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Found 16 results

  1. Hi Guys, I got a PM from one of our members on the Aussie forum that I belong to during the week. I wont give his user name. Apparently we had a conversation about 3 years ago where I said to him if your ever over this way to look me up. Well he was in NZ for 3 weeks & was currently in Wanaka & how far away was I from there. He was keen to come with me as an observer on one of my detecting missions. He was here on business & his only free day was going to be Saturday & was I ok with him tagging along if I was going to go out detecting. No worries I said, in fact you can use my 4500. He was rapt with that as he runs a 4500 back in Victoria. I am only about an hour away from Wanaka so it was arranged that I would pick him up at 9 am. I took him on a bit of a tour before we hit a detecting spot. Showed him a few historic places of interest to do with gold which he enjoyed. I got him all rigged up with the 4500 & 11" Elite & he was off. He disappeared over a ridge & was gone. So I just went about my business with the Zed. We were in amongst old timer diggings & their prospect holes & throw out piles. After about 20 minutes I got a very faint signal & after a few scrapes & bit of fluffing about it became 3 signals. They werent far down but were all gold. Ye Ha I then got my share of shot gun pellets & .22 shells & lead bullet heads. Glenn came wondering back for a drink & bite to eat. He had scored no gold but got his share of crap as well. I showed him the three little bits I had got. I had brought along the NF sadie coil, 12 x7 & the 14 x 9 & said to him to change coils if he wanted to, but no he was happy with the 11" Elite. I dont think he had ever been able to detect in sensitive extra & the hot settings that I could get away with here & he was quite chuffed to be able to do so. After he had watered the horse he was off again, out of site way down the workings. So I carried on & got another nice faint little signal. This one was a bit deeper & into the shatted schist gravels. Another sassy bit of the good stuff.....but still small. Then another shallow surface scrape signal Small gold again. But no catch & release. Glenn came wondering back again with his tail between his legs , still goldless. I said for him to try the Gold bug 2 on some exposed schist gravels that the old timers left behind. Straight away the bug was screaming on a target. Flick in to discriminate I told him. He did so & the signal was unchanged. Under my breath I said to myself....shot gun pellet but I said to Glenn, At least it isnt iron. I threw him my green scoop to make it a lot easier for him to locate the target & not to be getting false signals off his hand. Well bugger me....he scored a bit of kiwi gold. In his own words, That is the smallest gold I have ever detected. Glenns bit of the good stuff Sadly it was going to be his one & only bit. I couldnt get the bug 2 out of his hands. He loved it. He was getting signal after signal....all be it from then on ....shot gun pellets. But he was blown away by the sensitivity of the bug 2. My luck dried up too so I suggested me move on. This we did & he went back to the 4500 & 11" Elite. We were both getting our share of crap targets but I eventually snagged a small specimen bit And then another tiny bit Glenn unfortunately got skunked with the 4500....which suprised me. I thought he would have got a few bits at least, but it wasnt to be. He was rapped with the day & really enjoyed himself & the country side blew him away. He loved the smell of walking through the thyme bushes. Just on dark we called it quits, despite a full moon. BUGGER....but he had to get back to Wanaka. So for me it was just the 7 small bits for the grand total of 1.1 grams So after a mint summers day on the Saturday. Sunday dawned a bit windy & cool. Mrs JW was keen to go for a walk up to a look out up on the tops of the Remarkables mountain range. Well not quite the top but not far off it. We drove up to the ski field base building car park & walked it from there. Was a bit of a mission & threatened to rain/snow at any time. When we got to the top her phone battery died & so she couldnt get a photo & I handnt taken mine. So that was a bugger. Not that it was a very nice day for a photo. But this is what it could have been like. This was from last year when two of my boys & me did the same walk. Look at those glacially scoured hills. This is what I was greeted with when I got to work this morning Snow on the Remarkables, when there was none yesterday when Mrs JW & I were up there. So much for summer. Cheers Good luck out there JW
