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Found 44 results

  1. Very interesting Steve. I'm testing right now new polish metal detector RUTUS Alter 71: In this unit you can adjust frequency by 0.2kHz step from: 4.4kHz to 18kHz...
  2. Hie Steve; Thanks for the discussion about the GPZ 7000 and other gold detectors. I am attracted to a machine that I have never used: the GER Easyway 3D Detector. Do you have experience using this one? What is your comment about it?
  3. Hie there! does anyone here have experience using the GER Easyway 3D Detector?
  4. Yes, it's Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I admit to have wondered about these little hand held detectors / pinpointers. The main thing being do they really deliver significant depth advantages over standard pinpointers? These are only air tests but at least you get an idea. Nice depth chart at the end of the video you can screen capture.
  6. PhaseTech and other GS users, notice you listed a Gold Striker in detector used thread, I preferred the GS over the 17000 on shallow ground but a lot were disappointed with it. Just wondering if it had some special "tweaks" in its electronics? Something a bit diff. other then was a single frequency.
  7. Just tested the Exper with these three metals. Although the Exper does not fair well with smaller gold, it does have potential for certain applications for larger gold (1/2 oz +). Watch this video and believe...
  8. People have asked, since on all the demo video posted on Youtube that there a delayed reaction giving the impression the sweep speed for the Exper needs to be slow. Any deep seeking machine should go slow for deep targets, however in this 1 minute video you can see form yourself what the Exper can do.
  9. Looks like whites xventure kids detector is being sold on ebay. Neat idea for christmas for children and grandkids to start to learn to hunt with.
  10. Anybody seen the latest in metal detectors from DRS Electronics, their new Ground expert machine is just awesome. If it can do what they claim it can it might be a real game changer for metal detecting.
  11. I thought I would take a few minutes here and talk about the Signum MFT detector. My unit seems to have (looking at screen at turn on) the original version software. I have used the detector with the stock supplied coil,,it measures approx 11.5" in diameter. This coil is deep,,7khz freq, but due to size it can be cumbersome to use in places. Using the stock coil,,,bumping it will cause some falsing at times,,,running gain at 6,, sensitivity at 11. It in my soil is for a metered Vlf detector,,just maybe be my deepest on a clad US dime. The ground balance while using this detector,,very critical to get good to serious depth. Not hard to ground balance as long as you have some clean ground-- this can be a pain btw sometimes. It seems in my ground here,,,using turbo is really not effective,,,like a lot of other units with boost. But even saying this,,this detector features an economy power transmit setting as well as economy off setting. This economy off setting here combined with a sensitivy level of around 11,, gets down in the ground. This detector IMO,,sweep speed wise not overly forgiving,,at least with stock coil. This detector does possess a feature where the recovery speed can be increased,,called mm mode. Since I have been putting in most of my time with the Nokta Impact detector,,I do need more time with this detector. I happened to see a gent who was selling a smaller the stock coil (6x10") Mars coil,,so I bought. In case some folks here don't know,,,the coils used on AKA Sorex detector are interchangeable here with Signum detectors. Well today I took this new to me coil to a site,,to try. I was very impressed with this coil,,,as long as I was in mm mode. It seemed if I was running in normal mode,,,the detector couldn't keep up with the ground,,and even some of the iron and targets. I need to operate some more,,,I could be jumping the gun here by criticizing it. This detector and coil combo(my new to me coil) feels real nice,,balance and weight. This coil being 14khz,,,it nails higher conductors big time,,,some coins rather deep using this coil,,a user might think they were only a couple inches deep. The audio this detector possesses,,,is second to none in my book. One detector with such great audio,,,a user will not be overwhelmed even when running all metal in a super duper bad site with iron and nails. I did even today try and dig a few lower conductors,,that had a straight line on the holograph display. Even some of the lower conductors that had just a tinge of a loop in their graph reading. And sure enough these kinds of targets were low conductors but not worthy at all,,,edges irregular, inconsistent thickness, etc. I certainly would recommend the detector to a person,,,but with a 10" coil or smaller. Not a hard detector to operate either,,,sets up a lot like a White's V3i as far as the all metal side,,and the disc side of the houses (sensitivity wise). The pinpoint on this detector,,and I have owned a Sorex as well,,,both have the hottest pinpoint functions I have ever seen. Luckily they are adjustable so it can be turned down sensitivity wise. Similar ID screens are used I think with Xp Deus (secret screen, version 3.2) and White's Vx3 and V3i models. The Signum will give high tone on iron false,,,a user if they will watch screen will start to see a pattern to recognize iron falses. The tones are adjustable,,I haven't adjusted mine. This detector also has a way to check for bottlecaps,,has helped me. I even used this same feature today to weed out a bigger piece of cast iron. If a person here gets a chance to be around either a Sorex or one of the Signum models,,at least try to listen to the audio they possess. I am posting this info here as strictly a user of detector.
