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Found 16 results

  1. I was doing a quick search of gold mine sales in Australia to suss out the market. Came across this gold mine sales mob who have cut and copied my gumtree ads and added random pictures??wtf This is a hard rock mine I own that they have listed as an alluvial mine. Disturbingly it has 175 views and god knows how many people have been tricked thinking the ads are real. I have sent enquiries in but have not recieved responses yet. We try very hard to provide a quality service with our lease sales and am pretty pissed about someone taking potential customers for a ride.
  2. Prospecting can be profitable, but there is more than one way to make money in the prospecting game beyond just finding gold. Leasing out prospective claims to mining companies is a subject I have written about several times in the ICMJ and also in my book on prospecting. I know people who have made big money doing this - a lot more than this check. Its a serious effort to find claims mining companies want. Right now, the market to lease them off is not good. I am publishing this check with critical areas blanked out for security reasons - it would be a waste try to copy it. I also greatly altered the colors of the check, the company who issued it is out of business and I am guessing there is no significant money that is left in their account. So all things considered, I figure its safe to show. As one can see from the date, the issue was two years ago in 2015. I'll get my 2017 payment in a few weeks from a different company.
  3. Is there a way to search land records/claims by owner's name? I have a friend who is looking for where his grandfather's claim was many years ago. I know it's somewhere on the Kenai Peninsula, but that's about all we know. Thanks!
  4. The Nevada BLM closed 8,195 claims between January 15th and February 1st. That's nearly 194,000 acres opened to location in two weeks. Most of those claims were held by the big mining companies - Kinross, Barrick. Some of these claims go back to 1893. Of course you would already know that and have an individual map of each of those 8,195 claims section areas if you are a Claims Advantage Member. This is an unusual number of closures in such a short period of time even for Nevada, the biggest mining State by far. Annual turnover in Nevada mining claims is about 20,000 claims so this could be just an unusually productive period for the Nevada BLM in updating their case files. Why the big mining companies are dumping so many claims is a matter of speculation since I don't sit in on their board or management meetings. This may just be a blip in reporting. In any case I'll leave the speculation to others. Probably more important is where these closed claims are. That answer will probably produce a flurry of prospecting as soon as the weather permits. Go get u sum
  5. I am doing up a more detailed coverage of this for the ICMJ, but I want to post at least a little on this here: I've gotten several contacts in the last month from folks who have bought claims through ebay or by other means over the internet. These are people who don't know much of anything about mining or claims or anything else. They make old weird beard on Gold Rush look like a know-it-all mining genius. They ask me for help in recovering the millions and millions of $$$$$$$$ they just know are on their claim. I've also been contacted by folks who have filed legitimate claims and had encounters with these folks who stake over their valid claims to sell them to the inexperienced. Now don't get me wrong, it is totally legitimate to stake and then sell a mining claim. it's totally legal to stake a claim with the idea that you might sell or lease the claim to another person. No problem there. The problem is mis-leading your buyers with things that just really are not true. Leading your buyer to believe there is valuable ore on the claim when you have no sample data to show that is simply fraud. What they sell is more like a dream than a business - the buyer thinks something like: ooooh! Owning my own mining claim sounds so dreamy.... Those of us who have been doing this for a while are less dreamy eyed and more practical about it. I know most of the guys who regularly post have a reasonable level of experience. I post this to the new guys and those who lurk here to learn. Here are my iron clad rules about buying mining claims that you should always follow: 1. Take everything the seller says with a giant grain of salt - they want to make a sale and will tell you what you want to hear. Let the buyer beware! 2. Never buy a claim until you have the skills to go out and sample the claim and evaluate it for yourself. Until you have those skills, you have no business trying to buy a claim. 3. Never consider buying a claim until you have the knowledge needed to go out and stake your own claim independently and maintain it with the government in good standing. You will need this information to determine if the claim you are buying is valid or not. 4. Never, never buy a claim without first inspecting it on site and in person, and performing a full property evaluation for yourself as noted in No. 2 above. Buying a claim is a business decision and should be made like a business decision, not made as a daydream to seek and hope for something good.