  2. Hi guys, After working on my schist columns all day, & Mrs JW had a wedding to video, I buggered off at about 5pm & headed back to where I got those last 8 little bits. I planned on going a bit further over from where I had been going the last couple of times. Still, the spot I chose was an area where I had done well with the GP 3000 & 4500 but was no longer getting gold there with the 4500. I dont think though that I had used the Elite coils here. Any way......I parked up & walked to the spot. Got rigged up & hit an area of semi exposed bed rock schist that the old timers had surface washed. Not even a minute in to it & I had a soft faint signel. Scraped about 1.5 inches off it & that lifted the signal So I laid in to the dig with a bit more effort. Next minute. Oh b**tard. Shite bugger damn. Those last few times that I had been smashing into that solid schist to get a few signals out had taken there toll on my pick. I knew I felt the pain for my pick at the time. Didnt I say so. What do I do??? Pack up & come back later with another pick?? Maybe I will just keep detecting & mark spots where I get a signal & then come back & dig them. I picked up the head of the pick & had a go at scraping & digging as best I could. So...scrape scrape dig dig...wasnt too bad actually. Down in to the schist bed rock which was actually quite rotten & soft & broke out easily Ye Ha. A nice little bit of the good stuff. Not five feet away, another very faint signal...I think. Some times you just think you here a slight hiccup in the threshold or just a hunch that it was a signal as it isnt all ways there with each sweep of the coil. I gave it a few scrapes any way. The hint of a signal improved so I kept on going down in to the schist bed rock. Into a few crevices A small bit of gold And again Another small bit This just kept on happening & no crap signals. All gold. Have detected here so often that there is no crap targets left. Bonus now. Look at the depth. I was lucky that this schist was rotten & soft & peeled away easily Nice piece Deep in to another schist crevice Loving the no crap tagets. Just GOLD The signals just kept on coming Thought I saw a bit of rusty crap come out of this hole, as it was a loud sharp signal as well But no Actually got two bits out of that dig Down in to a deep schist crevice Time out & a look at the finds so far In to the schist bed rock again The hand was getting a bit sore as some of these digs were quite deep And getting deeper But still the gold was coming & all off thrashed ground. Loving the Zed. Two bits from this hole Well it was time to head out & back to the wagon. All up 13 bits for 5.33 grams. Sure beat the other days 57 bits for 4.55 grams The Zed just keeps on blowing me away. What a machine. Thanks guys. Best of luck to you out there JW kiwijw
  3. Hi guys, Saturday I headed back to Doug's Gully, but this time I did not forget the WM12. I was all rigged up & detecting by 10am. I headed straight to a spot where I had found a little patch with the 4500 about 3 years ago. It was up out of the gully bottom but further prospecting the slope to the top of the spur revealed nothing more outside of the localized wee patch. It was at the head of the gully & I went straight to the spot where I got my first piece there on this wee patch. My back filled hole was still visible. BANG....a faint signal straight off. Probably just a shotty pellet. Notice the old back filled hole beside the coil. A few scrapes & the signal had moved. Bugger.....was not going to be a bigger deep piece of gold. But gold it was. With in 10 minutes I repeated the same process 2 more times with the Zed. All small shallow gold. I then thought I had better grab the Bug 2 & go back over these shallow digs & there scrape out piles before back filling & moving on. Well...... The Zed does pretty well on small gold & the Bug 2 just finishes things off. A great combination. I moved on with the Zed back down in the gully floor & got a faint wee signal. Another small bit of gold Then right in the gully bottom another very faint signal. I scraped away a few inches & the signal was still in the ground & getting better I got down to over two feet & the signal was still in the ground & sounding good. I was having trouble pin pointing exactly where the target was so I wondered back to where I had left the Bug 2. My pin pointer & discriminator. No signal. Deeper down yet. Then the Bug got a signal. Flick in to discriminate. BUGGER...wasn't going to be gold. Down almost to the control box of the bug Then the target was out. Now I put these old workings down to the mid to late 1860's. An old pocket knife A bit worse for the amount of time it had been buried. Looks like a bone or ivory or deer antler handle. Quite a cool find none the less. Makes you think of who's it was, what nationality, how well he was doing on the gold. But to think I am the first person to handle it since he lost it. Also makes me think of the amount of ground that was dug down, turned over & all by hand pick & shovel. Then a very similar thing happened. Another deepish hole. Out with the bug & again it wasn't going to be gold. Damn. But as I do I still dig to get rid of the junk just in case it is masking a gold signal. Can you see it?? Not sure what it was but it was still very firm in the ground. I didn't bother getting it out. Back filled & moved on. I kept on going down the gully bottom & I detected up on the top of a sarson stone & got a very faint signal. I scraped away & there was a flat piece of schist sitting on top of the sarson stone. I ended up