  12. Good day did any of you on the otherside of the pond did try a Vista gold on gold nuggets?????25kgz I had a bit of success with it ,then I send it to be tested on hillfort (pounded spots..) RR
  13. Interesting - a dedicated gold machine by XP incorporating the new high frequency coil and marketed in Africa at a very low price, only $680 It certainly raises some questions. The first being, will we be able to buy this machine from XP dealers, or is it some sort of special deal for Depar? Personally I would be irritated by that were it to prove to be the case. I think many people here would rather buy this machine at a far lower price than buying a full blown DEUS and then having to pay even more to get the high frequency coil as an accessory. The video gives an idea how the high frequency coils may act. A big shocker for me - the elliptical version of the coil is said to operate at 20, 40, and 80 kHz! (See video). Is this what we will see in the high frequency elliptical for the DEUS? The round HF coil is said to operate at 15, 30, and 60 (56) kHz which is in line with what has been previously advertised. Depar DPR 600 Owner's Manual
  14. AussieMatt pointed out on another thread that lo and behold, the QED has appeared. I am not going to mess with all the long back history. Instead, it looks like we may finally have a new detector model from an independent designer after so many false starts over the years. If nothing happens to upset the cart reports should be coming in from Australia in the near future. Anyway, congrats to bugwhiskers and company. I truly do wish for it to go well for all involved.
  15. I wonder how it would do on Florida beaches? Very light weight, super hot on small stuff, can use Minelab compatible coils.
  16. Buried in the announcement of the new Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is the fact that it effectively replaces the Eureka Gold. From 09 Feb 2017 Discontinued Product – Eureka Gold After almost 20 years of gold success, the Eureka Gold detector has been discontinued. As with any product discontinuation, Minelab will continue to provide technical support service. You can find archived product information on the Eureka Gold here. If you have any questions, please contact your regional Minelab office. And from Discontinued Products As new technology is developed and improves upon the performance of our current product range, Minelab discontinues our older product models. These products are listed on this page alphabetical order for your reference. We aim to service and support all of our older products for as long as possible. All products are supported for a period of at least 7 years after they are discontinued. Unfortunately with some of these older detectors it becomes impossible to source the parts required for service work and so the detectors eventually become uneconomical to repair.
  17. What about this Steve?
  18. I came across this website, and their youtube video. They state the Pulse Induction detector discriminates even lead and aluminum, and it also shows an image. Anyone seen these? Dave
  19. Here is a 4 –18 khz variable frequency VLF metal detector that may find a niche in the States: the Rutus Alter 71. Ziggy Jinx Detector Testing (Facebook: Ziggy Jinx Metal Detecting) is currently testing the Rutus Alter 71 in the UK. MD-Hunter also has a write up (Rutus Alter 71 test. New 2016) which includes several non-translated videos. The Alter 71 was apparently released in the autumn of 2016 but apparently is not yet available in the US. I am not familiar with either the Rutus MD’s or of any US dealers. Non-verified & non-translated video(s) indicate the box may include both 11” DD and 9” concentric coils, control box and housing covers and a 6 cell AA battery pack similar to the Garrett AT series. Battery life is approximately 20 to 50 hours depending on the frequency settings; estimated price US $725 plus; the menu appears to allow you to toggle over to English. The battery door upper insert tabs may eventually break off with use. Ziggy Metal Detecting posted the following on another forum: November 16, 2016 The New Rutus Alter 71 [ Website here to show some] …“Some Information here on the Alter 71 I've gathered below. At the turn of October and November will release a new detector. The name "Alter 71" - from the Latin "other" and the number 71 represents the number of available frequencies. Alter 71 is probably the world's first metal detector continuously tunable as a function of frequency. The detector is tunable from 4.4 kHz to 18.4 kHz increments of 0.2 kHz - without the need to replace the probe. I know of no current market detector is not possible. The detector is equipped with a radio transmitter digital data allowing such cooperation. With handsets or "wireless headphone jack." Digital transmission has been specially designed for this purpose - does not introduce any delays. 