me down too much and then its high yield difficult. Average depth would be 4-5 inches. deepest 9-10inches. Most common size has been 0.4 - 1.5 grams (with a few under 5gms) and i have dug NO deep holes for gold - very little trash in this area and deepest hole was for an old pick head. Question is, with the gold getting harder to find, would you recommend i try a 19inch coil over the same ground even though up till now there has been NO deep targets??? I heard you can run the 19 in normal a little easier than with the 14inch but i imagine hot rocks will still sound off and i cannot tell the different yet with a couple hundred hours on the machine! Thoughts appreciated. (ps a gpx with evo 14x9 has been over the patches too). stru
  14. Well after getting skunked on my usual areas in Gold Basin today, I was getting the feeling that maybe I should try something new (I move around a lot, as people who detect with me will attest). If I'm not on colour or it feels wrong, I'll move at times several miles and start again..... So, I went to an area that I'd been hoping to try again after being chased out by trash last time.... it dawned on me today, why.... I got out of the truck, did a quick walk up to the side of the hill/bench and fired up Zeddie.... but this time, I thought... I'm not getting skunked today.... let's crank this bad boy up.... I had been running at sense of 10-15 today, depending on the area..... I thought to myself, let's give Steve's Mac Daddy Go Big or Go Home settings a run... In all honesty I'm usually running very similar settings, minus his hi gain. Well up it went.... wow, noise much but I figured.... I had nothing to lose, I'm learning the machine this Summer, I might as well see if i can get use to running super hot..... I did a quick ground balance and away I went... I got less than 10' and heard angels (well, ok, maybe it wasn't angel's but you all know the sound).... BOOOOOO YAAAAAAAAAAA nice rough little nuggy DEEEEEEEP. I proceeded to do a little "Beat the skunk, thank you Steve's settings" dance in circles..... as I was filling in the hole it struck me, why wasn't this found, out in the middle of a huge wide area, easy target... oh well.... then I commenced detecting..... and as I wandered and dug HEAPS of small trash that should have been dug by detectors before me, it dawned on me...... and then... mid thought... WOOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oh man.... a pop can, like I need another one of those..... and down I dug...... hmmmm when did gophers start drinking soda, this thing is deep.... and then out came a 73 grain chunk.... oh yea.. oh yea... who your daddy!!!! I then realized, I'd found my first virgin patch, and on Gold Basin no less...... 20 sensitivity is my new normal....... wow, what a huge difference... I've gone from hating a chatty threshold to now realising the power that same noise has..... It was getting late, the patch is hard to get to/from in the dark so I left..... this story will be continued.... (I hope) I'll post updated cleaned pics after they get a bath. $324.00 at $50.00 a gram... I may have an extra ice tea tonight at dinner. Thank you Steve........ for your continued reference in some of your posts (including your one recently with the shovel in it) where you mention this may be an option for some.... it was for me today and is my new norm. Jen
  15. Wow, I'm sure others have found smaller (and I did find one flatter than this on Rye Patch) but Zeddie continues to amaze me with how deep the 14" coil will find tiny gold. My 5000 wouldn't have found this without the Sadie and not at this depth (I believe it was about 6" or so)... I don't mind digging up tiny stuff like this, provided it's gold and not the small tiny wire slivers I seem to find most of the time (black for contrast, dime for size). I of course didn't make wages, but I don't care, this Summer I've dedicated to learning the machine, not expecting it to produce so being able to see tiny gold come up really builds trust in Zeddie that I didn't have at first (I sold my 5000 to force myself to use and learn to love Zeddie and I'm starting to be ok with that sale). Thanks for listening friends. Jen
  16. Have you ever wondered what's inside......... I know you have...... I have....... While I'm Ukranian, I don't understand Russian but it sure was neat to see how much they've crammed onto the boards inside our GPZ's. Jennifer
  17. Check out this week's Treasure Talk as Nenad Lonic details everything you need to know about owning and operating the Minelab GPZ 7000 19 coil. He covers ergonomics, swing techniques, field settings and managing different soil types. http://www.minelab.com/go-minelabbing/treasure-talk/in-the-field-with-the-gpz-19-coil
  18. opinions welcome regarding the "best" coil-cover for the 19 inch. I don't like the stock cover-but, that was a forgone conclusion.. I am not sure of the choices or durability of the manufactured items... I think the lexan is durable but...................more weight on a heavy coil. I will say that using the 19 inch makes the 14 seem a featherweight...in comparison. fred
  19. While up in the Sierra for a WSPA Outing I used my gpz. I had not used it since I did the upgrade. When I pushed the map button the man-icon came up but there were no tracks. The unit would mark a point and display it but no tracks to see where I had wandered. I also noticed the unit would not return to correct threshold in a timely manner. Nor did the other functions always work correctly... two different issues I think. What say yea? fred