removing the schist stone & the signal was still there Bingo....a sassy bit of gold Re scanning & another faint signal & another small bit of gold I went back to my last deep hole & got the Bug 2, as I had left it beside the back filled hole. I thought I may as well try the bug 2 on this last little dig. Well bugger me.....4 more little bits of gold from the dig out dirt. Then nothing for ages. Just on 10 pm & an awesome sunset happening I got a faint signal. A little quartz specimen piece. Not 3 feet away another small bit. As there was a half moon I detected until after midnight but got nothing more on the gold front. Still had a 2.5 hour drive home. The things we do. So all up 17 pieces of small gold for just 1.21 grams What a long day & many miles of walking. The old pocket knife The thing I am noticing on my old haunts is that the GP 3000 & the 4500 have done a good job of getting the bigger deeper bits of gold & there doesn't seem to be any deeper bigger bits for the Zed but the zed is pinging the smaller slightly deeper bits. Cheers guys. Good luck out there JW
  4. Hi guys, A few days ago I went back to the spot where I had got 6 little bits of gold for .88 of a gram on my 2nd to last days detecting of 2016. It was an area I hadnt been to prior for about 18 months as I was no longer getting gold from it until I hit it with the Zed. So roll on 2017 & my first days detect. I got there & rigged up. It took about half an hour before I got my first very faint signal. It was down a bit into the solid schist that I had to smash out to get down in to the folds of the turned up on edge schist. Such a great gold trap. Gold it was Moved on & another very faint signal Again down in to the folds of the schist & in to a crevice Small bit of gold Then in to another schist crevice A tiny piece .04 of a gram Before I back filled the dig I scanned the hole, as I always do, & another signal. This time at the back of the hole Another small bit of gold Another faint signal. This time it was just in the gravel wash Slightly bigger. But not by much Then a signal right on top of bare schist bed rock. Must be down in it a bit. Bloody we go again. Smashing in to the hard schist. Not breaking apart as easily as the others & not opening up in to a crevice. Oh my poor pick. Took a while to get it out & luckily it wasnt too deep .03 of a gram Down in to the bed rock schist again Wee bit bigger. Almost a half grammer. .04 I stopped for a coffee & a bite to eat & took a pic of the total so far It was damn hot & I felt like packing it in but I had my coffee & wondered on down to another area of exposed bed rock. Got a slight hint of a break in the threshold. Backed up & scraped in to the up on edge schist. This one was getting down deep & giving me a hard time at getting it out Broke out the tweezers & coffee spoon to get in to that tight crevice that my pick point just couldnt get in to. Too worn down. Note in the foreground the up on edge fingers of schist bed rock. Mighty fine gold traps those. Finally got it out That was it. I was buggered after that one. So all up of absolutely flogged ground that even the GB2 & GMT weren't scoring any thing. I got another 8 bits of gold for 1.72 grams So off to a positive start with the Zed for 2017. YE HA Cheers all & best of luck out there for 2017 JW
  5. Hi Guys. Took the Zed for a late afternoon walk back to one of my well flogged patches. Took my spare pick after breaking my good old faithful Walco pick last time I was out. I continued on from where I left off the previous time. The ground was a little bit lively as we had a heavy down pour of rain during the previous night. The Zed was a bit more touchy but after several ground balances over the ferrite & a few auto tunes I got it to a manageable steady threshold with out having to change any of the other settings. 5 minutes in to it & my first very faint little signal. Couple of scrapes & it was out. Ten feet away & more of a hunch that there was a signal & not very convincing at that. Gave it a few scrapes & it improved very slightly but was now sounding like a very faint signal. So I scraped on down until I hit the schist bed rock. Which wasnt far down. You will just make it out in the pic Signal had really improved now so I scraped out two crevices that had opened out in the hole. I had brought a screwdriver today to scrape out just such crevices....& bingo. A sassy bit of gold Before I back filled the dig I scanned the hole & the dug out dirt pile. Another wee signal down in the crevice. Another little bit of gold Again I scanned the dig out pile & the fainest of signals & another tiny bit of gold I stopped for a bite to eat & a coffee before carrying on. Had a bit of a dry spell for a while before another very faint little signal. Again....down in the schist bed rock Tiny gold it was This a pic looking down slope of the exposed schist bed rock tilted up on edge. And this is looking up hill to the dig of the last wee piece of gold This is a surfaced area from the old timers. That little shallow gutter running up to the left produced many bits of gold for the GP 3000, the 4500 & now for the Zed Just to the right of that green bush (briar rose) is an old small throw out pile from the old timers & is where I got the next three tiny bits of gold from. I called it quits at that & had got 8 bits for a grand total of 1.34 grams Smallest was .04 of a gram & the biggest was two at .31 of a gram. Cheers Good luck out there JW kiwijw