  6. The recent post on "Lode Claims" discuss a interesting and important subject on involving lode & placer mining claims and access. Beside the good information it demonstrates just how serious miners are about their claims holdings. So make sure you get "express written permission" from the mining claim owner(s) before entering onto their claims to prospect and/or detect. A word of advice leave your pets and firearms at home and take your trash out with you. If you agree to share a portion of your finds with the owner(s) keep your word. Don't close the door for the next person. So how do you contact a claim owner(s) to get permission to prospect/detect on a open active mining claim. There are several members far more update on these BLM websites than me and will fill in most of my mistakes and omissions. This should at least get us headed down the road. Using Foxfire as the browser ( these websites are not user friendly so use the BLM Tutorial and type in information exactly as indicated per the LR2000 samples; use all Caps. For overall claim filing information and location description (lode & placer); Booklet On the left margin click on "What we do" then hit "more"; scroll down to the following two topics: Mining and Mineral; Mining Claims and Sites on Federal Lands. Click on the "Inactive map" located in the upper center of the page; you will see a tool bar along the top of the map for zooming in & out and panning. On the right margin click the "PLSS" button for bring up meridian, township, range, section grid on the inactive map; click on the +zoom in then click on the ma to move to the area (state) you want; write down the "median, township, range and section" numbers. Located on the left margin click through and read “Tutorial”, “Help Guides”, “Reference Codes” Click on “Run Reports”. Scroll down to “Public Mining Claims Reports” Click on “Pub MC Geo Index” Click the “Meridian Township Range Section *” and ” County” buttons; Click “Select Criteria” at the bottom The “Mandatory Criteria” window will pop up. Click on the “Set” button for each criteria then the “Close” after selecting or entering the information requested. “Admin State” select a state from the scroll down window; Close In “Case Disposition” select “Active”; Close The “Meridian Town Range Section” (MTRS) window has a MTRS Format sample located on the upper left; use all Caps; enter the information in the box just below “Clear Above Valves” then hit the check button. You can run more the MTRS at a time; click the “Select All” button; Close “County” select a county from the scroll down window; Close click “Run Report” Confirm your selections then click” OK” The report will include claim names, number, location by MTRS down to the NW, NE, SW, SE corner of the section per page# 10 of the BLM booklet “Mining Claims & Site on Federal Lands”. Clicking a “claim number” of any individual claims will bring the claim document; the claim owner(s) are listed by name, address and zip code; including the claim size in acres. The county “Recorders Office” of the county where the claim is located will have copy on file of the claim owner(s), address, claim size, type, and specific location in the section (booklet page#10 sample: 20 acre Placer Claim E 1/2 NE 1/4 NE 1/4 per section, township, range, meridian.) or you can just join a prospecting and/or detecting club in your area of interest. Good Luck
  7. If a claim is filed as a lode claim, can it still be detected on by someone else?
  8. The Land Matters Mining Claims Maps were updated to September 15th last Thursday. Sorry it took so long to get around to posting this up here. We also prepare the Claims Advantage reports at the same time as the claims updates and between the two there are about 20 hours put in to the update. With my paying job sometimes I run out of time to do anything but make sure the claims are updated. We have never missed a claims update so you can reasonably expect that claims will be updated on the 1st and the 15th of each month unless those days fall on a weekend. This month I made some changes to the Mining Claims Maps to make them faster and a smaller load for those on limited connections. There is a "Tip" included on the bottom right of the map window to help you get quicker page loads for these maps. Along with that tip remember that the smaller your browser mapping window the less data transferred and the quicker the map will load. Combine that with using the zoom box feature and you will cut your map load times way down. If you want to learn more ways to make your use of the maps faster and discover the hidden tricks to making really effective maps look into the documentation found by clicking the "HELP" button at the top right of each map window. August 31st marked the end of the federal mining year. We are crunching the volumes of claims data we've collected to bring you some usable information. Here's just a teaser of what is still to come: Those are the final figures on closed claims over the last year. I realize some other systems and organizations have come up with some very different numbers but I can assure you these numbers are correct. If you are associated with one of those other mapping systems or organizations and would like to know how to get the correct totals from the data feel free to PM me or contact Land Matters.