  20. So, just one more issue during my Outing... I have been in the habit of tossing my ferrite on the ground...foolish me. They break into many pieces...so no more tossing... I wonder if the ring can be super glued back to one piece and function correctly? Or is it more like a metal ring that no longer gives the same signal once the circle is broke? Or do I need a new one? so many questions.... fred
  21. Eating GPZ Crow

    My compliments to the chef, this crow I'm eating tonight is delicious Note: these are post CLR/ultrasonic clean.... You all know I've been pretty "honest" about my love for my 5000 and the frustrations I've had with Zeddie but she blew me away today on these three from the King Tut Placers (Gold Basin). They were down 3/4 of a foot or so and were clear as day, sung like a jay bird beautiful weee woooo dig me dig me signal.... Weights (in grains) 1.7 grains, 2.2 grains, and 3.1 grains.... Very thin pieces, as can be seen in the leaning on the dime photo.... It looks like Zeddie's sleeping on the couch today, not standing up in the corner like usual. I know my 5000 and 17x13 Evo would have missed them, I tested similar size... with the Sadie, maybe but these sounded like they were right on the surface, one was in a dig hole (thank you whomever left it). I'll eat GPZ crow all day long if it tastes like this. Note: I also tested on a 1.2 ouncer at DEEEEEP depth and was blown away how loud it was, even at sens 4. Green stripe shot is prior to cleanup. My favorite is the one that looks like a little shopping cart. Jen
  22. Hi all, Got a new video up recently, but I say (old) as the footage was taken just before Christmas!
  23. I've had my Zed now for over 2 years and less than 3. It is still under warranty. About a year ago I notice the pixels on my screen had developed a line in the lower right corner. I called Minelab and my only option was to send back the entire package in the original box. I may have done this at the time but I would have to wait a couple of months to get it back as there were no replacements available. Soon after I called the pixel lines went away and I have been using it just fine. Recently the pixel line has come back with even more lines. It is just a little distracting especially based on what I paid for it! Last week I called Minelab and they said they had plenty of units available. Call them back with the serial number and they would send an RMA number for me. When I called back they asked me the problem and I told them. I was then told I don't need to send back everything. I could send them the screen portion of the detector only. They would then send me a replacement screen which also has other parts of the brains in it. I imagine there is a board in there with the video and other functions so that would be replaced also. I don't know what is in the lower part of the detector. Has anyone had this 'fix' done and what are your results? They told me the day they get my screen will be the day they send out the new one. Mitchel
  24. Editors Note: This topic was split from the following thread - http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/3923-semi-auto-gpz-ground-balance/ I believe there is a lot of reasons of trying to turn GPX into a GPZ. They wont be never the same thing since they are in different technology . But anyone would like to walk around with an more affordable machine that could pack a punch of the " GREATEST". Im someone who started metal detecting and someday looking to upgrade to a heavier and more powerful machine. So after reading the pro and cons of each one i would pick a GPX over GPZ even if i found a Pound of Gold. -Lightest machine? GPX wins even with a larger coil. -Coils price and more coil options? GPX takes that. -immune to the hottest of ground? GPX i guess wins this since is a PI. Dont know where that ground exist but i know is out there. Okay so i have seen running a GPX with one of the newer coils could match the performace on depth on sub-gram nuggets and up. Now the GPZ would clearly stand out on tiny, spongy and specimen gold. But wouldnt you have enough money left to even buy a SDC 2300? I just dont see the reason of boasting a machine for ability to pick up super tiny gold when you need to pay so much for it. That headline for me fits more a GM1000 since its a way less expensive machine.
  25. Semi-auto GPZ Ground Balance

    Went out yesterday for a full day of detecting. Wanted to try the new semi auto ground balance. Went with pretty much basic default settings otherwise. I have to say I was quite pleased with it. I was in one of my beat to death patches. Lots of magnetic iron stones, hot rocks. It ran very smooth. It seemed I could separate the targets very distinctively. The small bits of wire were a raspy on the edges sound. The square nails were bangers. The non ferrous targets were about the same as the gold targets. Had one really weird target sound. I always dig those. But I usually dig everything 95% of the time. But the weird sound was gold. Not sure if my focus was just better yesterday or it was the new ground balance. But my instincts were pretty spot on, on what the target was going to be. But very pleased with the new update and settings. The take wasn't too spectacular, but I avoided the skunk in a hammered patch.