  6. Hi Guys, I made the plunge & got myself Minelabs latest flag ship. The mighty Zed 7000. Mrs JW was up the north island (New Zealand) visiting family & had a wedding to video in Camebridge. The weekend before I made the trip up the West Coast to view & then purchase my latest acquisition to my detecting arsenal. With Mrs JW gone for the weekend I made the trip to my detecting location straight from work on friday. Two & a half hours later I was rigging up the mighty Zed. Due to our mild ground I was in High Yield/Normal. Gain on 13. Could have been higher. Soil smoothing off. The chap I got it off had soil smoothing in low but I turned it off. Other wise rest I am guessing was pretty much Pre set. Only trouble is it was blowing a gale. Put the speaker on 20. No bloody good. Thank god I threw in some head phones. Even then I still had to have the volume on 20. The wind was insane. It was difficult trying to keep still without getting buffeted around by the wind. Ok....we were off. Did the auto tune....ground balanced, but not over the ferrite ring Hence detector was running a bit ratty. Bit like the 2300....but I could coupe with that. The wind made it bloody difficult to hear & focus on any slight blemish in the threshold. I had targeted an area where I did well with the 4500 & NF 14 x 9. I had in fact got 2 pieces the weekend before going up the West Coast with the modded 45 & 11" Elite coil. There was no wind then. There is very little to no rubbish due to the many times I have combed over this area. I hadnt bagged on the zed loving those little round bloody lead balls. SHOTGUN PELLETS Oh No... You just have to dig them dont you. So after more than my share of these critters I decided that if the signal had moved after a couple of ground scrapes I would move on. One dig I scraped & scraped & the signal just kept on coming through but getting more pronounced with each scrape. I was in to the schist bed rock & thought.....oh boy....this could be gold. Down about 8 inches Gold it was. Ye Ha 10 minutes later & 4 feet away the same scenario. Into that schist bed rock & signal still there. And this is why That was it for friday night. The wind blew me off the hill side but I was happy with what I got knowing I had given that slope heaps over the years. I would like to go back over it with the Zed when there is no wind. Saturday dawned with the wind still howling. BUGGER. Went to another spot that was a bit more sheltered from the wind & another area where I had got over an ounce with the 4500/NF 14 x 9. Boy it was hard going with those bloody shot gun pellets. They were driving me nuts. Then I got a signal that stayed in the ground after quite a few scrapes. You beauty. A little speci. But that was it from this area. Had a late lunch & coffee break & headed for my mushroom gully.....& yes ....there were more mushrooms. Got a good signal....all be it a bit warbly but it improved with a bit of depth. Down in to that schist again. You beauty. Signal still there. 2.38 grams. That is my biggest for a while OOOh that looks better That was it for Saturday. Just the two. Bit of rain during the night but the wind had dropped. Sunday woke to snow on the tops. I went over a few areas & wasnt getting any thing but shot gun pellets, a live shot gun shell & half an old shearing clipper hand piece right in amongst some old timer digging piles. WTF... I went back to the area I was on friday evening. Got the most horrible, ugly, warbly, echoey, hollow sounding signal. Had wire or nail written all over it. Signal never improved, even whan it was out of the hole. So as I waved my hand over the coil to locate the target I just threw the hand fulls of dirt back in the hole. Mushroom top right. Got the target in my hand. Bloody gold Ugly little speci Well that was it. Battery went flat. So I headed home. Can see I will have to get a 2nd battery. All up 5 bits for 3.88 grams. The Zed has been blooded first time out. Pretty happy with that. This was work back in Queenstown monday morning Snow on the Remakables Snow up behind QT. Officially it is the start of summer tomorrow. 1st December. Cheers. Good luck out there JW