  9. Hello! I'm thinking of going out to Northlander #2 on Sunday, and I'm looking at google maps and have a few questions for anyone who may have been there before. I'm looking at google street view and seeing that there are two options to get to the is a dirt kind of pull off thing and another one is a gate. Which one is the actual entrance? If it is the gated entrance, is there a way to get in? Is it unlocked for GPAA members? (I am one) or do you have to contact someone? Thanks so much!
  10. Can anyone guide me on removing a non paying/performing signer from a placer claim? This person will not return calls, emails or execute a quit claim mailed to them. Thanks for any help! Chris
  11. BLM has announced the new inflation adjusted minerals fees for 2017. These only affect mining locations if you want to apply for a Mineral Patent adjudication or file a protest. Many other O&G, mineral leasing, geothermal and coal fees are being raised too. You can read the details and a lot more about new land status changes at the Land Matters NEWS page. Barry
  12. Just a reminder less than 24 hours to go. If you haven't done your annual BLM filing yet you need to get them in to your State BLM office by end of day tomorrow. 2016mcfilings.pdf 2016mcf.pdf
  13. The BLM has proposed eliminating the SMALL MINER'S WAIVER for those of us who own ten (10) or fewer mining claims. This could be extremely costly and we are the only ones who can stop this. Here is the wording that I have cut-n-pasted from the BLM's information: "The proposal also increases the annual maintenance fees under the General Mining Law of 1872 and eliminates the fee exemption for miners holding ten or fewer mining claims." So, what we need to do is contact our members of congress and specifically ask that this be removed from the BLM budget. Get everyone you know who wants to save the small mining community to do the same. Explain why you are doing so. Write original letters, send them to your representative's district offices AND to their offices in DC. Call them if you can. This has to be stopped and only we can do it. The more it costs to hang onto our legitimate claims the less they are worth. While most of us cannot operate our claims full time, we should be able to keep them without paying more and more in fees. The small miner's waiver was created to protect the "little guy" and now the BLM is trying to get rid of it so we must protect ourselves and our most powerful weapon is the written and spoken word - directly to our elected officials. PM me for more if I can help in any way. Here is a link to the BLM budget…/appr…/2016/highlights/upload/BH007.pdf
  14. Just a reminder: Small Miners claim holders need to have their Affadavit of Labor or their Intent to Hold County Record copies filed with the BLM State office by end of day tomorrow Wednesday December 30th. Don't be late or you will lose your claim.
  15. The budget process under way includes some proposed changes to the mining law that claim owners or those thinking of owning claims need to be aware of. From BLM Bureau Highlights page 12 "The second legislative proposal institutes a leasing pro- cess under the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920 for certain minerals—gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper, uranium, and molybdenum—currently covered by the General Mining Law of 1872. After enactment, mining for these metals on Federal lands will be governed by the new leasing process and subject to annual rental payments and a royalty of not less than five percent of gross proceeds. Half of the receipts will be distributed to the States in which the leases are located and the remaining half will be deposited in the Treasury. Existing mining claims will be exempt from the change to a leasing system. The proposal also increases the annual maintenance fees under the General Mining Law of 1872 and eliminates the fee exemption for miners holding ten or fewer mining claims. These changes will discourage speculators from holding claims that they do not intend to develop. Holders of existing mining claims for these minerals could voluntarily convert their claims to leases. The Office of Natural Resources Revenue will collect, account for, and disburse the hardrock royalty receipts." Note that these are listed under a heading as changes relating to hardrock mining reform. Without seeing the actual proposed legislation it is not clear but it would seem unlikely that this would not end up applying to all claims on federal land, including placer claims. In the future there would be no new claims, only leases, subject to leasing fees and a royalty of not less than 5% of gross receipts. This means you could lose money and still owe a royalty. Furthermore the Small Miners Exemption would be eliminated, and annual fees increased for existing claims. Before everyone goes ballistic keep in mind proposals like these have been floated for decades and so it is not a given it will come to pass. The big boys will certainly fight the leasing and royalty portions. However, they will not care about the Small Miners Exemption. If you do, you may want to dig deeper into the proposals and keep an eye on their progress. This would have a devastating impact on club ownership of claims in particular.
  16. I am looking for geological reports for a specific patented property. If I understand correctly before a patent is issued a survey has to be done and I am having difficulty finding one. Anyone know the process to obtain this kind of info?