6 hours of battery life "toes" depends on the frequency and ranges from 20 to 50 hours. The detector has the ability to work in a static mode, dynamic or so. mix - the dynamics of the "mixa" can go smoothly depending on the needs. Graphic display, ID - 120 points, discrimination classical and selective, chart depending on the phase of the signal, automatically tuning to the ground speed control filters ground in a very wide range, the possibility of programming your own sounds, ranges, speed, separation and many other features make the it is a detector at the world level. The detector has a completely new mechanical design and is lighter than our existing detectors over 200 g. For the detector probe will be available both DD and concentric. Regulatory elements: Discrimination tenderness Dyskrymincja selective 120 points Operating frequency of 4.4 kHz to 18.4 kHz jump 0.2 magnetic stones Response filters (groundwater) - 8 speeds to choose from Masking 7 levels The signal level leading Ton leading signal Sensitivity leading signal - regulation allowing for a smooth transition from pure dynamic work to "mix-a" Strengthening Audio - regulation allows to change the sound characteristics of a dynamic channel and switch it off completely (we obtain in this way the work of a purely static) Volume Tony - three sound profiles to search for coins, three to "relics, and three freely programmable by the user Wireless nature - off, Channel 1, Channel 2 Backlight - 29 adjustable levels Type of ID - true (depending on frequency), converted to 6kHz, converted to 12 kHz Hold time - adjustable display time information about an object on the LCD. Detector has 7 default programs: a deep, deep, large silver, basic, coins, fast, very fast. Factory programs offer a fairly wide cross-section of the possibility of the detector in search of various objects in different conditions. Each factory program can be modified to suit your needs - and the changes are saved when the power is turned off. In case the modifications do not meet user expectations - it is possible to reset each program to factory settings.” The Alter 71 target may be only coin and relic hunting. Provided the MD does not demonstrate a frequency preference, the higher frequencies up to 18.4khz puts this MD tin he small nugget range on ground within the VLF limits. Perhaps this will excite future development of a variable frequency MD with fixed steps with a 3kHz to 48khz range. Shelton recently posted that he is also testing the Rutus Alter 71 and provided the following link: Hopefully, he will provide future updates on his testing & review. For now I'm hanging on to the MLX705; other than wait and see; any thoughts on variable frequency VLF MD’s for coin, relics and nuggets?
  20. Hi steve and members, can the coils from the gold bug series be used on the go ldstrike, thanks all for your imput. lennie-downunder.
  21. Is there any usable difference with the Teknetics G2+ when used for nugget hunting?
  22. Here is a machine I have not heard of before: It looks interesting but does it really work? I haven't even heard of the company before. Anyone have any info on this? There are quite a few videos which I haven't watched yet - but will. Just thought I would throw it out there for discussion.
  23. I would like to know which appropriate and best all purposes detectors and especially for depth , I live in north Africa, a lot of treasure.. Many civilizations were here: romans, vandals, Berbers, Byzantines...and much more, I will be waiting your answers guys.
  24. Hello everybody, I am interested in buying a TITAN GER 400 for a sandy desert with stones area, Does anyone has one or has ever used one ? Please any advice or recommandation is most welcom, Gyo
  25. From "On Monday, June 29, 2015, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for XVENTURE by White's Electronics, Inc., Sweet Home, OR 97386. The USPTO has given the XVENTURE trademark serial number of 86677796." A Russian site at has very speculative information hinting at multi frequency, 11" DD coil, and 4 AA batteries. The fuzzed out picture is probably not the machine - I am guessing they just wanted a teaser so used a Teknetics G2 photo and blurred it. The whole specs thing could just be wild guesses so do not put much store in any if this except the trademark application, which usually means a new machine in the year following the application. Or no machine at all - not all trademarks get used.