  7. Hi guys & Gals, Mrs JW had a wedding to video so I made the call to hit the hills for the day. The weather wasnt too crash hot so I held off for a bit, but the sun popped out so off I went. Got up in the hills & it clouded in & was looking pretty suss. I had a plan to clear an old timers throw out heap of wild thyme bushes & some large briar rose bushes as I had detected a 5 gram slug on it in the past. Due to the thyme & briar I was unable to get my coil in to a lot of throw out pile. I spent an hour & a half pulling, chopping & sawing to clear a large area. I still had the little sadie coil on the 4500 from last sundays effort at getting skunked. So after a coffee & getting my breath back I hit the old heap. Bloody nothing...... Oh well....I still had the 11" Elite up my sleeve but I continued on down this turned over little gully from the old timers with the sadie. The land was the greenest I have ever seen it. with the rain & spring conditions it was lush with grass & mushrooms. Yum Yum The grass was wet with the rain & I was hoping for more depth due to the moist ground. Now I have been down this gully so many times with so many different coils & detectors that I wasnt too confident at getting anything. Hence my plan to clear that old throw out pile. My last time down here was with the 4500 & the 11" Elite when I got these And these LOL The trend continues....with the mushies any way. After about an hour I got a very positive signal & thought it was just going to be rubbish. Probably a .22 bullet head from a rabbit shooter. I dig all signals & the beauty of having been down this gully so many times is that there isnt much if any rubbish left that I havnt dug up & removed. Unless it is fairly recent. I dug down on it. Well stone the crows.... A sassy bit of gold Two sweeps later another loud signal. Got to be crap. Surely. First dig up on the left 2nd dig......Well bugger me.... In less than a minute That was it for the sadie as the coil had got pretty wet & was starting to false badly. Later inspection showed that the skid plate had worn through in a few places & water & muck had got in between the skid plate & the coil. The rain came in so I bailed back to the wagon for a coffee & to change to the 11" Elite. It took an hour for the rain to button off & I went back to my cleared pile with the 11" Elite. Still nothing. Damn. I got many signal that all turned out to be quite deep .22 lead bullet heads & a few shot gun pellets. Not one .22 shell casings as I would have got those earlier. These would have been there for quite a while & as I dig all signals & have been down this gully many times I can only come to the conclusion that (A) it is the 11" Elite coil doing very well or (B) the modded 4500 or (C) both A & B. I did get a faint dodgy signal that sounded like a nail or bit of wire. It wasnt deep at all. In fact it was in the grass roots. No wonder why it sounded like a bit of wire or a nail. That was it for this gully as the rain came back. So I headed off. On my way out & the rain eased off so I thought I would try some where else just before dark & heading home. First signal was very faint. I dug down on it & it got louder & better. Too loud & too better for my liking as I got further down. Down 18 inches & I was having trouble pin pointing it exactly. The Elite coils are a curse for pin pointing in tight deep holes. Back to the wagon & I grabbed the GB2, my pin pointer & discriminator. Bugger...iron. Oh well I may as well haul it out as you never could be masking a gold target. Has happened many times before. Down the depth of my pick handle which is 24 inches &..... And that was it. No good target either. Well that was a good work out.... Then a very very faint soft signal. A few scrapes & it had moved. Ah....probable a shot gun pellet About the size of a pellet...but the right colour. Another faint signal......& Well that was it as darkness forced me out & home All up.... 5 bits for 2.8 grams Cheers & Good luck out there JW kiwijw
  8. Hi guys, Due to the building of our new house I had really put detecting on the back burner. Especially in the last 6 mohths. The building of it has certainly kept me a very busy boy over the last 18 months. I started it in may last year & worked on it full time living off savings. It is a 2 bedroom unit with its own single internal access garage. The two bedrooms & bathroom are upstairs above the single garage & an open plan lounge dining & kitchen area down stairs that opens out on to that patio with the pergola. As in the picture. Behind that & the double garage at the far end is the main 3 bedroom house. I worked on the main construction & getting the whole thing closed in & weather tight & got the unit liveable so Mrs JW & I could move in to the unit & so stop paying rent. That was early in the new year. At that stage I went back to full time paid work & so finished off the rest in my after hours & weekends. So detecting took a back seat. I did all the building myself except for the tin cladding & tin roof. Did all the interior & exterior just went on & on. I finally finished all the patios & pergolas on Saturday just gone & Mrs JW had a wedding to video on the sunday so I bailed for a detect & a day off from building. Now.... I have a confession to make...... A month ago I bought myself another 4500. It has a two piece carbon fibre upper shaft. Great for breaking down in to a smaller package & into a back pack. The standard minelab battery. A smaller coiltek Lithium Ion battery pack (used once). A small handicam battery set up that Velcro's on to the side of the detector control box. The usual minlab stuff that comes with it. 11" DD commader coil, headphone,, harness etc. It also came with a coiltek 14 x 9 goldstalker coil, 24 x 12 UFO coil & also the older NF fibreglass elliptical coil which I think is 16x 9. Probably wont use any of those coils though. Also has that plastic coil lead guard protector where the coil lead goes into the control housing to stop those false signals when you bump the lead on your hip while detecting. Also a Velcro wrap to go around the lower coil shaft to cover & protect the coil lead from falsing on bushes & bumps. Now for the crunch......It has the Woody front end gain mod done on it. That costs A$1800.00 alone. I paid NZ$2100 all up & free delivery. It is in immaculate condition & runs so smooth & stable. I can operate the gain in the highest setting & she just purrs. I got up bright & early sunday morning, sausages, eggs, chips & a coffee for breaky. Made up a smoko bag & thermos & I was off. I went to an old haunt that I hadn't been to for a few years. Once there it wasn't to bad a walk to get to the old workings. It was an area where I was getting no more gold although I hadn't tried the 11" or 14" coiltek Elite coils on there. I wanted to target some exposed bed rock & some old throw out piles from the old timers where I had done well on back with the 3000 & little joey mono coil & the 11" commander mono. I rigged up with the little NF Sadie coil to start off on the bed rock & an old throwout pile where I got quite a few small bits with the 3000 a joey back about 6 years ago. Been over it heaps since & nothing more. Rocked up with the Sadie & the modded detector & a faint little signal greeted me. Of course I though Shot gun pellet. The throw out pile The signal. How small is that? .05 of a gram. It was a long time between finds but I scoured the sides of an old ground sluicing channel & scored two more little bits I then wondered out of the workings & into some more deeper ground on the fringes. Got a loud signal & dug down a bit out popped this The biggest bit for the day. just under 1 gram. I then stopped for a coffee & put on the 14" Elite. Went back over all the ground plus out into the deeper ground on the fringes. To spots I had got gold in the past.....Nothing. After a couple of hours & getting a bit wiped out I stopped for a late lunch & another coffee & put on the 11" Elite. Off we go again over some old hot spots but nothing. I saw an old shallow scrape mark from some one that must have done that a while ago as it had grass growth back in it but it hadn't been filled in. For no reason I scanned over it, as you do, & just below it I got a nice soft mellow signal. No way I thought. So dug down on it. You will see the old scrape mark above the fresh hole And bingo Wondered on & another nice signal Another sassy bit of the good stuff And another All up 4 for the Sadie & 4 for the 11" Coiltek Elite. Making 2.5 grams total. Not much but gold off ground I have absolutely thrashed with all coils, the 3000, 4000 & my old 4500 until I was getting no more. This bad boy 4500 rewarded me Cheers guys Best of luck out there JW
  9. You buggers must have cabin fever. Surely you cant all be snowed in. I will tease you with a few days detecting finds over xmas from up in the high country of the Land Of The Long White Cloud. Summer time here. Just over half an ounce. And the old shovel head. Bet that could tell a few stories. All found with the Coiltek 14" Elite mono on my GPX 4500. Smallest .06 of a gram. Largest just under 3 grams. Loving that coil. All the best of luck out there for 2016. JW
  10. Hi guys, I copied & pasted the link of my post from the Aussie forum as this site only allows 6 images to be up loaded & I had quite a few pics. Enjoy. Cheers & good luck out there. JW
  11. Hi guys, It has been a while since I last got out for a detect due to the building of our new house. I had been at it seven days a week for ages & was well over due for a gold finding adventure. The weather has got a bit more mild & the ground thawed out a bit & with an ok looking weekend weather wise, Mrs JW & I decided to get away for the weekend. By the time we got away saturday morning & got up in to the hills & to a spot that I had snagged a few small bits last time I was out, it was after midday. A few months ago I got an interference filter from Woody at Detector Mods. I reckon this gadget works a treat & gets the 4500 humming along hot & smooth. I had on the NF 14 x 9 & managed to get 6 bits of gold that afternoon with the biggest being 3.5 grams. I had been over this area many times before & with the same set up but not the interference filter. The next day I spent the morning continuing along this area but didnt get anything else. MMMmmm.....where to now. There was an area I had done quite well on in the past that wasnt too far away. I wasnt holding much hope but thought...what the heck. I got heaps of .22 shells & lead bullet heads. The odd lead pellet......& a 600mm dig for an old square nail. Man I thought that was going to be gold as I was in to some pretty solid schist rock. But not to be. I was also getting sick of digging up .22 shells & had just got another signal that had .22 shell written all over it. Dug down on it. To my utmost suprise. A slug of gold. Mrs JW had a go with the 2300 but after 10 minutes with no gold & more shot gun pellets than she cared to dig....gave up. I didnt get too carried away on the pics but ended up with 16 bits for just over half an ounce. Biggest was 4.7 grams Even got a nice little quartz specimen bit. My best result for a long time. Ye Ha. Good luck out there. JW
  12. Hi Folks I have posted a few messages on here. And it is one of my favorite forums to visit. So allow me to introduce myself. My name is Trevor Alty and I live on the West Coast off the South Island of New Zealand. My county is called " Buller". And yes it is a gold bearing region. But we are covered with very green lush forest, As we have a very high rainfall. I am 66 years old. But have kinda done gold since I was five. Did the learning curve, Pans first, then sluices, then got into underwater dredging. And also ran a beach claim, Its called black sanding down here. Really micro fine gold, smaller than a fly poo. But I learn't how to catch it. Some of you may know of the " Gold Cube" well my old mate Mike Pung and Red didn't invent it.. And neither did I. But when I decided to put a claim on a beach where I lived right by. I needed to find a method of catching that fly poo. So I used what the black-sanders were using over a hundred years ago. Down here we call that the boil box system. Believe it or not it was developed by people from the Shetland Islands, up Britain way. They came down here in the early gold-rush days and somehow worked that system out. Its basically a column of water that rises up, and the sorts out the relative gravity of the different minerals. Now days its got a flasher name. Anyway it worked for me. I love taking the old guys idea's and using them. After all they were the masters. Siphons, Perfect water races with just the right amount of fall, and many run for miles. Damn they were smart. An engineer those days was indeed an engineer. Anyway Mike Pung had some trouble catching fine gold up at I think it was Lake Mitchagin. He ended up on a forum I run, that had a lot about how to catch real fine gold.. He followed my instructions, built a wooden one, went back and yep it worked. So then he did a lot a research and development. And at the end of it all, "The Cube was Born" and now they are shipped all over the world. And very popular they are indeed. Why even Lip CA has one. And believe it or not his son Arlie came down to NZ stayed with me for most of our summer, a few years back and we did very well dredging on my claim. Eh Harry. And yes I have been to the great ole US of A. Washington State. But wait there is more. And yep to Alaska. A mate of mine Bruce Strandburg, that was one my forum came down to NZ. I took him out and yep he panned some nice gold.. He got the bug and wanted to get a claim in Alaska. In the Circle/Central district. He flew me up to help him look. Great State, but to much glacial muck and overburden in that area. Hey Steve, yep " Fast Eddies" is a great place, Good tucker my man. And yep its in Tok. Damm we should have turned off there and went inland to the Chicken Place. After scouting out Central and Circle we headed back to Fairbanks. Then went up the oil line road, to the hidden valley. Think it was the Elliot Highway. Ended up staying on the runway at Les Cobbs place, and had our evening meals with him. He was a great man, didn't suffer fools, bit like me there I guess. We got on like a house on fire. Why he had even been down to NZ on a hunting trip. So sad to hear he fell out of a tree when setting a bear bait drum and got paralyzed, then died not long after. He was a man amongst men. I must get his wife's book one day. Sadly didn't get to Anchorage, bugga. But damm I sure loved Alaska. (In the Summer) fire weed, blue berry's and its remoteness. Anyway I am rambling a bit here, but it sure is fun. Cause this kinda feels like home. My latest project is resurrecting the hydraulic elevator. And I am sure it will resurface in the near future. Once again old technology but it works, and it efficiency is 100 per cent. Down here in NZ they had ones lifting 12 inch rocks eighty feet. Straight up. Now beat that. Our suction nozzles and power jets utilize the same principle . But sadly are only at 50 to 60 per cent off effiency . I am developing two at the moment, one for sucking rocks, sand and gravel, and one purely for sand. I will add a pic of a bit of the sand one. Doesn't look much as it needs the throat attached. Now as we all know there are no free lunches when it comes to suction and lift. The higher you lift, the less suction you get. But so far I have had very favorable results. And I continue my research and development, The main denominator is Jet size to throat size. But I do know the ratio's. Thats what R and D is all about.. Maybe you will see the sand one at Nome in a year or two. Hopefully sooner.. Cheers Trev From Down Under
  13. I had written a post but somehow I screwed up the posting process. At this stage I cant be bothered re-writing, will do that another day. Here is some gold I have found, enjoy!
  14. G'day, Here in New Zealand over the last 20 years archaeologists have extensively studied tailing piles while recording historic gold mining sites. And in the province of Otago in the South Island, there were over 500 mining sites, with tailing's, recorded in the upper reaches of a single river (Clutha river). In one report archaeologists stated that "... neatly stacked tailing's are commonly assumed to be the work of Chinese miners. This is an unreasonable assumption; many mining sites which have been worked only by European miners are equally tidy. Conversely, the tailing's in some sites known to have been worked by Chinese miners are not neatly stacked". My take on the issue referred to in the above statement by archaeologists is that both European and Chinese miners hand stacked rocks ... which they had to do out of necessity! But, there was often some difference, and more often than not the Chinese miners stacked the rocks much more neatly and precisely than the European miners. One reason for this was the fact that the Chinese tended to work cooperatively in large groups and would always work systematical. Also, the Chinese were more likely to be reworking previously worked ground than to be working virgin ground. The European miners were usually the first on the scene of a new gold discovery and in their rush to get the very best of the gold, they only did what work they had to do to get the best and would soon move on to the next rush. The Chinese would often come onto a goldfield a little while after the first rush had concluded, and after most of the Europeans had moved on to the next rush. Then, because the excitement of the initial rush had faded, they could work in a less hectic atmosphere. Chinese miners were thorougher by nature, and also ‘had’ to be thorougher to get whatever gold the European miners missed. And in a less hectic post-rush atmosphere, the Chinese had the time and inclination to precisely hand stack rocks in walls. Although it can never be ruled out that there may be some unworked highly auriferous virgin ground under tailing's, its highly unlikely ... especially where the Chinese had worked. Any gold found these days under tailing's is likely to be gold missed by the earlier miners who might have mistakenly thrown a nugget or two aside, such as when forking in a tail-race. Here in New Zealand there are an impressive number of old sluicing mines with stacked stones, that remain intact. Nevertheless, there have been many destroyed by gravel removal, land development, dam construction, modern mining, and in recent years by the bulldozing flat of tailing's to plant vines for wine. What has saved most of the remaining mine sites is their remoteness, and those that remain are mostly in an excellent state of preservation. New Zealand archaeologists have classified tailing's into the following categories, parallel tailing's, curved tailing's, box tailing's, fan tailing's, blow down tailing's, amorphous tailing's, pot-hole tailing's and herringbone tailing's. Herringbone tailing's are the most interesting and are characterised by a herringbone pattern with the stones stacked in parallel lines at angles to a central tail-race with the working face encroaching from the lower end of the claim. These tailing's are easily the most visually interesting of all tailing styles because of their symmetry. And the best example of herringbone tailing's in New Zealand, and most likely anywhere in the world, can be found at Quartz Reef Point in Central Otago. These tailing's have survived untouched and in a pristine condition since the very last miner abandoned the diggings. And the survival of these particular tailing's, even though they are within fives minutes walk of a main road, has been because they were on privately owned farmland where the landowner had always strictly restricted access. Until recently the only people the landowner would allow to visit the tailing's were organised groups, such as the local historical society, who would be allowed in about once a year while under supervision. Some years ago the landowner gifted the land to the Dept of Conservation (DoC) who now manage the ground encompassing the tailing's as one of New Zealand’s most important historic reserves. About four or five years ago there was a track constructed so visitors could easily walk in from a car park, and at the tailing's there is a viewing platform that overlooks the entire tailing's. They are now one of the premier tourist attractions of Central Otago with a great number of people visiting each day for what is a unique experience not to be found anywhere else. Herringbone tailing's Quartz Reef Point Tail race Herringbone tailing's Quartz Reef Point Regards, Rob (RKC)
  15. G'day, Has anyone here used the new Garrett ATX in areas of thick vegetation? What I need to know is ... will the coil sound off when hitting rocks or trees, or grass. In particular, can it be used without the distraction of added blanking noise while being run through wet grass? Reading the specifications of the new ATX it seems as if it was designed as a dream machine specifically for New Zealand (where I am located). And, as such ... seems too good to be true. The only deal-killer might be if it can't be used in thick wet vegetation! Oh ... theres also the other possible deal-killer, the price in New Zealand. I noticed on one forum that an Australian poster stated that the price he was quoted for an ATX was over $1,000.00 dearer than the USA. I would not be at all surprised if the retail price in New Zealand was the most expensive in the world. The legit Garrett dealer in New Zealand has no mention of the ATX on its web site so far ... and something else for Kiwis to consider is that we will probably be the last country in the world to get a first shipment. Historical photo from about 10 years ago when detecting for gold started to get serious on NZs West Coast after some spectacular gold finds were made with a metal detector (Minelab PI MD) that haven't been surpassed since. Typical West Coast gold country! Regards, Rob (RKC)